Sarah Palin rips Obama for associating with Planned Parenthood

Via Sarah Palin’s Facebook a short while ago:

There’s no such thing as a coincidence. Today I’m looking forward to speaking at a pro-life women’s resource center in Nevada. I intend again to remind women that we are strong enough and capable enough to choose life and work together to create a culture that empowers everyone to live to the fullest. How ironic that on this same day President Obama will be headlining a gala event for the highly controversial and repeatedly discredited organization Planned Parenthood. He’s the first sitting president to speak to them, but then again he’s also the first president who is so radically pro-abortion that as a state senator he refused three times to vote in favor of legislation that would simply provide medical attention to babies born alive from botched abortions. Considering the role Planned Parenthood has played in looking the other way while the mass murdering abortion doctor Gosnell butchered babies born alive from his horrific infanticide procedures and abused his women patients, it’s perhaps not surprising that this same president sees nothing wrong with allowing his name to be so openly associated with this organization.

Please take a look at the following excerpt from Jonah Goldberg’s book “Liberal Fascism” for information about the racist and eugenicist origins of Planned Parenthood, then ask yourself again why in the world our president would “bless” the cruel underlying efforts of an organization like this. Do you want him to spend your family’s hard earned tax dollars funding this culture of death? Surely there are people of good conscience within Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion centers who will feel the imperative within themselves to find other ways to help women in their time of need. There are so many better answers than merely eliminating the most precious, promising ingredient we have on earth – innocent human life. May efforts to cull the defenseless and vulnerable not be “blessed,” instead may God bless those who decide that respecting a culture of life in America is the only way to get us out of the mess we’re in.

– Sarah Palin

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126 thoughts on “Sarah Palin rips Obama for associating with Planned Parenthood

  1. I applaud Sarah Palin’s comments about the eugenicist and racist nature of Planned Parenthood AND their greatest champion, Nero Obama.  Someone, I forget who exactly, on The Right Scoop, commented that their is malevolence about the Ayatollah Imam Obama, the most merciful, and I certainly agree.
    What’s more Sarah Palin has two national figures in the state-run media who’ve found they can’t even stomach what is being revealed in the Gosnell murder trial in Philadelphia with regards to his butchery of children born alive after being aborted and the butchery of the women who came to him for these procedures.  They are Kirsten Powers, FOXNews analyst who wrote a column in the April 11, 2013, USA Today, condemning the lack of coverage of this trial by the state-run media and Conor Friedersdorf writing in The Atlantic on April 12, 2013, who was inspired by Kirsten Powers column . 
    John Craven – New Orleans

  2. Sarah is corrct,Hussein mouths the words “If we can save one child” Then does not mind killing millions of fetus and partial birth baies,what a hypocrite.

  3. I’m anti murder so a  “choice” to do it is not an option.   Well, wait…..It’s okay to kill in self defence ,  so abortion is only okay if the fetus comes at you with a knife

  4. I am as Pro Life as it gets.  I refuse to vote for any one that has ever supported Planned Parenthood.  The primary reason why I would not pull the lever for Mitt Romney why highly supported Planned Parenthood while governor of Mass even giving them a seat on the Mass Health Care Board he created, the predecessor of Obama Care.
    I simply can not believe a politician can repent from that.  I might could be convinced but Mitt never came close to convincing me he had changed.  Just that he wanted my vote and would tell any lie to get it.

  5. I am not a fan of PP…I do not agree they should receive federal benefits.  Let liberals and whoever else support the organization
    I am a Republican who believes pro-choice.  Most women do.  No room for this issue in the political arena.  We will never win another national election as long as this issue stays on the forefront…thanks to the Dems and the few right wing zealots on my side

    1. redford041 Absolute nonsense. Why do you say most women believe in abortion? Any real statistics to back it up? Public opinion is moving against abortion as anyone who follows social issues knows. Arguments long on generalities rarely persuade anyone, Redford.

      1. he didnt say most women believe in abortion, he said most women believe in choice even if most women would choose no. being personally pro life does not mean you want to take the option away. it just means you wouldnt personally have an abortion. we need to start by at least asking the proper question

    2. redford041 Arbitrary murder of innocent lives….AND IT’S NOT FIT FOR THE POLITICAL ARENA!!??  I would love to find out what kind of Republican you really are!!….for real!!

