Sarah Palin’s response to the SOTU

Sarah Palin live tweeted her responses to the State of the Union address so I thought I’d post them below:

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264 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s response to the SOTU

  1. It’s amusing. I can spend two hours writing an in-depth commentary on socialism and communism, and it will get 2 likes and zero replies.

    I can write one sentence on how great Sarah is, and it will get 50 likes in ten minutes.

    You think we just might have our priorities mixed up? Just asking.

  2. Go Sarah Go !!! If ONLy they could “investigate” Obama as much as they did Sarah……who came out PRISTINE by the way 🙂 We wouldn’t have this monster as our President !!!! Liberals hate Sarah cause UNLIKE any of them, there is NO “dirt” to be found and they just “don’t get” that….
    For someone to have integrity, character and morals….is something they cannot begin to fathom… they attempt to bring Sarah down to THEIR LEVEL. IT never worked then and won’t work now. For those who are Christians, the bible says…..God will turn evil into good when it is done against one of His ……and, THAT HE HAS …..with Sarah !!! Liberals just don’t “get it”, but she has MORE THAN JUST …..supporters on HER side of things. 🙂 They don’t “get it” cause they are FAR too busy removing prayer from schools, catering to Muslims, promoting abortion, and destroying the very foundation of this Country and trying to “nudge” us all to just go along and play nice……
    Sarah STANDS on her morals, character, and beliefs and does NOT just “go along and play nice”… they have “problems” with that !!!
    Sarah speaks TRUTH……the left and the devil RUN FROM TRUTH…..
    Like Sarah or not…..they NEVER found ANYTHING on her, cause its NOT THERE to BE FOUND… She is the real deal and what our Country needs. NOT a liar, a phony, or someone who wants to “transform” America into some Utopian Communist state where everything is “fair” and “equal” and “free”. All rainbows,fairies, and unicorns, ect….. Dedication, hard work, and opportunity are REALITY and NOTHING in this world is TRULY “free”. There will always BE some who have more and some who have less, most of the time by their OWN accounts, and NO, Obama didn’t “build it for them”…some people WORKED HARDER to get there!
    Time for a REAL PRESIDENT WITH INTEGRITY and who America can be PROUD OF …….Sarah will YOU run in 2016?

  3. Sorry to take so long to get back to you, Wexfordman. I give up a lot of luxuries for still owning a business in this thriving Obama Economy.

    One of those luxuries, is that I don’t have all the time I would like to have, to spend with people like you. But I do get a chance, occasionally.

    Yeah, I know. One day later, I am finally aware of your incredible intelligence. I can’t wait to get to know you more personally.

    I’m already attracted to you, because of the intelligent comment you posted. Can’t wait to find out what else is in your beliefs.

    The keen interest I have in you, is because you are new here. Haven’t seen you before. A newbie. Someone not tainted by previous beliefs. Actually, I’ve been looking for someone like you. Because I’m not really happy with these people.

    I know exactly how you feel.

    Conservatives just have no idea where the planet is heading. They are an absolute impediment to the peaceful idea of a One World Government, where everyone loves everyone else, and no one has to work for a living, if they don’t want to. Utopia.

    Let’s face it, they are hopeless, and they are an obstacle we have to overcome.

    I do think it can be done peacefully. I hope so, because you know they have all those guns. Gives me chills. Why do people want to own guns anyway? Something I will never understand about Conservatives. Doesn’t the government protect all of us?

    Why do some individuals among us, think they still need some kind of personal protection, when the government protects all of us? I’m sorry, I just don’t get it.

    But I do understand Conservatives are different from the rest of us.

    I’m new at this, but I’m guessing they are kind of a holdover from the Founders. All that Freedom stuff, right? Good Lord, that was over two hundred years ago. Give it up! But no! These idiots still actually believe in all that crap. Go figure.

    So, what do we do at this point? Your guess is as good as mine. We obviously have a good leader who sees through all the smoke and mirrors that the Conservatives continually throw up in front of us.

    I mean really, if not for Obama, we might have a thriving economy right now. Everybody would have a job, they could maybe buy a house, a car, maybe even two cars. I know, I know, don’t push it. It was just a crazy idea. Two cars. I know. Crazy idea.

    But still, you have to admit that all the ideas the Conservatives try to push on us are just ludicrous. I am continually amazed by all the things they come up with.

    I think to myself sometimes, what would it have been like, to be raised Conservative?

    What do you think, Wex? These people are a real problem, don’t you agree?

  4. We can never retire, After all our hard work and sweat and saving, Obama came along and stole the golden years…He must be removed..We must pray for God to do it.

  5. Thanks for the post, Scoop. Nothing like a little Sarah Palin, to cleanse your mind and improve your focus.

  6. Right on Mrs Palin. I hope you stay in the middle of the fight, where you belong. We need a third party of conservatives and Your principles and courage would be Ideal assets in that party.

  7. Seems silly, I know. But all you have to do, to fight what Obama wants to do, is just to be yourself, instead of what he wants you to be.

    Raise your family. Love your children. Go to Church. Pay your bills. Live within your means. I know, outrageous ideas. Still, they got us this far.

  8. I am glad Scoop posted this. I know its late, and most of America is shutting down. But I still have California and Hawaii.

    Its just that we all love Sarah. I don’t know any other way to put it. I just get so emotional, when I think of what this country would be like, if she were our President.

    I absolutely hate Politicians. I hate their Fathers and their Mothers. I hate them for even being born. Because nothing they have done over the last two hundred years of this country’s existence, has made it any better, than what the Founders laid out for us.

    Politicians have violated every tenet the Founders believed in. Including not only The Constitution, but also the Supreme Court, and now finally, the office of the President of The United States of America.


    We watch his speeches and puke. We then watch all the analysis of his speeches and we puke again.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of puking.

    I want to get behind something that matters. Something that makes a difference.

    Dr. Ben Carson came out of nowhere and became a sensation. He inspired all of us to do something different.

    There are turning points in everyone’s lives.

    Ben Carson was a turning point in mine. Incredible individual.

  9. If you do the math, obama put 225,000 Americans $1,000 dollars MORE in debt during the course of his 1:15 speech. He out 700,000 more Americans another $1,000 in debt before he went to bed. Byt he time he woke up in the morning to resume overspending he put 1.5 Million MORE Americans another $1,000 in debt.
    Not a single one of them saw a penny in benefit from this debt. Not 1. But his tax skirting cohorts in his cabinet loved every minute of it. THEY paid nothing.

