Sarah Palin says 2012 is race between the party of big government and party of big freedom

Lots of red meat in this clip. Sarah Palin hits the Obama “regime” for everything from their lousy response to lousy job numbers to the arming of violent Mexican drug cartels that then murdered hundreds of people, to green energy crony capitalism. Toward the end of the clip she says that Obama is right, that 2012 is about two fundamentally different visions for America and we have the Democrat party of big government vs the Republican party of big freedom.

Watch below:

Thanks to rjc115 for providing livestream.

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399 thoughts on “Sarah Palin says 2012 is race between the party of big government and party of big freedom

  1. Here is a video of the entire speech

    Sarah Palin at Patriots in the Park

    Video courtesy of Christopher Fromme, Volunteer, PA AGU/O4P

  2. By the way, prepare for the torrent of lies about this event. From Rattle with Us (the guys that hosted this event, and are the umbrella organizers for Michigan’s Tea Parties):

    “Great event today. Super hot but it was super cool. Didn’t get a chance to hear all the speakers because of doing security. Who did you guys really like? See the Detroit News listed the rally as having 400. There were at least 1,000 to 1,500 and that is from a police count not a wishful organizer’s count. Oh well, we know how many were there – enough to win this election if we stayed engaged.”

    There’s a big difference between 400 and 1,000, and I know the Van Buren Police Department, personally, for the most part (growing up in that area). I definitely trust their word, over that of leftist hacks from the Detroit News & “Free” (HA!) Press. I got questioned by a black guy from the Detroit News that seemed surprised that someone like me would be out there, so I’m sure there’ll be a picture of me at the event, buried somewhere on page 19, some time this week. Wish I’d’ve gotten a chance to have him convey a message to the NAACP.

  3. Dude. Seriously. Had the camera panned a little further to the right, I’d’ve been right there, front loaded by a local Conservative politician that gave me his seat, because I was a Conservative Veteran. I didn’t get a chance to speak to Palin, personally, because she was constantly being mobbed, but I was pretty darned close. Humorously enough, I grew up right across the expressway at the apartment complex there, and right around the corner from the fairground this took place at, was my junior high school. The sun was beating down, yesterday, but it was still a great event, and I ended up being connected to a lot of local Tea Party groups. This was a great event, and Sarah Palin was every bit the wonderful woman I believed she was, right up to the end, where she demanded Veterans raise their hands and be recognized. By the way, this was in Belleville, Michigan; 4H Fairground.

    1. You deserve it Virus, glad and not surprised she recognized you and others that served and are currently serving. What a day to remember eh?

  4. I take two things from that statement.
    She has no love for Romney so calling it the Rupublican party of Freedom is NOT referring to Romney as President. So who is going to be the Republican President if not romney?

    1. Oh yeah, point 2. We now know for certain she won’t run as 3rd party. Only run in Republican party – push romney out of the way

    1. We know, that’s why we Santorum supporters were begging Newt to drop out when Santorum started winning, but he wouldn’t and we predicted this is what would happen.


    “If it’s between Obama and Romney, there isn’t all that much difference….”

    What do you think of that Rombots and RINOs?!

  6. The progressive liberals were able to take over the Democratic party, and it took years for them to do so. This needs to happen to the Republican party. We Conservatives need to take over the party that once stood for limited government, and adhered to the principles of the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution.
    Vote out the Rhinos and elect true constitutional conservative candidates…

    1. The nomination of John McCain in 2008 and now Mitt Romney, by the media and the GOPe shows how difficult it is going to be to bring conservatism into the Republican party. The progressive liberals not only took over the Democrat party but they also infiltrated the GOP. The problem is, the elitist politicians have, through law, silence, and arrogance, thwarted our right to free and honest elections.

      We have only this election to make the GOP more conservative, and not just by a little. If we fail, all the nightmares come true.

  7. You’re right, Sarah. The big O is scared of us, we’re the only thing standing between him and total domination. If he does win, in a year or so the sheeple will look up and say, “How come nobody told us?”

  8. This is what we need in a conservative leader. Wow…God bless Gov.Palin and God bless America.

  9. We’ve just had our Patton speech in front of the troops. In these next four months, we must not falter in supporting Sarah. Her successes, with our backing, is what makes her powerful. The time for quibbling with each other is over. Let’s not eat our own. There will be some who will not be able to pull the lever for Romney. We still can work together for the down ticket candidates. Even, in the battle for Independence from Britain, not all agreed. The fires are lit, the tea has steeped.The battle cry rings out, “Anyone but Obama.” Let’s take back America.

  10. A few last thoughts before I get ready for bed, after reading the many comments I’m discouraged as well as encouraged.

    Discouraged that some think something will change at the RNC convention. Although that would be great, realistically I doubt that will happen. Get over it and deal with it. It is what it is.

    The encouraging part is that we will still have Sarah on our side. She can hold Romney and others to task and take it to the media. I think if she keeps Romney in check for whatever term(s) he serves, she will our be our POTUS one day, or at least play a major role in the restoration of our nation.

    1. I doubt it will happen too, but I am willing to let the process play itself out all the way first, with the certain knowledge that things CAN change and that it doesn’t even have to be a miracle for that to happen.

    2. As long as the Tea Party Movement, “We The People” who are the Tea Party, continue to support Mrs Palin and support other Tea Party elected officials in every way we can, as we all have since 2009, we can rest assured we’ll restore America.

      tea party patriot

    3. I agree Maxine. Romney is Romney and he is not going to acquire Gov. Palin’s personality because we think he should. God is using Gov. Palin to gather the troops to fight for our country in November.

      I hope and pray once the convention is over, this bickering and infighting will cease. I hope that Romney will welcome Gov. Palin to some of his appearances which I think will really help him gain support. God has a purpose for everyone but He chooses not us.

  11. When Clinton said “what the definition of is is?” should put everything into proper perspective for everyone.

    Those that don’t like Romney and want to stay on the sidelines so that their principles are not compromised, What is it that you will have achieved? The ability to complain for another 4 years as Big government becomes even bigger and you have lost more of your freedom that you so cherish.

    Those that wanted Sarah to run for POTUS ( Count me in ) and still think that this miracle will occur at a run away convention. Do you really think this “is” a possibility especially with what the GOP has for its leadership and the multi millions of dollars that they control. This convention has been signed and sealed for along time and my guess is that Sarah knew it and decided that she didn’t want to put her family through that debacle once again. Sarah is a very shrewd politician that seems to know when to pick her battles.

    Those that can’t stand what Obama has and will do, Why aren’t all of you, me and eveyone else putting your rage and anger and placing it right smack at where it belongs, The SOB that deserves it, OBAMA. Kick his ass out of office once and for all and then have an attorney general with some balls go after him for any crimes that he has committed. Ex presidents are no longer protected by the office of President.

    As for the spineless linguine GOP just vote them out. Your vote does have power at this level. Stop believing the campaign BS that is said every 2, 4 and 6 years. They say what they think you want to here and then they go right back to who and what they really are, politicians. We may get lucky and find someone that still believes in what we want and stand for and will keep their word and listen to what we want. Problem is that to many of us like some of the things that Big Government suckers us into.

    Learn what it “is ” that you want and what you will do to get it.

    1. Sarah Palin as Romney VP after all the garbage his campaign spewed against her since 2008, and this cycle holding her out as an example of how not to pick a VP? Sarah Palin would destroy her own credibility and would be miserable in Washington doing nothing, lying about her support for the RINO sellout that is surely in the offing. Sarah is for sudden and relentless reform, Romney won’t touch the deficit in the first year as it will lead us into recession. This, of course, is true, it’s called taking our medicine for our decades of profligate spending.

    2. how would that work though David? Huge numbers of raging conservatives at VP events & handfuls of subdued attendees at events for Romney?

      She would show him up just by showing up – would never work

      they are character opposites

      transparency/non transparency
      steel spine/bendy spine
      Reformer/non Reformer
      Conservative Record/Liberal Record
      Fought Obamacare/Inspired Obamacare
      Trusted/Not Trusted

  12. Leadership is inherent in Sarah Palin, how many “I” or “Me” in her speeches? How many “We”, “US”, and “Our”? obama and Romney use “I” and “Me” hundreds of times in their egoist speeches representing themselves. Sarah Palin represents Americans……..ALL of US.

