Sarah Palin SLAMS Obama in latest Facebook post: Scandalous Hat Trick

This is a fantastic and clever article by Sarah Palin, hot off the presses. Read all the way to the end:

Scandalous Hat Trick

Mr. President, when it rains it pours, but most Americans hold their own umbrellas. Today in the Rose Garden you dismissed the idea of a Special Counsel to investigate the IRS scandal. With that, your galling political hubris shined bright in the midst of today’s dark clouds.

Mr. President, how can we trust your Justice Department to conduct an independent investigation when there is a systemic violation of the Hatch Act throughout your administration?

Surely you are aware that the Hatch Act prevents certain federal employees from engaging in political activity. Specifically, it’s illegal for these federal employees to engage in action in support of or in opposition to a political party, a candidate for partisan political office, or a partisan political group.

Yet that is exactly what’s happened within the IRS, the Justice Department, and in the Benghazi cover-up. This scandalous hat trick is on your watch. It is not believable that you knew nothing about Obama administration actions in dealing with these scandals. And in regards to Benghazi, when you should have taken appropriate action to save American lives – for instance by calling in the Marines – you were AWOL. Just weeks before the election your team scrubbed the Benghazi talking points in 12 different versions, lied to the American people about some YouTube video being to blame for the deaths of brave Americans who put our country first, and you prove Michael Barone right when he writes, “What actually happened in Benghazi was out of sync with the Obama campaign line.” That’s why you all did what you did. Pure raw politics were at play during a horrific time of loss.

For more evidence of Hatch Act violations right under your nose, simply consider DOJ’s “massive and unprecedented intrusion” into the free press. Do you think they picked up some political talk when tapping the phones in the House press gallery?

Your team is out of control. Those who cannot remember the past and learn from it are doomed to repeat it, and that is exactly what is happening. Look back exactly 40 years ago this week and apply that disheartening chapter of American history to the team you’ve chosen and lead today.

Some of us warned America; we cautioned voters in 2008 that a community organizer with no executive experience and no sense of accountability would be a very poor choice for the nation’s top management position.

Mr. President, you said today that you have “complete confidence” in the Attorney General. America doesn’t. Eric Holder needs to appoint an unbiased Special Counsel to investigate the illegal political action of this administration. And then Eric Holder needs to resign.

Most Americans see ominous dark clouds looming beyond the White House Rose Garden, Mr. President. They’ll roll away only when light is shined on the Obama administration’s antics, and America will only recover when you cease avoiding responsibility in this mission of yours to fundamentally transform America. For that to happen, the press had better learn from their experiences of being duped and provide a deserving public fairer, more intelligent coverage.

Speaking of coverage, glad you finally called in the Marines… shame it was just to hold your umbrella.

– Sarah Palin

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98 thoughts on “Sarah Palin SLAMS Obama in latest Facebook post: Scandalous Hat Trick

  1. God Bless you Mrs. Palin for among other things, keeping your INTEGRITY in the face of massive leftist drivel, and speaking the TRUTH. Many Canadians admire you as well as Americans.

  2. Sarah Palin seems to have a misunderstanding of what the Hatch Act means. Basically, people can’t support a campaign and canvass for it using the resources of their office.
    Additionally, she makes some unfounded speculations that the IRS and DOJ were used for political purposes. She says the DOJ wiredtapped people specifically to pick up political information. There is no evidence of that–where’d she get it from???. The investigation hasn’t concluded, but it’s likely that the DOJ wiretapped the AP simply in order to pick up information about people who were leaking national security secrets–a legitimate function of the DOJ, if one that the AP–who is a self-interested liberal media organization–thinks went overboard.

    1. notpilgrims  And so you put your stamp of approval on The New US Pravda run from the
      oval office and Eric Holder. I also believe Mrs. Palin knows exactly how the Hatch Act applies
      and is being violated if you think otherwise that is just more support for an investigation under the
      scrutiny of a free press and We The People. Let’s have a look see already.

  3. ……and the Republicans didn’t want her messing up their fantastic Convention, and FOX news cancelled all of her appearances on the night of Paul Ryan’s speech to the Convention! Whose side were they on?

  4. Well said. Not rough enough, but after all she is a lady. She is an **accurate** lady, too.

  5. Sarah Palin represents the best of all of us and we need to become worthy of her vision…..
    Boehner…you listening? Give Mark Levin a call. He’s a Sarah Palin warrior and will show
    you how to reclaim your lost manhood. After all, I believe he helped write the procedures
    under the Reagan administration. And he loves this country….. Do you?

