Sarah Palin: Obama’s not in the catbird seat for 2012

Sarah Palin says that the White House inviting Common to speak at poetry night reflects poor judgement and common decency on them and it’s as if Obama want’s Republicans to ask “C’mon Barack Obama. Who are you palling around with now?”.

She also weighs in on Newt’s run for 2012 talking only of his strengths that he brings to the table for fixing America’s problems. She welcomes not only Newt but others in the race for the nomination as she says competition is good in elections too.

Lastly she’s asked if Obama is a shoo-in because he got Osama bin Laden and she’s quick to point out that given the economy and the fact that he has no clue how to get the private sector growing, that he’s not in the catbird seat going into 2012.


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111 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: Obama’s not in the catbird seat for 2012

  1.  Still think with  a little early success Palin could wrap up the Republican nomination easily., could see her build tremendous momentum, most people have had enough of the same old DC insiders.

  2. Ahh, one can almost always count on a Palin thread to bring out the “Gaters”. Smashing trolls is so delightful especially in springtime, @Rshill7:disqus ! We need a happy troll smashing song,if you would be so kind to favor us with a tune.

    1. Ahem, mi, mi, mi…

      (The Way We Were…tune)

      …Can it be that they were all so simple then? Or has Soros rewritten every line? If they had the chance to say it all again, tell me, would they…could they?

      Mammaries may be beautiful and yet…

      Naaaaaa, let’s try this:

      Little Shilly FooFoo hoppin’ on through Scoopville, scoopin’ up the libtrolls and boppin’ ’em on the head…(that way he doesn’t damage anything of value)

      Down comes the good moderator…Little Shilly FooFooo it’s been kinda’ fun to see you scoopin’ up the Scooptrolls and boppin’ ’em on the heaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaduh.

  3.  HERE is the difference, between a Libratard Progressive and a Conservative. 

    The Libratard Progressive thinks it is OK to KILL a Baby BEFORE it is BORN. 

    A Conservative SAY’s you MUST wait until the BABY is EIGHTEEN before you can KILL it. 

    This used to be called the DRAFT. 

    Personally both options SUCK but given a choice, I”ll take the Conservative option.

    just throwing that out there.

  4. @TRScoop pulls in the trolls with this one. Hits is hits, baby! Everyone wave nicely at the trolls, but don’t feed ’em.

    Man, you can almost smell the fear of Palin in these posts. Now that Mitt has made a mess of it with his new “Obamacare” speech, and Uncle Ron has alienated pretty much everyone who has a spine, the vitriol and classlessness will come in tighter spirals. Everytime the field narrows, the ugly gets compacted like sludge.

    Palin will probably propose using that sludge as a fuel source.

  5.  I think that you can’t see the obvious or you are scared of being called a racist. After years of interrogation and listening to people it is clear to me that this President has a “In your face whitie” attitude.  Think back over all his speeches and actions. Listen carefully to those who defend his actions and you will discover they are motivated by the same attitude.

      1. Which idiot camp do you hail from? Your profile looks adorable. Why do you prefer that side and why are you so intent on striking at Sarah? We might be able to have a conversation. It could be funny.(?)

  6. So many trolls. I guess they really are afraid of her, otherwise why all the troll coverage. If you plainly ignore these stupid little people they will go away.

  7. Sorry, a little off-topic, but when I hear about Newt, all I think of is Monty Python:

    “She turned me into a newt!”

    “A newt?!”

    “Well…I got better… But she’s still a witch!”


  8. Johnny Cash sang about Shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die…..and he was invited to the White House.

    God she is stupid. All of FOX is stupid, intentionally so.

    1. Intentionally stupid? Well, at least that more defensible than unintentionally stupid like yourself. You can’t help it. I’d say that you are willingly stupid. You know, steeped in stupid. Kinda’ brewed, stewed, and tattooed with stupid.

      Welcome to cerebral land. You feel stupid huh?

        1. No thank you Ms. Supercalifragilisticexpialodocious.

          If I say it loud enough, will it sound atrocious?