    1. I trust your math, Bayside. But what about all of Obama’s speeches, that none of his new programs would add a single dime to our deficit?

      I guess you’re not a true believer. 🙂

  10. Her tweets would have been a perfect rebuttal without even elaborating or adding anything else. Just read them off and say thank you at the end.

  11. The November Elections were corrupt and Obama probably did not win? Yet the reigning communist party (democrats) believe they have a mandate to destroy our country. They have destroyed our federal government checks and balences and instead have their King Obama, ruling the surfs by royal decrees (over 1,000 and counting). I fear the only way left to stop the madness is for the States to enforce the 10th amendment and refuse to enforce ALL un-constitutional executive orders or sceede from this unholy union with the United Socialist States of Amerika.

  12. obama made the staetment aweek or so ago. if it just saves one life we must do something about all the assault weapons an large magazines. i say mr marixs president i can tell you how to save 3000 chlidrens lives a DAY. that is if your really interested in saveing our kids lives. i think all this is smoke a n mirriows for your agenda of making the country into your dream of marism an can save all these chilgren by doing one thing an want cost you as you say one dime stop aborsion on demand. hows that mr. marixs president it would make you a stand up person for once

  13. Is there a doctor in the White House? There’s a chip on the shoulder of the president
    that needs removing. Uh, Dr. Carson?

  14. “$5.9 million was added to the national debt since Obama took office. #sotUGottaBKiddingMe
    2:20 AM – 13 Feb 13”

    $5.9 TRILLION! Yeah, most of us have a hard time getting used to using the “T” word.

  15. In case people missed it, here is the full list of Sarah Palin’s tweets from last night:

    Sarah Palin fact-checks President Obama’s SOTU address

    A little while ago, she posted her response to Obama’s SOTU address:


    Take the time to read it.

    Sarah Palin does not mince her words. She tells the truth.

    She then closes with a rallying cry.

  16. wellll…let’s see…Gov Palin seems to have covered it all…..wait..wait…she left out one thing……..NObama throws like a girl……there….now…I feel better that we covered it all….!!!

    1. Lou he also bowls like one, and holds a gun like one when he ALLEDGEDLY and I do put that lightly…….”skeet shoots all the time at Camp David”….
      Google “Palin fans encourage Obama to Shoot Like A Girl” there was a short article and people commented, they showed Sarah with a gun and were schooling Obama in the comments… was SO funny! 🙂

  17. Sarah Palin: “$5.9 million was added to the national debt since Obama took office.” Of course we know she meant $5.9 TRILLION was added to the national debt since Obama took office. Regardless, Obama’s fifth SOTU speech was simply a rehash of his previous SOTU speeches. Same ole’ same ole’ smoke and mirrors.

    Ted Cruz got it right. Obama’s promise not to add a single “dime” to the deficit rings true. Instead, Obama’s policies will continue to add TRILLIONS to the deficit and debt during his second term in office. By 2016 our national debt will be $20 trillion and counting.

    Obama recently stated the federal government doesn’t have a spending problem. Hello!! Barack Hussein Obama is willfully bankrupting the nation and he has no intention of reining in spending at all. He wants more taxes to fund his insane spending spree(s) and the people most affected will be the middle class and poor. The very people Barack Obama says he wants to help. Yet he has demonstrated time and again the only people he really cares about is Democrat Party cronies who contribute to his agenda to turn America into an extension of socialist Europe. The same Europe that is currently in the throes of a severe financial crisis brought upon by the same socialist policies that Barack Obama is doing everything in his power to enact in America. Making the mainstream media, Hollywood and the Democrat Party as a whole complicit in the downfall of this once great nation.

    Unless American patriots rise up and stop Democrats plan to weaken America we can expect much of the same in the years to come if Democrats are allowed to succeed with their agenda. The great challenge will be to convince ‘low information’ voters that Democrat policies are actually leading to the destruction of the country. Until half of the country WAKES UP and realizes what’s going on there is little hope that America can be saved from bankruptcy and ruination. Especially now that many of the states are weakening existing drug laws. If drugs become legal – as marijuana is now in several states – more people will become addicted and obviously both their consciences and morals will be compromised and the decline of America will continue unabated. Opium devastated China years ago but once China finally cracked down on illegal drugs both the country and their economy started to boom again. China will soon surpass the United States of America as the number one economy in the world. On the other hand, politicians in America are loosening existing drug laws and illegal drugs continue to pour into the United States from Canada and Mexico. If the majority of the American people become addicted to illicit drugs our culture and society will continue to descend into chaos and obscurity.

    What is needed is a spiritual revival which can only come from Almighty God. Pray for revival and renewal and for God to supernaturally touch the hearts of the American people. Cry out to God that he will have mercy on the United States of America! Pray that the eyes of our politicians will be opened to see the error of their ways! The Devil is deluding the minds and hearts of the unbelievers because they refuse to acknowledge God or repent of their sins. God is not mocked. For whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap. He that sows to the wind shall reap the whirlwind. God is patient and not willing that any should perish. But God’s patience is not limitless and therefore unless the American people repent of their wickedness and sin they will most assuredly perish in their sins and America’s future will continue to decline into mediocrity and obscurity. Which is what many Democrats seem to want. At their own peril I might add.

    1. codenametimna, I loved your comment. I hope you are just getting warmed up, and that was a teaser.

      On the downside, I don’t think God pays attention to Washington anymore. I think He has given up on it. I know I have.

      1. Hey White….He isnt in Washingon yet…..He is in Alaska on His WAY to Washington 🙂 He has some protectin’ of His own to do and some preparin’ His Esther for the White House:) Just sayin 🙂

  18. “Tell ’em what they want to hear” is still alive and well with Obama.
    Why stop what works, right? Everyone likes a good speech. If only good speeches by Obama could solve economic problems, we’d be in surplus.

  19. Bravo Sarah. mmm. mmm. mmm, where, oh, where would we be if She was President….
    Can you spell p-r-o-s-p-e-r-i-t-y?

  20. I think Sarah gave the response during the speech. Maybe we shoulda just displayed her tweets and been done with it. The other 2 didnt have the facts so plainly shoved in the face of his “low info voters”.

  21. I didn’t care to watch because I knew it was going to be the same putrid rhetoric regurgiated for the fifth time. However, I did watch Marco Rubio’s response. Now THAT was worth watching and I’ll definitely watch the rerun!!!

    As for Sarah Palin’s tweets…gotta love her! As always, she’s right on target. YOU GO GIRL!

