Sarah Palin: Obama hasn’t shown us his top priority is stopping the leak

Sarah Palin didn’t only go after Obama on his address, but took issue with O’Reilly’s soft stance on Obama’s energy policies. Palin told O’Reilly that we can’t just get rid of oil, but we need to develop all three legs of the stool – conventional, renewable, and conservation. She then chided Obama for not understanding the linkage between our energy and national security.

She took issue with Obama allowing BP to control the facts and thus the situation. She has cautioned on several occasions, tonight and in the past,
that you can’t allow BP to control the situation because their interests aren’t always in line with the American people’s interest.

But one criticism that I thought was especially true was that Obama has failed at communicating that stopping the oil gusher is his top priority. Sure, we all assume that, but when you look at what he plans to do, he’s left it all in their hands and has no plan to make it happen. What if BP can’t stop it? What then?

I think this was Sarah Palin’s best appearance to date on Fox News as a pundit. She was very strong and powerful at times, giving indication that if she were in command she would be able to handle this mess and come up with plans to keep the oil at bay. She is really starting to sound presidential.

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64 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: Obama hasn’t shown us his top priority is stopping the leak

  1. “Clumsey and desperate.” That pretty all sums up everyone who is trying to discredit Sarah Palin. If those who are so afraid of her would stop the “Palin-bashing,” and just look at all of the good she does, rather than listening to the liberal, biased, MSM, I truly believe that all of the negative stereotypical labels of Governor Palin would change for the better. Ladies and gentlemen, when will we realize that when our society treats women badly, it sends a message to the entire world, that we have not evolved into the nation of greatness that we proclaim to be, and most of all, need to be?

  2. Dam I gave you a like by mistake! Wow the idiots that the left sends these days.Exxon Valdeze happened in 1989,how could she get involved in that spill she was not govenor untill dec 2006?

  3. Your full of crap.The Dutch have not being involved for weeks as you said.They did send 4 pieces of equipment(by plane) last week to attach to American ships to help suck up oil.Thier engineers,dredges,skimmers are still in port in Holland.As far as the dredges,skimmers and oil sucking tankers from the other 15 nations,only some boom and minor equipments being recieved.Not one ship or major piece of cleanup machinery has entered the gulf.Untill the Jones acts lifted and these nations are asked(since they were already told weeks ago to beat it)will thier full assets and personel be sent.

  4. Question…

    Where's the substance in your comment?

    The “3 legged stool thing” is an analogy… a kissin' cousin to a metaphor. A substantive response would be “true facts” adduced that refute Palin's analogy.

    So, where's the substance?


  5. Palin has being out front since the first few days of this spill asking questions the media forgets,it is thier job to ask.Why isnt the administration reaching out worldwide to energy experts,other oil industry experts(besides BP)and foriegn nations?(Was BP the main competitor for the AK gas pipeline to her choice of Exxon?)Palin has asked questions about MMS,pointed to thier corruption & incompitance.She advised Jindal to just go and build the barrier islands(ignore the feds)weeks ago.Finally 2 days ago a frustrated real hero leader in the gulf,Bobby Jindal,ordered the guard to start building them,ignoring the feds BS studies.She has asked why foriegn governments were turned away and why the Jones Act was not waived in the first few days?She questioned Obamas lack of leadership and his blind faith in the CAP and TAX lobbying(for years in D.C.)WORKER DEATH CAUSING,SAFTEY IGNORING,(760 violations in 2 years,Exxon in that same period had 1).ENVIROMENTAL POLUTING,LIARS,BP?Is it any wonder if BP wanted thier cng gas pipeline project to be built in AK,she chose EXXON?Obama has failed again.Millions and millions of gallons of oil were not sucked up in the first weeks,by foriegn ships,barrier islands not built by the expert Dutch,with their massive dredges and expert engineers.DOES THIS INCOMPITANT GOV EVEN REALIZE IT IS HURRICANE SEASON?Even after the spill she stayed in support of offshore drilling as the others avoided the press again.In early 2009 she was saying to Hannity we told you so about the Obama agenda and stimulus.As the spineless others were silent,FEARING OBAMAS HIGH APPROVAL #s.Alone in the political wilderness stood ,we told you so, Palin.Allways on the attack against Obamas agenda non stop.CAP &TAX passed the house,out came an oped in the WSJ & WA Post, its being in the senate collecting dust,ever since.Is that just a coincidence?Hard to say in my opinion.Summer hit and as the GOP tried to find a path of opposition to HC,out came those 2 words, DEATH PANNELS.The entire plannet woke up reading in thier papers,DEATH PANNELS.America awoke and the scrap became an all out HC war.Those spineless GOP pundits ran away,like cowards dismissing her, some saying she should leave the political room.HC was turned upside down into a year long fight, today 56% ,still want it repealed and replaced.Now people find out there are rationing boards being considered, if not already being formed.Immigration,Palin was there standing firm with Jan Brewer,as many others hid under tables, avoiding cameras,waiting for polls to come out.Just to see what Americans felt.They even waited a few weeks to see if the liberal media spin and Michele Obama with schoolkids,could swing the polls back first,before commenting.Sure she is not the only reason the GOP might come back this year.She might not even be a major factor,there are many others,Obamas lefty agenda,and circumstances,that have contributed to a need for REAL CONSERVATIVE change in D.C.However Guts is what I have seen from her,time and time again,she is a leader,if you agree with her, or hate her,she has GUTS. Palin/Jindal 2012 Natural Born Leaders!

