Sarah Palin: It’s not too late for someone to jump in the GOP presidential race

I saw Eric Bolling tease this over an hour ago. It appears that Palin has suggested that it still isn’t too late for someone to jump into the presidential race, but obviously we don’t know if she was referring to herself. The tease is leading us to believe that she may in fact be leaving the door open to a presidential run, but I guess we’ll have to tune in tonight to find out:

YAHOO NEWS – Sarah Palin says it’s not too late for someone to jump into the Republican presidential race.

Asked by Fox Business Network about the likelihood that she’d become a candidate, the former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee said it’s not too late for “folks” to jump in. Said Palin: “Who knows what will happen in the future.”

The full interview is scheduled for broadcast Monday night.

She appears not to be talking about a third party run, which is a good thing. The question is, how many states would she lose up front from just not being on the ballot? I’ve not done the calculations but I expect there will be several.

At any rate, I’ll save the speculation until after we get the full context of her remarks tonight.

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148 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: It’s not too late for someone to jump in the GOP presidential race

  1. “Anyone who advocates the noninterventionist foreign policy of the Founding Fathers can expect to be derided as an isolationist. I myself have never been an isolationist. I favor the very opposite of isolation: diplomacy, free trade, and freedom of travel. The real isolationists are those who impose sanctions and embargoes on countries and peoples across the globe because they disagree with the internal and foreign policies of their leaders. The real isolationists are those who choose to use force overseas to promote democracy, rather than seeking change through diplomacy, engagement, and by setting a positive example. The real isolationists are those who isolate their country in the court of world opinion by pursuing needless belligerence and war that have nothing to do with legitimate national security concerns.” –Ron Paul, “The Revolution: A Manifesto”

  2. ARCTIC GLADIATRIX is coming!!!!!!!

    SARAH PALIN is in politics what Bobby Fisher was in chess!


  3. Hey, I just realized one of SP’s possible strategies.

    You know how most of us hate that the Primary is over after the first couple states? There was usually nobody interesting left when Ohio finally primaried.

    Maybe SP’s strategy has been to intentionally draw out the primary process with a late entry, so that more states would be at play. Pretty ballsy move, but it fits with her waiting out Christie.

    1. porightscoopfan, circle back to my earlier post about “The Scenario”…I answered your question….

  4. I would love for a sheriff to run for President (Joe Arpaio, sheriff Mack from AZ or the like.) Speaking of Joe Arpaio, keep him in prayers as he is currently under attack for seeking to vet Obama in AZ.

  5. Instead of jumping in the race and offering her plan for the country, she chooses to stand on the sidelines and instead toss bombs into the current field. She has taken shots at rick perry who is the best in the current field. I guess she is still mad that she hasnt found a tv network willing to air her reality show, this is just a ploy to get a reality show deal. Palin is old news…NEXT………

  6. She is a spotlight candidate, is only about herself, making money and being the center of attention. I was never convinced like her diehard supporters that she was going to run, she kept saying she has to have the fire in the belly and apparently she did not. I knew she was not going to run, now she wants to stir up the media by hinting at running again.

    1. It does take some pressure off the nominees, so that’s not a bad thing. We could probably use a lightning rod right about now.

  7. so what is it gonna take queen sarah for you to get that “fire in the belly?”…please please announce now and join the race and make a difference, otherwise shaddduppp!!! Queen sarah is itching for the spotlight again, just wait till the tourbus is fired up again. She needs to just get behind Perry, he can win!

    1. You are a pest who is backing a stalking horse for Romney. I can’t wait to stomp on you when she enters the race and vaporizes the cranks like Paul and Gingrich and the stalking horses like Bachmann and Perry.

      Note I left out Santorum. RS is a good man who deserves a better showing in the polls than he has received.

      1. Oh please, your queen is all show and mouth and nothing to show for it, please please dont’t get your hopes up, palin is nothing but a MEDIAWHORE! Stop wasting time and behind Rick Perry. I 100% guarantee you she will not join the race, she knows she CANNOT win with the half term record she has.

        1. Perry is the most corrupt governor in the country. He won’t even be re-elected as governor. The Tea party is vetting candidates as we speak to take him out.

  8. She may be very wise, indeed. Waiting until 8 debates have completed to get all the answers to just about any question that could be thrown at you is, possibly, brilliant with no personal damage inflicted on herself.

    The Iowans leaning toward Ron Paul prove that State is, and has been, historically useless at predicting the next president.