  13. This is too much, So the White House says “It is important not to read to much into a single monthly report..” for 30 Months!!!

    lol … This is so freaking bad it’s becoming a comedy…

    Sarah Palin is grassroots on steroids…

  14. Her play is a smart one

    She can play it from the sidelines and avoid the personal MSM attacks

    The GOPs better realize what an asset she is and give her ALL the suport she needs.

    She is the BIG GUN in this election

    I would love to see her on the Cabinet

    Secretary of Energy and EPA (to disband it)

    1. he can only win if the huge swathe of Conservatives currently ‘unlikely to vote’ change their status

      I don’t expect this tho due to lack of trust in Romney, his poor conservative record, lack of transparency (destroyed his MA Admin hard drives and won’t release all Tax Returns), Romneycare (where he encouraged BHO to COPY what he did in MA) and of course Etch-A-Sketch

      by time Tampa gets here Romney will be so weak the Delegates will open the Convention, and nominate a WINNING True Conservative ticket which will demolish the DEM Ticket, because it will maximise the Conservative turnout at the Polls

      1. Totally disagree. Any Conservative that sits out this election is in no way a Conservative or an American. Not a Romney fan be he is 1000x better than this muslim radical in office now.

        1. you are describing the *AnyoneButObama* vote (ABO) which is huge, but it won’t be large enough

          Romney provides nothing to vote FOR only something to vote AGAINST

          most activists online would be ABO, but the Conservative Heartland will not rage at the Polls for Obama-Lite

          1. So are you saying you would be OK with another Obama term? Every conservative better get their butts out to vote against Obama – we all will be holding our noses along the way. That’s just the way it is, and we don’t like it, but we all know that’s the only choice we have or Obama gets another term, and we lose our country.

            1. I agree MaxineCA! Some seem to think that this is just another election when this election is the most important election of our lifetime. I mean a Marxist verses a Capitalist, I’ll take the Capitalist anytime!

            2. not at all

              I think the circumstances will be clear by the time Tampa arrives, and the Delegates will open the Convention and nominate a winning TRUE CONSERVATIVE ticket, who will be able to maximise Conservative Turnout in Nov

              the Delegates will put the country’s survival ahead of Romney’s feelings/ambition

              1. Hey, Exodus…what do you think of the statement she made today about not being invited to speak at the convention:

                “I’m sure I’m not the only one accepting consequences for calling out both sides of the aisle for spending too much money, putting us on the road to bankruptcy, and engaging in crony capitalism.”

                Sounds to me that she just laid down a gauntlet for the Republicans. Game on!

                1. yes INDEED – GAME ON!

                  especially after she used the first person singular pronoun Saturday in MI when she said “** I ** will not SQUANDER ….. “

            3. Well said, that’s the nuts and bolts of it……Romney is spineless that’s been determined, but will he at least stop the bleeding because that’s about all
              we can hope for….This mess will take several cycles to clean up.

            1. yes, there are many who will settle for someone they can’t trust so they don’t get The Marxist again

              but that ABO vote is limited

              why isn’t Romney way ahead of The marxist right now?

              because he is Obama-lite and many Conservatives see no hope for America being restored if Romney is the Nominee

              1. Exodus, I completely understand where you and so many are coming from. But, just take a look at what Obama has done just in the last few months-Using Executive Privilege (EP) to cover up Fast and Furious, using Executive Order (EO)for illegal immigration, Using EO to eliminate the work requirement for welfare, forcing Catholic led organizations to provide contraceptives, illegal cabinet appointments and the list goes on and on. So regardless of the differences that we have with Romney, which I got over a few months ago, we all need to see that with another four years of Obama our country will be unrecognizable. So while I appreciate the ABO vote it truly does go deeper than that. Its really about saving the country that we know for us and our children. Really at this point and I do believe that Romney loves this Country and he will respect its laws and institutions and I really believe that he is more Conservative than John McCain. We will deal with the rest of our differences when Romney is elected.

                Moreover, I do think that Romney is ahead. What you need to remember and guard against are these polls that are design to influence your vote and keep you frustrated and dispirited. You have to be savvy enough to read the fine print of these polls and look for the make-up of the group. In the recent Washington Post poll the samples included 9% more democrats than republicans and in that poll Romney was tied with Obama. So what that says is that even with polling more democrats than republicans the result is a tie. So if the poll was conducted the right way with 50/50 spit then I suspect that Romney would be ahead. So while I respect those who want ABO, it is far greater than that.

                1. If Romney was ahead – Rasmussen (has GOP Patron) would indicate

                  if the choice for Nov remains what it is today, too many Conservatives will basically hunker down with food and ammo and wait for what is ahead

                  the best Romney would do is reverse the destructive EOs and then maintain the Status Quo = further and continual debt ceiling hikes

                  He can’t be trusted to repeal Obamacare, the man INSPIRED Obamacare

                  Romney can’t be trusted, PERIOD. remember Etch-A-Sketch?

                  there would be no reform of govt required to actually rescue Constitutional America, therefore the debt calamity would be guaranteed

                  I think the Polls will continue to show Romney weakening… and like pollster Pat Caddell said a week or so back ‘you don’t have to nominate a DEAD MAN!’

                  I think he knows the polling statistic never reported to the public, but which is the CRUCIAL statistic

                  ie – the % of Conservative Americans ‘unlikely to vote’ … I would say this is large, and growing

                2. But why hunker down when you haven’t even put up a fight? I get everything you said exodus2011, but Romney does not appear to be unreasonable. I mean the man has been in business for years and a Gov. so I don’t think he is that unreasonable. I get all of that about repealing Obama care but if the pressure is so thick he will absolutely repeal Obama care. Look, when was the last time any Presidential candidate went before a group where he knew there would be hostility. You would never see Obama specking before a Conservative organization. Well, Romney did and he explained to them why Obama care should be and needs to be repealed. Lets look at one example showing how out of touch Obama is. Everyone knows that social security is going broke, maybe accept democrats, but actuaries and others say it will be out of money very soon and something needs to be done to save the program. Well what does Obama do? He creates a NEW entitlement program, Obama care! Now that is unreasonable however you look at it. I think most see the importance of voting for Romney and I seriously wonder about people like you who do not see the importance. But I pray that you see the light and vote for Romney.

                3. I’m not referring to myself here, but to the % of Conservative Americans who don’t usually vote in Pres. Elections due to disgust. This poll info is not publicised, but it is the key to Conservatives winning an election.

                  When McCain/Palin surged past BHO in the Polls after Palin spoke at RNC on sep 3rd 08, it wasn’t due to people SWITCHING their vote, rather it was due to a huge surge of new LIKELY Conservative voters coming on board the ticket. McCain alone, couldn’t bring them on board because of his RINO history.

                  Many of those new likely voters who surged on board because of Palin, dropped off again once McCain made the decision to return to DC and sign on to the bailouts after the Financial Crash. It’s my view that this is why the crash was instigated in the first place … and we know what the final election result was.

                  We are approaching a similar point again, but Romney is a worse Candidate than McCain – at least McCain had served America with distinction in the Military and had a staunch record of fighting the corrupt earmark system.

                  Romney has a record of not being transparent (destroyed MA admin hard-drives, won’t release all Tax Returns), and his word is not trusted —-> Etch-A-Sketch. Also the worst factor of all, he INSPIRED the hated OBAMACARE

                  There is no doubt that many Americans will still vote for someone they don’t trust out of fear of BHO, but I don’t think this ABO vote will be sufficient – the Polls are indicating this at present.

                  Like I have said, these next 6 weeks will give GOP Delegates time to decide what to do in Tampa, if they want America rescued. The DEM ticket will be protected by the LSM, and the only way to overcome this and win, is to run a fully vetted TRUSTED True Conservative, as this will cause a huge SURGE of Conservative voters who would otherwise not vote.

                4. exodus2011, I completely agree with your post and about Romney picking a Conservative VP and that is not Condolezza Rice.

                5. In 2008 Romney is the guy who lost to McCain and McCain is the guy who lost to obama. Nuff said!!

          2. Well then you don’t vote for Mitt and that’s like voting for that muslim piece of crap. You are part of the problem.

            1. there is an alternative – I hardly think the GOP Delegates will ratify Romney as the Nominee if it is clear by Tampa that the guy is a sure LOSER

              they will open the Consvention

              1. Remember last election when one of McCain’s top staffers said they would rather loose “looking respectfull” rather than win by throwing dirt at Obama?
                These same worthless establishment aids are working for Romney….. I beleive they are sincere about this.