  6. As far as your polls with 2 1/2 years to go,you should of seen Obamas 6 months before the first primaries.Only 29% in Aug 2007 thought he was qualified to be POTUS.HILLARY LEAD HIM GOING IN BY 20 POINTS,and Romney was way out in front of everyone in early 2008.So you can poll all you want she only has to hang in the top 4-5 on the GOP side.That is the only important poll right now and all you left wing hacks know it.If your by some chance a GOP supporter of one of her rivals you really know that is the only impotrant fact.Just keep polling polling and polling it makes no difference untill the actual voting polls open in 2012.

  7. Interesting those oil companies just up and cancelled projects and all moved outta there like you say.Hmmm why was oilfield employment at record levels then in 2009?Need some links?Most people in AK (I have friends there)know how the oil companies whine like babies,and sure complained about pulling out when she raised their taxes.Yet they were sure quiet when oil hit 35 a barrel and their taxes were next to nothing under her elavator tax plan.A plan adopted by other nations including Norway in a simular model.I have yet to see the mass exodus from AK.However under Os new 6 month moritorium Shell has put expansions on hold.Also the new areas he just banned are causing some exit plans,are they not?Interesting with all their complaining they still rake in decent profits in AK isnt it?Intersting when told get drilling or lose your Point Thompson leases the rigs were heading out the next day and are drilling those projects like mad men now isnt it?Interesting Parnel will deliver a 2.2 billion surpluss with almost the exact same administration and policy as she had.You forget she did fine in interviews with AK local media for years,Matt Lauer,Wolf Blitzer,Barbara Walters,Andrea Mitchel,many others,dozens of radio interviews all over America,she will do fine.You are just another one of those unhappy AK ethics filers.All pissed your POTUS is being out manouvered and almost is a lame ducky,with his party on the ropes down 10 in the generic ballot.(RASMUSSEN AMERICAS MOST ACCURATE POLLSTER.COMPARE HIS POLLS WITH ACTUAL RESULTS,HE BEATS THEM ALL BY FAR.)Palins not doing to bad in AK,SHES AT 48-53,after all your crap being thrown at her up there. I am suprised your ultra liberal pollster Hayes(who was out 10 points in the 08 results)has her still that high.Here is a simple plain fact.You progressives are losing your grip.You( are you that idiot senator Mark Begbich?) should see the new RNC add of dear leader swinging golf clubs and partying with McCartney as the gulf birds drown in oil.Just wait untill MMS is dragged into congress and republicans whip them,its over 4 years of democratic failures are ending in a few months.