  6. Amen, Sarah!  Odumbo does nothing but promote evil.  He has the gall to exploit children from other tragedies to take away our Bill of Rights, then turns around and applauds those who are murdering infants.  He then has the gall to call that progress in women’s rights.  Killing children is not and should never be a right for anyone!  The mindless shrews that applauded the Imposter’s speech at PP aren’t worthy to be called women.  They are evil demons applauding a purely evil man!

  7. REMEMBER – Obama/Hillary made approval ‘women’s health’ (abortion) and approval of homo-bi-etc sexual rights a condition for receiving US foreign aid.

    1. Conniption Fitz  
      Obama and Hillary are both passionate supporters of abortion. In contrast, neither really gives a damn about the gay thing, which is why they’ll flip-flop to any position on that they think is politically convenient in the fakest ways (while getting the gays to think they’re their savior).

  8. I liked that phrase in the article, “friendly dogma of middle-class conformity.” Today it describes the generation that gets their news and views from Maher and “Seinfeld.”

    1. Dr. Strangelove  
      Leave Seinfield out of this, it was a 90s show anyways and not a hot commodity anymore.

  9. Succession for Alaska and Texas. They should take back their land from the Feds and keep all their energy revenue. Tell the welfare recipients to work or move to the Welfare States of Obama. I’m sure there is cash for them in Deval Patrick’s terrorist welfare state.

    1. fireme secession,not succession.  While I agree and support the 10th amendment movement, I have strong doubts that we are going to make any progress taking that tact.

  10. Sarah has flushed out all the coackroachs today on all the blogs, they got the itchy twitchy heebie jeebies, that is what happens when you live in the sewers of hatred.

    1. Willie Heath Amazing huh? She speaks and people listen whether they want to or not. Gotta love it.

  11. Sarah has a knack at stringing the right words together.  In other words she can point out to you where your rear end is at the drop of a hat.  In this article she did a good job of doing just that.

  12. People of good conscience in Planned Parenthood? I think you’d have to be soulless to proudly work at a place like that. 
    I’m surprised Clinton didn’t address them in office.
    Obama addressing these baby murderers is terrible. Frankly his pro-abortion zealotry should be enough to impeach him in a perfect world.

  13. I’m at a point where I wouldn’t wish the presidency on Sarah. It used to be a position of honor and dignity. So depite what anyone says about Bush, that man took and held the office with honor. Bush was humbled yet Obama is emboldened. Two very different classes of men…or man should I say. Obama has and always will serve only in the shadows, his weakness overwhelms him.

    1. DawgfanInFL Bush is a Christian but he is also a big government Republican. Sarah can handle the Presidency just as she has handled everything else. She seeks guidance from He who matters.

  14. I only caught the tail end of bo’s spewing fest at the “We Murder Children” festival.  He actually said to the baby murderers “God Bless you”. I don’t know much and often get many things wrong, but this one can be taken to the bank…,GOD WILL NEVER BLESS THOSE WHO MURDER CHILDREN.

  15. In 2008, when she ran with McCain, I voted for Sarah, not McVain. I still hope and pray that she will be our president one day.

    1. HASmith ideally McCain would have won and then keeled over a few days later.  Then Sarah would have only had to endure two months of being pilloried by the media before she started at least 4 year term in the WH. 
      The media certainly would have viciously attacked her anyway,  but at least she’d have the bully pulpit and be in charge.

    2. HASmith That’s funny. After the election I told people I voted for Palin and she would have won if it wasn’t for McCain.

  16. Sarah Palin is my president.
    Ever notice that half of all the people who walk into an abortion clinic never walk out?

    1. DonnyBlackmore palintologist Sarah was born for a time such as this.  I DO believe she will be president one day.

    2. DonnyBlackmore Unfortunately, if rape is an excuse, then every woman  wanting an abortion will have been raped.

      1. Susanb958 DonnyBlackmore  
        Why do we kill the baby who didn’t do anything, instead of the rapist who did?
        Doesn’t sound that radical. Akin still screwed up though with his lack of knowledge of female anatomy.