    1. Kcid Rekrap Please don’t say anything to encourage boner to try and act like a real republican, or a real man. In my book he’s a proven traitor, and should never be considered anything else. We need to dump boner. He is far too eager to please his master obama. That has never wavered. His chest-pounding about “Someone has to go to jail” was pathetic posturing.

      1. lawngreen Kcid Rekrap   Sighh, with regard to Boehner, you are most probably correct. But we most desperately need a special prosecutor to take the current admin down under oath, with the threat of prison terms for perjury, if we have any hope of beating back the red tide of  Marxist transformation. And that, my friend, lies within Boehner’s aegis as Speaker of the House.

        1. Kcid Rekrap If boner would assign a spec. pros. with a strong backbone and a dedication to the U.S. Constitution, I would not care that boner appointed him. But if boner continues his past pattern of behavior, he would appoint a leftist RINO who would manage to exonerate the obama regime on all counts and we would have no legal leverage left to bring down the Prince of Fools and his SecDef etc. via courts.

  6. Again, Gov. Palin points out the corruption and incompetence of this administration.
    Now, if the corrupt, liberal media would do their jobs. One can dream.

  7. Brilliant Facebook post because it is so true and needs to be heeded. How sad, but true – her last line “Speaking of coverage, glad you finally called in the Marines… shame it was just to hold your umbrella.”
    House of Rep, especially, Boehner – act by setting up a Special Committee with powers to get answers under oath – then get to the truth – listen to Governor Palin – act for us do something worthy of your positions – ACT NOW!
    In addition, keep the pressure on for a Special Prosecutor to be appointed – this is too big not to get to the truth!!!
    I stand with Governor Palin – May God continue to Bless this family

  8. God bless you Gov. Palin.  You are always right out in front on the issues.  While other Republicans are scrambling to get ahead of the pack for the next presidential election 3 1/2 years from now, you are exhibiting true courage and patriotism by dealing with the daily scandals of the WH TODAY.  Your constant watch may very well prompt a well deserved impeachment of obama.

  9. As much as I hate the IRS, I still think the worst scandal is Benghazi. The low information voters out there don’t even know where Benghazi is, let alone that four brave Americans were murdered there. It really is up to us to keep the pressure on the administration to come clean on this horrible event, not the least of which was that it was committed on the anniversary of 9/11. If ever a Special Prosecutor was needed, it is needed for Benghazi, not that it will ever happen with Obama and Holder in office.

    1. Libertyship46 You’re right, the worst scandal is the Benghazi betrayal. Unfortunately, I think the most dangerous scandal is the IRS. The former overseer of the Exempt Orgs branch was moved to obamacare. Your next visit to your doctor may be your last one….

  10. I will say Sarah is spot on and awesome as usual. If only everyone would read her post! If only there were more like her with the guts to say it like it is and do something about it.

  11. Speaking of scandals piled upon scandals, I say there’s a reason they all seem to be happening at once. Now, since I can’t stop myself from banging out horrible rhyming verse, I’ll reprint what I posted at Stacy McCain’s place the other day.  You guys have to help me here. Be mean so I’ll stop.  Anyway, here is my explanation as to why the scandals Sarah Palin is referring to have been piling up (I mean, other than the obvious: that barack is an America-hating sleaze):
    ….It’s the dawning of
    The Age of SCOAMFiboly
    When all the plates are spinning
    and the misdirections clash,
    shall the fallen be forgotten
    as we fumble through the trash
    to discover the extent,
    of which we are so screwed?
    What we need is a distraction
    like Christina Hendricks, nude.
    Will that pacify the Moron hordes
    enough to quell their rage?
    To properly fete this Empty Suit
    we’ll need the Ace of Spades.
    This SCOAMFOTUS does require
    a ‘Spades-like disquisition,
    and please, let’s show the Fourth Estate
    they’ve botched their only mission.
    They spent their lives protecting
    our SCOAMF-tastic POTUS
    from any form of scrutiny–
    that is not what they owed us.
    So they now own a fulsome part
    of all that’s in disgrace.
    They’ve done their amphibolic best
    to disguise his fall from grace.
    A fall that’s taken them along
    as they spiral down the drains
    of failed operations,
    with idealists at the reins.
    The old-school correspondents
    like Stacy and his breed
    are left to restore the calling,
    to fill a proper need.
    To end the amphibolicized
    extensions of dictat,
    that’s what we need in these rough times
    but that ain’t what we’ve got.
    The TV newsers and their “panels”
    are blithely unaware
    they have us always flipping channels
    as we turn toward other fare. 
    This is why the scandals all
    emerged in one big bunch.
    The Fourth Estate collapsed this week
    as bloggers ate their lunch.
    They come at us fast and frequent now,
    a new one every hour.
    The Empty Suit is mired in mud,
    despite his vaunted power.
    But the real scandal is the news,
    the media empires falling.
    We have other ways to stay informed
    and their ignorance is appalling.
    The SCOAMF and the media
    have both been brought down low.
    We need a time of clarity,
    it’s time for them to go.
    No more the amphiboly, please.
    Take up the cause of truth.
    You might survive the coming purge
    by smartphone wielding youth,
    who know you’ve failed to do your jobs
    so they gather news themselves.
    They want the truth, and are unimpressed
    by the Pulitzers on your shelves.
    And the fallen heroes you ignored
    The People remember, all.
    They did not die to be used by you
    and a man who failed the call.
    A man whose water you still carry
    as though you love him so.
    Your day is gone, please do not tarry
    it’s time for you to go.