  8. For weeks Palin has being calling for this administration to reach out to oil industry experts worldwide.She has being asking why 15 nations were turned away that offered help long before any other politician out there said boo.SHE WAS ASKING FOR THE JONES ACT TO BE WAIVED TO ALLOW OIL SUCKING SUPER TANKERS,skimmers and dredges from Holland to be allowed into the gulf.You ask what has the Dutch have to do with anything?You are a total idiot.They have extensive dyke and barrier island building experience, like no other nation on earth.They have the most experienced engineers and most massive dredges on earth(machines that build those barrier walls idiot).They built barriers in record times that prevented disasters from north sea storm surges.They have massive skimmers that suck up oil and other hazordous liquids from the sea seperate it and return clean seawater all in one shot.They transfer the oil to awaiting tankers,it is ready for market.You are a total nitwit who hasnt one clue whats going on in the gulf.These Dutch and 15 other nations with simular equipment have being offering help like she was pointing out in those first weeks.Instead of those assets being deployed to the site in those first initial days.They trusted that cap and tax lobbying company BP.UNKNOWN MILLIONS OF GALLONS OF OIL WERE MISSED.Massive barrier walls to protect the nesting grounds of birds and marshes as well.PALIN WEEKS AGO ADVISED JINDAL TO DISOBEY THE FEDS AND JUST BUILD THOSE DAM BARRIERS.YESTERDAY HE FINALLY DID IN DESPERATION.Palin and Jindal know what you idiots forget,its HURRICANE SEASON!!!

  9. Well, there's your first mistake–thinking you obtained “facts” from Sarah Palin's book. As a lifelong Alaskan with friends who worked for her, I like to think of her book as fiction.

    Did she write about how she pushed for and approved a windfall tax on oil companies that then caused the delay or cancellation of onshore projects in Alaska? Did she quote the Seattle Times article from 8/10/08 on how her windfall tax pushed companies into the Gulf of Mexico?:

    “Investment dollars are flowing instead to places that have a better return, like the massive deep-water projects offshore in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, where ConocoPhillips said the government take equals less than 50 percent of the barrel.”

    As for the FOIAs, are you suggesting that it is wrong for ordinary, real Americans to ask their elected leaders for accountability and transparency–especially when our half-term governor explicitly promised us accountability and transparency? Why would Sarah Palin, champion of the little people against the big bad government, want to hide e-mails concerning public business? Why would she conduct public business on a private e-mail account?

    Mrs. Palin may still have some supporters in this state (i.e., her mom and dad), but I have yet to meet one. You might ask yourself why almost every single staff member or political supporter in Alaska has been thrown under her bus or wants nothing at all to do with her. It has nothing to do with jealousy and everything to do with her atrocious conduct since she quit her job early. She couldn't be elected as the dogcatcher's assistant here.

    I don't underestimate Palin's ability to convince unthinking Americans that she's competent, intelligent, or in any way suited to be president. I don't underestimate the solid 30 percent of dolts in this country who will always support whatever bad idea comes shambling along wrapped in a flag and dropping God's name.

    I do take comfort in knowing that the second she musters enough courage to leave her Facebook foxhole and answer a question that wasn't offered by a sycophant, she will crumble, and America will remember all over again why she doesn't belong in the Oval Office.

    Perhaps someone can explain why the more she opens her mouth, the more Americans don't like her. She's spreading her unadulterated message all over the place, so she can hardly blame the “lamestream media” because she IS the lamestream media.

  10. Hmmmm maybe you should go watch more clips of your dear leader.Try and keep a straight face as you watch the worlds worst joke imposed on any nation on earth,in prompter yap mode.People are falling asleep at his speeches these days in case you did not notice.He cant even fill a small civics center even after offering free tickets weeks in advance.

  11. her responses to the questions were straightforward and candid.
    they were clumsey and desperate.

  12. Yeah that 3 legged stool thing was genius (she is like $hecky palin)…BUT
    $arah is so obsessed with upstaging our president. She is so obsessed, she is like a stalker.

  13. This last jaw jag on BillO's show was the funniest one EVER! $arah looked like a ditzy dope, she looked annoyed when she was asked WHAT WOULD YOU DO…she talking about 3 legged stools and dykes….$arah is HILARIOUS!
    No, srsly, this last on BillO's show was a gut buster!
    She was dressed all seriously too…trying to look preznitdential.

  14. $arah gets paid handsomely by Fox news to bray like a donkey, I will have you know! HEE HAW HEE HAW!