  22. Every Republican, every Conservative, every patriotic citizen needs to start every conversation on gun control by quoting Adolph Hitler – “If we’re going to control them, we have to disarm them”. We also need to point to Hitler’s ModusOperandi – first he conscripted the educational elites, then the students, then the populace. First he registered the weapons, then he confiscated them, then he murdered millions of innocent people including 6 million Jews, over 6 million Catholics, and countless others.

  23. Thanks Sarah.

    Unfortunately the traditional rules of engagement is not longer applicable. This president is not made up of patriotism, pro-American attitude, rational judgement and logically reasoned even after discounting for a politician.

    Just pray that America is strong enough to withstand the onslaught until a true leader can rise and correct the course.

  24. And Bob Beckel said to Dr. Ben Carson to shut up and used Rom. 13 in the Bible to justify . That’s the same verse that Hitler used to keep the mouths shut of the people. IRS is the threat.

  25. Had no intention of watching a speech that I knew would be full of lies and deceit. Sarah tweeted the truth. More should listen to her!! She’s really that good! Americans are losing out on a great opportunity for America with her.

  26. Had no intention of watching a speech that I knew would be full of lies and deceit. Sarah tweeted the truth. More should listen to her!! She’s really that good! Americans are losing out on a great opportunity for America with her.

  27. I have often said that when you have a major political party which relies on the most ignorant, indoctrinated and apathetic people as it base of support, it makes for very poor governance. The people who put Obama in office didn’t realize they were hiring someone to run the country at the ballot box. I wonder if any of these fine folks would consider employing Obama as their investment advisor and handle their family’s finances? While Obama has not so much as managed a Mc Donald’s restaurant, I wonder if the people who elected him would want Obama to manage their business? I wonder if the people who elected Obama would like to see him give away “free stuff” from their home or business or bank account? Maybe someday they will realize stupidity comes at a very high price – but I won’t count on it.

  28. THANK YOU SARAH for speaking the truth, so wish you were the one giving the SOTU speech last night. We need more truth sayers in government, only then can we begin to clean house!

    1. I wish she was in the White House and the Socialist in Chief were retired. We would be on our way out of the longest recession since WW2, instead, unless there is a new nation formed in the mid section of this once great country, our country will be relegated to a weak vassalage to China. Remember how your side skewered Romney for his statement about Jeep being made IN China, what other lies do you believe that you are being told by your leader, Wexfordlemming? Perhaps you should watch this clip about what happens when you get to a cliff and don’t stop and turn around, our cliff was met about 2 years ago with spending, yet, even though we were sliding down that cliff to the edge, WITH WARNINGS, your side cheated with mass voter fraud and jumped by the re-election of the Socialist that occupies the White House.

    2. OMG Wexfordman…people like YOU are still around? Even after YOUR President is such an absolute and TOTAL FAILURE? And you have followed him blindly like sheeple over a cliff? Forward ! Right over the cliff ! ? Yes, she is STILL around and ISNT GOING ANYWHERE anytime soon…..there are many Communist countries you can move to if you don’t “like that” ya know? Perhaps some of them would suit you better than HERE where we have free speech and Sarah has EVERY right to speak her mind? Yes, whether YOU like it or not , even ?
      DIGNITY would be for YOU to go remove YOUR Obama sticker off your electric bicycle (cause we all know you wanna “go green”), get out of your pajamas in your parents basement trolling online all day long, and GET A JOB ! ? Get up off your couch, even ON DAYS the welfare check ISN’T in the mailbox and DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF instead of taking the government handouts. Put down your “Obama phone” long enough to read something OTHER THAN Huffington Post, stop watching Oprah, and LEARN about America and the Constitution and realize that Obama is DESTROYING YOUR COUNTRY? I could go on and on….schooling a liberal is a very hard job but someone HAS to do it ! 🙂

  29. Thanks for providing this for us scoop! I read that people had a lot more fun being able to join in on twitter with Sarah.

  30. And tonight Sarah Palin looks at her low hundreds of likes and retweets and thinks….hmmmmmmmmmmmm, if I want to get my message out, maybe quitting Fox wasn’t such a good idea after all.

    1. PDS! Rent free baby, rent free.

      This is a prior comment from this hateful PDSer. Check out their prior activity. Here is an example.

      “Good grief. Too little, too late. No one takes Palin seriously anymore, if they ever did.

      Kind of hard to take her seriously in a see-through top and black bra.”

      1. In response to whoever made the comments about taking Sarah seriously……..
        I have never seen Sarah wear anything very revealing…….but… case I did miss something…..AT LEAST SHE WAS WEARING A BRA? LOL?
        That is more than I can say for your liberal women…..they are all drop dead fugly, built like men, and NO matter WHAT they wear or don’t wear……wouldn’t help them ANY lol ! Let’s look at Hillary…..Oh my EYES ! Oh my EYES! Or Pelosi…..OMG did they just dig her up? Or Debbie Wasserman Shultz…….OMG…..Michelle Obama with her fat arse, built like a man or Amazon woman, trying to tell the REST of us what to eat ? Oh yeah…all those liberal ladies are REAL knock outs 🙂 And….well…….when someone tells me “we have to pass something to see what’s in it” ……like Pelosi did with the ObamaCare, its hard to take serious too…….BUT IT WAS “SERIOUS” all right?

      1. …and you know this, how?

        Unless I missed some major news release, everything from Fox is that she was offered a contract, but decided not to continue.

        You can’t see the truth, even when it hits you in the face.

      2. She was NOT “fired” you idiot….she was offered another contract but decided not to do it anymore. For one thing, Fox News has gone WAY liberal nowdays and Sarah has better “irons in the fire” right now so she declined a new contract. Get OVER yourself and your obsession with Sarah who YOU CLAIM isn’t worth your time but you cannot STOP hunting down Sarah articles to write your smut on ?

        1. As a liberal, I can tell you if you think Faux News is liberal, you need to see a doctor quick because those voices in your head are not telling you the truth.

  31. So Happy Sarah didn’t sign with FNC…..Now She Does Not Need to Hold Back And Can Tell It Like It Really Is without any restrictions from NO ONE!!

    1. this would be good if every one did this and quit being afraid, say what you have to say just as long as you keep it clean and worthy to read, meaning keep all the filthy words out, if you don’t know the word you want to use look at the dictionary thats what it is for, but use the freedom of speech that was given to us, before it is too late.

    1. I would love to see her run, this is what we need in our government a Christian who will listen to God to get their daily word for running the country just as Moses did, American’s who do believe in God Let go and let God work in our society and our government, the rest well I guess you will have to figure something else out, if not God then WHO?

