Sarah Palin: I do have the fire in my belly to run in 2012

That doesn’t mean she’s going to run as she has other practical things to consider, but she says that she definitely has the fire in her belly to fight to put America back on the right track:

I think my problem is that I do have that fire in my belly. I am so adamantly supportive of the good traditional things about America and our free enterprise system and I want to make sure that America is put back on the right track and we only do that by defeating Obama in 2012. I have that fire in my belly.

Right before this Sarah also took another slam at Newt Gingrich, and a good one too:

You know what I thought after the whole Newt Gingrich thing in these last 24 hours, Greta, was ‘bless his heart and every other Good Ol’ boy’s heart that’s in that political game there in the beltway. They don’t really know any more than the rest of us.’

Greta, it was Newt Gingrich who told me in January of this year “Sarah Palin needs to slow down and really think through what it is she has to say.” Well you know, he stumbles too. We all stumble. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses.

The entire interview is great. Enjoy!


UPDATE: Fox News just posted the full 15 min uncut video from Greta so I swapped it out for that one.

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95 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: I do have the fire in my belly to run in 2012

  1.  I’ll wait to hear her say the “words” before I get excited. Those “words” would be ” I am announcing my intention to seek the party’s nomination for President of the United States of America” (or words that closely match those) until then sorry but I am just not going to get worked up.

  2. Because having a tv show, hanging out at home, having no job whatsoever other than rambling rebuttals from your living room, is a good 4 year pre-presidential candidate.  Give me a break.

    1. You could say the same about Romney, Cain, T-Paw, and Newt.  Ron Paul and Bachmann have jobs but they are ripping off the tax payers.

      I forgot it is Sarah Palin and the rules for everyone else don’t apply to her.

        1.  Mitt, Newt, Tpaw  and Cain do not have jobs  you idiot.

          MB and Ron paul aren’t  doing the jobs they were elected to do.   they are getting a paycheck for not even showing up to work.

    2. you forgot the govenor part,and before you say she quit the gov i don’t care.obama did the same thing how is that working? 

    3.  how does one make $10 million in  a year  without having a job.   she has a foxnews  pundit job,  a speaker job, a fisherman job,

  3. I love the “she can’t win” stupidity. Right now a used wad of kleenex could beat Obama. So why pick a McCain clone? Let’s select someone who will end Obamacare, and right this ship.

    Palin, Cain, Bachmann, and West, …maybe Perry.  Those folks would end Obamacare.

  4. Yeah, but you better extinguish that fire sweetheart, because you’ll never win.  Palin’s a solid conservative and the perfect anti-establishment candidate, but her reputation has suffered so much.  She couldn’t win a general election.  Just the base.  Maybe a cabinet position in a future rebublican administration, though.  Or senator, alaska.  

  5. By the way, I recently passed my Citizenship Interview.  I will be taking the Oath of Allegiance sometime in a few weeks, I was told.  I am very thrilled and do feel extremely blessed to be called an American.  I am looking forward to acquire more civic rights and cast my vote in the 2012 election!  It is a good time to be called an American!!

  6. I would like to give a shameless plug/shoutout to the greatest ladies in the world. Those of our side. Just look at this page.

     Our ladies have got it goin’ ON!!

  7. I loved it that she mentioned Obama’s shady past…which the liberal media has not only ignored, but has attacked anyone who questioned it.


    1. Good mornng Persie. Did you see the pic of O’ all decked out to look like Arafat? It’s over at weasel zipper’s crib. Funny is what it is…until you think about it.

      1. Morning Rshill….*waves*
        No, I haven’t seen that. Must go look. I could use a chuckle.

  8. That interview was a perfect illustration of how articulate and intelligent Palin really is.  She has such a clear, precise way of speaking without any of the annoying verbal tics that so many politicians and pundits have.  Next to Greta it was even more apparent.  People get so hung up on her accent that they miss how eloquent she really is.

    1. This is true. Daddy likee. I hope Nick is saving up for some serious RS mortgage payments. Weeeeeee!

  9. I’m just curious…but WHEN IS the last time that Palin’s done an interview with a non-conservative media?

    1. Being under contract with FOX does limit her access to other media sources….including the leftwingnut marxist media. 

      Sheeesh, you’re not a very bright guy to not be cognizant of that point.

      1. I wasn’t saying that as an attack.  I was merely saying that out of curiousity.

        Now that you mention it, that does make sense since none of the other Fox-bred potential candidates went to other sources to interview either.

        Although…that tells me that she may do the same thing that Huck has done though.  Who knows?

    2. Because Tyler she has more sense and backbone than the other wannabees. She knows the lame stream media play the gotcha game, and the implied racism angle. She also doesn’t have the need to be liked by all these phony reporters,and the other liberal hacks. She just tells it like it is, the truth.