  15. Did $arah get the Dutch and Norwegians involved in the Valdez spill? They have various kinds of expertise with dykes and such.

  16. …AND the oil people refuted everything she said in the book…they said she lied and had nothing to do with the drama of the spill. She DOES lie.

  17. Well, it's true alot of Alaskans are not pleased with her…look at the numbers…you must admit that.

  18. Actually I think it is the other way around. She really tiptoes around him, hesitating and trying gauge what will be ok to say and what will not be ok…she got better this last time, but I think she made a POINT to do that.
    BillO will actually CALL her on stuff, and she isn't used to that.

  19. Good interview, her responses to the questions were straightforward and candid.

    Sarah Palin's executive experience in dealing with the Oil companies requires blunt and honest interaction with the Oil executives. Unlike Pres. Obama, she is not demonizing the oil companies. Rather, like any good Chief Executive during a crisis, she is demanding accountable and performance from all parties–government and the oil companies.
    Obama's sole focus should be on stopping the leak and not doing other things like pushing Cap and Tax.

    I think from this we can infer that Sarah Palin would have been much more effective at getting this thing managed and under control than the current administration has.

  20. Good interview, her responses to the questions were straightforward and candid.

    Sarah Palin's executive experience in dealing with the Oil companies requires blunt and honest interaction with the Oil executives. Unlike Pres. Obama, she is not demonizing the oil companies. Rather, like any good Chief Executive during a crisis, she is demanding accountable and performance from all parties–government and the oil companies.
    Obama's sole focus should be on stopping the leak and not doing other things like pushing Cap and Tax.

    I think from this we can infer that Sarah Palin would have been much more effective at getting this thing managed and under control than the current administration has.

  21. Poor ex-governor Sarah Palin sounded even stupider than usual, bringing up the Dutch and dikes and somehow bringing Norway into it, too. Even Bill O'Reilly seemed truly amazed at the blathering coming out of Sarah Palin's mouth.

    The amount of support Ms Palin receives from a certain portion of the electorate continues to amaze me. I guess they're also the ones who continue to say George Bush and Dick Cheney did a great job as president and vice-president. I doubt, much to her supporters' dreams, that she'll run for president in 2012. First of all, she has no credible support staff. After turning on McCain's staff in 2008, what professional staff would work with/for her?

    She'd also be demolished in the Republican primaries. If you think Mitt Romney would hold back on her, you're not thinking straight. She wouldn't be able to pull her “I'm only answering the questions I want” with her primary opponents as she was able to do with an indulgent Joe Biden.

    Also, running for president is a full-time task and one that takes a lot of personal discipline. She has to set up ground-games and get-out-the-vote staff in all primary states. Does she have the organisational skills needed? I don't think so.

    And, what do you think she'd do if she was elected president. We have three branches of government – thank god – and she can't just wave her arms and get rid of Roe v Wade, affirmative action, ACA, and all the other pesky “liberal lunacies” her supporters think she can do.

  22. $arah SOUNDED preznitdential??????????/ Wow, did we watch the SAME clip?????????
    The woman is a LOOOOON…………..
    I think even BillO was rolling his eyes THIS time….she REALLY came off as a moron, more so then usual. Alot of laughs today…I guess we need some comic relief, this is a very dire situation. At least $arah can do something.

  23. Not being a defender for the disabled? In Palin's acceptance speech to the 2008 RNC in Minneapolis, I have never, in my almost 50 years of life, heard someone running for one of the highest offices in the nation, say that if she and McCain were elected that they (the parents of children with special needs) would have a friend in the White House. That, alone, spoke volumes with me!

  24. After reading all the comments, it seems strange to me that the Libs like O'Reilly more and more. Ummmm, could that mean anything? DarkLady's comments about Alaskans and Sarah Palin certainly DO NOT include ALL Alaskans. I read Sarah Palin's book and got the FACTS about how she “outdid” the Big Oil Companies. DarkLady and Willardb probably read the garbage that is put out by MacLeod and all the FOIA's she filed in Alaska (against Sarah)- ALL of which were thrown out by the Judge. I read a couple of books about Sarah right after she was named as McCain's running mate. By everything I gather, there is one thing that everyone needs to remember – and that is, “Never underestimate Sarah!”. I would suggest that you libs take that advice very, very seriously.