  32. The low information Obama-voter types need to be wised up to the fact that, when the crash happens, they will be hit worst of all. As the debt gets bigger their coming kick in the pants is getting bigger and they’ll have the Democrats to thank for it.

    Remember all those Greeks saying “the politicians lied to us”. Fat lot of good it did them when the fertiliser hit the fan.

    1. Very, very good remark, and it is so true, when the crap hits the fan, oh my I forgot they will have Bush to blame.

    2. You forgot large segments of Obama supporters: The NO-information voter. The less you know the more likely you’re supporting Obama. There’s also slaves who support Obama. You know the ones addicted to government generosity with taxpayer money that votes well over 90% for Democrats. What does this group get for such blind loyalty? Blighted neighborhoods, gangs, violent crime, illegitimacy, drugs, high unemployment, shootings, corruption, deplorable schools with graduation rates of some 25% and a whole lot of misery. These people would vote for Satan if he had a (D) next to his name on the ballot.

  33. And yet he got re-elected. This shows the state of the nation: morally and fiscally corrupt.
    We must start to boycott the crony capitalist like GM, GE, and Ally Bank. Is there a website that has a list of these cronies?

  34. Sarah, Please don’t stop your communiques! It’s so refreshing to “hear” common sense statements backed up with facts and done in a mature (unlike our POTUS) manner. It’s also wonderful ammo (yes, I “said” AMMO) to use in my discussions with others; some of which have been brainwashed against you by our liberal, lazy, lying, lousey, and used by the democrat party media. You provide a much NEEDED servce to the Citizenry. I wish and pray for you and yours consistantly. Lord bless you, Todd, and yours.

    1. Jim Keiper you put this in a very good respective, yes it is very refreshing to see what she has to say, because she say’s it with such enthusiasm, and then again maybe it is because she is a wonderful Christian lady who believes in the word of God and also lives it, but as you know the rest of the world doesn’t see her as we see her, all they see is their own fault’s and try to put them onto her, and I hope she would reconcider running for the presidency, although it will be a tough road to travel, because the world has gone so far back the other way and they don’t hear the truth anymore.

  35. Sarah, Please don’t stop your communiques! It’s so refreshing to “hear” common sense statements backed up with facts and done in a mature (unlike our POTUS) manner. It’s also wonderful ammo (yes, I “said” AMMO) to use in my discussions with others; some of which have been brainwashed against you by our liberal, lazy, lying, lousey, and used by the democrat party media. You provide a much NEEDED servce to the Citizenry. I wish and pray for you and yours consistantly. Lord bless you, Todd, and yours.

  36. I wouldn’t watch 10 seconds of Obama at the point of an “assault” rifle, but I imagine whatever he said, both Karl Marx, and Saul Alinsky would be swelling with pride…

    1. WOW Neil, you give him more then he deserves, to me he is a nothing, he is satan in sheeps clothing, loud and true and he is leading this country and the people who believe intheir freedom right down a road of doom.

  37. What I want to know is why he is President he was asked to produce his birth certificate prior to the election in 2008 and refused that by the constitution disqualified him for the office ! My next is did he not take an oath of office to protect and defend the constitution not shred it ?

    How can the People be so ignorant to keep allowing these blatant violations of our laws to go on We the people need to get together pool our money and do some hostile take overs of the socialist medias then replace the ideologues with real reporters.

    Then maybe the masses will get some education of what is really going on in this country and not more revisionist History.
    Just my two cents.

    1. Well Brian Hart; I must say that I agree with you 100%, and when he refused to show his birth certificuit, then this alone should have been a red flag to the voter’s, but as he usually does he falsifies everything he does, and he has people who backs him up who are just as bad as he is, I guess you might say crooked is the word used here, he doesn’t know how to do anything in the honest realm of things, and yes we the people need to do something, like for instance like the movie with your last ounce of courage, this and only this way will we get back what they are stealing from us, I’m with you all the way on this, and I will say this and am proud of it, SEMPER FI, DO OR DIE.

  38. Sara is right in her comments and they can be backed up with the facts. The left has no argument as they don’t have either the facts or law so they must pound the table and cry victim as is their trait. If the economy was booming, prosperity was on the rise, taxes were low and our debt was falling then they would be celebrating but they’re not. They think that Government is the first, last and everything and everyone prospers and thrives under that system but bring up the likes of Cuba, North Korea, China and they will argue that their way and those who have tried and failed did not do it the right way and they know best on how to do it and get it done.

    The left is always wrong and as usual, they think the best way to better this nation is to destroy it and remake it into the vision they desire. funny that the vision they have is one that would prevented the likes of them to grow and prosper into the snivelling lying malcontents that grew and prospered under the very system and society they despise.

    1. Hey Jefferson D. Grindle, very well put, I only wish I had thought of this, but these are my thought exactly as you put them, well done.

    2. The Left doesn’t think on the same wavelength as we do. To them, they worship the god of Big Government where Obama is the high priest or messiah. This god, in their hearts, is most benevolent, all powerful and all knowing. We, the people who stand for the rule of law and our God-given liberties, are merely fools in their eyes. That is why when you try to educate or inform these sorry, misinformed people it is as easy as explaining calculus to my dog.

  39. Tweeting is the new rapping! Governor Palin was on FIRE tonight, destroying Obama’s credibility and putting the actual TRUTH out into the Tweetosphere. She was almost tweeting faster than that nimrod could read the b.s. off his teleprompter.

    Sarah Palin is changing the way we get news and communicate messages. I predict big things for this woman in the coming years. Can’t WAIT to watch it all unfold.

    1. Say overthecoastline, I’m in agreement with you on this, the only thing that bothers me though, is, will this country still be in tact untill that time? I hope so, obama is selling our beloved country right down the tube right to the enemy, and as far as I’m concerned this would be enough to have him impeached.

  40. They had the GOP’s response (Rubio) and the Tea Party’s response (Paul), but Palin gave the Truth Squad’s response.

    1. LoL John Lawrence Talbert, your absolutly right, this was her only mistake, and she doesn’t have to lie about anything to get her point across, because the people who knows her als can trust her for what she say’s, I know that I do for one.

    1. Yea Ruth I hear you on this, and I know what a root canal is like, I had two done the same day and without novicane and it was very painfull, but listening to the lies that this man makes about our country to the enemy countries, is so much more painfull, and when I see him doing everything he can possibly do to destroy and not protecting this country and all the we the people is very, very painfull.