  12. I have said this before, and maybe some of you did not take me serious.  Please take me serious now.
    The Democrats were never able to defeat the “natural born clause,” of the Constitution.  They really tried, but they were unable to do it.  So they did the next best thing.  They seated a President who was, by The Constitution, unqualified for the office.  If his Presidency survives without a legal challenge, then by precedence, the natural born clause is rendered null and void.
    I am not a  legal scholar, but I am enamored of the law.  I have studied it, I follow it, and I take note of what actual people to whom the law is the way they make their living, have said about this.
    His Presidency is illegal.  He did not meet the requirements for the office.  But if he completes his second term without legal challenge, then anyone from that day forward can be President.  Anyone.  Anyone from some backwater third world country can be President of the greatest nation on earth.
    All because this Kenyan Idiot challenged the rule, and nobody said a damned thing.
    Says a lot for our current leadership, don’t you think?

    1. white531 I take this and you with a grave determination.
      The assent of Barack Hussein Obama is a usurpation – masterminded by the mortal enemies  America and the freedom of all humanity.
      We are living precisely the scenario the Natural Born Citizen clause was conceived and implemented for the men who engineered a 5000 year leap of mankind.
      In ignoring this – our entire Congress, Judicial and Media is complicit – guilty of the most serious and damaging sedition and treason in America;s history.   We the People can claim no station better than them in our failure to defend the Constitution when all checks and balances failed to.

      1. sDee white531  
        Thank you so much for your reply, sDee.  Your words are like poetry on this most important issue.  Very well said.

      2. sDee white531 We are at a turning point in history. Everything is full of portent, as I think some sage said long ago.

    2. white531Incrementalism is basically the way we inch towards open rebellion.
      Like the farmer who decides to let a few hungry people glean the fallen produce from his trucks headed to market:  eventually some “community organizer” shows up, and it becomes a right, and then a privilege, and then they demand the entire truckload. So wise men crafted laws that seem cold and hard to the poor and the hungry, because “it’s not like the farmer needs it all to survive.”  However, time has shown again and again that we all need the law to survive.

      But we’re basically a kind people. We want to be seen as good, so we go along with the incrementalism, so that we may appear not to be cruel. We give in to demands for little things like rare, safe, and legal abortions, performed only when medically necessary, and never for birth control. We give in to demands for more taxes to feed the “hungry” and are told the hungry increase, so we must give more. We give in to demands that criminals and illegals be allowed to vote. At some point, a phase change occurs, and we are no longer strictly adhering to laws that are supposedly outdated (and appear to be “mean”) and are instead fully on the path to destroying ourselves.
      An honorable man is one who will starve before he steals.  barack and his friends have told the poor that the honorable man is one who will starve by giving away all he has, rather than use the sweat of his brow to work to be able to sell a product. That the honorable thing to do is to take it all from him.  And our most successful men have gone along, because they are insulated from the destruction they cause.  (Bill Gates and Warren Buffet agree to give up entire chunks of their profits because they can, and they know it will sink lesser companies, while making them look like they are piously working for the poor. No honor accrues to such men.)
      We must return to that state where men obey the law, and judges are left to deal with problems where the law is inadequate.  (A judge is supposed to be able to sentence an honorable man lightly for breaking the law while saving another from harm, not harm the nation by creating new interpretations of law to give privileges to voting blocs.)
      You are absolutely correct. We have fallen. It may take much turmoil before we can stand like men again.