              2. Will never happen in a million years. Romney is the nominee. Get over it or used to it. It’s all we have now.

                1. No, you are incorrect, He is the nominee because he has more than the required number of delegates required. No one else does…
                  It matters not what the media thinks or says.

                2. BB, perhaps you missed the media scam that Romney won Iowa. The media gave you McCain and now Romney, Obama’s favorites to run against. Delegates are not bound at the national level. Read Rule 38 and review the precedent set by a McCain delegate unbound who voted in the first round for Romney.

                3. Nope, there is no nominee until the Tampa Delegates vote late Aug

                  I hardly think they will vote for Romney if he is so weak by then he’s a sure loser – look how weak he is now! He should be easily beating The Marxist, but not enuff Conservatives are on board, willing to support someone they don’t trust

                  Delegates at Tampa will nominate a True Conservative Freedom Ticket – Palin/West, a ticket sure to demolish the DEMs bcs it will maximise Conservative turnout at the Polls

                4. Another one stuck in love with Palin. The truth hurts whether you like it or not. Mitt will be the nominee. The polls mean zero in July.

                5. nope I don’t think so

                  Axel has stuff that will sink Romney – he will be too weak by Tampa time to be ratified

                6. well, we won’t likely find out because he would save it for October

                  Romney will be too weak by time Tampa gets here to be nominated … I’m glad we have these 6 weeks or so for the Delegates to get a clear picture of what is ahead, if they nominate Romney

                7. there is no nominee until Tampa Delegates vote at the end of next month – Romney is the Putative Nominee only, until that time, DEO GRATIAS

                8. Romney will be the nominee. One last time: get over it and move. If you don’t want to support Romney fine. Then you are a progressive liberal IMO.

                9. Romney will be the Nominee if the Tampa Delegates vote for him. If he is too weak to prevail they will likely OPEN Tampa and vote for a TRUE Conservative winning ticket instead

                10. It will NEVER happen in a million years. Wake up from your dumb fantasy. Romney is the nominee. Go vote for barry.

                11. Romney is the nominee.
                  Take it to the bank.
                  But your thick head will not allow you to face the truth. Just like a liberal.

                12. Romney could be the Nominee if the Delegates decide to vote for him – however he is weak and weakening further with this lack of transparency even now

                  Bill Kristol is the latest one to ask him to release his Tax Returns

                13. Romney could become the Nominee if Delegates don’t think he is too weak to defeat the DEM Ticket

                14. Romney would become the Nominee if he stays in the race until Tampa, and then the Delegates decide he isn’t too weak to nominate

                15. LOL – after reading that warning piece from BreitbartFeed, poor ole Mitty might not be in the race at all, once Tampa gets here!


                16. pressure is on Romney from all quarters to release his Tax Returns and prove he is not hiding anything

                  he should at least emulate his own father George – who released TWELVE years of Tax Returns when he started running for Prez in 1968

                17. the Lefties were very clever to pull that ‘your Dad George’ on ole EtchASketch – he will find that very hard to answer

                  he has a history of not being transparent- I think he dares not release his Tax Records because he knows there are certain investments therein that will sink him with socons

                18. he might become the Nominee if he is not too weak by Tampa – I think that is unlikely though

                19. he might become the Nominee if he is not too weak by Tampa – I think that is unlikely though

                20. **__**

                  he might become the Nominee if he is not too weak by Tampa – I think that is unlikely though

                21. I think Romney will be too weak by time of Tampa to be nominated-Delegates will select a FIGHTING, WINNING ticket

                22. I think Romney will be too weak by time of Tampa to be nominated-Delegates will select a FIGHTING, WINNING ticket

                23. Romney is the Putative Nominee – I really don’t think Tampa will ratify him in 6 weeks time

                  the Left are VETTING him now – let’s see all those Tax Returns

                24. LOL

                  ur Mitty is really rather foolish to block The Real Deal from speaking at Tampa …. anyway – I think this VETTING will take him out before Tampa

                  and then he won’t have much power left to block anyone **__**

                25. Romney might not even last the 6 weeks left until Tampa

                  we’ll see how weak this VETTING makes him

                26. if he is not too weak by Tampa – the Delegates could ratify him, but that is seeming more and more unlikely

                27. It seems more and more likely that you know absolutely nothing about politics. Mitt is the nominee.

                28. LOL – the putative Nominee, yep – that he is

                  reckon it will be as far as he gets


                  (not enuff Conservatives trust him – he should show all his Tax Returns)

                29. the Putative Nominee for 6 more weeks, if he lasts until Tampa

                  then The Delegates will either ratify him or toss him out

                30. oh is THAT whatcha meant?

                  ya shoulda said so **__**

                  he is the putative Nominee, for a few weeks longer … if he shows those Tax Returns – I reckon it is goodnight nurse to any fragile socons who at present are stickin with him

                31. Romney is the putative Nominee, until Tampa votes …he may not last in the race until the Convention …we shall see

                32. LOL

                  I think he will hold on to Putative Nominee position a little longer … but, he’s foolishly dissing The Real Deal right now …. I really don’t think Tampa will nominate him – he’s too weak

                33. LOL

                  Romney is struggling real bad – I reckon those Tax Returns will have to be released and then all H*** is gonna break loose for the Putative Nominee!


                34. LOL

                  it’s nice that Romney has had the Putative Nominee spotlight for a few weeks at least

                  could be coming to an end soon


                35. the Putative Nominee … for a short while longer

                  Ron Paul has asked for him to release his Tax Returns now also … Bill Kristol … AL Gov Bently … reckon it’s coming …


                36. LOL

                  I see Jedidiah Bila is tweeting to encourage full transparency now also … more and more will start speaking out

                  meanwhile, poor ole Mitty is finding it hard to get someone to join him on the ticket! LOL

                37. LOL

                  which is Mitty’s major problem right now I wonder – is it dissing The Real Deal over speaking at Tampa, or is it failure to be transparent and release all his Tax Returns?

                  hmmm … I don’t think you are gonna make it to Tampa Mitty


                38. yes I believe it does in this case, for your Mitty

                  I wonder if he knows the saying “be sure your sins will find you out”?

                39. I seriously think you have a gay attraction to Romney as you talk about him constantly. Are you still in the closet?

                40. Romney is Putative, Presumptive (and presumptuous also) … his time in the spotlight will come to an end soon


                41. LOL

                  I’ve already explained that ur Mitty is not the nominee dumbo- really AZ, ya shouldn’t bad mouth him like that

                  he is unscrupulous, amoral and unworthy, but he isn’t the nominee Dumbo

                  not even the Putative nominee Dumbo


                42. I really think the Putative Nominee will be as far as he gets … just as well Tampa is still 6 weeks hence … time left to VET ole Mitt, uncover the stuff he is trying to hide

                43. Hate to say it but I think you are a complete liberal awhole. Mitt is it. Go vote for barry the muslim.

                44. LOL

                  I think Mitt had better reveal his Tax Returns and assure SOCON voters that he has not profited off aborted fetuses

                45. LOL

                  and Mitty is still the putative Nominee

                  the GOPe were really foolish not to VET Romney fully during the Primary Process

                46. LOL

                  we’ll see if your Mitty makes it past Tampa, or whether he finds there are family reasons for him to pull out before Tampa


                47. We were kicked off of C4P by Stacy Drake because we kept saying Sarah will be running for President this year. Now C4P can eat crow because Palin just threw out the FIRST bullet to take down Romney. Not allowing her to speak? It’s all a buzz on the net and conservatives everywhere are livid. He’s done, cooked throw the bird aside

                48. yep

                  poor ole Mitty is under all sorts of pressure

                  wrt Gov Palin speaking at Tampa – he has the ROCK …. HARD PLACE problem

                  he can’t afford to have her speak at Tampa, and he can’t afford NOT to have her speak at Tampa either!


                49. I love it when a plan comes through.
                  Always said Sarah was the best poker player out there – she’s proving me right!!

                50. yep

                  it’s remarkable the way she can read the consequences of certain political actions/words spoken …way down the track

          3. Nice try but your defeatist schtick is not going to work here.. Sarah is great but this is not her time yet. You can continue the sore loser bit or do something to get the current pos out of the White House.. It’s your vote.. use it wisely..