  25. Ok… minor point to you guys, I know… but the Dutch have been involved with the spill cleanup for weeks.

    Sarah apparently didn't get the memo. As usual.

    As for Sarah's tenure, again, my point is that she didn't stand up for Alaskans when the payout took decades and was reduced. Hell, she didn't even remember the SCOTUS decision when being asked about recent SCOTUS decisions!

    But none of that's important, I realize. What's important is those crazy Naughy Monkey high heels and how much false hope they give her followers.

  26. Maybe I have, dkuhn.

    I know I just wrote two $500 donation checks. That's as much as Palin donated to Down syndrome programs last year. So much for being a big defender of the disabled.

    And I sure haven't made 12 million lying about who I am to the American people like Palin.

  27. Governor Palin has more executive experience than Obama could ever hope to have. You point out darklady, that Palin didn't do much for Alaskans when the Exxon Valdez spill occurred. Palin wasn't governor at that time. Steve Cowper was. Governor Cowper's term was from December 1, 1986 through December 3, 1990. Governor Palin was most like in college at that time, since her term did not begin until until December 4, 2006, and end until July 26, 2009

    If Governor Palin believes that receiving foreign help, especially from countries that have knowledge in dealing with disastors such as these, then I would take her word over someone who does not even have a clue of what to do.

  28. Now that's an interesting suggestion. However, why don't you donate some of the money you make from selling porn over the internet to the victims of the BP oil spill?

  29. Heather: Click the link associated with my user name, brainiac. “Sandra” isn't a name that's ever been associated with me. I'm not hard to google, trust me.

    It's all very amusing to have you folks filling my inbox with personal insults and accusations, but why don't you turn your baleful gaze to something more productive, like donating money to the BP spill cleanup or wondering why the great goddess Palin hasn't donated a time to it — or much of anything else, for that matter.

  30. I only know what the people of Alaska have posted to various blogs, and that's the Palin didn't go to bat for them when the court lowered the payments. Hell, Palin couldn't even REMEMBER the Supreme Court decision when Katie Couric was beating her up with hard questions like “what do you read?”

  31. But just to play with you a bit,

    did you hear how she said we should waive the Jones Act and allow foreign flagged ships to come in and sweep the oil?

    did you hear how she said we should accept help from the Dutch and the Norwegians who have expertise in this area?

    did you hear how she said we have to stop letting the industry player BP control the facts and the information and thus, the situation?

    Specific. Substantive. Active.

    You lose!

    Also, you make me laugh.

  32. Erm, Palin's admin sued the Federal gov't to get Exxon to pay its claims. And won a decision from the Supreme Court.

    Didn't do much for the people of AK?

    You lie!

    Also, you make me laugh.

  33. I'm sorry, but you must be a little mixed up on your facts here. You say, “but given that Palin did such a bang-up job with the Exxon Valdez, I can't really say she's the person for this job.” Exxon Valdez occured in 1989, Sarah Palin never held public office until 1992. How would she have had anything to do with the handling of the Valdez spill? Please, for your own sake, check your facts so you don't sound ridiculous!

  34. Are you gay? A drag queen? Or just a drama queen?

    Thanks for the confirmation about your asshole status. I'm described as “sweet, kind, overly generous” and the like in my world. People such as yourself, however, prefer other words. (shrug)

    Congrats on your “professional” status.

    I'm a professional writer. And public speaker.

    And Palin didn't make it 3 years as a governor, Einstein. And she plunged meth capital Wasilla into huge debt… entirely without need. Good display of fiscal conservative values there, pal.

    Your blind faith in this woman is kinda cute, except that it's part of what's destroying this once-great nation. If she looked like Helen Thomas, you wouldn't give her a second thought.

    BTW — I never suggested that you referred to me family or origins. I simply pointed out the fact that you're making a lot of broad generalizations about someone you don't know.

    Since I'm clearly stupid as a stick, I can't understand why you're wasting so much of your obviously valuable time on such a worm as I. Please, spread your wisdom to those who think exactly as you do. I'm sure they'll eat it up with a spoon.

