Sarah Palin interview on Fox News Sunday

Sarah Palin had a great interview this morning with Chris Wallace, talking about taking Obama to task in yesterday’s CPAC speech as well as the GOP candidates. She also hit back against the movie that’s coming out about her on the 2008 campaign trail, advising viewers to not waste their time going to watch it.

Here’s the full interview:

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72 thoughts on “Sarah Palin interview on Fox News Sunday

  1. WHY Oh Why don’t we have this lady for our candidate? When I thought she might run, I was truly excited about voting and for the first time in my life didn’t feel like I had to hold my nose and vote. She was the ONlY reason I voted for McCain. Now look what we have to choose from. We have let the MSM and our RINOs turn her away from coming forward and running. The RINO’s knew they couldn’t control her to do what they wanted. She wouldn’t go along to get along. The one person we need to turn this country around. The one person they threw everything Plus the kitchen sink at and came back stronger than ever.

  2. “I am not convinced,” Palin said of Romney’s conservative claim. “And I don’t think that the majority of GOP and independent voters are convinced, and that is why you don’t see Romney get over that hump.”

    Remember the 1988 Donk convention that nominated Tank Commander Dukakis?
    Instead of red, white and blue decorations (too… um… strident, or something)…
    They had aqua, ivory and salmon colored decorations (tasteful… nuanced).

    To me: that’s Romney in a Taxachusetts nutshell.

  3. Me too, “sigh”. All I ever think is she was the one. Here we are arguing about whichever lack luster mediocre candidate we have to choose from, when she was born for this moment. Very sad that our best is not running.

    The movie is garbage, Sarah Palin exits the race many months ago, and still Hollywood and the left keep gunning for her. Which is exactly why I don’t get why she didn’t run. They will try to destroy and smear her no matter what she does, so why not give the left their worst Nightmare? President Palin.
    And agreed, Julianne Moore is a step down in the looks department, ironic Hollywood has no one more beautiful than the real deal.

    Still waiting for the HBO drama on young Barack Obama and his homosexual affairs and Marxist radical training and corrupt Chicago politics. Waiting, waiting, waiting…

    1. That’s funny! Like they’re going to find a Hollyweird star conservative enough to play the Annointed One.

  4. How about if there is no clear majority of delegates that would have voted for either Gingrich or Romney?

    Then we will have a brokered convention in which the delegates will be released and thus will be able to vote for a candidate other than Gingrich or Romney. If Sarah Palins’ name is on the ballot for voting, then maybe there is a small chance of her winning the Repub convention thus maintaining her pledge of not going thru the nomination process of the Repub presidential nominee race.

    Or we could respect her decision and concentrate on the House and the Senate for a veto-proof majority Tea Party members. Then if Obama still wins the Election, he would be forced to work with the Tea Party or he could be overridden by the House and the Senate.

    If the Republican Nominee wins the Election, he/she would still be forced to work with the Tea Party or be overriden, too..

    Or we could combine the 2 if indeed Sarah Palin is nominated thru a brokered convention..

    Just my 2 cents worth of opinion..

  5. If America can produce one true Reagan per quarter century she will survive. Currently we’re doing much better than that with leaders like West, Rubio, and Palin in the mix. God Bless America.

  6. So the obsession to defame Sarah continues unabated. Considering how completely corrupt Washington is I believe the merely mouth fall guy McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate because she is virtually the only prospective politician with an honorable desire to adhere to the constitution… Sarah Palin was set up right from the start for a government media complex program to defame and crush the last chance America had. The movie is going ahead because they’ve spent time and money well before Sarah even chose not to run this time. The establishment are scared out of their wits of Sarah…

  7. The price of gas is twice what it was in 2007. Food prices are up 22%. Jobs that are created are being created in the private sector not becuase of anything that the Grand Ayotollah in the WH has done but in spite of what he’s done. Real unemployment is far and above what SP says it is. If you use the old method of computation used in the Great Depression its more like 22%. So who in the hell are these pollsters polling anyways and what part of Oz do they live in? Sounds to me like Alice is peering through the looking glass again.