            1. nope – it is a straightforwadr analysis of how things are

              we see from the Polls that Romney is weak and getting weaker

              the good thing is, there is time before Tampa

              the Delegates won’t ratify a DEAD MAN – they will open the Convention and nominate a True Conservative Ticket who will demolish the Dems because Conservatives will RAGE at The Polls

              1. Straight forward analysis according to who? You?

                I don’t buy your analysis or your strategy… and as much as I like Sarah I do not think she would win this election cycle.. She has more work to do before that can happen.
                When the time comes she will have my vote, it is not her time yet.

                1. you think America will survive without Govt Reform for another term?

                  yep – analysis – I am looking at the Polls, seeing Romney behind, seeing him unable to win over enuff Conservs to vote for lesser of two evils

                  and Axelrod will weaken him even more – his lack of transparency will not go down well with Conservs who already don’t trust him

                  we know he destroyed his Admin Harddrives (not erased them, DESTROYED them)

                  and he is unwilling to release his Tax Returns from last decade

          4. I agree with you to a point. Romney has my vote… but not my heart. I think and hope that all conservative and concerned Americans will turn out to vote this monster out of office. I too am still stinging from the GOP’s crazy notion that Romney was the best candidate of the bunch. But BO has to go and many people will have to hold their nose to vote for him (just like in 2008 with McCain).

            As it stands, we can vote in a solid (conservative, Constitution-loving, lawful, small government, flat/fair tax, Tea Party-loving) President in 2016. For 2012, we just have to dump Obama… or 2016 will never get here.

            1. If we will cease to exist with another Obama term (the odds being 50/50 he will serve a second term) then we don’t deserve to stand as a nation. How about this … Impeach the SOB!!!!! He is a criminal least for which his fraud of an obviously forged birth certificate let alone stolen SS number. Obama’s crimes must be ajudicated and hopefully his sorry rear end tossed into prison.

              1. You’re preaching to the choir my friend… I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve never known a U.S. President who deserves impeachment AND prison more than him.

              2. I can agree with you on those points………..I was KICKED-OFF C4P for bringing up the eligibility issue’s which I believe TRUMP all others a million times over.

            2. that would be fine if America could afford to wait 4 more years before the Govt is reformed

              but the debt crisis is such that America can’t wait

              1. OH OH Oh ,,, where have I heard that crap before,,.. Like the leftist , we HAVE to pass this stimulus NOW or the world will cease to exist tomorrow..
                The world is much more resilient than that. So your way is our ONLY hope.. I get it.. Its a crisis and your way is the only way to save us all.

                One of my favorite lines of all time. The previously famous AlGore playing Southern Baptist Preacher said ” They played on our Fears!”

                America can’t wait you say.. America was made to wait. That’s what it does .
                Our problem now is we got a lying narcissistic POS in the White House that won’t wait and things are getting all out of hand.

                Personally I think the Marxist guy is gonna lose in a landslide.. His support is way softer than the MSM is letting on. But that is jmo.. If you want to believe the so called “polls” that is your prerogative.
                You are entitled to your opinion as well , just don’t think you and your 2 friends from C4P can drop in and try to tell me what color the sky is..
                I can see just fine,

                1. .. except the person giving the warnings about the Debt Crisis is not a *DC expert* of the kind you are referring to – it is someone with unquestioned credibility

                  listen to her Indianola Speech where she introduced Sudden and Relentless Reform for the 1st time

                  she has warned that if the America does not REFORM it’s govt outside forces will do it for them – these forces are holding back..waiting, to see what happens in Nov

                  the DEM ticket will lose in a landslide you’re right, but that’s because Tampa will nominate the Freedom Ticket who will maximise Conservative Turnout to the Nov Polls, something the loser Romney would never be able to do

                  but that will become more and more clear as Tampa approaches

                2. But it’s different when you all tell us that we have to vote for Romney or our country will be ruined with four more years of Obama? That’s not alarmism?

                  To be sure, I agree our country can’t afford Obama for another four years. But I don’t think we can afford Romney either.

                  For another month, we are not limited to only those two choices except in the minds of the media and GOPe who count it as a done deal and have brainwashed too many of us into believing that we can’t change it. And with that resignation, yes, it will be impossible to change it. And that’s the saddest thing there is.

              2. Nope, we can’t wait. We need sudden and relentless reform and Romney won’t do it. He doesn’t INTEND to do it. And the GOP may take over the Senate and keep the House, but it will not be taken over by CONSERVATIVES who will push for that sudden and relentless reform. We have too many Collins, and Murkeys, and Boehners, and Scott Browns, ad nauseum…all in leadership positions and all who still don’t want to offend Democrats or rock the boat. And we’re talking about MAJOR rocking the boat that needs done.

                The tea party and conservatives have power, lots of it…to hold Romney’s feet to the fire but not to push for a different nominee? If we can hold anyone’s feet to the fire, why can’t we do it now? Why do we just resign ourselves to somehow fighting a mushy good old boy president who has nothing but contempt for us for another four years? Do you know how fatiguing that will be? And how are we going to do it when they don’t listen to us NOW when they need our votes?

                We talk about the future all the time. Well, 2012 isn’t the time to have sudden and relentless reform. If Romney wins, then probably 2016 won’t be the time for sudden and relentless reform either. Well, maybe by 2020? C’mon, the “future” of our country is NOW, not in some undefined time that keeps being pushed back. In 2020, we’ll still be told that the GOPe nominee at the time is still better than the liberal, and we can’t rock the boat…not this year at least.

                We’ve got a month to still fight for a better candidate but some here won’t bother…it’s easier to accept “what we have”. This is not an American virtue to just resign ourselves to what we were given. Americans always had a “can-do” attitude, and they’ve always done it. Has that changed?

          1. I’ll say one last time: I am not a Romney fan but that is the cards we are dealt. We need to get rid of nobama first and foremost. Then take back the Senate and keep the House and then hold Romney accountable and govern like a Conservative. Nothing of this will happen if people don’t vote or vote for the dictator in chief. I want my damn freaking country back.

            1. Understood, but you will never get your country back if it tosses back and forth between Plutocrat RINOs and liberal Marxists. They are peas in a pod. Look what’s happened since Reagan with Bush, Dole, Bush, McCain (who forfeited to Obama), and now Romney. The GOPe is public enemy number 1, they are the enablers of all of this. Obama should have been impeached in 2010 when the Republicans took control of the House. And why not? Because the GOPe is afraid of their own shadow. Look even now, Obama is accusing Romney of being a felon, when Obama has committed a list of same, and not a peep out of the pathetic Romney campaign about Obama’s crimes. Further, Romney is not yet the official nominee. And I believe in miracles.

              1. Ok Mitt is not the official nominee. Keep going on with your conspiracy theory crap and all the rest. I hate the rinos as much as the communist liberals but do we give up like you? No way. Why don’t you move the hell out of the country so you can find your utopia. One less schmuck to deal with.

                1. What conspiracy theories? You think the country has done any better under RINOs than liberals? Go ahead, let the media continue to pick your candidate, especially one suitable to Chris Matthews, George Soros, Jimmy Carter, et al, and who is already on the defensive and plays only paddycake with liberals when he destroys conservatives.

                2. No media has  ever picked whom I voted for. EVER. These are the cards we are dealt with and Romney is better than barry any freaking day of the week. Don’t vote. You are part of the freaking problem.

                3. Did you vote for McCain? The media did not pick him? Remember him, he was the guy toting his own bags through airports while Mittens was spending 65 million (and still went down to defeat). The media didn’t report a faux Romney victory in Iowa, to get the ball rolling?

                4. No one dislikes johnny mac more than me and Romney is just one step better than johnny. They both are still 1000X better than this dictator, racist, muslim liberal in office. Romney winning is step one. You not voting is treasonous IMO.

                5. Obama not being impeached is treasonous. It’s your ilk that accepts that this cannot be done, so get off your high horse, rather the horn of your pet unicorn. You are being played for a sucker.

                6. You may wish to familiarize yourself with my thousands of posts before calling me a liberal, which seems about all you can do, name call.

                7. Yes, I think the country has done better under RINOs than liberals, and it would do better under Romney than it would under more years of Obama. But choosing between one evil and another evil is still choosing to vote for evil. We can do better than that.