  9. If Sarah Palin does not run, we may be reduced to a 2008 RINO redux, where many conservative voters don’t bother to come out at all. Rush suggested an option for us though… Write in “P A L I N”

  10. I was a huge Palin supporter but her leading us on before really stung. I mean she is going run now! It does not make any since. She’s going to run now to make it harder for her to win?! I don’t care one way or another im satisfy with Ron Paul! He is right on so many issues and he is straight forward about his beliefs. He’s not on the fence about nothing. Sarah Palin is on the fence about everything!

    Don’t get me wrong I will vote for Sarah Palin over President Zero or any of the other candidates other than Ron Paul. Ron Paul is just a better candidate. Ron Paul or Sarah Palin is the only ones I will vote for. Anyone else I refused to cast a vote for!

      1. I just said Ron Paul and Sarah Palin is the only candidate I will cast a vote. I can’t stand wishy washy.

        1. I just said Ron Paul and Sarah Palin is the only candidate I will cast a vote. I can’t stand wishy washy.

          – Fixed

            1. With Ron Paul, we’d all be rich (since we would keep our money) while cowering to other powers!

              With Sarah Palin, not only we would prosper, but we would be able to defend ourselves!

              1. No, Ron Paul is for a strong national defense! What he is not for is policing the world because it is immoral and were out of money. Second, theses policies are failures. We are not safer than we were 10 yrs ago. It’s a mess under Obama and it was mess under Bush. Ron Paul has a sound national policy to defend this country! On top of that he has a plan to balance the buget and get this economy roaring by:

                1. Eliminating the income tax and replace it with gov cuts!!
                2. Eliminate 5 dept of gov
                3. Eliminate the IRS and the FED Reserve
                4. Put us on a market drivin gold standard
                Name someone else with a better policy!
                Ron Paul 2012!!

            2. Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty

              “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”
              Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4,1777

              “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” — Edmund Burke

    1. I’m at a loss here. Sarah Palin is for a strong national defense. She is for standing up to radical Islam.

      Ron Paul blames American First and thinks they’ll be nice to us “if we just leave the poor lil terrorists alone.”

      After Bachmann schooled RuPaul in the last debate about it being in the Iranian Constitution to spreak jidhad, exposing the true nature of the threat of radical Islam, RuPaul goes on Jay Leno and says that MB hates Muslims??

      How can any patriotic American support some clown who draws out the race card just because someone has the courage to speak the truth about radical Islam?

      1. Paul lost me on that one yet look forward him winning Iowa – just the shot that needs to be fired into the GOP flagship.

        I often wonder who is worse, the quisling progressives who embrace and scheme with their islamic oppressors, or the dhimmies like Paul who dismiss them as another foolish religion. Their throats look the same to the knives of Allah.

        1. I hear ya.

          I think RuPaul is the worst GOP candidate ever due to his constant Blame America First BS. I wouldn’t be surprised that he thinks that 9/11 was an inside job.

          Amazing the type of stuff that comes out when he lets it slip (Bush was gleeful after 9/11, Iran only wants to defend themselves, we’ve killed a million Muslims in Iraq, etc).

      2. No, Ron Paul is for a strong national defense! What he is not for is policing the world because it is immoral and were out of money. Second, theses policies are failures. We are not safer than we were 10 yrs ago. It’s a mess under Obama and it was mess under Bush. Ron Paul has a sound national policy to defend this country! On top of that he has a plan to balance the buget and get this economy roaring by:

        1. Eliminating the income tax and replace it with gov cuts!!
        2. Eliminate 5 dept of gov
        3. Eliminate the IRS and the FED Reserve
        4. Put us on a market drivin gold standard
        Name someone else with a better policy!
        Ron Paul 2012!!

  11. If she gets in, it would have to come after Ron Paul wins Iowa. At that point, it doesn’t matter anymore. The field would be seen as evidently rejected by the GOP electorate and would give an opening. IF she runs at that point, she stands as good as a shot as any to win the nomination. The emphasis is on the word IF. Sarah Palin 2012, Accept No Substitutes!!

    1. Steven,

      Are you saying that you think that RuPaul has to win Iowa to give Sarah a chance? In other words, you don’t think she’d have a shot if anyone else won Iowa (even if RuPaul finished in the top 3)?