  35. Likewise you know nothing of me either, but I treat all trolls equally particularly ones with nothing better to do obviously than cruise the blogs looking for Palin Threads to swoop in and bash with the same old diatribe. I might point out in actuality I'm an arsehole and I'm a professional so you'll have to try harder if you're looking to land a successful insult. But frankly even though she was only Governor for all of 3 years she still has more executive experience than our current President and its safe to say she would not be consulting in committee without releasing needed equipment and technical aid some fifty plus days in. In closing I would refer you to you own remarks about treating fellow human beings with respect and if you go back and read my posts I never referred to your family or origins, nice try though.

  36. Typical…

    More troll “innuendo without substance” comments… have you also posted at Conservatives4Palin?

    Of course, there are no substantive comments adduced about Palin's points that she made on the video with O'Reilly… that would require thought, followed with articulate and coherent sentence structure refuting Palin's errors and misunderstanding about the issues, etc.

    O'Reilly concedes Palin's point in the end. Either O'Reilly was right about Obama or Palin was right… Palin KNOWS oil, big oil and “trust but verify,” and O'Reilly just doesn't seem to get Obama's taqiyya (… dissembling) the way Palin does, and as she articulated clearly in a short segment.

    STOP! Islamization Of America

  37. Accepted knowledgeable assistance what 40 some days after it was offered? I'd wager the Dutch have extensive knowledge on dealing with oil spills in extreme conditions. Familiar with The North Sea at all? By your statement I'd say not or you just choose to ignore that the conditions they drill and operate in are probably some of the most extreme anywhere. I wonder where Barry's strategy for dealing with this is? Being as we're over fifty days in and he is still in committee meetings on this and woefully short of solutions and painfully slow to get assistance to where its needed to at least slow the oil thats coming ashore.Oh, thats right he has a tee time he just can't miss.AWOL again.

  38. I visit Palingates from time to time. TheImmoralMinority, too. I read a wide number of formal news and more informal blogger sites.

    If you think acting like a dick is somehow justified because someone else somewhere else has engaged in that kind of behavior then, once again, I think it says a lot about where you are coming from and how desperate you are, etc., etc.

    That fact remains that however comely Sarah Palin can be and regardless of how charismatic she can be, she has no answers, she has no solutions, and she has nothing to contribute to the dialogue other than inciting people such as yourself to treat people such as myself with contempt for the crime of not agreeing.

    You know nothing of my family of origin, what I was raised to believe, and how I came to have the beliefs and opinions that I have today.

    And ya know what? You don't want to know those things. It might make you think I'm an actual human being who deserves to be treated with respect.

    Keep up the bully tactics, pal. You're not very good at them, but I'm sure your heart is sincere.

  39. What you “Palingaters” don't like your own tactics being turned against you? Typical.

  40. Sarah nails it, again…

    Or, as Reagan put it, “trust, BUT verify.”

    However, Obama does neither. For 8 weeks Obama said that he doesn't trust BP, and he also does not verify.

    I wonder…

    Has Palin said something somewhere else, recently, about the halting of deep water oil drilling in the Gulf, and tying that to the sweet deal that Soros has in deep water oil drilling in Brazil?

    Just askin', 'cause it's getting, as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh reported, and of course as Alice said, “curiouser and curiouser.”


  41. O’Reilly repeatedly challenged her assertions and then demolished her credibility altogether by asking what she would do to stop the leak. Not only couldn’t Palin answer the question, she also made the ridiculous statement that Norwegians are experts at dikes.

    If you stop the video at about the 2:36 point, you can see the look of dismay on Palin’s face, followed by nervousness, moments after he said that, as she must have realized this was not going to be the kind of cakewalk she has probably come to expect on Fox News.

    But rather than own up to it, she launched into another attack on Obama, this time for not accepting “the assistance for foreign countries” (which has been accepted) and “entrepreneurial Americans.” Apparently, like others on Fox, “CEO” Palin thinks the federal government ought to just hand over money and the disaster to any foreign or domestic Tom, Dick or Harry with an idea and a product.

  42. Celebrity Sarah still has NO SOLUTIONS to offer about anything. Only talking points and criticism. Yap yap yap yap yap. When are you going to ever shut up!