      1. badbadlibs DonnyBlackmore palintologist Yeah, I knew that.  Was just trying to follow the “If you can’t say anything good…” adage!

      2. badbadlibs DonnyBlackmore palintologist  
        Yeah, she is. Not to mention how close Condi is to an administration that was really unpopular and to a foreign policy of “promote democracy, invade a lot of places”.
        The Tea Party and the Bush mandarins (unlike the crowd he fell into, nothing against W himself personally, but politically, he’s a nice, classy person) are never going to be reconciled.

    3. DonnyBlackmore Why? Why is it the innocent child must be murdered because a vicious, vile man did such a horrible thing? And did you know the women who go thru with their pregnancies fair much better in every aspect of recovering from the violence? Abortion is a further continuance of that violence. Adoption is a beautiful thing.

    1. ShawnsMom As a mother I sympathize with your protective instinct, but your desire to destroy someone else to do so is just wrong. Please, get help for your son and yourself.

      1. Susanb958 ShawnsMom  There are always two sides to each story. Don`t be scared to listen to Shawn`s side.

        1. ShawnsMom I clicked on the links, that’s why I warned others not to. Shawn’s side is crazy town.

    2. ShawnsMom This is off topic, at the very least. It appears to be a total distortion. Either way, this is not the place for it.

      1. K-Bob ShawnsMom  Off topic? Sarah makes Morgan Christen an Alaskan Supreme Court Judge when Christen was on the board of Planned Parenthood. Now Obama nominated Christen for the federal bench on the 9th Circuit of Appeals. Now Christen can work to reverse cases for a pro-choice outcome. It was in the LA Times and ADN. The truth is Sarah chose politics over protecting unborn babies in the womb. That is not a distortion. K-Bob, you only prove one thing, that you do not believe in my First Amendment Rights. But then again, Sarah does not either. Sarah tried to get a protective order against me and lost. If you would like to talk about this let me know.

        1. ShawnsMom K-Bob
          Yes, off topic.  Having a personal axe to grind is not what the comment section is for.
          You have your own site for airing grievances.  That’s what the First Amendment is for.  Go use it.

    3. ShawnsMom Try doing a little research instead of blindly trotting out the old and disproven canards.

  17. Amen, Sista!  Every time Sarah Palin speaks the libs get their panties in a wad!  What’s even better is that, when she speaks, she instantly brings attention to issues–and with facts.  Libs can’t help themselves but repeat what she says and that is good.  This will backfire big-time on Obama.

  18. Excellent post by Sarah Palin.
    Thank you RS for bringing this post by the Governor to people’s attention.

  19. This ought to bring out the Friday night trolls… They are probably in a huddled at soro’s central as I type preparing for the sun to set so they can start trolling…

    1. clockwindingdown Heh. They must be busy at some other site.  But I’m checking in occasionally.

      1. K-Bob clockwindingdown Seems unusual, maybe you moderators are beating them down… LOL! 
        Back you nasty trolls, get back I say… 😉

  20. It’s always a bright and sunshiny day when we hear from Sarah.  She’s always right.  I long for the days when we had a real President, but look forward to when Sarah Palin is our fearless leader and President of the USA.

      1. RighteousCrow_JustCaws 
        Sarah Palin is not Tom Tancredo. 
        She’s not McCain either. She’s kind of center-rightish on immigration.
        She endorsed a guy for President, Newt, who had Rubio’s pro-amnesty position.
        Unlike Coulter, she’s said before that we should make it less hard for people to come in legally.
        I like her and the good she did for Alaska, but she’s not an immigration hardliner. It’s simply not been a top issue for her.

        1. Jim25 RighteousCrow_JustCaws  
          I get your point; however, Sarah is the strong, ethically well-based leader our nation needs now.  Reagan wasn’t perfect but acted with resolute conservatism and with the peoples’ interests at heart.
          Ted Cruz is my overall pick, but he’d need a strong campaign to spread his name and message far and wide.

        2. RighteousCrow_JustCaws Jim25  
          I actually think Coulter is wrong now, like she typically is.
          We should still try to monitor the visa system for people abusing it.

        3. Jim25 RighteousCrow_JustCaws She has not articulated a position on immigration. On the other hand she is unequivocally a supporter of the rule of law.