    1. Stones as usual? You mean like big brass ones? Your statement isn’t coherent. Try again, and this time say something that isn’t so stupid.

      Oh, I see you fixed it. What is Nin short for…Ninny?

        1. Yep…they come by those naturally. They are metaphors for strength and courage, among other things. Now you know what a meta is phor, er for.

          Libs like theirs with horns, fat, and all manner of ugliness, both inside and out. You probably know what that’s like right? Perchance, might you tell us just how ugly you are so we can feel sorry for you in another category, other than “dumb”.

          1. Oh so con women are “Tranny’s”? Is that what you said? All the rest is Ad Hominen attacks which the Right is famous for, no facts just attack.

            Now give me a fact, why hasn’t ms brass balls thrown her hat into the ring?

            Is she pretending?

            I think she is afraid OBAMA eat her like he ate Rump the other night!

            1. If you are so sure that Obama will easily win in 2012…then why are you bashing Sarah Palin?
              Why bother?

            2. He probably eats Rump every night, wink, wink. Regarding Palin, I don’t have a fact like that handy. She might just like seeing folks like yourself getting all screechy, leechy, reachy and preachy. It’s like a cockroach fest nearly every time we have a clip of her over here. The main fact I’d like to know, is how to turn the lights on so you all go scurrying back into the walls. Some internet-ready Raid would be cool too.


              1. Hail mighty Rshill!

                Yes…I have it on good authority that Rumpus Delecti is on Michelle’s approved control-freak menu of low calorie dishes.
                She has that area amply covered.

                1. I can name one other area she also has amply covered. I think we should appoint a Rear Admiral to oversee that.

                2. I heartily concur!
                  And with a bevy of Rear Eschelon blowfish-lipped rump kissers to apply their talents, as well.

              2. Since you don’t like facts, this is what making cockRoaches scatter sounds like:

                “She reportedly ordered Recher to “get [Palin’s] ass off of the stage.”
                Eudy called Schmidt. He ordered his staff to shut down the stage-cutting
                off the sound feed and turning off the lights. It was an apocalyptic

                And scatter they did.

                The was after McCain concession speech. Where ms brass ballz cried her little eyes out.

              3. Speaking of screechy I could only stand 5 secs of “Stoned out of her gourd” oppsie “ms Brass Ballz”….

                1. WTF? ad hominem attacks are all you people have. So sad, so mindless. Hey follow palin to hell, b/c that where she is going lyin’ & Griftin’.

                2. Dear Suffalupigus, aka Supercalifragilisticexpialodocious:

                  OMG, that word ad hominem gets me every time. That be stronger than 9 yards up a bulls butt.

                  Go away. You don’t see any of us normal people over at your commie camp do you? FU and the snake you slithered in under.


                3.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Back to Palingates with you troll.

            3. She will never run unless it’s some “I’ll pretend I’m running 3rd party”. First of all she scared chit-less of’s easy to stand behind the doghouse and growl and bark, let’s see her come out to ALL the media and answer questions. Second of all the Repubs will skin her alive if she runs Repub, there will be nothing but those “brass balls” left laying on the ground. All bark and no bite!

  9. So I’ve posted this before,…

    SARAH PALIN / (Fill in the Blank) 2012!!!!!!!!

    Something to consider;

    Note; this principal ALSO applies to the OLD
    republican establishment

    (Bush’s, etc)

    You can tell when the LEFT REALLY IS scared

    of a Republican by the amount of vitriol their TROLLS spew.

    The MORE they SPEW,…

    the MORE terrified they are the of the Republican
    being able to beat

    their Dumb-O-cRAT candidate.

    Sarah Palin is the PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THIS,

    as is Michele Bachmann.

    Sarah Palin SCARES the we-we out of the

    Leftwing-Nut, Libratard, Progressive, Dumb-O-cRAT Party,…


    Wait for it,…

    They KNOW Sarah Palin IS electable,…

    AND IF she runs against barry in 2012,…

    She WILL CRUSH him with indisputable numbers.

    (44 or 48 state, LANDSLIDE. Barry will MAYBE get

    IL & MI plus possibly MA, Hawaii, NY, & CA)

    So they MUST do EVERYTHING possible to DESTROY her

    AND her supporters BEFORE this becomes too apparent.