      1. No don’t get me wrong, I wanted Palin in from day one and believed she could run away with the nomination. But Ron Paul winning Iowa is so outlandish as to make her entrance afterward seem reasonable. So I think if that extreme occurs it could provide her an opening that would be legitmate, given the outright rejection by the GOP electorate of the so-called top tier candidates like Romney, Newt and Perry. If they can’t beat Ron Paul, what hope do they have of beating Obama? So that would be here rationale for entering into the race late in my opinion.

        1. No it is not outlandish for Ron Paul to win Iowa. People are sick and disgussted with the status Que. Its amazing! It was not that long ago the media said if Mittens or Newt wins Iowa they will win the nomination but now that it is looking more like Ron Paul is going to win Iowa does not count. This is insane!!!

  12. As the size of Government nears critical mass, politicians and appointees of both political parties are now dropping even the slightest pretense of representing us – the People.

    After watching the 2010 House and this Primary parade of Progressives, is there any doubt let that the Republican establishment is not interested in doing anything to reverse the uncontrollable growth of Central Government. It is that Central Government which is the ruin of the United States of America.

    Back your favorite elephant to the hilt. Trash Sarah Palin all you want. But if you swallow the Red pill, admit the ugly truth that liberty and freedom hangs by a thread, Palin is the choice of Freedom, the candiate who knows Central Government is the enemy and will lead us in the battle against it.

  13. Jeb Bush vs. Sarah Palin…

    If the Republican “establishment” is floating Jeb Bush as a viable “jumper inner” for POTUS, why do they NOT float Sarah Palin as a viable “jumper inner” for POTUS?

    ‘Cause Palin is original and unique, anathema to the “establishment” mindset.

    Jeb Bush’s recent very Conservative comments are being promoted by the Republican “establishment” as the answer to BHObama’s Progressive words and actions.

    In fact, Jeb Bush sounds like Sarah Palin…
    … so WHY is the Republican “establishment” raising the banner for Jeb Bush and still shunning and ankle biting snake in the grassing Sarah Palin?

    ‘Cause Palin is original and unique, and the “establishment” does not REALLY want Palin’s “common sense Conservatism” when they have Jeb Bush’s Conservatism, uh, really, his father GHWBush’s Conservatism and his brother GWBush’s Conservatism, to rally around.

    What is GHWBush Conservatism and GWBush Conservatism and JBush Conservatism?

    Think Ronald Reagan Conservatism…
    … GHWBush and GWBush and JBush Conservatism is NOT Reagan Conservatism.


    1. I think it’s because Sarah tends to go after corruption even in the GOP but Jeb will be a good ole boy.

  14. Just to stir the pot a little bit more, Pat Caudill, a democrat was on Cavuto a short while ago. He is a part of a growing number of democrats who are pushing a write in campaign against Obama and in favor of, Hillary Clinton! After being bored to death with the 7 dwarves ( GOP candidates) and ticked off with Obamas self serving arrogance, a high profile chick fight may shake this whole dull election cycle up! Run Sarah!

        1. Hey, if Pat Caddell thinks that their are seven dwarves in the GOP primary then we sure need “Snow White” to complete the picture.

          I’ll hand it to you that Sarah has already found “True Love” and the Prince is very handsome!!

        1. Just make sure the Classical Pianist doesn’t cross the 30-06 wielding moose hunter, or there will be fewer ivories to tickle.

          ping…87 plink….86 kating….85

        2. A new “Odd Couple” sit-com. (Yet after first blush, it DOE’S present some fascinating alternative scenarios)

      1. I think there’s a higher liklihood that ‘Condi’ would associate with the “mystery Establishment Candidate”.

      2. It would seem my Conservative Hippie friend, that lately with the mounting disgust over the presidents policies and the lackluster performance by the GOP candidates, that the political process is about to be turned on its head! Condi Rice would be a great addition to anyones cabinet. Finally, this election cycle is getting interesting!

    1. Pull your head out of your arse Pat Caddell!

      Hillary is a socialist too and would sink us into permanent ruin as well.

      1. even she admits it.

        It is not so easy in America as in Europe where the socialists are free to run as socialists, the greens as greens and the communists as communists.

        Over here they have to first decide to run as Republican or Democrat and then work so hard to keep the people from discovering their true agenda. It is a complicate life for all flavors of marxist oligarchs in America. Fortunately the press covers for them, one and all.