    1. Well Joanie Hansen, this is something I have been saying all along, this man does not know the meaning of the word truth, when he was making the 23 new gun law’s, he was saying how he wanted to protect the little children from gun’s, but on the other hand he favors abortions, and I always thought these were also little children just waiting to be born, so you see what we have in there is probably the anti christ, in sheeps clothing, if not he is sure doing a good job as posing as such.

    2. Well Joanie Hansen, this is something I have been saying all along, this man does not know the meaning of the word truth, when he was making the 23 new gun law’s, he was saying how he wanted to protect the little children from gun’s, but on the other hand he favors abortions, and I always thought these were also little children just waiting to be born, so you see what we have in there is probably the anti christ, in sheeps clothing, if not he is sure doing a good job as posing as such.

    3. Well Joanie Hansen, this is something I have been saying all along, this man does not know the meaning of the word truth, when he was making the 23 new gun law’s, he was saying how he wanted to protect the little children from gun’s, but on the other hand he favors abortions, and I always thought these were also little children just waiting to be born, so you see what we have in there is probably the anti christ, in sheeps clothing, if not he is sure doing a good job as posing as such.

    1. Really?

      Then why are you here, making such an inane comment?

      Of course, the answer is obvious.

      She lives rent free in the head of Statists.

  41. What do they need Rooobio and Rand Paul for, Sarah Palin gave a play by play rebuttal instantly with her tweets, without telling her life story and her neighborhood, brevity is the soul of wit, good job Sarah Palin!

    1. Very telling of the Hater-in-Chief. He has shown his disdain for our men and women in uniform time and again, yet he exalts on high piece of trash Muslim radicals and enemies of the State. Disgraceful.

        1. True,true, maybe they ought to turn this drone machine around on him, I also he is a traitor to this country, and possibly a terrorist also, like a wolf in sheeps clothing.

        2. True,true, maybe they ought to turn this drone machine around on him, I also he is a traitor to this country, and possibly a terrorist also, like a wolf in sheeps clothing.

      1. Got that right PatrickHenerysBody, he didn’t even acknowledge the funeral of The fallen hero they just buried, so this alone proves what he really cares about, and I truly believe it is preparation of trying to take over this country, and become a dictator, I truly believe this.

        1. Yes apsalminflorida, he shows it even more through his support of the current sequestration plan. Deep cuts in defense spending, which will weaken our country even more…and he knows it! It becomes more apparent every day that he wants to “transform” this country into an authoritarian state. He and people like him should be careful what they wish for. The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.

      2. Got that right PatrickHenerysBody, he didn’t even acknowledge the funeral of The fallen hero they just buried, so this alone proves what he really cares about, and I truly believe it is preparation of trying to take over this country, and become a dictator, I truly believe this.

  42. Sarah was on fire! I know what she meant, but $5.9 TRILLION was added to the national debt since Zero took office. Zero lies, spins, and misrepresents everything as usual. Unfortunately, there are people who believe the unending stream of sewage that emanates from his mouth. By the way, the so-called “middle class” that Zero is so fond of and who didn’t get a “tax increase”…DEBUNKED! A number of my relatives (five) who are considered “middle class” are already complaining that they are taking home less than they were in December 2012. I’m receiving less than what I made in December. Hmmmm…how could that be? I thought we weren’t getting tax increases.

      1. Thank you for bringing that to my attention, John_Frank. After I commented, I read further down and found in other comments that she corrected the error. Thanks again.

    1. Just another one of his lies, i actually believe he has half of this country hypnotized, because it seems no matter what he tells them they just automaticly believe him, he is an evil person.

      1. Yes there are some who are hypnotized but many who would be on our side don’t know the truth because of the media. In just one evening on TV you’ll see more lies, distortions and omissions than even Obama can put into one speech. The next march needs to be on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and PBS, to hell with marching on the capital those loons don’t pay any attention anyways.

  43. The Governor just posted the following on her FB wall:

    Here’s a telling reminder of what wasn’t said tonight. What Obama DIDN’T say reflects his values & priorities as much as what he did.

    Underneath, she posted a banner under the heading of SarahPac which has two panels.

    In the left hand panel:

    In the #SOTU, Obama talked about his favorite topic, Obama.

    In the right hand panel:

    Missing: Hero Soldier Chris Kyle Benghazi Chris Stevens Army Navy Marines Air Force.

    At the bottom:

    Share to make sure are heroes are not foregotten #ugottabekiddingme.

    1. Shared on my FB, along with many others. I also added some scathing remarks that will probably piss off my liberal friends, but I’m beyond caring what they think. Love the Governor and am praying for a run in 2016.

      1. You still have liberal friends? After all they have done against America? Not me. I separated myself from them and pray for their salvation from a distance. What fellowship is there with light and darkness?

        1. Very good point Neil, light cannot and willnot cope with darkness, and all we can do for these people who seem to love the darkness is just keep on praying for them.

      2. Ahhhh Now this I like Italia1984, and I’m all for this myself, and I also love her and all she stands for.

  44. I have never loved Sarah Palin more than at this moment! Great job putting out the FACTS as opposed to O’s lying assertions.

  45. Chris Kyle…

    In his State of the Union speech, BHObama did NOT mention Chris Kyle and his funeral this week.

    Maybe that’s a good thing.
    Maybe that’s a bad thing.

    Maybe BHObama doesn’t care… good or bad.


    1. Obama didn’t mention the four men murdered at the Libyan Consulate in Benghazi by Al Qaida elements he armed with weapons he forbids law abiding American citizens to own and carry. I’m not going to tell you if he either cares or doesn’t as you’re intelligent enough to know that on your own. The deaths of these men and the death of Chris Kyle did not result from a random shooting of some lunatic loaded up on an anti-depressant drug so the case of gun control ( firearm confiscation) cannot be raised to the benefit of the left so the lack of importance to them is clear. I think you know the rest.

    2. Nor did he order flags flown half mast –yet the Hollywood elite get this nod? Obama would not know a true hero because he thinks he is one.gimme me a break!

      1. Your absolutly right, but you can’t blame the Christian’s for this act of stupidity, he did the same thing about bengadzie, we have to realize this twerpt just doesn’t give a dammned about Americans, and his wife which is another piece of cake, also doesn’t like Americans and America, she said so herself befor her twerpt was elected president,
        she made that statement, how rude she is all she is is a big fat, again put your own word in there, and it will be good.

    3. Art Telles, I have to say I think it is a very bad thing that a man who is suppose to be a commander in chief of this country, doesn’t even acknowledge a fallen hero as Chris Kyle was, and this is a very shameful thing I think, and not onlt to this one I believe he doesn’t care or give a hoot about anyone of our menand women in uniform who is protecting him, and his family, I say IMPEACH THE you put your own word in there,
      and what ever it is I’m sure it will apply very good.