                  If it were not for Sarah being here for such a time as this, we would just vote for Romney and go back to sleep for another four years and just complain to our friends about the stupid government. But she’s pushed the bar too high for that. It isn’t enough anymore. When she gives up, so will I.

                8. No easy here. I’m tired of these idiots who refuse to vote because Romney is not what they want him to be. That’s voting for nobama in my book.

                9. That’s your opinion, and you have every right to it. It’s shared by most folks, but there are some folks who disagree, and should be allowed to do so without having names called. I’m trying to be fair- I don’t like to see any of us call names to each other, that’s all I’m saying.

                10. OK. I get very fired up when I see my country being systematically destroyed especially from within.

                11. Is Romney the official nominee? When did you start supporting him? Probably in 2008 is my guess.

                12. Would you still support Romney as the nominee prior to the convention if he does something really stupid or something is found out about him which causes him to tank in the polls? Would you still cling to him even if he is not yet the official nominee and he can still be replaced?

                13. lol.. You really wish this would happen don’t you… You are that obsessed… First there was Invasion of the Paul Bots 1, Now it’s the Invasion of the Body Snatchers for Palin II…

                  Sarah has plenty of genuine support here, me included. You are not helping your case in the least. This has been thoroughly discussed for months here, we have been through all that. For many here she was our first choice. What I don’t need, and I speak for myself , is you three obsessive Palin fanatics trying to tell me which way the sun rises.. I already know, I see it happen quite often matter of fact.
                  Hey Sarah did not enter into the primaries. It was her decision. Maybe she is the best person for the job but she declined to apply for it. And I do not believe she could win the job NOW.. I really don’t think she could have ever won this cycle. She stayed out for a reason, she probably knows far more about it than you do..
                  2016 or 2020 that is a different story.

                  Why don’t you 3 go home, I am sure C4P misses you terribly…

                14. You act like you know what you are talking about. I am neither a paulbot or a palinbot. I want a consesrvative as a candidate. Can you understand that? You mention 2016? So you expect Romney to lose? Good for you. You are waking up. He will lose. The delegates can do any damned thing they please at the convention. Read the rules. But I doubt they have the guts to do so and will continue the suicide march because of supplicants like you who shrug off the fact that a liberal stole the primary process by buying it. I would be quite happy with Allen West as the nominee or any conservative. Your arrogant assumptions and lumping fellow conservatives as cult members is just stupid.

                15. No I do not expect Romney to lose, but I expect the landscape to be different in 2016 and 2020 and the American people will be willing to support a real conservative by then.

                16. There are few of us who have chosen not to vote. We simply arn’t willing to give up yet that we have only those two choices.
                  And you do not have the right to call us “idiots” just because we do not see your point of view.

                17. It has nothing to do with my point of view. It has to do with you and your ilk are the very first to complain about things in this country and you do nothing about it because you refuse to vote. Sickening.

                18. We are not the ones who are giving up, AZ. We are still willing to fight for sudden and relentless reform while many have laid down their arms in surrender already.

                19. Then don’t vote for mitt which is like voting for nobama. You are then part of the problem.

              2. Yeah, how many of us said the same thing in 2008…”never again will be have a RINO like McCain to vote for”? How many of us say that every year?

                And yes, I believe in miracles too.

            2. How are we going to get rid of Obama if we don’t have a candidate who can win? Many millions of conservatives and independents who would have voted for a true conservative will simply stay home on election day. Romney is barely tied in some polls with Obama now, and in many cases is behind, and that doesn’t even consider the ones who are staying home. The electoral vote would go to Obama if the election were held now. Is Mitt going to pull it off? Not unless he can convince the electorate that he will seriously reform what has been done the last four years.

              The delegates at the convention are usually serious party members, and they will not want to see their party going down in defeat. He would be political suicide if his numbers do not change. Mitt threatens our ability to defeat Obama and should be replaced with a stronger candidate. None of the delegates are bound to him and can still use some common sense at the convention.

              That’s all some of us are saying…the nomination isn’t official yet and things can turn on a dime in one month. It is NOT yet between Obama and Romney, and I will not support Romney until it is. I agree it looks like he will be our nominee but it isn’t guaranteed.

              Sarah is STILL saying that in November it will be the party of big government vs the party of freedom. She is STILL saying that, as of last night. She is not the hopeless dreamer some of you accuse us of being…she is one of the most politically astute people I know. When she gives up and just accepts Romney, I will too, not a minute before.

              She knows we need sudden and relentless reform. The American people know we need that sudden and relentless reform. We arn’t going to get it with Romney either.

              1. Romney can win if people go out and vote for him. That’s how it works. If conservative whiners wouldn’t have stayed home in 08, we would have won and would have had Gov Sarah Palin in the White House.

                We can only see today but God sees way down the road. If it was God’s will for Gov. Palin to be on the Republican ticket, she would have been. People are trying to change God’s will and you can’t change what God determines.

                1. Heartland Conservatives will not go to the Polls for someone they don’t trust = Romneycare

                  Tampa will dump the LOSER and give us a winning TRUE CONSERVATIVE Ticket, whom Conservatives will RAGE at the Polls for

              2. Who says we don’t have a candidate that can’t win? The election has not taken place yet. There is no way that true Conservatives are going to stay home from voting. NO way. They will at least cast a vote to get rid of nobama. And just who says the electoral vote will go to nobama now? Some stupid polls that are skewed? It’s only July so maybe we should just give up and go home because we are not where we should be in the polls. What a joke you people are.
                The nomination is not official. Fine. Sounds like semantics to me because he will get the nomination and you know it. And I guarantee Sarah backs Romney. Mark it down.

        2. ABSOLUTELY! I for one choose to live and fight another day!
          Were NOT voting for romney, we are voting against obama!

          1. Thank you. That is the attitude we need instead of not voting at all. That’s giving up and handing another 4 years to this radical.

  15. Except the government GROWS under the GOP, every time. And the corporations get away with murder and sending jobs where they’re cheap, not to mention the demonization of the very public education we need to be strong to actually compete in this world. But no, Sarah’s kids are dropouts making millions off her name, just like she is. Who needs a real education or job when you can speak to the ignorant at $100,000 a pop, and all you ahve to do is dress provacatively and scrteam insults about the “Democrat’ Party. Well, Ms. Republic, the GOP is heaaded for a fall. You do not and never have, had the best interests of all Americans as a motivation. Your motivation is power and money.

    1. I believe you have stumbled into the wrong community here. But I guess that happens whenever Sarah is the topic. We really won’t be impressed or our minds changed by your talking points. Bye, bye Sally.

      1. Sally is having a bad hair day or something. I hope Scoop treats her like all liberal trolls and dumps her. She is really out there and I believe, deliberately trying to stir up a ruckus. Way to battle against the ignorance. 🙂

    2. Under Bush the government did grow, but that’s what the Tea Party is setting out to change. Most government growth has come from liberals. Who on your side is trying to curb government growth and overspending? No one.

      We pay tons more per student than any other education system in the world with terrible results. I don’t blame the teachers themselves, but dumping more money into big unions is not the answer.

      Clinton makes $200,000 a speech but I don’t hear you complaining about that.

      You do know that attacking the rich and taking more of their money has a direct impact on the poor, right? A crushing impact. You figure it out.

    3. Change the tune already, you Palingates loser. You idiots can’t handle seeing a conservative leader (female leader) who rallies the base. And why are you so jealous of Palin making money? We know your plan was to see her run out of office with her tail between her legs, never to be heard from again. How did that work out for you freak? She’s more powerful than she ever was in office and she is making a ton of money in th process. God bless America!
      Odumbo is going down in November and none of your whining about Palin can stop that.

      1. Now, now, be nice. Fellow Scoopers have already educated her. I doubt she’ll be back. Don’t let dimwits like her get you britches in a knot. We know who they are and how they think. I’m just surprised she would try to spout the talking points garbage here. We are all ready to take back our country…. and the left is in a panic.

          1. Right on… nor should they. They fear the truth… especially if it comes from a strong, conservative woman like Sarah. They deserve the contempt… and guaranteed, we will be a LOT less abbrasive and abusive than they ever will be. Keep the screws on her Gary.