  15. Do you think you will be able to post the interview here, Scoop? Right now, the livestreaming sites have pretty much been shut down because of copy right infringements,etc. If anyone has a site they know about where one can watch Fox News, please post

  16. Jeb Bush wrote an intriguing article recently and there are those that are pushing for him to reconsider again.

    Also on the flip side, there is a move afoot, by Pat Cadell I believe, for a Hillary write-in campaign. That would be sweet.

    1. If Hillary ran she would beat Obama. Of all Dems, Hillary scares me the most as far as who would be the hardest for the Republicans to beat in the general election. I do not want Hillary to run, but on the other hand, it would be fun to see Obama get beat from within is own party 🙂

      1. Yep. But if it were a Hillary write-in campaign, she would split the heck out of the democrat vote and the upcoming landslide would be even bigger than it’s already going to be.

        1. Yep, and that split would be the black vote. Would blacks vote for Hillary in November knowing she knocked out Hussein? I’m betting no. At the very least, an extreme lack of enthusiasm and depressed turnout.


        2. Yeah, I can see that. They cannot run her in stead of O – everybody will be screaming raaacist. But as a write-in, that’s a totally different story!

        3. It would be an epic battle! And fun to watch, since no matter which one won, a heavy-hitter dem would get beaten. Maybe beaten severely.

      1. You can get another establishment canadate from another country.

        Yet, me think that Canadians would not like it

  17. if her or anyone else were going to get in, they should have gotten in a couple of months ago and went through the process just like the rest did.

    1. You’re kidding right? “…and went through the process just like the rest did.”

      Have you been breathing for the last 3+ years?

      We know as much or more about SP’s policies and positions than any of the current candidates in the field. At least by her staying out this long, we got to hear them articulate theirs.

    2. Don’t you and Maxine think that the primary process is ridiculously long?? Way too many debates and just pure BS??

      Just look at the current field, the RINO Progressive and a radical Blame America First nutjob are leading while the only 2 real conservatives in MB and Santorum and getting buried in the polls!

  18. Palin would be an awesome president! But…let’s stay focused. We have only the here and now, and we need to keep evaluating the current candidates’ performances.

    Ps, I’m wearing my Santa hat too.

    1. I really don’t see anything from any of the current candidates that can beat Obama. Romney has Romneycare. Newt has Freddie Mac. Ron Paul is Ron Paul. Perry can’t debate and say what you will about Obama, he knows how to campaign. Michelle isn’t bad, but she can leap to conclusions and go too far. In the general, I don’t see how she’ll handle the media. Whoever is left hasn’t managed to be taken seriously.

      I’m not saying they can’t beat Obama. What I mean is that I’m hard pressed to find where their advantage over Obama is in the context of a general election.

      1. We have some well-qualified prospective leaders, if one can learn to ignore the perpetual media-contrived chaff.

        For you, Vorlath, I prescribe Mark Levin. Take a break from the computer and listen to his shows in their entirety for at least one week straight, and I guarantee your perspective will improve dramatically.

      2. Bachmann, Perry, and Santorum all have responsible governing or voting records going for them. That will be a terrific advantage. All they have to do is, first, point to their records and say, I wouldn’t have put America in the mess it’s in, and here’s the proof!”

        Then they tell voters what they’ll do immediately and in the long term to turn it around. It would be a slam-dunk if it weren’t for the college-trained socialists and the obamazombies. Even so, obama has done such a great job of previewing the miseries of socialism for them that we still have a chance, IF we get a solid conservative as candidate in the general election.

  19. hey, i’m conservative, and i liked Palin and supported her last time, but this is nonsense for ppl to jump in at the last minute. I also don’t appreciate her stirring the pot, trying to get someone to jump in and basically bypass the primary process.

    1. Not nonsense at all. Patriotic strategy.

      The GOP is going to do all it can to install an establishment candidate who will protect the DC cabal. The debates and news coverage fo the Primary is all being manipulated by the media.

      It is a stacked deck. Where will playing by the rules get anyone who takes their assigned place at the table?

      1. Exactly. You said it. If the GOP wants to fight dirty, so can others.

        Remember the scene in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid where one of the gang challenges Butch to a knife fight? Someone offers Butch a knife as he approaches his already armed opponent, and Butch says, “We’ve got to settle the rules first.”

        His opponent says, “RULES? In a knife fight? NO rules!” whereupon Butch kicks him hard in the crotch and he sinks moaning to the ground. Game over.

        Let’s hope it works that way for Governor Palin.

