Sarah Palin interview on the BillO show

Sarah Palin really wants the candidates to get back to substance so that we don’t kill the party before the general election gets here:

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82 thoughts on “Sarah Palin interview on the BillO show

  1. Fox is in the tank for Romney. I refuse to watch Bill O’Reilly anymore because he is turning himself inside out to justify why Americans should vote for Democrat Romney.

    Hannity and Greta seem very wary about this Republican elite and media coronation of Romney and try to provide a balanced election perspective.

    This biased coverage on Fox keeps up and I am terminating my subscription.

    1. I pretty much stopped watching him when he became an Ocrap apologist! As liberal as she is, Greta seems to be the most fair and balanced of the bunch. I wrote Fox a nastygram when they brought her on board, but she has been a very welcome surprise, IMHO.

      Fox is being forced to move more to the left. What a shame. They were the only ones I trusted for the last decade plus, now they’re little better than the rest. The actual news shows are still pretty good, but the analysis shows mostly suck!

  2. i accidently watched this. bor was his usual self, and it irritated palin, but she got her points in. and i am sure she is totally convinced that the mud needs to stop….it would be nice to feel secure that mitt would be as dirty against bho as he is newt….but that will not happen.

    1. “i accidently watched this”

      I know the feeling ๐Ÿ™‚

      I called the cable company and asked how much it would cost if I dropped all the channels except “Holmes on Homes”. They laughed at me but thanks to Canada I at least still have something to watch

      1. Comcast was acting up for me last night, so the audio was kicking in and out (typical Comcast). I could only hear every 5th word or so. All I heard Bill saying was, ‘ I…I…I…I…’

  3. Substance? Besides Paul, this is a homogeneous (no, not that homo) mixture of candidates. If the candidates did as Palin proposes, all these debates would be repetitive, even more so than they already are.

  4. Gosh. It was really nice of Bill to invite Sarah on his show so he could tell her what she’s supposed to think. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Why, if weren’t for fine fellows like Bill O, no one would be able to think right about anything!

    He’s a swell guy, that Bill!

    Or something.

      1. She actually was able to finish more sentences than most of Billo’s guests. What a bloviating, self-aggrandizing, puffed up waste of space he has become. But let me tell you what I really think of him…

      2. Relatively speaking. He was a bit off his normal condescending, arrogant, dismissive, high horse with Sarah Palin. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Scoop, try to get the Palin interview with Ed Asman on the Power and Money show (FBC) from last night.
    After all of the typical questions, Ed asks her if she is going to see the HBO movie about the 2008 election, a very negative film.
    With her best and sweetest Palin smile and the mischief twinkling in her eyes, she responds with a , ” HELL NO ! ”
    Ya gotta get it for us, Scoop!

        1. Tammy, try going to Fox Business Channel, Ed Asman’s Power and Money, Third party clip. I’m watching it now!

  6. Always positive, always moving ahead. She does a great job of keeping everyone, including the media, focused on what’s important in this election. I’ve already heard some of her points picked up by other commentators. Of course, they would never admit, and probably never even realized, that they were repeating something they heard SP say.

  7. they can’t stick to substance because there’s little if any difference between the canidates on policy (except for Paul for obvious reasons). Thats why it’s turned into personal attacks, distortions and lies… if we can’t pick based on policy we have to pick based on character but instead of rising above it and showing their own character, they’ve all decided it’s easier to try to assassinate eachother’s.

  8. Thanks Sarah. These guys are destroying each other and any chance of beating Obama. The democrat battle plan is to shut up and let their enemy destroy themselves. GOP is associated with the word idiots. I can always count on having to fight the battle for the GOP. Its a tough job for all of us.

  9. Wow, Sarah really looks pretty. Immaculate make-up, stylish ensemble, radiant smile; and nobody, not even Pamela Geller, does big hair as resplendently as Sarah Palin.

  10. Fox and the establishment acts like everyone should let Romney say whatever he wants, do whatever he wants, and just hand him the nomination. Sorry, Fox, but America doesn’t want you picking the candidate.

  11. I watched it, he wouldn’t let her get in a word edge-wise..BillO shut it and let them at least answer your questions!

    1. Oh sure he did. He let her say lots of things. And then told her what she was supposed to think instead.

      ‘Cause he’s swell like that.

      Or something.