  8. They made this film thinking Sarah would be the nominee. It’s the same reason Mitten’s people started tearing Sarah down before and after the 08 election

  9. Palin is a blessing bestowed upon the GOP, too bad the insiders weren’t smart enough to figure out how blessed they were to have her.

    Well, first Hollywood trashed Thatcher and now Palin – that just goes to show how much they fear intelligent, successful, conservative woman. I guess hollywood just confirms that Sarah Palin is OUR Margaret Thatcher!

  10. Oh, Melancholy! It’s sad that she is not running….

    As an avid hunter, I’d trade her any day for the GOP’s anointed that can only shoot “rabbits and small varmints”.

  11. To me it’s funny – how the liberal press/media/HBO treat Sarah like “forbidden fruit” – they know she is not going to agree with them and will be bad for them but, they can’t refrain from going after her every chance they get. What a thorn in their side she has become – she’s just a tad bit too smart for their traps.

  12. What gracious President she will make. I met her shook her hand and had my Going Rouge book signed just before her Iowa speech. It was surreal as it gets. I am grown man at least 10 years her senior and It was like I was five again. Beautiful women have always had that effect on me but she is different, it wasn’t that kind of an effect. I couldn’t speak. She asked me if I wanted my book signed. I can’t even remember what I said to her. There is just something about her charisma. You can just feel it when you are around her or hear her speak. I bet you could really feel that energy at CPAC. She is as authentic as it gets. I keep praying for a brokered convention where she gets drafted..

    1. Never met the Governor John, hope one day to and before she is president too, otherwise its going to be that much harder 🙂 the Governor’s radiance is inside out.

  13. While I like Palin and think she could do a good job as presdient, mainly be strongly fighting against corruption and by downsizing govt. some, she would have a very difficult time running, since 99% of the news media and of course show business, are both so irrationally against her.

    The country has changed……..mainly because of endless immigration. A new people are here now and they have been used to big government socialism, re-distribution of wealth all their lives. And they want it here and there are enough politicians who pander to that desire in order to get elected over and over.

    1. Very interesting insight! Though I was always concerned that the mass migration of immigrants to this nation would dilute our country (and it has), I never thought of how it would affect those running for office (or desparately trying to stay in). Great epiphany!

      If those immigrants don’t assimilate into our culture and embrass our history and values… then they shouldn’t be coming here. Freedom isn’t free and we all pay our dues for God and country. So should they – the least of which is to appreciate this country.

    2. The gov’t is out of money to redistribute. In a very short time they will not be able to appease the masses with bread and circuses. That is when some clear-thinking, common-sense conservatives will have to take the reigns and bring back some sanity to the country.

      1. More than you know. Obama has spent us into the poor house. Please look at the decrease in federal public service. They are gutted. The money has all gone to the welfare agencies. I believe it was Plato, who said, if the poor take over the government, only the poor will eat.

  14. Is it just me or is Chris Wallace annoying?

    Great interview Sarah… she’s starting to sound very polished.

    Qualm: I guess she has to but it’s frustrating that she is positive towards ALL the candidates – even Romney. Obamneycare… LOL. I guess she’s sticking by the necessity to back whomever is running against Maobama. United we stand.

    Regarding the movie… “F” HBO. I find this VERY offensive. Anything to gain ratings.

    1. I think he is truly fascinated by her. I don’t think he’s ever met a politician who is the real deal. With Palin, WYSIWYG.

    2. As liberal as I think Chris is, I think her Charisma caught him of guard and was little star struck himself. Yes he can be irritating with his gotcha questions.

  15. The blessing way of Trig Palin and Bella Santorum…

    Chris Wallace says that Palin’s short article in Newsweek “touched my heart” and at 11min. 57sec. he brings up the “blessing way” (my term) of a special needs child, and that the Palin’s consider Trig “… is a blessing.”

    Sarah affirms the “blessing” word at 12min. 7sec. –

    “Chris, Todd and I, and Trig’s siblings,
    we went from quite a fearful time,
    not knowing what to expect,
    to this time in our life that couldn’t be any better.