      1. K-Bob white531  
        K-Bob, I love it when you really open up and comment on an issue with your heart.  No one does it better.

        1. white531 K-Bob Well, thanks!  But you know how it works: you wrote something that triggered inspiration.  So I let inspiration happen. I don’t think for a moment that this comes from me, alone, that’s for sure.
          Heh, I just operate the keyboard and editing software.

      2. K-Bobwhite531″An honorable man is one who will starve before he steals.” I absolutely agree. I’ve seen some come close to starving without even considering stealing or fraud or demanding others’ property under color of law or justice or just plain whining. If anyone had suggested such to them, I suspect they would have mustered their waning strength to punch out the offender.

    3. white531 I’m a “truther” too. I also, from the first day I began googling the issue, never did believe that obama never was eligible to be president. The ultimate proof of that, IMO, was given to us by obama himself – when he produced his SECOND “birth certificate”. If the 1sr was genuine, there was no need for a 2nd. If the 1st was false, he should have been dragged off the stage and forgotten.

      The cowardice of the repuglican party “leadership” in failing to deal with that should have told us right then what to expect.
      Of course, we the people have been “deemed” to have “no standing” in determining eligibility. The  ruling elites (both parties) are so drunk on power that we are on our own.

  13. Obama by this time is used to the power of the office.  He’s just not used to the dignity.
    The dignity of the office of The President of the United States has escaped him completely.
    Actually, it never even occurred to him in the first place.

  14. RS, thank you for bringing Sarah Palin’s superb Facebook statement to people’s attention.

  15. Well lets face it,we all know as does he that he is the one responcble for all of the scandals including the embassy attack and now everything is starting to crumble down around himself now.He has only one way out without being prosecuted for his crimes,resign short of finishing his term,to go for the impeachment route would lead to him being formally charged and prosecuted with countless acts of blatant treason and of couse knowingly being in office illegaly so

  16. So Sarah is not important because she currently holds no office and is not running for one.  Really?
    You might want to ask Obama on that one.  I think his big ears are still ringing from the latest assault by the woman who doesn’t hold any office and is no longer important.

  17. Sarah calls BO the worlds biggest Puss* in her own special way………gotta love her style…..

  18. ” Speaking of coverage…”
    “Clever girl” – as the man said to Jodi Foster’s character in the movie ‘Contact.’

  19. What  an incredible woman.  Notice I did not say, “an incredible
    American.”  She is that.  But she’s an incredible woman first.   All of
    us macho guys out there are saying, “Todd Palin, how did you find this
    All kidding aside, Sarah represents us.  She represents all
    of us.  Sarah Palin and her family represent to most of us what it
    means to be American.  And that’s why we love her and defend her.
    The fact that she gets in the Kenyan Immigrants face, is just icing on the cake.
    world according to Obama, is not a perfect world.  He tries to make you
    believe that, but his argument breaks down, rather easily.  Sarah
    breaks it down without even breathing hard.
    Since we are all
    friends, let me speak plainly.  We have a Criminal for a President.  We
    have a Criminal for an Attorney General.  While we are at it, I guess we
    also have a Criminal for Head of Homeland Security.  We had a Criminal
    for Head of the IRS, but he resigned.  Maybe the rest will, too.

    the word, “Criminal?” Well, just maybe because they are operating
    outside of the law?  The law, being The Constitution?  Yeah, I know. 
    Old document.  Outdated.  No longer relevant.  Outlived it’s usefulness.
    doesn’t seem to think so.  Call me crazy, but I don’t think so either. 
    I believe at this point, The Constitution is the only thing that will
    save this country from what the Progressive/Socialists want to turn it
    into.I think we can win this fight. Better than that, I know we
    can win this fight.  Let me use one of Muchelle’s famous lines.   Are
    you in?

      1. kimber1911 white531  
        Someday you’re going to have to tell me what, “kinipopo” means.  🙂

        1. white531 kimber1911 
          Kinipopo= The mark of excellence, perfect, right on target, etc.

    1. She is magnificent. The best of a proud breed, an American of the old school.
      I’m in.

    2. white531 In like Flynn.
      Wait, I just looked that one up. The weakey-pedia article says it means something naughty.  I’ve always seen the phrase used in movies to indicate people who’ve gotten into a situation they wanted to get in.  Like in a bank vault they were robbing, or accepted to a high-stakes poker game, or on a sports team.

  20. Sister Sarah doesnt shuck and jive, the only jive talkin is coming from the White House. Tell it like it is Sarah Palin!