    4. Well, what is this! If you think the Government has grown under the GOP then you must just be amaze at how its grown under your beloved democrat party. Let me tell you, the EPA, Obama care, double food stamps spending, increase welfare spending, increase energy through regulations, increase unemployment spending where your Prezy destroyed job growth, and that’s just a few. You don’t worry, Sally we will check the GOP, you take care of the democrats. Good luck with that one!

    5. You are an uninformed idiot. None of Palin’s kids are dropouts. Not one of them. Her third child graduated from high school a year EARLY and is headed to college. Bristol finished high school even though she was jilted by the father of her child and left to fend for herself. Her oldest son is a high school graduate and serves this nation proudly in the US Army. Palin never dresses “provacatively”, never. Palin has a “real education”, she has a degree in journalism from the University of Idaho. She got good grades, unlike our current President who was a ‘D’ student and our Vice President who FAILED a class in law school for PLAGIARISM. (In fact, Joe Biden is a serial plagiarist AND a racist, as well as a total idiot.)
      As for “corporations getting away with murder”….uh, President Obama has received more money from Wall Street “fat cats” than any President in history. Ever. The entire purpose of the healthcare “mandate” was to enrich giant health insurance corporations at the expense of working families. Nice.
      And YES, Palin has a contract with the Washington Speakers Bureau. Her speeches are in such high demand that she commands a speaking fee. Just as high as former Democrat President Bill Clinton, who has become ultra-wealthy peddling his inane claptrap. And higher than former Vice President Albert Gore Jr. (who’s Democrat father voted AGAINST the 1964 Civil Rights Act as a Senator!)
      It was the Republican Party that was born of the abolition movement and that passed the first four or five Civil Rights Acts and the Voting Rights Act. The first African American Representative. It was Mitt Romney’s father who marched arm in arm with African Americans in the civil rights marches of the 1950s and 60s.
      Your ignorance is utterly astounding.
      The only correct sentence in that entire word salad you wrote was the first one. Indeed, government DOES grow under every Republican administration. That is exactly what conservatives, specifically the Tea Party, intends to STOP.
      “We’re here. We’re clear. Get used to it.”…SPalin, April 2011, Madison WI

  16. When Palin said Obama was intimidated by the Tea Party, a guy yelled

    “He better be!”

    I love the Tea Party.

    1. Were they armed today? You know, because our President has been taking away your guns at an alarming rate..oh wait, no he’s loosened regulations.

      1. For exports. He’s about to sign a treaty that would impose gun control beyond the limits of our Constitution. Obama has been anti-gun his entire career, and you’re not going to get anywhere claiming that he is helping gun owners.

      2. You’re right. Giving guns to Mexican drug cartels is pretty loose, thanks for the reminder.

            1. Definitely. She doesn’t engage in debate, doesn’t answer questions, and posts drive-by attacks that she doesn’t defend.

        1. Oh silly me. I guess I wasn’t specific enough in my request. I should have said “If you don’t like our country, our constitution and all of the liberty it provides…… You should go away to, oh let’s say Cuba, Venezuela, China, or any Islamic country of her choice.” But then again, she would be waiting for a handout from us to purchase the ticket. Hey, I’ll volunteer to chip in!

          1. hmmm I do believe I can find some spare change too, maybe we can do a pledge drive and get out all the liberals who hate freedom and love the countries you have mentioned..then there would be more reasonable people left to vote in the good guys!

            1. Isn’t it odd that in all the countries the liberals praise for being socialist, the citizens are scrambling to come to the United States. Hmmmm, go figure.

              1. Here’s the thing marketcomp, I have noticed fellow scoopsters say that they would seriously have to consider leaving the country if the corupt man-child is in for a second term…my thinking, why should patriots leave when these whiners hate living in the best country in the world!?

                1. Spot on! How about we win and steer the country back to greatness and we frustrate them into leaving. America is the host, liberals are the parasites!

                1. yeah i was awakened by a dog bark about 1:am EST. even though i was a little worn, i pushed the on switch, after checking a few RC strories, off i went.
                  I enjoyed reading yours and others comments, i think i read for about 2 1/2 hours.
                  I hope Sally learned something, but who can say

                  thanks see ya
                  by the way, i like my piggy bank, but for the right cause porky would be off to market…hee hee (:

                2. Well if you had to be up in the middle of the night…there is no better place to be then among friends here at Scoop!

            1. Forget the chickens, now that pigs can fly, how about we put a few on the same plane headed to a Muslim country? Wonder how that would go?

      3. What , So you only watch MSNBC and have never heard about Fast and Furious…

        Doesn’t surprise me..

      4. What are you smoking? What do you think was the foundation for Fast & Furious, Sally? Sarah hinted so you figure it out!

  17. Well it’s already pretty apparent what the Obama’s camp strategy is this election cycle.

    The campaign of personal destruction…

    Don’t be surprised, It’s what he does.. It’s what he has always done. It is really all he can do as he has nothing positive to run on…

    This obama scum is a Epic Failure and destroying his opponent is the only way for him to win anything.

    The Romney campaign better be ready, this is going to be the dirtiest campaign in history.. Another “Historic” landmark for the Messiah..

  18. The fantastic thing about Gov Palin is that she appears to be doing exactly what she wants to be doing: AND doing a darn good job at it.
    OUR day will come. We just need to be patient. This warrior from Alaska knows exactly what path to take, and is following it.

  19. Romney needs to get Sarah to write his speeches for him! She is so much better at it! Palin knows we are in the fight of our lives and is deadly serious! Romney is acting like it was a tea party (small tea), and is NOT serious enough about this! He should be out there fighting the good fight!

    1. Sarah does not write her speeches…check out her PAC…they spend hundreds of thousands on postage, $15,000 on three candidates, and several hundred thousand on speechwriters.

      1. Sally, we know that you do not like Gov Palin – you made your points – now go away and if you have the time read up on what the Governor accomplished in Alaska and what she stands for – then come back and have a conversation on the merits not on your emotions.

          1. agreed, but we can’t let any attack go without a response  Gov Palin is disrespected way too often

            1. DocBarry1, I completely agree with you there. And I am on the frontlines when she is attacked, specifically when attacked by corrupt a**holes RINOs like Karl Rove!

              1. Thanks for all that you do, it rove and others – SHAME

                It is difficult to say what is impossible,
                for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today
                and the reality of tomorrow.
                – Robert H. Goddard
                (Developed the world’s first liquid-fueled rocket in 1926

      2. Well then, it was money well spent, wasn’t it? I think I will donate some more to SarahPAC right not just to be able to hear more of these great speeches.

  20. I appreciaste Sarah Palin so much. My only slam on her (please don’t slap me around) is that she sounds alot like Judy Tenuta to me. I LOVE her words, I don’t like her voice. If that’s my only criticism, then she’s a diamond in the rough world of politics indeed.

    That being said, she is spot on and I agree with many of your other posts… someone needs to be saying these things and telling the truth with a little backbone… I’m glad she’s leading and taking it to the evil regime.

    I wouldn’t have a problem with West/Palin in 2016 either.

    Sarah, you’re wonderful! Please keep it coming!

      1. You seriously think Allen West, who was discharged from the military for torture, is fit to be POTUS? And golly, I really want Sarah next in line with those nuke codes.

        1. o.k. I’ll bite Miss Sally, what was the ‘torture’ part? I assume you have more facts than the rest of us, because as far as my feeble, comservative brain was able to register, he was was reprimanded because he shot a gun over a terrorist’s head to get him to tell where some bombs were planted. Turns out, he used just the right bit of er-persuasion as the piece of human waste coughed up the goods. If I am wrong, please link where you got the torture part..Mother Jones, Huffington Post, Media Matters ect, are not links I will go to, just so you are aware. If I am right and you still think what he did was torture, then grow up a bit and face reality…terrorists are not going to listen to reason or after a cup of tea and nice massage, going to suddenly grow a heart and fess up!

          1. Clapping over here girlie! Just wanted to add, if it weren’t for the so called torture of shooting over an enemie’s head during a time of war, many of our soldiers would have been dead.

        2. Torture? Oh you mean like when Muslims sawed off Daniel Pearls head just because he was a non believer? Is that kinda like torture you are referring to?

          You really need to get out more… I will guarantee you that 99.9 percent of Col. West men from back then would jump at the chance to serve with him again.

          You probably can’t come up with one factual instance in Palins political career where she acted irrational… You need to quit believing everything you read in the MSM..