        1. Damn right! You man the burners while me and some of my bug-eyed pals will hop on top to keep the lid on ’em. ( Be nice if you could arrange someone to stand by with a spray bottle of cold water to keep us cool and moist – we work better that way)

  20. She would lose Iowa, New Hampshire and Florida for sure. I’m not sure sure about the deadline for entry into the SC primary, but I doubt she would win SC anyway. There would have to be a split primary win among at least two of the first four states for Sarah to have a shot, no? It’s a long shot but if anyone could do it Sarah could!

    1. No-one would shake up DC the way she would – the way it needs to be. I know there’s almost zero chance she’ll change her mind, but I can’t help imagining what that happy scenario would look like.

      1. Bingo, Vorlath.

        The RNC punitively devalued the delegate count for all the states that moved up (and these were already the “early states”…they just moved up even earlier, as the state party machinery moved up the dates to squeeze out a Reagan-Wing insurgent candidate like Palin, for the benefit of Romney).

        Furthermore, these early states were also set by the RNC to apportion their delegates by vote percentage. This makes the back-end regional primaries (like Super Tuesday) richer in “winner-take-all” rewards. Again, this was done by the national and state GOP Establishments for the purpose of freezing out The Troublemaker (Palin) with no deep campaign ad and staff budget and thereby helping the Establishment Stiff (Romney) with a big ad and staff budget. If you think about it, it makes sense – there is no gravy train of campaign cash from a Palin candidacy for the Establishment maggots who “consult” and sell stale voter lists and peddle “get out the vote direct mail”.

        Making the regional primary dates more important makes things easy for a campaign with ad cash to burn (Romney). Their thinking has always been that if Palin got some traction in Iowa and South Carolina – but did not clearly break away from the field – she would be a diluted threat as the Big Regional calendar dates rolled around. This is why Bachmann and Perry entered the race – as Palin stalking horses (Bachmann knows she’s being used but needs campaign cash from the Establishment to take on Amy Klobuchar for the Senate after her congressional district was zapped in the post-census redistricting…Perry listened to Texas Establishment, who played his ego and set him up.).

        Palin, if she wants to run at all, needs to clear the field of all the cranks and the stalking horses, and the looming debacle in Iowa (Paul in the lead?) makes this all the more appetizing for her to jump in.

        I predict that she will.

        1. Ohhhh….I like the way you think. I didn’t catch the Bachmann angle w.r.t. the Senate race before. But I agree with all you other points. Please tell me you’re helping one of these Reagan-Wing candidates get elected where you live! (and tell me about them so I can follow/support)

          1. Okay, you asked:

            I am a precinct worker in the old 9th District (Michigan) where I had the honor of ground-pounding (door-to-door) for one of the most selfless and honorable men I have ever met, Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski, who was endorsed by and contributed to by SarahPAC. I like to think I had something to do with that late SarahPAC weigh-in, as I posted a plea for Sarah’s support at Conservatives4Palin a week before the contribution arrived.

            Rocky is rumored to be mulling a second run at the census-redrawn district, which appears to be the new 11th District where he may be facing Thaddeus McCotter or Marty Knollenberg (son of former R congressman Joe Knollenberg) in a primary. I know it sounds screwy but currently, the district is held by a sniveling weasel demonrat named Gary Peters, who spent 1.5 million of PelosiBucks smearing Rocky’s good name.

            Rocky is a Santorum Man and from what I understand, but Santorum earned it with early support when Rocky got started.

            I met Rocky in his basement in Farmington Hills, where I looked at the Polish flag over his mantle place, surrounded by portraits of Pope John Paul II, Lech Walesa, and of course, Ronald Reagan. He didn’t have to say a word…I was convinced.

            1. Sounds like it might be a tough run since Thaddeus McC picked up some face time for toying with a POTUS run.
              Yea, Santorum is my wife’s favorite with Sarah Palin out of the race (so far). She’s from Penn and thinks he’s the guy with the most integrity out there.

              Thanks for doing your work last round in MI. I’ll keep an eye out for Raczkowski when the primary rolls around. I have a few friends from college that might be in your district. I’ll check and pass the word.

              If Sarah Palin does jump in, it sounds like you’ll probably be getting some much needed attention in Michigan on the campaign trail.

              Here’s hopin’

        2. Wow, that would be pretty fantastic. I’ve been pulling for Gingrich but this would change everything. Though if she did, I think a lot of people would be upset at her for putting us through this roller-coaster.