  12. This guy is going to kill the TP and has the gall to run his mouth about Newt not being a conservative. I don’t care what Newt said, how did he vote? Santorum was part of establishment that doubled the debt in Newt’s absence and grew size and scopee of government more than any since LBJ.

    Santorum on Deficit, 2003

    1. I said the same thing a couple days ago. I THINK I figured out why–she has let her hair go back completely dark instead of highlighting it- dark hair makes us look older–trust me on this – I pay my hairdresser a fortune to keep my roots blonded ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. You can NOT rely on Bill O’Reilly to cover the campaign even handedly either. Santorum did very well during the last debate and Bill made no mention of him the next day. Even Paul made some very good points and he got no mention. For Bill, he has decided for us lowly sheep who the two real remaining candidates should be. The pompous nature of Bill and others like him disgust me. Why are we allowing the media to pick our candidates for us? Why do we need to listen to their drivel and conclude that they are right? We did that and got stuck with John McCain last time!! Thanks Bill Crystal of The Weekly Standard! Might I suggest we vet every candidate thoroughly as responsible citizens and know who they really are. Then we vote based on the facts and who we think will do the best for our Republic. To hell with the polls and to hell with the talking heads of the media. Vote with YOUR brain, not theirs. Maybe…just maybe….we will come up with a good one for a change.

    1. The establishment is not partisan, they work together. That said, they are handing us our only options once again. If the establishment promotes two candidates, then I will look hard at the others and ignore those who they are promoting. In theory anyway. The fact of the matter is, I don’t have a hard time figuring out who to vote for, with or without their help.

    1. I show my disapproval by refusing to go to Drudge site. Newsmax and memeorandum are two of my news sources now. If Drudge wants to to be Mitt’s “Oprah” that’s his business but I don’t have to contribute to rewarding him for it by visiting his site.

      1. Drudge is off my bookmarks. Deleted the app on my phone. The telling part is that the media is now making excuses for Drudge. Money talks. My clicks walk.

    1. I’ve never trusted Trump. I always thought he’d run 3rd party if someone came up to challenge the 0. He’s always been in the tank for Dems, was really never a Tea Party supporter, and always looked out for his own gain. Having said that, I wonder what the game is now.

      Maybe I’m just seeing ninjas in the nighttime, but if the 0 thinks Romney will take it, which he wants, then what is he sending Trump to do now? I don’t see Trump’s edge here. Someone set me straight here. I’m just not seeing it.

      1. Trump is not a Romney supporter. He said a long time ago that he would go independent if a candidate that he liked wasn’t in. He’s still saying that.

        I don’t like him either, but he sure could stir things up.

        I think Trump is concerned about where the nation is going economically, if nothing else.

        1. Trump may just be setting up to throw into the mix if Paul goes third party. Trump is most likely establishment. His wealth comes from debt, and the current financial system is his buddy.

      2. I think the edge keeps Newt in the public eye. Trump is a news magnet, and he also has a big presence in Nevada. I think it is good if true.

      3. Trump and Sarah are in it together – trying to save what can be saved. I think Trump is following very closely what Sarah is doing and admires her a lot.

  14. Sarah is a woman of substance. I WANT SUBSTANCE from the candidates and especially the PACS. No reason for the BIG stinking O should cause the conservatives to allow themselves to roll in MUCK…what the F***.

    Debate “content”……….. the grizzly way.

  15. It’s funny that they would pick Julianne moore for that flick. Palin is hotter and more glamorous…….than the person they picked to portray her.

    I figured they would cast Danny devito.

    1. Yup, Romney has NO Plan! If he had to win by explaining his plan he would sink like a rock. It’s amazing how many drone followers we have in this nation. It makes me think natural selection is long overdue for the human race.

      1. Does natural selection require both intellectual and physical domination? If so, we need a new bunch to choose from one the stage. As for the American people, the social safety net keeps the weak in control. Maybe this an intellectual tactic to destroy the strong through deception. Hmmmmm.

      1. Articulate C ? Sarah explains herself very well, a C is just hating… lol! Don’t take her down a grade just because she is beautiful. That’s what the morons on the other side do.

          1. Okay, I just read this entire exchange the wrong way

            I thought Dax meant Articulate “Cs”
            Then Bank Guy saying ‘you’re not grading on a curve’
            Then Ed saying you’d have to give her “A”s

            You get the point, I though you all had the sick mind, and IT WAS ME!

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