Sarah Palin: I don’t trust this President

Sarah Palin told Republicans that now is not the time to retreat, but instead it’s the time to reload. She said we can’t trust this President to further manipulate our economy by raising the debt limit for him.

When pressed on what deal she would accept, she indicated that she believed they would probably raise the debt limit anyway and in that case she would only accept DeMint’s plan of Cut, Cap, and Balance our budget. Hannity pressed her on if she would accept dollar for dollar debt increase to spending cuts, immediately – not down the road, and a balanced budget in a separate bill. She said no because Obama doesn’t know how to cut like that:

I don’t trust this President… He doesn’t know how to make those cuts. He’s never had to do this before. He’s always just been one to spend other people’s money even if that money is just borrowed money or printed out of thin air. He’s never had to exercise real executive authority like that.

Also she indicated if someone were to run the President, they would need to start in August and said that’s her timeline for making a decision:

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