  21. As if the 1st 4 years wasn’t a complete disaster, the next 4 could be the begining of the end of this country. Scandals, terrorist attacks, a horrible economy, disaster abroad and the hits just keep coming.

    1. clubgitmo  
      Your comment briefly touches on something important.  With a weak leader and a weakened Military, because of the weak leader, we are vulnerable right now, as we have never before been in the History of this nation.

      1. white531 clubgitmo  
        “Of the 4 wars in my lifetime, none came about because America was too strong”.
        Ronald Reagan.

    1. Political Pugilist She did indeed. Simply wonderful post. Nobody crushes this disastrous phony like the Gov. Every well placed word and descriptive phrase exposes and eviscerates this would be president and his infamous administration.

  22. OUCH!  Pardon my French, but I wonder how Obama and his media minions feel with a stiletto heel up their “collective” azzes?
    Only Governor Palin can speak truth to power with ANY credibility.  In these coming dark days, that is priceless and HUGE.

  23. And people say she is dumb…Where the hell is breathy Peggy Noonan, loudmouth Kathleen Parker, insufferable Jennifer Rubin among others now???!!! 
    I, myself totally forgotten that all three is a direct violation of Hatch Act which also means EPOA scandal that is brewing along with Kathleen Sebelius fundraising scandal is also. this administration is up to their eyeballs in corruption.
    It’s time to hit the streets people.

    1. Laurel A Sarah Palin summed up the situation in a couple of paragraphs, the three RINO hacks you mention would take a two page column and still not hit the mark!

    2. Laurel A Exactly. Shallow DC insiders all. No backbone and no understanding of the impending crisis.

    3. Laurel A Those “smart” people you mentioned are too busy fawning over Chris Christie to notice a true leader like Palin.

  24. I can’t even comment on the umbrella thing without wanting to go ballistic. Those pictures (×362.jpeg &×375.jpg ) are illustrations of just how despicable this sad excuse for a president really is. That Marine has more honor and courage in his little finger than Barack Insane’s entire family lineage. He is a traitorous piece of garbage and I just need to stop now before I really get started….

    1. stage9 Ahh, yes. Using the Marines as props in a photo op. How incompetent is Obama? He can’t even hold his own umbrella.

      1. 3seven77 stage9  
        I can’t help thinking it was representative of slavery. This SOB is SICK!

      2. 3seven77 stage9 It’s more than just that. This piece of human garbage uses soldiers like royal court eunuchs to fan him while he stands there all smug and arrogant. I gotta stop….

      3. 3seven77 stage9 Sarah Palin would tell them I dont need an umbrella, she sure didnt need one for her famous Madison Wisconsin speech a couple of years ago with snow flurries and showers, Sarah is a tough cookie, and not a pansy like Obama!

    2. Do you remember the photo of Obama holding an umbrella?  Or the one where he was riding a bicycle?  They are a few years old, however, if anyone still has the links, they are worth a good laugh. 
      Re Palin; we should all watch the Bear in the Woods video.  Perhaps they could change Romney jogging along to Obama riding a bicycle.

      1. Amjean It’s tragic when the president doesn’t know HOW to use an umbrella. I’ll never forget the dirty look he got from his wife while he’s trying to figure out how to get the dang thing through the gate. Meanwhile she’s getting a good soaking. Too too funny!!!

        1. patriot077 Oh he knows how, he took it as an opportunity to demean the Marines because of Benghazi.

        2. Orangeone patriot077 Very true in that case and shame on him for his abuse of honorable men. But my comment was directed at his idiotic efforts to get the umbrella through the gate or over the gate while mooch is getting wet on the other side …

        3. stage9 Orangeone patriot077 True, though I wasn’t talking about our Marines holding an umbrella. My reference was to his own inability to figure out how to get an umbrella through a gate.Any school kid knows how to manage an unwieldy umbrella.

    3. stage9 Those photos are humiliating…especially “picB”.  Have I said yet today how much I loathe this so-called CIC?!?

    4. The Marine should get the Medal of Honor for enduring narcissism above and beyond the call of duty

  25. “Mr. President, when it rains it pours, but most Americans hold their own umbrellas”
    LOL!! – Go Sarah – GO!

  26. Good for Sarah Palin…this is exactly what needs to be said to Obama.  I wonder if he’ll actually read it.  Probably not.

    1. Oh, he knows about it.  Palin is in Obama’s head just like Rush Limbaugh is in his head.

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