    “When we see and touch and are surrounded by such love coming from this child,
    that, again, keeps us grounded,
    keeps everything in perspective
    and allows all the rest of the stuff on the periphery to just go away
    and not matter so much, when we get to
    focus on this blessing.”

    – – – – – – – – – –

    My point in bringing up the “blessing way” of a special needs child and the benefit of a special needs child to a family is that, just as the Palin’s have a “Trig blessing” that has the serendipity of a sympathy factor that is positive for the Palins, so also do the Santorum’s have a “Bella blessing” that has the serendipity of a sympathy factor that is positive for the Santorums.

    And, as I said here on a previous TRS comment on Feb. 8, 2012 –
    >> http:// <> www. <> therightscoop <> .com <> /santorum-on-fox-and-friends-after-his-big-win/

    “In a certain sense, Bella could be a blessing in more than one way.

    “Now, the question is, will the “Bella blessing” last to and through the primary convention… to and through the general election… and into the Oval office?

    “The “Bella blessing” is a good good.
    “The “Bella card” is a no no.

    “Senator-papa-Santorum, of course, did NOT plan Bella’s pneumonia and quick recovery and also has NOT promoted her illness and recovery in a political sense, and has simply mentioned Bella in response to questions… which is very appropriate.

    “My point about the “Bella blessing” is simply an observation from my perch about the serendipity…

    “…now, “the whole world is watching… Bella… and of course, her papa, who could be the next POTUS… yes”


    1. She is going to be considered a laughing stock. I cancelled HBO but just by that clip when kind of woman would play another woman in that way especially when the women has five children.

      I mean, I know Gov. Palin was trying not to laugh but these people are truly evil

    2. People will see her movie bio on IMDB and say “I didn’t realize she was so hard up to have to take play a part in a B-Roll movie like that”. The next time Julianne Moore audtitions for a movie they will see that her last movie flopped so bad that she probably is washed up.

  16. “I trust that his idea of conservatism is evolving. And I base this on a pretty moderate past he has had, even in some cases a liberal past,” Sarah Palin said on “FOX News Sunday” this morning.

    “I am not convinced,” Palin said of Romney’s conservative claim. “And I don’t think that the majority of GOP and independent voters are convinced, and that is why you don’t see Romney get over that hump.”

    “He has spent millions and millions and millions of dollars and hasn’t risen yet,” she added.

    Romney certainly hasn’t convinced me; he exudes liberalism out of every pore in his body. He cannot even bring himself to call Obama a Socialist when everyone can see it clearly. Instead of wearing Reagan’s bold colors of Conservatism, Romney wears the pastels of yellow, beige & blue on his “leisure suit” of liberalism.

  17. Man, she is something else..I hope I will be just like her at that age..strong, truthful, articulate. Go Sarah go!

  18. That trash HBO..yeah I said that TRASH HBO went to the trouble of making a movie containing a dishonest narrative portraying lil ole insignificant Sarah Palin in 2008, yet they won’t dare make a movie about Barry Obama. Unless it were a positive portrayal of him.

  19. That trash HBO..yeah I said that TRASH HBO went to the trouble of making a movie containing a dishonest narrative portraying lil ole insignificant Sarah Palin in 2008, yet they won’t dare make a movie about Barry Obama. Unless it were a positive portrayal of him.

    1. Great point.

      If they were honest, Maobama would be portrayed like Commodus from Gladiator… “I’m terribly vexed”… as he slips into madness.

    2. Funny that the book was mostly about Obama’s great truimph, but the movie from the book is all about Sarah Palin. She really does live in liberal’s heads rent free.

    3. Gee, same ole, same ole. They couldn’t possibly portray her, like the Kennedys, so regal, rich, and beautiful. I guess everyone heard that at last, JFKs little girl ring at the WH, is now revealed. Now, I see where Clinton got his ideas on WH behavior.

  20. Loved how he admitted that she blew the roof off at CPAC. You won’t hear that on the Bill O’Reilly “spin zone”. Coulter Christie and the Bushies must have been blowing they’re lunch watching Sarah wave her clenched fist at them! Romney whimpered as usual. He has nightmares much the same as Obama, wondering why the people love her so much.