        1.  Yeah I know he’s a troll, like a few more on this site, and I’m sure you know who they are.

        2. Tyler has been here a whole lot longer than any of you – he is not a troll. 

          He is as libertarian as they come. I’ve read at least two thousand (or more) of his comments. We don’t always agree but have always been agreeable with each other. I’m old enough to be his grandmother but he causes me think about things I don’t usually think about. I appreciate that. He has always treated me with respect and good manners – not like you are showing.

          See if we can be a little nicer and get to know someone before making judgments.

      1. “More sense and backbone?”  If she’s strong enough in her convictions, then she should have the courage to go against them and stay true.  Otherwise…she doesn’t deserve to be the leader of the free world.

        1. Go agains FOX???  Fox can sue her if she breaks her contract.  When she runs for POTUS she will give interviews to fair reporters. 

          1. sarah is smart.the only fair reporters are on fox.tyler knows bama did the same thing with his media. 

          2. How much of a “fire” does she truly have in her belly?  Plus…Fox wants whoever they believe is best for the job to go out there.  If they believe she’s the one…then they should let her loose.

          1. Obama’s becoming president has nothing to do with the media other than that he was given exponentially more coverage than any of the other candidates on all networks.  Independents fell for his lies.  I don’t believe they’ll be so stupid again.  Black people came out in larger numbers than ever to vote so they could have a new achievement.  It doesn’t always matter if it’s with the right guy as long as you have your little check mark I suppose.

            Conservatives AND Liberals combined are a minority compared to those who consider themselves “somewhere else” for a reason.

    3.  Go to and you will see many. She did a QandA in India and in New jersey, both were non conservative, and the guy in India I know was actually a well known Democrat.

    4. Long Island Association was an unequivocal success ; an hourlong, unscripted Q&A session where Governor Palin talked about the economy, the deficit, government spending, gun control, the environment, the rising cost of food, energy, Egypt and other foreign policy related issues in front of a group of
      socially liberal Democrats and Republicans in an area where the Democrat Party is strong.

      She also did a successful ( unscripted) Q&A in India.

      Also she did interviews with the NYT, Rogers and other non-fox people.

    5. Man! Didn’t you hear her say she doesn’t plan on giving interviews to the lamestream media because she said that she knows that they are only interested in getting her into one of those “gotcha” moments. She knows the media is only interested in destroying her.
      Tyler, let me ask you this: would you want to be interviewed by someone who hated you so much that they are only wanting to cause you great harm? The media’s only motive for the interview is to destroy her. 

      1. That’s the point.  Stand tall.  If you have nothing to hide and you are strong in your convictions…then it won’t matter what they attempt to do.  Just stay true and you have nothing to fear.  But hey…she’s only trying to be the leader of the free world.  She doesn’t need to have such strength and conviction.  Right?

        1. The far left media are dying. Conservatives, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and other sorts of normal people need to just let them die. Why accept an interview with them? It only props them up. Don’t prolong their agony–let them die. It’s the decent thing to do.

          Chris Wallace and others ask the actual “tough” questions. The “Media Matters Talking Points Only” crowd only ask “When will you stop beating your wife?” kinds of questions.

          They can just go pound sand. They aren’t journalists. They aren’t even smart enough to be journalists.

          1. If by “c4p” you mean “Center For Progress,” you’re dead wrong.  As much as I disagree with conservatives…particularly the social conservatives…I disagree with the “left” far more to a degree that I see little point even bothering to have discussion with them.

        2. She is under contract with FOX and not allowed to go on other news network unless she is promoting a book.  In case you missed it, she gave a 60 minute interview to a bunch of dems in NY.  It was allowed because it was a paid event.  She went to India and did a Q&A after her speech.  As a matter of fact she does Q&A after all of her speeches.  Please keep up. 

        3.  well she could go on to chris mattews  show and be painted as a racist  like Ron Paul was.  or maddow’s show and be painted as a racist like Rand Paul was or go on MTP and be painted as a racist as newt was…….

  10. Was today all-Sarah day at Fox?  I have to wonder what the terms of her contract are with regard to where she is in her preparations for a candidacy.  Probably much different from Newt and Santorum.

    Solid interview, BTW. She hits back.

    I like how she said in the other interviews today that *not* going to the “Lamestream Media” is what (Conservatives) should do. I’ve been writing about this for eight or nine years (in forums and comment threads).

    Let the old rags and networks die. They’ve been circling the drain for years. Ignore their requests for interviews. Just give interviews to media outlets that give a decently balanced report. Also specific people in those failing media outlets are better than others. (Jake Tapper, for example.) So maybe a few targeted interviews, provided they meet the Rush standard (Live, or uncut, with a full copies given to the interviewee for their use in rebuttal). Why keep playing the left’s game?

    1. Interviewing is only “playing the left’s game,” if you let them get to you.  If she can’t handle them, then she’s got no business trying to become the most powerful person in the country.