        4. deTocqueville1 Jim25 RighteousCrow_JustCaws 
          She’s had five years to articulate a position on this issue. From what we can tell from when she does weigh in on it, she’s not a hardliner and it’s just not a big priority for her.

  21. Yet, here we are again … speaking about social issues.  I thoughtit was all about the economy per Karl Rove and his media minions!

    1. PhillyCon  
      But they’re bad on the economy too. 
      Rove…he was for abstinence education!…when we should’ve kept schools from wasting our money having strangers talking about that subject with our kids at schools altogether.

       O’Reilly is obsessed with whining about pot being legal in a state he doesn’t live in and has been day in and day out. Billo also is squishy on guns and likes Obama.

      Huckabee is a textbook “compassionate conservative”, meaning that while he talks morals, he doesn’t mind immoral levels of spending. 
      The GOP establishment is probably less conservative fiscally than anything, all said. Especially Huckabee.

      Taking abortion out of the picture, because the needless death caused by it is something they don’t take seriously enough or try to do anything about. 
      Abortion’s not just a social issue, it’s the murder of millions of babies a year. People need to grasp this and the graveness of this situation.

      1. Jim25 PhillyCon Jim, usually social conservatism and economic conservatism go hand in hand … they are philosphically compatible.  There was a study done of voting patterns, the “more pro-life a congressman or senator is, then they are more likely to vote against spending and for tax cuts” etc.  
        Yes, Huckabee is rare bird among socons.  Most socons are for small government, and decreased spending, and heartily oppose Obamacare.  So, it’s politically foolish by many on “our side” to de-link the two.

        1. PhillyCon Jim25 Thanks Philly, the reason they go hand in hand is that morality is founded on the sanctity of life as is the Constitution.

  22. We have the number of abortions we have not just because it’s legal, easy and paid for by someone else. To lazy and irresponsible to prevent pregnancy abortion has become the new choice for birth control.

  23. Gov. PALIN SHOULD BE A ROLE MODEL to all young Ladies and Mothers to be
    I think all Christians should wake up and raise [email protected] over this 
    The funding must be stopped by John Boehner 
    What is wrong with Bonehead anyway? – Oh! – I forgot 
    Obama is extorting him!

      1. E Lee Zimmerman YoJoe  
        Pin-up model? She’s very attractive, true, but that’s degrading.

        1. Jim25 E Lee Zimmerman YoJoe Nonsense.  There’s nothing degrading about putting an intelligent and beautiful woman up on the pedestal where she belongs.

        2. E Lee Zimmerman Jim25 YoJoe  
          A pinup isn’t a pedestal, it’s objectifying and degrading that person.

  24. Today I’m looking forward to speaking at a pro-life women’s resource center in Nevada.
    What a contrast.  Anybody in elected circles willing to take Obama head on?  We have the wrong people running the show, and its strikingly obvious.

    1. PhillyCon Too right. Most Republicans would be ashamed to find out a speech they were giving  was to a women’s pro-life organization.

  25. …Sarah Palin (TPPP) Tea Party Patriot Party as in a established viable ‘ 3rd Party Presidential Candidate for 2016’ .The only way we can save AMERICA .” (period)

  26. Good for Sarah.
    The media will hide Obama’s voting record in the Senate and his support of infanticide. Shame on them.

  27. The link above  “Liberal Facism’ refers to Margaret Sanger.
    Here is a link to writings of the witch.
    Can be downloaded as pdf files

  28. Amen Sarah!God will never bless those who perform ar take part pf this procedure unless they repent and ask his forgiveness.God bless Sarah Palin!

        1. K-Bob Godisright Laurel A  Be careful. That pile of shopping carts may be a homeless mobile unit. They do get creative with the slide outs and such.

  29. Sarah, I can promise you that those who support abortion are not and will not be blessed. Deuteronomy 30 tells us to choose life or death and Jesus told us He is the Way, the Truth and THE LIFE. Therefore, anyone who in any way supports any form of death, including abortion has chosen the Curse and cursed themselves.

