Sarah Palin: We have to put up with stuff that may not be our first choice to undo what Obama’s done to this country


On the phone with Hannity tonight, Mark Levin got a surprise as Hannity handed over the phone to Sarah Palin. They kicked it around for a bit until Levin told her how he lamented that she didn’t run for president. Levin wouldn’t let her respond to that as he didn’t want to put her on the spot, but she did say this:

Thank you, though, for being loyal to the cause. What’s our cause? Our cause, at this point, is undoing what Obama has done, is doing to this country. We’ve gotta do what we’ve gotta do and we’ve gotta put up with some stuff evidently that maybe would not be our first choice or our desire to put up with. But we have to do it in order to stay loyal to this mission…

Not a ringing endorsement of Romney but what would we expect, she voted for Newt. But she has the right perspective about it because the most important thing is un-electing Obama and undoing what he’s done to this country. That is our first mission and I’m glad to hear her say that although she’s been pretty clear about it all along, that she will support our party nominee. It’s ABO, anybody but Obama.

Listen below:


UPDATED: I read her comment as being about Romney, but a commenter suggests she could have been referring to her decision not to run for president. It’s very plausible, in fact more plausible I think.

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