        1. Tyler has been here a whole lot longer than any of you – he is not a troll. 

          He is as libertarian as they come. I’ve read at least two thousand (or more) of his comments. We don’t always agree but have always been agreeable with each other. I’m old enough to be his grandmother but he causes me think about things I don’t usually think about. I appreciate that. He has always treated me with respect and good manners – not like you are showing. 

          See if we can’t be a little nicer and get to know someone before making judgments.

            1. You are very welcome! 

              There’s some projection and maybe a little transference added into the mix plus some OCD (and a lot of other PD’s to boot) going on here – whacha think??  

  11. Usually I like Greta but in this interview she just seemed clueless. She thinks the media should be “tough” on candidates. When has the media *ever* been tough on Obama? 

    Typical media questions for Obama:
    Can I get you another drink Mr. Obama?
    Mr. President, what is your favorite golf course?
    Do you get to sleep in on Sundays?
    What is your opinion on salad croutons, under the salad dressing or on top?

    1. Not only did I ‘Like’ your comment Kat – I smiled and then laughed! How about one or two more Qs?
      What other news magazines do you read each day BESIDES/After Sports Illustrated?  
      Are you still on the Meds the White House physician told us you were on a year ago? More or less? Any new ones?

  12. one hint out of several in this interview that shows she’s running: notice around 4:50ish she says that she wants the voters to judge the candidates by “OUR records and OUR intentions.”

        1. I’m not into the lingo, so if you did in fact just call me a “trol,” then can you explain to me what one is at least?

      1.  Lol…you;re right because he isn’t, and if you READ my comment carefully, i said “VP to Romney” means i meant Palin will be a good VP and Romney as President, Sorry if you misunderstood.

  13.   Gov. Palin has shown her enormous Executive leadership skills, as well as her intelligent and insightful ability, to talk straight to the heart of America, the American People, as well as to all of the People of the world.!!
    She is the undeniable Major Political Force in American Politics, today, and tomorrow..  as the Patriotic American Tea Party Movement and People, roll forward, towards the era of a new American awakening, on 6 Nov. 2012..  The General Presidential Election, that will forever release America, and all Patriotic Americans, from the shackles and evils, of Obama and Obamaism..
    Her Tenacity, Intestinal Fortitude, Spirit, Political Savvy & Insight, and most especially her Faith, has allowed her to survive the far left Liberal media’s onslaught, as they fear her passion, charisma, charm, Political Savvy and Will, to completely dispower the Obamacrats, in 2012.
    Here’s a Prediction for all you Palin hating Anti-American Liberal Socialist Marxist Obamacrats..

    “Breaking News from Election HQ’s for Nov. 6th, 2012, America has just Elected it’s first ever, Woman President in U.S. History, Conservative Republican President Elect, Sarah Palin, is now the Nation’s 45th President of the United State of America”.!!!

  14.  She’s just getting better and better. I can’t wait to see her debating the fraud in the white house.

  15. “The fire in my belly.”  I have it, too SARAH. You’ve inspired me over and over again with your fire in your belly.  I’ve needed to learn to balance that fire with getting my house in order.  I’ve needed to learn to balance that fire with my loyalty to Christ and my commitment to my husband and my children.  As a Griz it’s a daily submission to the King of Kings who has pulled me up out of the pit of this world and set me on solid ground.  The best thing I can do for my family and America and raise up the next generation of fire in the belly CONSERVES……BRING IT ON!!!!!!! 

    1. No way!!! Where have you been little lady? I’ve been worried sick. Sick, sick, sick!

      So, how’s it hangin’? 

  16. I really enjoyed this interview.  The corrupt MSM knows Gov. Palin’s weakness and they won’t stop.  I think Gov. Palin is more worried about her Mother than anything.

    Gov. Palin,  I know you want your children with you but you are going to have to leave them home or hide them somewhere.  We live in different times and the country and the world is crazy. Once you get secret service protection everything will fall into place.

  17. oh  yeah she is running.   She all but declared tonight.  included  herself when talking about the candiates.  used “our”  and “we”  instead of “they” and “them”. 

    great interview.   three in a row.  The more she talks  the better she  gets. 


    1.  I believe she is looking at the lay of the land.  Unfortunately, it is not good.  We do not have strong candidates out there except for Herman Cain, who is pretty much unknown.  I trust  that Sarah will get in the race but in another interview, she did say that she wouldn’t go according to the legal final date.  If she does get in, it will be on her own time.
      And yes, while obviously not declaring a presidential run, she is hinting it out more often as if she is waiting for a “feel-good” date to declare herself.

  18. Sarah, you have been tested by the MSM/LSM and you can take the punches. Just let the RINO’s and wacko’s stand in the firing circle until they are mostly gone. You have plenty of time, pick you time later this year and run.
    PS, if the Romney followers think he is the front runner and not vulnerable on Romneycare, just wait until they look at his tax a spend policy in Mass.  

  19. Palin  quoting Thomas Paine.  outstanding.   Reading Common Sense in high School  is what made me a conservative.  Reagan was what made me a Republician.  


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