Sarah Palin’s full interview with Hannity

Sarah Palin weighs in on Cory Booker’s comments as well as the Romney repudiation and the NC teacher who scolded a student for talking about Obama. And more!

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79 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s full interview with Hannity

  1. Would’nt surprise me to see a Palin / West ticket come out of the convention….
    Absolutely blow away any and all Democratic socialist wannabees. I sense Palin
    has the largest political base in the country…… Repubs or demonrats, notwithstanding.
    You go, girl! This lady has more balls then the entire republican establishment.

  2. Oh Sarahcuda – you just gave one of the best lines of 2012: “Some of these GOP Operatives seem to have the fighting instincts of Mr. Snuffleufagus.”


  3. Just watched the interview from last night on Hannity. Sore Throat and all Governor Sarah is infinitely superior to Governor O’RomneyCare. Of this there is no doubt !!!

  4. i guess there is still a chance in Tampa for a Gingrich/Santorum ticket. we need strong fighters and these two will do.

      1. Yes, and you can also consider Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party if you cannot vote in good conscience for Romney. There IS a choice. As George Romney did not vote for me in 1964, I will not vote for his son, Willard Mittens Romney.

  5. As far as I am concerned, Sarah Palin has just thrown down the gauntlet. No way is the Tea Party going to be blamed if Romney loses. I love that she is reminding everyone that they are using the same game plan as in 2008. And everyone knows how that went. I can imagine the acid indigestion in the GOPe. They better buy stock in Tums. They are going to need it.

  6. Ever noticed how GOP women are so much more beautiful than the Democrat women? Look at Sarah Palin, Ann Romney and Shanon Bream (on Fox)! They are hot! But, in contrary, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren? EEEEEEch! Someone please hand them some birkas!

    1. Yes, she does look very good lately. Not just her looks, but how she can articulate her point clearly and intelligently. I guess four years on the talk circuit would sharpen anybody’s blades. You go Sarah! Give the liberals more than all they can handle!

  7. Wow! Gov. Sarah Palin is gorgeous. You watch her on FOX/Hannity, and Katherine Jenkins on DWTS, and you can’t decide who is most beautiful.

    1. I think Sarah Palin has it hands down! Especially that lip gloss she had on.. Meow!!!

  8. My goodness, Gov. Palin was looking extra lovely last night. It’s always good to hear from Gov. Palin. She is one of the few voices of common sense in this wilderness.

    Big Bain backfire….I agree w this I just can’t stand Romney.

  9. We Americans are very fortunate to have great patriots such as Ms Palin,
    she and Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party Patriots, and Amy Kreamer of theTea Party Express, along with many others who led the fight for the 2009-20010 election, helped Americans make the informed voting decision to replace many many democrats who were subverts and oath breakers, still many of these types to clean out in 2012 who were not up for re-election in 2010.
    I’d like to say thanks to all of them for their very hard and dangerous work, to protect Freedom and Liberty for our families, friends, and America.

    American Tea Party Voter
    We don’t check to see which way the wind blows, we are the wind.
    We have miles to go, Vote 2012. (:

  10. Maybe we need a “redo” of 2008 … Sarah for VP and this time we know her .. won’t be fooled again by a media feeding frenzy as we were in 2008. It would certainly give Romney the conservative street creds he needs .. can’t imagine Romney running for a second term so it would be but a stepping stone for her 2016 run for President .. sounds like a plan to me! Romney/Palin 2012 ….. LOL

    1. I see Romney and Palin as two total opposites. He won’t ask her and she won’t run with him. Period. She’s a threat to his ego far more than she was to McCain (and she made McCain look like a boob, just by being the strong force that she is).

    2. Sarah knows too much about Romney and the company he keeps to ever want to be his running mate. Besides that, she is running for POTUS.

  11. Governor Sarah was great. This is 1 tough lady I would love to see her take on BHO in a debate she would chew him up and spit him out.

  12. Amen Sarah about the cowering and scary GOP operatives. It’s 2008 all over again. I read that the Obama operatives are interviewing members of Romney’s church. So the Dems are fighting down and dirty going after Romney’s faith but we can’t ask about Obama’s faith or anything else for that matter?

  13. You know what? I think Palin says something that I haven’t really caught on before. She says that all Obama knows is to spend other people’s money, but I never caught on to what she meant until it was put in context in this video. Obama thinks that the economy works by redistributing other people’s money and then people will spend that money where it’s taxed and the government gets back that same money they spent earlier. This is how Obama thinks the economy works. So it’s no wonder he wants to keep spending. And it’s no wonder he wants to raise taxes. He think businesses are hoarding it. That’s the only reason the government isn’t getting that money back.