    Unfortunately for them, it seems the cats out of the bag,…

    and it IS too late.

    1. Guess you don’t read. In polling, President Obama beats her even in South Carolina and Texas, so the landslide would happen, just not as you think.

      1. Palin would lead the GOP to our worst ass whuppin’ since Goldwater in ’64. These so called “true conservatives” fail to understand that only one (yes, one , Ronald Reagan) real conservative has been elected president since Coolidge in 1924. Some of these people need to come up out of the bunker and get some fresh air. I will take any so called RINO (Christie, Daniels, Romney,Trump) as long as they pick Michele Bachmann for veep !

        1. Actually, you have it 100% backwards.

          If Gov. Palin is the GOP nominee, she will *smash* Obama in the general, and the MSM/Democrat Party know it.  

          Incidentally, in a Palin v. Obama contest, do you *really* think that any one of PA, OH, and FL will go for Obama?


          What’s more, she’ll put him on defense in Michigan and Wisconsin, just to name two blue states off the top of my head.

          Oh, and another thing: if she picks Rep. West as her VP, the GOP ticket will take a *sizeable* chunk of the black vote Democrats depend on.  If she picks Herman Cain, she’ll probably take a lesser chunk than she would have taken with Rep. West, but it will still be a *chunk*, not a slice.

          In contrast, if the Stupid Wing of the Stupid Party foists another RINO on us as our nominee, he will have *no idea* how to fight Obama in *any* aspect of the battle, and he’ll lose *bad*.

          1. Put a black guy on the ballot and then you get black votes. Just like putting Palin on the ballet got McCain female votes. You are insulting black americans by basically saying that their only criteria for selecting a candidate is race. got McCain female votes. You are insulting black americans by basically saying that their only criteria for selecting a candidate is race.

            1. Sorry, Lost Apostle, but it’s true:  A lot of black people voted for Barack Obama because he is black, including highly educated people in business and those with completely opposite politics, e.g., 

     be honest with you, I don’t blame Harry Alford or other black Americans who voted for Obama because he was black — though I do admire Mr. Alford a great deal for having the integrity to admit it.  The reason I don’t blame him, though, is because I know what he meant, and because while voting for Obama certainly *was* a mistake, technically speaking, it was very important for black people to see that a black man could attain the highest office in the land. I have heard it all my life: “A black man can never be president.” That statement reflects the distinct experience of black Americans. As a group they are among the oldest Americans, here from the very start, before the colonies separated from England.  Given the facts of life during the age of the Founders, I’d say it’s a sure bet the blood of the Founding Fathers runs in the veins of far more black Americans than whites. Black people contributed mightily to the physical development of the United States, but even more importantly, heir cultural and spiritual contribution to this country was essential. Without black people, America would not exist as we know it.  And I don’t mean there would have been no rock-n-roll, no jazz, and so much of the fashion, food, religious expression, literature, etc., would not exist had black people not been brought to the United States as slaves — although that is all true, there is an even deeper contribution, a vital element that black Americans contributed to make this country what it is: they were America’s test. Did our founding documents mean what they said or not? Was the idea that all men are created equal an elemental truth we believed in, or lofty though ultimately fraudulent b.s. we wrote to elevate ourselves without having to do any heavy lifting? The Civil War and America’s ongoing inner struggle to live up to our stated ideals proved that the latter were not just words, but serious beliefs which we would bleed and fight for. 

              In short, what would have been America’s test had black people never been brought to the United States as slaves? What would have been our test to prove our noble documents were more than just words on paper? If you think about it, there is a Biblical air about our history of slavery, fighting to end slavery, and fighting to live up to the promises of our Declaration and the laws laid down in our Constitution.  Were I not an agnostic, I would have to believe God’s hand was ever-present in the affairs of the United States, right from the beginning. Indeed, we do seem lucky, don’t we? It does seem that if there is a God, He often — not always, but often — looks out for fools, small children, and the United States.