  30. “If we could save just one child…” current POTUS
    Sad thing, I think he goes all Clintonesque with the “it depends on what your definition of the word is, is” logic, in that Obama would say, “it depends on what your definition of the word child is,” which we all know what his definition is, considering his opinions on live birth and all.
    The nastiness of this man just gets nastier and nastier.
    Oh, and, Go Palin! Go Palin! Slap the fool down! Slap the fool down! Peanut butter jelly time!

  31. I love you Sarah!  Fight the Good Fight!  And Barack, don’t forget, God is watching!

    1. Conservative_Hippie When you think you’re God you’re not thinking about Him who reigns in Heaven but in the WH. What the Bible calls a fool.

  32. Thank God for Palin and fellow patriots like Levin, DeMint and Cruz. Once again the verbal stiletto eviscerates this phony President.

  33. “Surely there are people of good conscience within Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion centers who will feel the imperative within themselves to find other ways to help women in their time of need.”
    I disagree, Sarah. If you can kill a baby. You have no conscience.

    1. stage9 Not everyone in planned parenthood is involved with abortions.  In fact, very few are.  Like people who eat meat but can’t stomach butchering their own, the abortion operations are hidden away from the rest of the organization’s offices and workers.  Most workers in that massive organization are mere paper pushers and fundraisers.  Like Hamas, they also mount a charitable organization, to help offset the fact that they are wreaking a holocaust in the inner cities.
      So she’s absolutely right.  There are probably some in there who are at the very least, totally disgusted at the Gosnell case.

      1. K-Bob stage9 OH C’MON! These folks aren’t innocent bystanders! You don’t work for Planned Parenthood without knowing EXACTLY what these people do!
        I don’t care how you try and color coat the practice by rebranding yourself with words like “women’s health”; it’s a front for the evil that really goes on in these murder mills.

        1. stage9 K-Bob “Innocent” maybe not.  But “unaware” is definitely what I would say about most of them. I doubt they realize the extent of the holocaust.
          “We’re just providing needed services for women” is all most of them really know.

      2. K-Bobstage9 
        ” In fact, very few are.  Like people who eat meat but can’t stomach
        butchering their own, the abortion operations are hidden away from the
        rest of the organization’s offices and workers.”

        Oh, come on. She’s not right about that. Everybody knows planned parenthood is invested in killing babies. If they support planned parenthood, they support baby murder. You know it too. These people know what they’re doing. Nobody buys their “women’s services” line, it’s an excuse and rationalization they use for them to be an abortion mill.
        Would you say the workers at the concentration camps were innocent bystanders?

    2. stage9 Boy, that statement will win hearts and minds.  sarc off/  Can we follow Sarahs lead here and focus on empowering women to find their strength and choose life instead of sounding so hateful?

      1. MissMyGuy stage9 Excuse me, but it’s no secret what Planned Parenthood stands for and what they advocate! They kill babies! Don’t you DARE call me “hateful”!
        And how dare WE act as though the employees of this abominable organization are just innocent bystanders who have NO IDEA what is going on in these clinics! They are COMPLICIT with the evil their abortion doctors engage in!
        You’re IGNORANT for making such a STUPID statement!

        1. we are trying to win hearts and minds by reaching women to encourage them of theur strength. abkrtion will only decline if we can reach these women. you do t do that by throwing out terms like baby killers. we are not trying to reach the hard core feminists, we are trying to reach the women who need to make this choice. hate speech will not do that.

        2. go read the web site for the organization palin is speaking at tonight. THAT is how you fight abortion.

        3. stage9 MissMyGuy  
          I’m with you. Like you, I am NOT about to rationalize away what goes on in these mills that mass murder infants or the people involved in it.
          It is what it is, it’s not hateful to call a murder a murderer. What’s hateful is what folks like them and Gosnell do to babies who didn’t even have a chance at life.

        4. Maybe we ARE starting to reach them:

           “The number of abortions have gone down significantly since 1990, which
          was the first year this records (1990 through 2007), down to 19.5 per
          1000 women in 2007 from 24.7 in 1990. The rate of abortions for whites
          was 13.8 per 1000 women in 2007, for blacks it was 48.2. For “Other” it
          was 21.6.”
          California has 23% of the abortions in the nation.

        5. Im not talking about the murderers. Im talking about trying to reach the women who are facing unwanted pregnancy.

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