    1. Maybe Obama should listen to how Rubio brilliantly articulated it a couple of years ago on the Senate floor. Since we have less people employed since Obama was sworn in, we have less people paying taxes.

      Allow business owners to compete in the free market. Their growth would, in turn, cause them to hire, hire, hire. Those employees will pay taxes. Those tax dollars fund education and promised programs like Medicare and Social Security. Obama is not stupid. He’s just a socialist plain and simple and wants to EXPAND government not get businesses.

    2. Don’t ya love it when the light bulb turns on?! This is one of the many reasons Sarah is so valuable to our country. She is able to articulate points that most other GOP politicians are mealy-mouthed about. Probably because they don’t really see the folly in that kind of thinking. Most of them just want to manage the American decline a little less boldly than the dimocrats. Hence, the condition of our nation’s pocketbook.

  14. Governor Palin despises and detests liberal RINO Rmoney so much she couldn’t
    and she wouldn’t utter his barf inducing name.

    1. Tell us what you really think Tex! :~)

      I was thrilled to hear her refuse to help him get elected, but rather chose the course of throwing her political weight behind Conservatives in the House & Senate.

  15. Sarah you are by far better than any top republican would have voted for you not so sure I can vote for RINO Romney and his marry band of progressive republicans

  16. This lady gets it. She isn’t trying to split the baby.

    Bold colors not pale pastels.

    She should be the Republican nominee. She would take Obama to the proverbial wood shed.

    Damn…I love her spirit! Spirit is sorely lacking amongst the RINO’s currently leading the party.

  17. You go girl!!……that last 2 minute tirade was wonderful. ♥
    I love, love that she doesn’t even mention Romney by name….his name is now the “anybody but Obama candidate”

    The gope are sooo stoopid.
    I can’t believe that they honestly believe that the democrats will play buy the same rules they do…..they thought that in 2008, and they’re falling for it again.
    The gope deserve everything coming to them.

    1. Alot of us are frustrated that we’re stuck with Mittens, but Sarah has herself to blame. She should’ve run!!!

                1. Geesh, what’s next? Bert and Ernie need to get ‘married’? Batman becomes Batfellow? What better way to indoctrinate our children than through cartoons and comic books.

                2. Not to pander here, but why do I get the feeling that your son just happened to luck out with exceptional teaching? 🙂

                3. My two boys are 27 and 29. The thing that I like most when I sit back and look at them is the way they are independent and self-sufficient. When I see my teachings come out in their actions, without them even knowing it, it makes me smile. But back when they were teens, whew, I never thought it would happen. 🙂

                4. The article I read said it would be Batman, I think. And my kids LOVE comics. We went into a comic store while we were waiting to see Herman Cain a few months ago & it was ridiculous the amount of energy I had to spend determining a.) Which comics were anti-America, b.)Which comics were completely inappropriate for 10-year olds, and c.) Which comics would cause me to take a 2nd mortgage on my house to purchase them!

                  Since when did saving the world become such a sticky business?!?

  18. Her voice sounded a bit strained and visibly she’s lost some weight!! But she still is an awesome commentator!!

  19. This was an excellent discussion with Gov. Palin. Only Sarah would have the nads to mention Snuffleupagus and the GOP establishment in the same sentence.

    On the issue of the N.C. teacher, the good news is they suspended her, but the down side is (per Union rules, of course) she is suspended with pay.

    1. NC is kind of confusing to me. They just boldly voted to ban gay marriage as a Constitutional amendment. But their Gov chastised her citizens for doing so. NC is also the state where the Food Police were sent to a preschool a few months ago and deemed a 4-year old’s lunch as unhealthy. NC is also the home of this ignorant teacher. Is NC a wildly liberal state or a Conservative state who got hoodwinked and elected some libs & hired some libs in their schools? What gives?

  20. RS, thanks for posting these videos.

    LOL … “some of the GOP operatives have the fighting instinct of mr. snuffleupagus!”

    No endorsement of Romney.


  22. My week has been made. Anytime she is talking about our future, I am excited.

    Great interview. She really took a great swing at Schmidt and Wallace as well!! Taste that nightstick you jackarsses!!!

  23. Notice that Sarah couldn’t even say Romney + GOP nominee in the same sentence? All she said was ABO or GOP nominee but never Romney’s name…..interesting!!!

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