              And yet despite all this, the struggle for black Americans to feel like full citizens of their own country continues to this day. Barack Obama’s election has been an enormous help to that struggle, but that doesn’t mean the struggle is finished. Black Americans vote in almost perfect lockstep for the Democrat Party, which is more than happy to keep racial animus alive and, worse, to enact malignant social policies to keep blacks voting Democrat. That Condi Rice and Colin Powell are black was overlooked by black people; she was not *real*–and yet Obama, with a white mother and African black father, is. It would be inexplicable, unless you consider the history of this country. 

              For example, when I hear the likes of Jeremiah Wright, I am disgusted. He’s a disgusting person, a black David Duke. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are not quite as outrageous, but they are very bad people and they have been far more influential than Jeremiah Wright.  And yet I don’t hold much against them for what they believe — I despise them for spreading their despicable views, but given their age and life experiences, I understand why they hold them. Just like I understand why Toni Morrison has said she can never fully trust a white person; it’s an ugly sentiment, but it has a legitimate foundation in Morrison’s personal life experience. Unlike Jeremiah Wright, who has devoted his life to spreading that lack of trust and racial animus to younger generations of black Americans, she has devoted her life to writing literature, some of it great, that helps all Americans understand the history and cultural development of black people in our country. 

              The bottom line is, 95% of black Americans will vote for Obama unless there is an alternative: an aggressive black conservative who articulates and sells conservative values to the black community. (It will help that most black people already share many of these views, though they don’t realize it.) And I am not being patronizing in suggesting this, for two reasons: (1) the facts regarding how black people vote and the impact of American history on how they see themselves within our society; and (2) I don’t suggest that we include a black face on the GOP ticket simply for aesthetics.  Both Rep. West and Herman Cain are highly qualified leaders and principled men.  If either of them were to be elected president, we would be lucky indeed.  For various reasons, including age, my choice would be West for VP, so as to put him in perfect position to take the reins after an 8-year Palin presidency.  

              It is not patronizing for a conservative Republican to identify the need for strong, articulate black conservatives to reach out to black Americans to get their votes. Elections are won by getting the most votes, and that so few in the black community vote Republican is destructive to conservatives’ interests and, for that matter, to the health of our society: black Americans vote overwhelmingly Democrat largely because that party has successfully sold them on the idea that the other side are a bunch of racists who want to hold them back. To tell black people that, to offer them nothing but dependency upon government, promises that for a black student a “B” will be considered an “A”, and uncritical reception of a no-talent jackass who glorifies cop killers as a poet worthy of an invite to the White House — *those actions* are patronizing to black people. 

            2.  Many have actually admitted that is their criteria.  Take it up with them.  If Palin picks a black VP it will be because she believes that they are qualified.

      2. She can only run as a third (losing party) GOP hates her, Rove will cut her off at the knees, Obama has had years to round up all her “sins” of which there are MANY. Why hasn’t she thrown her hat in the ring? MS brass ballz, I thought would SHE be the first in line? Is she just trying to GRIFT from low hanging fruit?

        1.  She can afford to wait and you just can’t stand it can you?  The hate is practically oozing out of your pores.  Hope you enjoy that feeling because you very well may be feeling it for a long time.

      3. Yea and Regan was down 25 against Carter 30 days before the Election .. Regan Won 49 of the 50 States

      4.  Nobody believes the lying liberal media anymore.  You can’t believe everything you read.

      1. A dream is better to hold onto than Palin’s ankles…with your teeth…you cute little anklebiter. Do you also fetch balls and sticks or is slinging vitriol your only trick?

      2. seems we have a TROLL INFECTION,.. TOO FUNNY.

        hear is to exploding libratard heads daily,… 

        SARAH PALIN WILL CRUSH your hero Little barry IF she runs.

        Oh,.. and by the way,.. 

        lil barry looks SOOOOO cute in his “BIG BOY” suit and tie. LOL!!!

        have a cookie. 

    2. I don’t know what dream world you are living in. A Palin nomination would give Obama at minimum 400 electoral votes (add Georgia, Texas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, South Carolina, Missouri, NE-01, and Arizona to Obama). As a Democrat I hope there are millions of delusional fools like you out there who vote for Palin in the primaries.