  43. I'm aware of that, actually — but she didn't do much for the state she claims to love so much when it came time to demand appropriate reparations… and then she pushed for & supported destructive energy extractions that are still causing the locals health problems.

    In fact, like so many of her talking points, she was in favor of deep water drilling and leaving the oil companies alone until she was opposed to them.

    As for your projections about my motivations, they say a lot about where you're coming from and how desperate you are to paint all who disagree with you as somehow your mental and moral inferior. Good luck with that.

  44. Just to point something out that may be terribly inconvenient to your erroneous statement about the Exxon Valdez and Sarah Palin. The Exxon Valdez ran aground in 1989, Palin was not elected Governor until 2006. So spare us the rambling hate for someone that has more executive experience, than the current tenant at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue. Now run along and go back to your friends and leave the adults to discuss matters obviously beyond your limited understanding.

  45. Oh, puhleeeze!

    … “she would be able to handle this mess and come up with plans to keep the oil at bay?”

    What? By praying really hard?

    I'm not thrilled with how Obama is handling this, but given that Palin did such a bang-up job with the Exxon Valdez, I can't really say she's the person for this job.

    It's easy to talk smack about the man who DID become president when you're a serial quitter thousands of miles away with no chance of actually being invited to the table.

    Going Dutch seems to be her best suggestion, which makes no sense in this case. How about Finland, huh?

  46. I don't give much credence to Nostradamus, one thing I would point to when considering his “Hitler” quatrains, “Hister” is the old Latin name for the Danube river. I wouldn't lose too much sleep about it.

  47. He's reminding me more and more of those “politicians” that Gov. Christie nailed perfectly, whose answers are very carefully vague… so they have a future “out”.

    It is possible to be “bold”… and gutless.


  48. How do you like how he turned interrogator on her. I think he's got an issue with Smart Chicks. Palin is in good company with MKH, Amanda Carpenter, Laura Ingraham, and Michelle Malkin.

  49. Thank you. Well I guess he doesn't look evil so now what? Too spooky erie, I need to get a hold of myself and just rely on God showing me the way and where I belong.

  50. Wow, did she just eat Bill's lunch or what? This is why so many on the left fear her with every issue she comes out and nails it and each time she gets closer to exactly the type of common sense leadership we need in this country. The left tries to laugh her off and say things like “we're not afraid of her we think she's a joke and that's why we laugh” to that I say BS, they're trying to laugh away their fear, she terrifies them because they can see by 2012 she will be a very real threat to “the One's” re-election. I have always reserved judgement on whether or not she would have what it takes to lead this country and today she went along way to convincing me that she could be the real deal. If she continues on this path she is on, she will clean Obama's house in 2012 and use Obama as the mop. lucky for Bill that he is in NYC and she was in Alaska,could have been a lot uglier for Bill if she had been in the studio.

  51. The cycle of that which is wicked and evil in the hearts of men rising up and seeking dominance and destruction… is relentless, and follows (roughly) a 60-80 year trip around the clock of Time (the short blip between WWI and WWII being a notable exception. But, then again, the business of breaking its back was never finished in 1918… its cousin lived on in the hearts of some of the victors). And so it continues.

    The King who owns my worthless hide, and whom I gladly serve (even as rough as I am) put it this way… “However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows.”

    My job is to never join the apathetic masses of “good men”, who, during every cycle… “stand by, and do NOTHING”, regardless of whether this is the “last” cycle, or just the one I was born to stand in the Gap against.

    CM Sackett

  52. Thank you – any impression on this? Am I just freaking myself out? I was hoping that this was all going to blow over and we would all have a terrific laugh in 25 years. Guess not.

  53. She continues to be right on. I have a lot of issue with O'Reilly lately. He continues to miss things that are blatant in front of his face that this administration is doing.

  54. Thanks for the correction. Any info on this? He was one/two letters off on Hitler also. Way too freaky for me.

  55. Is it me? It happened so fast – Did O say that the new Czar's name is Mabus!!!!!!!!!! This is the exact name Nostradamus mentioned as the one that comes after the first “And his name will be Mabus” is how it is written. I am trying to locate it again. I nearly fell off of my chair when it flashed on the screen.

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