Sarah Palin: Obama just doesn’t get it!

Sarah Palin says that after she heard Obama’s comments on this proposed mosque at Ground Zero, it can’t be any clearer that Obama is disconnected from the American people. She said if Obama wanted to help the situation, even after his comments, he could basically have a beer summit with the Imam and encourage him to be more tolerant of the pain that Americans still feel from the 9/11 attack. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.


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7 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: Obama just doesn’t get it!

  1. What we all don’t get is why Sarah doesn’t reveal the secret location of the Fountain of Youth. We know it is somewhere near Wasilla. Forget about oil! We want to be forever young & attractive, like Sarah Palin.

  2. The aspect of Islam that nobody is bringing up is that Islam is fundamentally NOT a religion – it’s a political system based on a religion. Everything about the Muslim religious political system is publicly aimed at the destruction of everything that is not Islamic. This is not a religion – it’s an invasion wrapped in a religion. We should not shudder at condemning Islam.

  3. They forbidden to taste the fermentation of grape or grain, perhaps mead it is made from honey.

  4. Beer…

    Since Muslims don’t drink alcohol, obviously Sarah meant “Near Beer”… of course.

    Unless, of course, in the practice of taqiyya, real beer is imbibed to fit in with the crowd at the topless bar before the plane is flown into the building where people are killed.

    Other than for purposes of jihad, real beer is not condoned by the religion of peace.

    STOP! Islamization Of America

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