      1.  You’re truly delusional, take your act over to Palingates they share your delusions,troll. BTW check your facts Montana did not go for Zero in ’08 we certainly won’t go there in ’12.


    You KNOW you have “arrived” when you get a bad case of libratard toll infection.


    SO here is to ALL the LIBRATARD TROLLs trying to infect this site:

    The Leftwing nut LIBRATARDS know in their bones that Sarah Palin,…

    IS Ronald Reagan ALL OVER AGAIN. IT TERRIFIES them to no end.

    ESPECIALLY the ones who are OLD enough to remember Reagan.

    So they are trying with EVERY thing they have to,…

    destroy her in a pre-emptive strike.

    If you have heard her recent WI speech you understand.

    Sarah Palin REALLY IS the real deal.

    Not some pre-packaged made up configuration like their hero Barry.

    The Left senses this and has reacted like expected.

    IF she runs against barry in 2012,…

    She WILL CRUSH him with indisputable numbers.

    PALIN / BOLTON 2012

    Compared to barry she is Exactly what America will NEED to repair
    ALL of the damage wrought by the Dumb-O-cRATs and barry and his UNION masters.

    This is ONE MORE REASON America NEED’s Sarah Palin NOW more than EVER.

    And I can NOT stress this enough,…

    Sarah Palin IS ONE of the ONLY women IN the REPUBLICAN PARTY,…

    With the “B A L L S” to tell Barry and his UNION masters,…

    AND the Dumb-O-cRATs to SHOVE their agenda were the sun does NOT SHINE!!.

    PALIN / BOLTON 2012


    Barack Obama 2012?

    then “YOU may want to think about aTRADE-IN.”

    PALIN / fill in the blank 2012

    1. The more the libtards screme, the more convinced I become of your thesis and the more I want her to run.

  11. Sarah Palin Unelectable?

    May 11th, 2011 | By Gina Loudon

    When will conservatives learn that they (those saying our best bet for POTUS is our worst) don’t wantnot offend the liberals too much. All along, our man has been right there.

    Unelectable? Well, not so much. Poll after poll prove
    otherwise. She is the #1 most well vetted candidate on the political
    stage. She is proven as an executive capacity leader, a crowd stormer, a
    plain spoken truth seeker, a woman of faith, a wife, mother of a real
    (not packaged) family, and the reality is she is unshakable, unsinkable,
    and Americans should be begging her to take the reigns and save our

    She is such a servant leader (we all say we want that) that
    she was willing to step aside when lawsuits to try to bring her down
    were choking her beloved state of Alaska. Isn’t that the benevolent
    leadership we need right now, more than ever?

    WAKE UP conservatives before it is too late. Match whichever
    unvetted, unproven flavor-of-the-day-later day RINO (because they all
    are) with her and watch her surround herself with experts that change
    the course of history. Please think for yourself and quit buying into
    the LSM narrative. Be the ruggedly independent person God created you to
    be, sprout a backbone and insist on a Palin candidacy.
    This is our moment to shine, and we have our sunbeam. Don’t let them
    define the LSM, RINO’s, and establishment suits define moment for us–we
    have worked too hard and come too far. Carpe diem! Palin for POTUS.

    1. Servant’s heart? BWhahahahaha yes for money & Sarah! ONLY! too funny.

      Doesn’t Gina have a adopted DS kid? Is that the new GOP fantasy? adopt a DS kid?

      1. When you will you migrate back to the scrotum farm you escaped from? You need to be with your own kind mmkay?

        1. Oh lets see 8th grade? Yes that is the level that palin writes for her “fans”! Take it back…4th grade.

          1. You’re right, that was kind of harsh. That’s when I knew it was time to do something else for a while 🙂

            1.  Shouldn’t you be preparing? For the “Rapture”?  I know sarah was bitching at POTUS for having Rappers at the WH but we know what that was really code for?