  21. Sarah on the claim that the Tea Party has been reduced to a Tea Pot…….”I’m a Tea Pot and I’m steamin’!” …….Poor Barry!

  22. …there is only ‘ONE VISION’ for the United States of America and that is from the Founding Fathers and it is written in ‘THE CONSTITUTION’ .”(period)

    P.S. … & since your current POTUS is IGNORING the DOCUMENT in so many ways don’t you think it is time to IMPEACH ? Oh that is right your CONGRESS and SENATE have no GONADS !”

    1. In what way has he trampled on the Constitution? The GOP wants to end some amendments, fight the Supreme Court, and lie about Obama. Keep it up…it won;t work, but keep spouting those Fox talking points.

      1. Try the overuse of executive orders, for starters. That alone is provoking a constitutional crisis. Then there is the circumvention of the constitutional role of congress in legislation by the use of mandates from bureaucratic agencies. And what about the undeclared war in Libya?

      2. Obama’s 2013 New Year’s Resolutions:

        ■Party with Secret Service one last time .
        ■Pack up White House silverware.
        ■Cut prices for Presidential Pardons.
        ■Fire up paper shredders.
        ■Delete teleprompter porno.
        ■Flip off Hillary Clinton.
        ■Get medical marijuana card.
        ■Ask Chris Matthews for a date.
        ■Throw Eric Holder under the bus.
        ■Throw Joe Biden under the short bus.

        Anyone have any more points to add to this list?

        1. facts have no meaning in the world of Darwin, Sally needs someone to take her by the hand and lead her to the well of knowledge, maybe then she’ll learn how to escape Progressives darkness. unfortunately, Sally sounds pretty far gone.

  23. Meanwhile, the media has Romney looking like a fool regarding Bain Capital, the company of which he was CEO and sole owner (repeat, sole owner). He is doing his best Sergeant Schultz, “I know nothing”,”I hear nothing” or “I see nothing.” It is a meaningless issue, but it doesn’t take much common sense to know an owner of a company does not let it glide on auto-pilot without checking in from time to time, even while doing the heavy lifting of appealing to the federal government for bailout funds to save the Salt Lake games.

  24. WOW…. no one states how we feel better than Sarah! We don’t want “fundamental transformation of our country”, we want fundamental RESTORATION of our freedom, liberty and our constitution.

    Knock, knock, knock – Hello…. Mittens are you watching? Are you listening? Are you paying attention to Sarah, Mark Levin, Rush, Michelle Malkin and many others who speak for us? As Mark would say “LISTEN UP” THEY ARE TRYING TO EDUCATE YOU!

    Note to Mittens – Forget the undecided/independent voters. If they are too stupid to know what damage Obama has done to our country, and if he gets another term, we will lose this country and may not be able to get it back. Forget them, and fire up those of us that want our darned country back! Otherwise, the same 30 million conservatives will stay home like they did last time. Take off the mittens and put on some dang boxing gloves. Not too tough…. all you have to do is point out every policy, regulation, etc., that are destroying our country.

    Stop playing it safe! We don’t have time for you or your campaign to play nice nice like McCain did. If we lose this election, we lose our country.

    1. So the GOP idea of ‘fundamental restoration of our freedom” includes voter disenfranchisement, no contraceptive rights for women, no health care for the poor, and no public education for anyone…turn it all over to pay for nothing charters. I’ll stay on the progressive side, thanks, and restore this nation to her greatness under Clinton.

      1. Your comments here perfectly describes what is wrong with the “”progressives”. Sorry Sally – we don’t buy any of it, but it does provide some LOL moments, but makes us very sad at the same time to think so many are so ignorant. Now I think it would be best if you go away while we all are civil.

      2. What a pile of uninformed tripe. Asking voters to show ID is not disenfranchisement. Asking women to pay for their own contraceptives is not dimishing contraceptive rights. Objection to a fiscally unsustainable healthcare mandate is not taking healthcare away from the poor. Freeing students from failing publicly run schools in favor of publicly funded charter schools is not diminishing support for education.

        Clinton acquiesced to the Republicans led by Newt Gingrich who in 1994 won the majority of Congress for the first time in 40 years. The Republican policies of reduced government spending and welfare reform led to a better economic picture.

        Please try to read up on some facts and use basic logic before posting again as you are just embarassing yourself.

      3. Voter disenfranchisement? Who are you kidding? No one here. Everyone needs a photo ID if they are going to get a job, get a bank account, buy cigarettes or booze, buy a car, get a bus pass, get a mortgage, oh, and might I add, they even need a photo ID if they want to go to michelleantoinette’s book signing. Are you going to suggest michelleantoinette is disenfranchising her fans? Face it, there are people who are not legally able to vote, and until the states started cleaning up the voter registrations and requiring a simple form of ID which anyone in this country is able to get, the democrats didn’t care because they depend on those illegal votes.
        As for contraceptives, get over yourself. Are you too lazy to go to the local drugstore? I’m sure you can find a CVS, Walgreens, WalMart or any other pharmacy. No healthcare for the poor huh? What’s medicaide? Public education? HUH? Oh right, you want free college right? I imagine the liberal professors would be willing to teach without pay if you ask. I have news for you- progressivism has been tried all over the world, and it’s still in many European countries. If you like it so much, why not move there? America has done well without it, in fact, people all over the world who want freedoms that a Constitutional REPUBLIC such as America offers have been moving here for the past 200 years.

        1. Hi ABC, you got me on tape? I found myself in a somewhat intense discussion with a Hollywoodish, “love my New York Times, can’t live without it” ultra liberal woman recently and I’m pretty sure your repeating my thoughts to her word for word.

  25. Thanks for providing this smooth running clip Scoop. I wish we would’ve gone there to see her live. It’s about a 3.5 hr drive from here way up in North Michigan though. If our son still lived there we probably would have.

    I dearly love how Sarah Palin refrains from pulling punches to Obama’s face and jugular. She tells the unvarnished truth. It’s like a breath of fresh air we on this side are starved for. Asphyxiated without. If Obama were a republican possessed of the same results Obama is weighed down with, he would’ve been toast years ago. The media would be stomping on his rotting corpse by now.

    It’s a shame that truth is absent from media reporting. They coat this failed president with fresh teflon every day, lest it wear off, is scraped off, or something is allowed to stick to him. They act as his press team. At the same time however, they focus on meaningless minutiae regarding his opponent, blowing sheer nothingness into puffed up, manufactured scandal. Verbally tarring and feathering the conservative side of the aisle with each succeeding breath, while feathering Obama’s election nest with sweetness and light for the ignorant masses to roll around in. It’s detestable.

    I hope Obama continues his thuggery tactics and that people rally to Romney’s defense.
    I want to see him do to Obama what he did to his republican opponents. I want to see his super pac support rip O’ limb from limb. He should be politically drawn and quartered. All they need to tell is the truth. The truth about the numbers, the spending, the disregard for laws, and his nonstop lies, from here to yon.

    Thanks Sarah. You go girl. Don’t let up. We won’t either.

    1. We in the blogosphere here need to turn the teflon to velcro, that’s all. The facts are before us, we just have to make it stick in the minds of the inattentive and previousely unaware. Sarah does it , and so can we! Keep on keeping on my bear!

  26. What a speech! Governor Palin said everything that Romney should be saying and isn’t. This is what offense looks like Mitt! Governor Palin is a fighter, she gave BHO some jabs and than a right cross.
    She disected BHO like no one has ever done, piece by piece. It was great! She is a smart political savvy woman and is a real conservative.

    1. Wish I could push the like button 20 times.

      Best part of the speech: quoting Obama’s administration about not reading too much into the data; and then pointing out that they hope we won’t read too much into a lot of other things that have happened. Brilliant! And you’re right; EXACTLY what Romney should be saying. Instead of, “I insist that you apologize!”

      1. My Goodness? he says. What was that? unless to difuse his own anger, to sound Reasonable to the MSM? May Be. Mitt needs to grow some.

    2. The GOPe needs to wake up and start defending their treasure, in one savvy politician
      and great Conservative, Gov P is the one.

      1. Doc I agree with you that they better wake up. Governor Palin is a treasure and i hope that the DC GOP numbskulls wake up quickly, if they don’t they are more dense than I thought they were.

