Sarah Palin HITS BACK at Today Show hosts who ambush her over PTSD comments

Sarah Palin was ambushed today on live TV about the comments she made regarding her son having PTSD when she endorsed Donald Trump. Today Show hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie asked her about it, but asked her specifically about blaming Obama for her son having PTSD.

It didn’t go over well because Palin hit back, accusing them of not sticking to the agenda they had called her on to talk about. Palin also told them she never said what they were accusing her of saying and despite her challenging them for a specific quote, they never provided it.

The ambush portion begins just after 2:50:

It’s pretty clear that her PTSD comments were the real reason they called her on the show so they could hold her to account for dissing the president…at least in their minds.

But I watched her comments again, and she’s right, she never blamed Obama for PTSD. What she blamed Obama for was not respecting our troops, but not for any of our troops having PTSD.

Watch her comments again:

I know some of you are angry about Palin’s endorsement of Trump and I get that. Say what you will about her, but she doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. The media is always looking to punish her for something and today it was her comments on her son having PTSD, which they completely wrong in the first place, in my humble opinion.

The media’s love fest for continually trying to take down Palin still angers me in my core. And it should anger you as well. Because really, this isn’t so much about Palin as it is about a condescending leftist media who seeks to belittle conservatives, especially ones who talk with more of an accent than others.

These are the same people who believe Iowa is fly over country full of backward Christians and just dumb, stupid people. And it’s quite evident they way they treat someone like Sarah Palin.

And I hate it.

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