Sarah Palin’s full interview on Hannity

This is a really good interview from start to finish. The first segment focuses on the hypocrisy of Obama and the left and the second segment focuses on the recent revelations in Obama’s radical connections:



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28 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s full interview on Hannity

  1. Obama would have to have a conscience in order to lose any sleep over taking dirty money from Maher.

    Although he surrounds himself with radicals, we are called racist for calling Obama a radical.

    Obama doesn’t care about these tapes because he has the media firmly under his thumb. They will never be aired beyond the conservative blogs.

    it’s up to us to disseminate these things beyond this forum.

  2. Always good to hear from the Governor. But I bet she is tired of being subjected to listening to these trashy comments over and over.

  3. Sarah is a Leader and someone who makes me feel proud to be an American. Obama is an embarrassment !!

  4. Great interview – excellent smackdown she gave to O’s priorities, when she said that O should be calling the Gold Star Moms.

  5. Sarah looks absolutely fabulous in the picture. Gorgeous, happily married, attractive with lots of following, and intelligent. No wonder the left is kicking and screaming.

  6. How many times does Hannity have to bring up the double standard? Good grief, we all know its there and will always be there. It frankly gets really annoying everytime I hear Hannity repeat that “Republicans want dirty air, dirty water, kids with down syndrome and old people to fend for themselves.” I disagree for the first time with Governor Palin, from a mathematical stand point and the number of states won by one candidate, it is ok to call Governor Romney our inevitable nominee. If we continue this primary any longer it will only damage Romney and money will start to dry out come the General Election.

    1. Let’s hope so. Romney’s policies are liberal and will further America’s ruin as they did in MA.

      1. He left the state with a $2 Billion Dollar surplus, cut taxes 19 times while Governor, and balanced the budget four consecutive years, and in the deepest of deepest blue states in the union. He’s the only Republican Governor who has done so, Reagan couldn’t do it in California what Romney did in Massachusetts. Update your playbook.

        1. Michael, please update your own playbook, or at least open it a bit wider.

          Do you support your candidates plans regarding energy? I just posted this under another article, but what the hey, the more people are aware of Romney’s planned disastrous policies, the better:

          ..Romney’s advisors are just as bad (-as 0bama’s) please read the final page of this article from AS for the full horror of what he is expected to do IF elected – we need to get this out there fast so those unbound caucus members can rethink their votes before the conventions!

          Here’s a taste in case you don’t have time to see the whole thing:

          “As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney appointed to state office Obama science czar John Holdren, a wacky far out leftist, and Obama EPA Assistant Administrator Gina McCarthy, who is writing and implementing all of the Obama restrictions on power plants.

          Among the advisors to the Romney campaign on these issues today is James Connaughton, formerly head of the Bush White House Council of Environmental Quality, and a long time ardent supporter of cap and trade. Another is Jeff Holmstead, Bush EPA Air Chief who promoted global warming hysteria, and an interstate clean air rule providing the precedent for Obama’s job and economy destroying Cross State Air Pollution Rule. Still another is Edward Krenick, another former Bush EPA supporter of cap and trade. No wonder highly active global warming skeptic James Taylor says that Romney’s people on global warming are as bad as Obama’s people.”

          John Holdren, FFS!

        2. Unemployment went up, total jobs the same when he left office as when he went in (one of worst states for job creation), out of state 200 days last year in office so he could campaign for president for 08, big hikes in state fees, corporate tax increase, a state control board balanced the budget. So although Massachusetts benefited from his leadership, it was not anything that was stellar.

    1. If you actually read her Facebook profile, it doesn’t say “Republican”, anymore. It says “CONSERVATIVE”. I did the same. More and more, I’m saying F*CK the GOP.

  7. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed that Maher has, on more than one occasion, invited Conservatives on his show. I’m sure I’m not the only one that noticed that he never insults these people to their faces.

    Maybe we should be asking Obama, after taking Maher’s money, how he feels about Maher saying that basically all American people outside of him and his circle, are stupid, or at least of lower levels of intelligence, than he is.

    (By the way, NO, I do not consider O’Reilly a Christian. Maybe he’s a catholic, but not a Christian. Christians don’t call the Bible a book of allegories and parables, nor do they deny that it is the Word of God.)

    1. Well said virus well said maher is a coward and you are correct the Bible is the word of God. Very well done.

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