              1. I’ve been prepared for that for decades sister.

                Code? I don’t believe in code. I speak plain English. I also listen in plain English. This code business is whatever you care to imagine it to be. It’s one of the most meaningless things the left has ever come up with. I have decoded everything you’ve said here today with my magic decoder ring and have determined that your goal is to attack innocence.

                There is no virtue in it. No redeeming value. It’s also an illogical waste of time. You think you can convert folks to your way of thinking here? How silly is that? Did you comment on any other page other than the Sarah Palin page? Why not? Trying to hurt innocent people…just one of the many things I despise about the left. No morals of any kind other than ‘the ends justifying the means’. That’s what immoral looks and acts like. If your side hasn’t killed her popularity yet, guess what? It isn’t in your power. Your efforts achieve precisely the opposite of what you intend. If you ever become anyone of consequence and have this done to you…remember when you did it to Sarah’s entire family, while feeling victimized yourself. Also when you’re done stoning innocence, remember to once again feign compassion as you switch gears and start “caring about folks”.

  12. Sarah’s name still attracts the most trolls. Not so much Mitt, Huck, or Newt. We know who the left continues to fear.

    1. You think ONLY the left “fear” her? NO, it’s many Republicans, Independents and Liberals. That’s why Sarah has no chance at all. It’s possibly why there are so many “trolls” against her also, too. If there is any fear going on it’s because MOST people would fear having a lunatic as President.

      1. It’s cool to be a lunatic when you’re a troll though. I think it’s a prerequisite.

        When you stand be careful not to bump your head on the bridge you live under.

      2. GOP, Indy’s & libs I guess do fear her. Because she’s batshit crazy and belongs in a straight jacket. Steve Schmidt of McCains campaign said as much. Many in Alaska know this to be true. THAT is the only reason she “Scares” people.

        1.  She scares people who lack integrity… so I guess she scares a lot of people.  Those of us who care about Our Republic will be voting for her.  There are a lot more of us than you think.

      3.  That is total BS.  I have friends of every affiliation who will be voting for her should she run.

    1. Facts are stubborn, pesky, little, irritating, things aren’t they. You just can’t explain away Palin’s $12 billion dollar surplus while the “Affirmative Action-in-chief”, who never even ran a lemonade stand, social engineering policies are bankrupting this country just as planned. Epic fail and the entire country sees that the empty suit was in way over his head.

      He can’t say that the mess was bigger than he realized when he applied for the job because that’s admitting he was too stupid to know what the situation was. You can’t have it both ways. The country is perfectly within its rights to official label him Dumb-Ø.

      We win, you lose! Deal with it.

      1. How do you WIN exactly? So far GOP has NEWT (serial adulterer) and Pawlenty?

        Palin will have to run 3rd. IF she runs. I think she is griftin’ from you idiots.

        She has so much baggage to sink her ass to hell…! The McCain People sadly found out too late.

    2. I am GOP all the way. In fact, I support Michele Bachmann and that is as conservative as you can get ! But Sarah Palin looked and sounded like crap last night. Either she was up for a week with no sleep, or something else is not right.

  13. 12 May 2011

    I am an strong, unabashed Palin supporter. A winning 2012 strategy
    for Republicans is not/Not/NOT to sound like dem lite, but to clearly
    distinguish Conservative values from liberal values.

    Palin draws that distinction in primary colors. Let’s have the fight, unambiguously, unafraid. Conservatism vs socialism.

    No retreat, no surrender.

    Please take a look at this:

    I will work as hard as I can in the primaries for Gov
    Sarah Palin

    But, should Palin not receive the nomination, I will support ABO (anyone but obama).

    Take good care,


    1. Who are you kidding? Palin IS a socialist, don’t you know anything about her actual policies when she was Gov.?

      1. This is the new Center for American Øppression talking point, Palin is a socialist and Alaska is a socialist state.

        That only telegraphs that Palin is still their biggest threat. We are still winning.

        John Podesta probably thought up this loser idea at his family’s magnificent palazzo on the Venetian Grand Canal. Maybe over pranzo with Georgie Porgie Soros. It’s pathetic.

        Dumb-Ø and the “poison Ivy League” are the only socialists here. Nice try, but still a loser.
        Keep trying.