    2. The people can write her in in all those states. We the people can get the word out with the help of The Tea Party Patriots.

      1. Yes, agreed. But that would take a write in campaign the likes of which this country has never seen before!

  21. Everyone knows (even the pathetic malcontents that love to hate her) if she enters the race EVERYTHING changes overnight. Do it Sarah! Strike fear in the establishment and give the rest of us hope. You will be our x-mas present like none other! We never doubted you are the one our nation needs to be our next president.

    1. If she were in the race, she would be well ahead of everyone else except maybe Ron Paul and she just might pick up some of his support as she does have a libertarian streak in her.

  22. not that i don’t like Palin, just don’t think it would be good for her or anyone else to jump in the race after the vetting process is basically over. just to be motivated by raw emotion and then have an onslaught of attack all piled on right b4 the general.

    1. She has been the most vetted person who has ever run for office. The media went after her like I have never seen, got over 2500 of her emails and found nothing. As Rush once said they did everything to Sarah Palin except give her a colonoscopy. If she does get in the race she will really shake things up. I hope she does get in she is the only one who has a proven record she took on the establishment in her state and won. Governor Palin is a real conservative, she says what she means and means what she says, she is on the side of the people and wants the government to get out of the way. For those of you who did not hear her speech in Iowa over the labor day weekend, go to Conservatives for Palin and listen to it. It was one of the best speeches I have herd.

      1. Exactly – Sarah is the REAL DEAL, and everyone knows it. If she ever gets to Washington she’s going to rock a lot of people’s world, and they damn well know it.

    2. Aside from comments from Ron Paul supporters, this is an asinine comment. Palin is the most vetted person if you compare them to the current batch of candidates.

    3. She’s pre-vetted! Read her book “Going Rogue”. She and Todd had to pay all the legal/research fees for the vetting process from 2008, out of their personal pocket!

  23. This is what happens when the RNC wants a RINO for the nominee. People want a true conservative they can align themselves to get Obamas ass out of office. These idiots that run the RNC so desperately are afraid of not compromising with the left and that is why we as a country are here to begin with. The RNC is very, very close to becoming irrelevant.

  24. She predicted that it would be a very “unconventional election cycle”. Although I’d love to see her run, I find it hard to believe that she would.

    1. Please!!! As much as I love Palin we do not need a novice as president right now. Palin’s family is not conservative and neither is her husband that of course is nothing against Palin herself or how she would handle things. I think she didn’t run because it would ruin her marriage. Being Governor with your husband living there as an adviser is a far cry from the White House. Do you really think her husband wants to be called first Dude and be cut out of the main part of her life. This just isn’t the time for Palin.

      1. Novice? Are you kidding? Compared to both Santorum and Bachmann, she has loads of executive experience. As to her family not being conservative, what, exactly do you think they are? Raving Democrats? Probably like most Alaskans, they consider themselves Independent. And no, it would not ruin her marriage. I believe Todd has said that he would be fine with her decision to run. And he most certainly wouldn’t be cut out of the main part of her life if she were to win. This is EXACTLY the right time for her to run.
        We are faced with a weak field of nominees at the moment.

        1. I think all the candidates are very strong in their own way- you may not agree with them in how they go about things but I think anyone of them would be better than another 4 years of Obama. There is NO perfect candidate no matter what you may think of SP!

      2. I love these discouraging remarks directed toward conservatives about genuinely conservative candidates that include the phrase “this just isn’t the time”. It’s a fairly common phrase among discouragers.

        I wonder how many who write and read that phrase remember that it is the exact same phrase used by status quo whites to discourage blacks, first from seeking freedom through legal means, and then from seeking an end to the Jim Crow laws?

        When you ask what the right time would be, you discover that what these discouragers really mean is either, “I’m afraid! For pity’s sake, don’t DO anything! I’m afraaaaaaid!”

        ….or, “The time will be right when Hell freezes over!”

  25. And apparently Steve Moore “teased” and “played coy” in a WSJ article this morning suggesting Jeb Bush could win a write-in campaign.

    Fascinating that that story is not getting the same play.

    1. I’ve listened to Rush Limbaugh and Dana Loesch so far today and both spoke extensively about the Jeb Bush piece while only giving a passing mention to Palin’s remarks. Just sayin…

    2. Honestly, I don’t think ANY Bush has a chance in hell of getting close to the Presidency again. America is pretty much done with them.

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