  46. All good except $5.9T not M, a T is MM but Sarah’s best tweet of the night!

    ““Balanced approach” means “I’m going to increase your taxes to pay for my crony capitalism.” #NoOneIsBuyingThis #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

    — Sarah Palin (@SarahPalinUSA) February 13, 2013”

  47. Love Sarah! I’m still amazed, no that isn’t it, I’m passed amazed. I’m furious at how this man can just LIE to our faces, over and over! That shows the disdain that he has for us, and how STUPID he thinks we are! I just want to scream every time he says he wants this and that program and won’t add to the deficit. That al qaeda is on the run, blah, blah, blah!

    We can check this stuff you know mr president! We’re not all buying the garbage you’re selling! Ugh!

      1. Also white531, we are also living in the last day’s, maybe even the last hour which none of really know when the time will come but it is very close, and what is going on all over the globe it is a tell tale sign of those times mentioned in the book of Revelations, so maybe we all should just sit back and watch the salvation of the Lord.

      2. Lord, please have mercy on this nation! I know we don’t deserve it, but I hate to see America go down this way!

    1. Sorry to admit it wallwatchman, but we ARE stupid. We sat on our butts this last election and allowed this con man to be reelected.
      What was it?
      Over 30% of registered republicans didn’t vote?
      Shame on us!
      We shouldn’t even blame Obama, after all, he’s just doing what he was taught. We abdicated our responsibilities by sitting home. While waiting for the (perfect) candidate, we allowed our, and America’s enemy more time to destroy us, and have no doubts, when he said he wanted to “fundamentally transform” America, he meant it.

      1. I do agree with you johnfromjersey, but I have to wonder how much voter fraud actually put him there.

        1. Exactly. There is no way under the stars, moon, or sun that John McCain got more votes than Mitt Romney. Not after living through 4 years of Marxism. Our turnout was unprecedented, the votes were simply not counted. No, we’ve been overthrown and our spineless politicians on the right, could not care less. They have their retirement plan and no matter how the political winds blow, they are only concerned with which seat they get to occupy under freedom or dictatorship. It makes no difference to them.

          1. Hey Days_of_Noe; where do you see where it say’s johnfromjersey put John Mccains
            name in his quote, I sure didn’t see it, I believe you meant obama’s name instead, and if this is true I have to agree with you, his votes were all manufactured, from all the wrong sourses. Romney wouls have won by a avalanche, but this is what crookedness is all about, obama did it in his first election and he got away with it in his second one also, which tells me were in serious trouble if someone doesn’t take a stand and start a impeachment going instead of just talking about it.

            1. He cannot be impeached as long as the Senate is controlled by Harry Reid and the Democrats. The House merely brings the charges, the impeachment trial is held in the Senate! Unless Republican’s hold both the House and Senate after the 2014 elections, there will not be an impeachment and even if they did take them both, the odds of an impeachment of our first black president is very slim. And Obama knows that so he does as he pleases and breaks our laws with a smile on his face…knowing he is protected by the word RACISM!

            2. We’re in agreement but you misunderstood my post. I believe the single most telling fact of fraud in this election is the final vote tally for Romney. It was less total votes than McCain received in the 2008 election. I find it highly incredible that after 4 years of watching Obama, we are supposed to believe less people voted.

              Also, remember that Clinton was impeached. It’s meaningless.

      2. Well, johnfromjersey; you are partly right, maybe 98% right, I certainly didn’t vote for that thing, and yes we did have a chance to overcome this freak of nature, but blew it, and even though I am a Born again Christian, I have to ask this question, with all of the people who say they are Christians where were they, where were the catholics who were going to vote no, maybe they are more illeagals in this country then we realize, who voted for him just like they did in the first election, all I know is, that an awful lot of people who said they wern’t going to vote for him, he sure made out again, and we have to suffer another 4 years, I wish their was another planet that was liveable I would definetly move there.

      3. And so very many “TRUE CONSERVATIVES” particularly the PAULBOTS and the LIBERTARIANS sat this one out because in their pique since they couldn’t have a “REAL” conservative they would give the nation back to a coalition of destroyers.

        Rather than form a coalition of MAKERS of every type, and being willing to have “half a conservative” than a whole tyrant, the Conservatives scattered and started shooting at each other. If you read Alynski or Marx or any of the TYRANTS they will form a coalition with ANYONE that will help them get power. Plenty of time for PURGES after power is consolidated. I am stunned at the utter STUPIDITY of literally MILLIONS of supposed Conservatives that gave this one to the Ripper.

        And yes, it is clear that the Republican Party of yore has been infiltrated by RINOS and appeasers. The Republican party needs to be REFORMED from the bottom up. Real conservatives need to run for local precinct positions and up from there. Replace liberal city councils and County Commissions with those who honor the Constitution.

        IN PARTICULAR, Obama has given us a gift recently in that he showed us who among our SHERIFFS honor the Constitution and who do not. REPLACE those that do not.

        There may still be time to pull America out of the downward spiral, but time is very short. We cannot sit idly by but must attempt to educate everyone who is educable. Also PRAY. Much power in massive numbers of people all praying for the same thing.

        1. Loved your half a conservative or whole tyrant comment! Exactly right! How could folks who didn’t vote not see that! This tyrant may bring us to a place we can never recover from! Is that what they wanted?! So selfish!

      4. I didn’t sit on my butt. I worked it off trying to get Conservative Republicans elected. Got quite a few in, too. There wasn’t much we could do about sending a Lib to the senate but it wasn’t for lack of trying to get our Conservative candidate in at the Primary. The moderates came through at the end and pushed him over. But our whole state turned red at the election!!

        I will never say,. “Shame on us”, because many of us worked day in and day out for a year. I donated some money but mostly worked at the Victory Center, cooked for the multitude of meet and greets we had, decorated floats, worked at my computer, and went to every event I could.

        Whoever didn’t, bad cess to you. Here I’m singling out fundamentalists who wouldn’t vote because Romney is a Mormon. And to the Libertarians who were too good to vote for the huuuuge Socialist that Romney is, and voted for Gary Johnson who received over a million votes! Thanks.

      5. Yes, those that sat home or voted for Obama, I have no sympathy for. But like so many others, I’ve been working hard the last four years trying to get the word out on this dictator, and we don’t deserve this!