        Game on 2012!

    2. You really should educate yourself on all things “Palin.” Geoffrey Dunn has a shocking book out this week, “The Lies Of Sarah Palin, The Untold Story of her Relentless Quest to Power.”

      She has you brainwashed. She is not what she appears to be.

  14. “I think it’s to early to throw my hat in the ring.” Sounds to me like she’s going to run. I can’t wait until she announces her candidacy for President of the United States, “Drill Baby Drill.”

    1. You may not know what classy is personally. But the Palin’s are quietly helping the victims of the vicious rash of tornadoes rebuild their homes and lives without any attention or fanfare. That is class. You won’t find the Blusterer in chief doing that. In that respect he can’t hold a candle to jimmy carter.

        1. Bristol has made more in the last 2 years to support her child than most of the welfare moms will ever make for their entire lives. She has worked and provided for her child and Tripp is finacially secure thanks to his mother taking advantage of the oppurtunities presented to her. I suppose you think she would have had more “class” if instead of doing the TV show she would have remained working in a dentist office and hoping Levi would man-up and provide for his son. Or maybe you are upset that as a teen bristol didn’t kill her child?

          Bristol is showing a strong work ethic, individual responsibility, and a great mothering instinct to her child by being the bread winner for him and providing the means for him to have a rich and fullfilling life. All of which shows her class and common decency and her upbringing. The nation would be so much better off if we had more Bristols and less welfare queens.

          Gov Palin raised a very strong and capable daughter.

          1. Mothering instincts?? how many different men has Tripp had move in and out of his home now..Levi, Ben, Levi, Gino and now she’s going to move in with 2 guys for a reality show!! Hope she puts a chunk of money away for his psychiatric help when he gets older. I actually do not believe Levi is Tripps father, just played the part when it was convenient for the Palin’s.

          2. your second paragraph could describe a prostitute raising her children the best she can…strong work ethic, individual responsibility, being the breadwinner and staying off welfare.. but i doubt you would call these women classy.

          3. Ex-Gov Palin… book sales, and TV contracts are way more fun & pay better than a crappy federal job… eh! you go girl!

        2. Brilliant statement there genius. So people making money is now classless? Wake up. They have three times the class as the idiot in charge currently.

  15. This White House has no class and no sensitivity. Yea, stupid cops in Cambridge, yea mosques near WTC footprints, yea Common cop killers & Kanye, yea Texas is on fire and screw them! yea, oil leak in the gulf no more drilling! Yea, Killing on the border and kidnappings capitol of the world here in the USA Yea! Yea, embarrass the Supreme Court. Yea, embarrass Arizona! Yea, Eric Holder gets to do more stupid stuff.

    Yea! lies lies lies and more lies.

    They exhaust me every day with their onslaught, their relentless pursuit of their agenda and our puny crybaby of a Speaker is all we have to fight back. 2012 can’t get here soon enough! And yesterday I was begging for 2010 to get here. Somebody help me! Give me the strength to make it through this lava stream of BS!

  16. Just like how the first Gulf War didn’t help GHW Bush get reelected, Navy SEAL’s killing OBL won’t help Obama. As soon as something happens it is history. Elections are about the future. The future that voters are concerned with is their personal future which revolves around their financial situation. In other words, it’s the economy stupid.

    1. comments:When George W. Bush pardoned the rapper
      John Edward Forte who had been arrested at Newark Airport and charged
      with possessing $1.4 million worth of cocaine in a briefcase, did
      Republicans seethe about that? NO! Did they protest? NO!

      When word
      got out that vulgar rapper Eazy-E of NWA, famous for the song “F… Tha
      Police,” attended the invitation-only lunch with the first President
      Bush in 1991, did Republicans seethe? NO! The RNC communications
      director Wendy Burnley bragged “Democrats, eat your hearts out!”

      Palin is just another Paid Propagandist at this point.
      FUXNews just creates these non-issues to
      push their ultra-right wing agenda. They use their paid hacks to spew BS
      out over the airwaves.
      FUXNews is very much the Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda in America.
      That’s the real story.

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