  21. Chris, dear Chris, with the exception of a few states where conservative governors and their conservative legislatures have improved the economy for their states,….The economy is improving? really? Where, in Washington DC?

    1. The establishment, both right and left, know Sarah will rise again, this time likely on the top of the ticket. This frightens them. They’re using the time between now and then to plant a negative narrative in the minds of Americans – like planting mines in the field you know your enemy will one day cross. There’ll be more tripe like this ‘movie’ before it’s over and she’ll survive it all with a smile and a wink and a You Betcha.

  22. Not surprised that liberal Hollywood film makers wanted to depict Sarah Palin in a foetal position. It is part of their unconscious desire to abort her.

  23. Rick Santorum is NOT defined by social issues. Other than that comment….she’s like really hot as usual.

  24. One sharp lady…glad we have her and look forward to much more from her as the campaign continues, not just the WH but also Congress.

  25. Loved her answer about the Palin inpersonation movie. “I guess I’ve created more jobs for people impersonating me than the President has.”

  26. Thank you Sarah may god bless all your days its a breath of fresh air to see you love God, family and America. Those who hate you do it out of fear because they have never known God.

  27. “The birth-control flap…” – As usual, Chris Wallace doesn’t see the reality of the goals of this administration. It wasn’t a flap, it was a huge power-grab for extra-constitutional powers. As usual, Sarah was great. I wish she would’ve named names on “The Establishment,” but of course she really couldn’t in this venue.

      1. I almost agree with her on everything, but if Romney gets the win, I’m not voting. She’s wrong. And as much as I like her, I’ll make my own endorsement. Bush, and even Reagan did significant damage to the Union. Read “Creature from Jekyll Island” and “A Patriot’s History of the United States” – and the bailouts. My God, you may conclude there is no winning. No more compromise!! She doesn’t want to burn bridges – I do.

        1. I’m with you on that. I will vote, but for a third party candidate. Though Reagan did start going after the banks, he didn’t last long after that. He changed significantly after the shooting. I think that he may have been brought under control. I remember seeing a video where his aid was telling him what to do in a way that was not normal for an aid to a president. At least we got the Grace Commission Report out of it. I have seen documentaries up the ying yang on the banks and how the whole thing got started. Americans just don’t get it yet. They think that their vote counts, and the people elect their presidents. In a way, they do, because they don’t stop the corruption.

          The banks run the world, and the US is no different than anyone else. The last two winning presidents ran $1B campaigns. That money didn’t come from people like you and I. Corporations literally set policy in the US. They elect our leaders. The Fed prints the money and passes it out to control the whole thing. Meanwhile, we have guys like Paul Ryan who are considered to be real conservatives, when their plans and policies don’t even begin to solve our problems. Its all a big joke. When people can’t buy enough food to eat due to their money being near worthless, maybe they will get a clue.

          1. I can’t stand Romney either but this talk of third party crap is beyond stupid. You help nothing and you’re only proving a point to yourselves.

            1. Ok. So you believe that the next status quo guy will reverse the whole mess. I get it. You think that change will come from the two party dictatorship. Been there, twenty years ago.

      2. May be he is not the best candidate. If he does manage to beat Obama, I would prefer he be a one-term president. As for Congress, here in out we must increase the conservative base.

        1. I agree, but would probably argue what kind of conservative base. We are at the point that the norm in conservative circles won’t do any good. Some tea party guys are proving to be compromise politicians, so it will take a true constitutional conservative political revolution to overthrow the big government guys.


      I always enjoy thsi blog

      There have been so many
      analysis of The Governor’s Speech at CPAC this year. So I am not going to do
      more of the same here. As always, like so many, I watch her speeches over and
      over to try to figure out what it is that makes her tick. Andrew Mlcolm like me
      wonders what it is that makes her connect with the people. Watching that
      speech again and again, I am left more bewildered at the phenomenon that is
      Sarah. So I tried something new with her speech this time around. I watched it
      from beginning to end, with a pen and a note pad, not to make notes of the
      depth of her words or rhetoric, but to note events, atmosphere and symbolisms
      that we have failed to note in the past.

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