        I went to rallies, worked phone banks, called, emailed and met with my rep and senator, talked with neighbors, etc. I’d say us conservative and tea party folks worked harder for the GOP than they have for us! I just think it stinks that because of either uninformed or lazy voters, we ALL have to go down the toilet! When do we go Galt?! I’m there, baby:)

      1. At the very least, we would have less regulations. Federal spending would be a lot more under control and we would not be debating tax increases.

        The economy would be healthier and more based on productivity and not how much debt we can cram in.

        But more than anything else, Palin would be educating us in the same way Reagan did.

        The biggest change would be that America would have a greater understanding if where we are, how we got there and what we need to do to solve the problems we face.

        The other big factor is that we could start the process of ending cronyism.

        1. Hey Sun Rising; very well put, in all that you said was very well put, and I have to say yes to everything that you said, and yes she would have been a great president, and I pray she will give it another chance in 2016, that is if our country is still here as we know it.

        2. I love Scoop because of the content. Because of the people who contribute here. People like you.

          Let me just step in here, with a comment about the difference between then and now. In Reagan’s time, things were not that far gone, quite yet. There was still a chance to reach the populace.

          While we were a country leaning toward Socialism, there were enough of us who still believed in the Freedom of our Founders. When we saw Reagan speak, we realized the mistake we were making, and we decided to give Freedom one last chance.

          He was a great man. He was good looking, charismatic, and he spoke of Freedom, in a way that somehow all of us understood what it meant, at least for a little while.

          I don’t think there was a time in our great history, where so many Americans felt so good, to be American. He not only gave this country economic security, he gave this country pride. He made us all proud to be Americans. I will never forget what it felt like, to be an American with him as my President. Forgive me, but I haven’t felt like that since.

          Well, maybe until Sarah. Sarah is like Reagan in so many ways. Common sense, down to earth, minimal bullshit. Just look at the problem, and get the job done.

          But the Progressives have not been idle, in the time between Reagan and Sarah. Much has changed. Put simply, the Progressives own more political territory, than they did during the Reagan years.

          If there is any one thing I would get you to understand, it is this. They never stop. They never take a break. They never let up. They have an agenda. It may take another two hundred years. Doesn’t matter. They will stay on the path they are on.

          The goal is a One World Government, where no individual freedoms exist. Fully half the people in this country right now, have no problem with that vision.

          Think about it. Think about what we are facing. This is not child’s play. This is real.

          1. About your quote:

            “If there is any one thing I would get you to understand, it is this. They never stop. They never take a break. They never let up. They have an agenda. It may take another two hundred years. Doesn’t matter. They will stay on the path they are on.”

            Now WE have to be that. We can never let freedom and liberty go without a fight.

            We need the same zeal that charleston Heston had about gun rights, they will need to take our freedom and liberty from our cold dead hands.

            The problem with conservatives is that we don’t fight.

            The benefit with conservatism us that we could fight with true facts.

            All we need to do is be they which you said in that quote.

            As rush Limbaugh says, conservatism wins and succeeds every time it’s tried.

    1. YUP she sure does, but you know it and I know it so why in the world doesn’t the rest of the world know it, I tell you the truth, I believe the reason she isn’t in there now is that she is too honest and she is a Christian woman on top of it and the world hates Christians.

      1. I believe the real reason she isn’t in now, is the fault of the RHINO republications. They let the democrats run over an honest woman and did nothing to assist her. Let alone, John McCain and his group.

  48. RS thanks for posting the Governor’s tweets.

    FYI – you missed two:

    Sarah Palin ‏@SarahPalinUSA
    Obama’s SOTU was more recycled rhetoric. He wants to make the fed govt more intrusive, bankrupt, and controlling. #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

    Sarah Palin ‏@SarahPalinUSA
    Most things Obama talked about are handled better on the individual, local & state level. Growing our bankrupt fed govt is NOT the answer.

    P.S. Excellent series of tweets by the Governor, taking the fight to Obama, while calling him out.

    1. LOL savageob1, your absolutly right, I wonder if his wife changes his depends for him, but then again they might be a little heavy ya think lol.

  49. Remember “Peanuts?” Obama is like the teacher who says “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.” I can’t understand a damn thing he says either.

    1. Wow I just love these quotes, because they are telling me that their is actually some people out there who really gives a damned, I wish there was someway we could all congregate together and make plans to take our country back again before it is too late.

      1. One day a strong conservative leader will emerge and we will be there…ready to stand with them and return our country to the place our founding fathers envisioned. For now we can stay in touch through any means possible…keeping one another informed and preparing ourselves for the final battle, whether it be at the ballot box or the streets. I am personally putting aside $5 a week for campaign donations for the 2014 elections. I know it isn’t much, but it is all I can afford right now.

        1. falling 321, your doing a good job, even if it is 50 cent’s a month it all counts, I only wish I would be around to see it all take place, and then again maybe I will be, the Lord will take me when He want’s me right.

          1. You are absolutely correct…no one can do it all, but if we all do a little it adds up to a LOT! We are all guaranteed nothing more than the minute we are living in…as we saw last night, a meteor could fall from the sky tomorrow and end it all in a heartbeat! I do hope you are not seriously ill and will be here to add your voice to the rest in 2014!

            1. Thank you, falling321 for your concern, No I’m in rather pretty good health for my age, I’m a little more then a quarter of a century old, but in pretty good shape, I’m not like I was when in the Marine Corps, but maybe a good runner up lol, and you mentioned about that meteor that hit the Russian’s and killed a lot of people and wounded a lot more, we never know when something like that will happen all we can do is be prepared, one day it will happen, and I honestly believe there will be a lot of unprepared people, I sure hope not though, I like being on the same page with other’s like yourself for instance, you weigh everything which is a very good sign of taking responsibility when needed, Keep up the good work and God bless you and all you love.

    1. At this point, we all knew what was coming.

      But many kudos to the Gov for having the stomach to watch and snark to retort.

        1. don watching him gives everyone something a lot worse then hearburn, I can’t think of what that might be, but worse anyway.

      1. 57thunderbird I beelieve she should get the medal of honor, because it takes the soul out of a living person to watch his flapper flapping, and even with a cluster how about that?

        1. Sarah is good at calling out Obama for his lies. So is Michelle Malkin. So is Mark Levin. It isn’t that we don’t have good people speaking out against the takeover of this country, by Progressive Communists.

          The real problem is, NO ONE IS LISTENING.

        1. I attended a homeschool graduation meeting with my daughter. Thankful that people like Sarah and Rush do this for us. Otherwise, I’d have spent the evening pacing and yelling at the tv.