        1. They are afraid of her, she will clean up the mess no matter who it is – that is why they dismiss her
          It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.
          – Edmund Hillary

          1. Clean up the mess? She couldn’t even run Wasilla without hiring a City Manager. She ‘ran’ her state by palming off everything to her high school buddies and Todd so she could go do meet and greets. She quits.

            1. Nonsense. Just read the emails from her governorship that the left so fondly hoped would contain “scandals” and you will see an actively engaged governor who had a firm grasp of the issues and gave clear directions to her subordinates. In short, a great administrator. Unlike what we have in Obama, whom Clinton called “an amateur”

            2. She was being buried in frivolous lawsuits filed by liberals abusing the system in an attempt to destroy her. She was spending all of her time defending frivolous lawsuits in court and was not able to perform her duties of Governor effectively. She didn’t want the state to suffer because of the frivolous lawsuits filed only to engage in dirty politics.

              She had an 80% approval rating in her state. She took on corrupt Republicans and forced them out of office. She took on big oil. Are you really that dumb that you can’t see she was fighting against the same things you complain about?

              1. Why yes, Sally really is that dumb, she obviously believes everything she reads in the MSM.
                How dumb can you get..

            3. Sarah was also energy commissioner in Alaska, so I guess she didn’t do any of that either. Oh, wait, what did your God-like Prezy do? Community organize! Exactly what is that?

            4. You are so wrong read the real record – good bye

              It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.
              – Edmund Hillary

            5. Almost all cities have city managers because they need a full-time supervisor for city employees and to provide consistency from administration to administration. Policy decisions are made by elected leaders and city council members, policy is implemented by city managers in day to day operations.

              You are obviously just a bomb-throwing agitator. You know perfectly well the emails show she was a hard-working, honest governor who was crippled by frivolous lawsuits which forced Todd to go back to hourly work in order to pay legal bills.

              You are just trying to push people’s buttons for your own entertainment. Using people that way is sadistic and evil. You are pathetic and need to get a life.

  27. Great speech, Sarah is insightful to say the least. Sure was disappointing to me, she did not run 2012. I respect her decision.

    1. Nice sentiment BR, but it won’t happen unless Romney is replaced at the convention in Tampa. He will do his very best to destroy the Tea Party. The only way he can redeem himself is if he choses West for VP, anyone else, especially Condi, will signal a full frontal attack against the libertarian/conservative wing.

    2. West/Palin….and the only way it will happen in 2016 is if Obama wins this election. I’m hoping for 2020.

      1. Hateful? Which party’s entire strategy is to divide the people and pit them against each other? Which party can’t look past the color of someone’s skin and thinks “oh, you’re black, you’re too stupid to get an ID so we won’t crack down on voter fraud”? You don’t think that’s condescending to the black community?

        If you want hate you should look in the mirror at what members of your own party are saying.

      2. Where in Gods name are you from? you must be your first contact with planet earth,so Welcome, we hope you’ve come in peace, so far it’s not looking good.


      3. Welcome to TRS, Sally. The Lord has brought you here for a purpose. Just put on your reading glasses [keep your hands off the keyboard] – read and LEARN.

    3. I think your statement is a great objective to work for.. I believe both would be ready for the job at hand by then, and the voters will be ready to support them by then.
      By then the general public will realize what many of us already know that Sarah is NOT the person the MSM claims and is in fact a highly effective intelligent leader . Congressman West by then will more than likely have some serious clout behind him and can be a huge positive force, the man is so positive, The two of them together..OMG!
      They are both the kind of leaders we really need for our future.. We could be looking at 20 years of Conservative leadership in the White House.. I look at Romney as the bridge in that respect. We have to get from point A to point B first.. Leftist failure to Moderate /Conservative responsibility.. The longest journey starts with a first step.

      We must win in November and we MUST uphold a conservative agenda during the Romney term to instill confidence in the American people. It can be done..
      Get out and vote for good Conservatives in your home state..

            1. No she did not say dem or repub. She said “liberal socialist” which points to BOTH parties.

        1. Whenever she has stated this, it has always been ‘the party of Big Government vs the party of Big Freedom.’ She lumps all big government Democrats & Republicans under the Big Government umbrella vs the rest if us Commonsense Constitutionalists & Freedom loving people.
          Sarah never states it as Democrat vs Republican, because, as most of us know, it’s both parties that have a big government problem.

    1. Sarah recognizes that conservatives have to change the Republican Party rather than running as a third party because that would hand the election to Obama. That change began in the mid-term elections and will continue on, but there is a lot of work to do. If it proves that we are unable to return the Republican Party, the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, to the conservative principles it was founded on, then we will have to consider a third party in years to come. I would rather see the RINOs create their own third party because they are the ones who have betrayed our Constitution, fiscal conservatism, and small government policies!!!

    2. Unfortunately, you may not like the Republican Party, but presently that is all we have to be able to vote on Nov 6 & get rid of BHO. An Independent candidate WILL NOT BE ABLE to defeat BHO. The party of big government is the evil one. The Republicans are not perfect, but the Democrats are worse in all areas.

      1. You got that right. Republicans are mostly guilty of not scaling back the natural growth of big government programs and big labor unions. Bush did start the prescription drug program which is a heavy burden, so Republicans aren’t innocent by any means. But, the Democrats are headed even further left while the Tea Party is trying to reform the Republican party to actually be conservative. I’m betting my future on Republicans…hopefully reformed.

      2. And I suppose it hasn’t occurred to you that the government has SHRUNK under Obama? Because that wouldn’t fit in your ‘evil big gov Liberals’ umbrella would it? Check the numbers. The government under Reagan and Bush GREW in a huge manner. Clinton and Obama have shrunk it. Unfortunately, those public sector job losses are not good for the economy…they are just a good talking point for cons…you know, the Republic Party.

        1. Clinton didn’t shrink anything. Even the liberal Brookings Institute says so

          “Light says claims about the shrinking size of federal government from the last two administrations are misleading. He says traditional figures don’t include the millions of contractors doing government work, and argues the American people should be told the truth about the size of a federal workforce needed to “deliver the promises we make.”

        2. If anything has shrunk under dear leader, it’s only anything to do with border security and the military. And the last time I checked, the fed’s main job is to protect the citizens of this country- and they’re doing everything BUT.

          1. right on, and here are other areas of shrinkage in America, the family unit, job market, individual bank accounts, home and land ownwership,
            but looking on the bright side, the growth of Americans wanting to ditch obama is at a all time high.

        3. Sally, you are suffering from Progressive Mind Syndrome (PMS)? The cure is to load this song into your Ipod and play it over and over.

        4. That can ONLY be true if you count the military and misses the point of big government bureaucracy.

          That matters because Reagan dealt with a democrat Congress and GW Bush faced a war after Clinton’s gutting the military (anybody remember the “peace dividend”?) made us look like a weak and an appealing target.

          I will grant you Republicans in Congress and the Bushes bear a significant responsibility for increasing entitlements (SCHIP, prescription drug plan) and reckless spending. To seriously argue Obama has reduced anything is just laughable.

        5. Yeah, and pigs fly too! Where does Sally get her facts, out of her @SS? The Fed Gov. has Shrunk??? The federal payroll has increased 25% under Obama since he took office. Obama and the Dems are all about big government, unless ole Sally believes the Dems are for less government which she expressed in her comments. I say that Sally is an out right liar, and her political ideology trumps any ethics or honorable character she and all her liberal socialist ilk may have. These people are all shameless liars and are so desperate to turn our great country into a EuroSocialist model they will say or do anything to reach their agenda. You libs are disgusting!

    3. Yes, big freedom. As anyone descended from slaves. Ask anyone that was given shelter from the Ku Klux Klan, the terrorist wing of the DNC. Ask anyone that isn’t white, that has the ability to vote. Ask any non white child that was able to go to a school with whites in it, legally. Ask the black children that were escorted to school by DIRECT ORDER OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES by the UNITED STATES ARMY NATIONAL GUARD, to protect their lives, rights and freedom. Ask any woman that has the ability to vote. I don’t know why you find that so hard to understand.

    4. She did not specify which was the Democrat party vs the Republican party. I don’t think she thinks the Republicans are the party of Big Freedom either. She thinks they are the party of chrony capitalism. So, it’s an interesting statement.

      She has nearly as much disgust with the Republicans as she does the other party. If they are going to be the party of Big Freedom, she will have to drag them kicking and screaming into that role.

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