          1. yes we do have some galant warriors taking the firgt to them. sarh rush levin an others thank god these are on our side

            1. Hey don; I certainly hope you don’t mean the levin of Michigan, he is as bad as you can get, no one likes him here, not even me, I hope it is another levin your refering to.

        2. Hey conservativemama, who would you prefare to have on the table in the lab for her biology midterm, hmmmm I wonder.

          1. Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………….tough question.

            Do I go to the left, to a RINO, to the fool of the day, to a media sychophant…………… many choices.

      1. I thought I stepped in something and tracked into the house, turned off the SOTU and the air magically cleared, go figure, not sure what the connection was…

      2. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I watched for three or four minutes. I think my blood pressure went up 20 or more points in that short time. 🙁

        1. Yea me too, I went back to watching the Waltons, couldn’t even stand to look at him, what a puke of a liar, he say’s he loves little children and wants to protect them from all the big bad gun’s, but in another breath he condones abortions, aren’t they little children also just waiting to be born, too bad he wasn’t aborted this would have been a leagle one.

          1. Wants to protect them from the bigbad guns come on if you truly want to protect the children….. FEED THEM… More children die every year from malnutrition than all other things combined including gun deaths…

          2. Wants to protect them from the bigbad guns come on if you truly want to protect the children….. FEED THEM… More children die every year from malnutrition than all other things combined including gun deaths…

            1. Clinton Hanson, when was the last time you looked at the abortion rate, the number’s are way out of this world, even more then the one’s starving, and at least they are dying an honest death, their little bodies aren’t being torn apart by some big suction machine, and they are alive while they are going through this torrment, and yes they can feel the pain of it all.

              1. Over 1.29 million people were killed through abortion in the United States in 2002
                Over 48 million people have been killed through abortion in the United States since the Roe vs. Wade decision.
                Approximately 42 million abortions occur every year worldwide.
                Abortion killed 73 times more Americans than died in battle in our last 12 wars combined.
                To equal the average number of abortion deaths in one year, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center would have had to have been more than 400 times more lethal.
                Abortion worldwide kills more people every 2 months than the Holocaust did in 12 years.
                48 million people equals approximately 16 percent of the current population ofthe United States.
                The number of people killed by abortions since 1973 exceed the current populations of each of the 50 states, including California.
                Almost 1 out of every 4 Americans babies are aborted.

            1. don that isn’t hard to figure out, it is the free loaders who don’t want to work they will vote against their mother if it meant not working to gain what they want and obama knows this, that why he get’s what he get’s.

            2. don that isn’t hard to figure out, it is the free loaders who don’t want to work they will vote against their mother if it meant not working to gain what they want and obama knows this, that why he get’s what he get’s.

    1. You could make it a drinking game. Every time the mental midget lies you take a drink. But then millions of Americans would need hospital care for alcohol intoxification treatments.

    2. sjmom your right I certainly couldn’t watch it, so I went back watching the Walton’s, now they make a lot of sense.

    3. Reading your comments, and mixing in my own emotions on the subject, I have come to a conclusion. Hang with me here for a moment.

      Obama is not a real politician. He’s an Actor. Just like in Hollywood, he’s reading a script prepared for him by someone else. But then that is what he’s really good at. Reading words on a teleprompter, written by someone else, who is way smarter than himself.

      Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? What I mean by that, is who is really in control of our government? No, I’m not referring to all the conspiracy stuff. What I am referring to, is what we actually know.

      We actually know nothing about him. He really never produced a valid birth certificate. All of his records are sealed. Do any of you really believe that this nation somehow benefits from having a President who we know nothing about, and whose records are sealed? Do you really?

      You don’t really have to answer that question here.
      I only plead with you, to ask yourself that question, when you are away from this venue, and alone with your own thoughts.

      This man is an Imposter. He believes nothing of the Freedom that you and I believe in.
      Worse than that, he seeks to destroy it.

      He already owns fifty per cent of the population of this country. He hasn’t done a single thing he promised, and yet was elected to a second term. If that is not a wake-up call to the remaining fifty per cent of us, then he has won. It’s as simple as that. The Progressive Indoctrination of America, is almost complete.

      Almost forgot. He’s not really that smart. Someone else is behind this. Please stop watching television.

    1. FreeManWalking, man have you got that right, she is the best, and you know what I think she would make a good Marine General ya think?

      1. Ha! Ha! I didn’t even watch the “speech”. I just knew it without watching!

        I guess I knew it in 2008 and begged folks not to vote for him.

        1. ok,ok keyesforpres, now you have got it and pretty good at that, not even watching mickey mouse and gang, forgive me mickey for using you for a pawn, I really meant obiden.

  50. The United States of America has a Socialist maniac for a leader. All Sarah is doing, is pointing that out. Don’t shoot the messenger.

      1. Forgive me for getting a little ahead of the comments that are coming, Scoop, but every time Sarah speaks out like this, in defense of our principles, she usually suffers an onslaught of criticism from the Left, immediately.

        I was just putting up a forward defense, getting ready, if you will.

        1. Get ready for the Trolls, because they follow her comments. But this time, please don’t banish them. Leave them here, and let us deal with them.

              1. JulieB If they are obama trolls I doubt they would know how to play with each other, maybe screw each other like he is doing to our country, you think?

            1. hey keyesforpres, who or what are you refurring to , when you say they are fun to play with, push my smart button ok so I can also play, lol.

          1. white 531 wow I can’t imagine how many time’s your right, but yes they do follow her like vultures going after a dead carcass, but they also go after her family as well, now this has to be a different kind of sickness wouldn’t you say?

            1. Hey white531 marines never leave anyone behind I have your back, go on and bring ol blackie down.

        2. White531 all you did was telling us the truth, nothing wrong with that, and your right the left always comes against her and also her family, how sick is this, and this is whats running our country a bunch of sick people, another thing I want to mention and God help us if it ever happened, can you just imagine when obummer get’s out, and obiden got in, I would definetly move to another planet, what a joke that would be, but it is something to think about ahead of time, uggg how insane is insane?

          1. apsalminflorida, glad you found The Right Scoop. People like you, enrich the site. Please consider staying here and sharing more of your views. We’re absolutely glad to have you here.

            1. white 351 thank you for your support, and I mean it, I believe if we all stick together we just might be able to defeat this thing or should I say thing’s since they are more then one, again thanks for the encouragement.

          1. don, there are some things, that are just so obvious, if you really look close.

            The Progressives have an agenda. They don’t want you to know it in all of it’s detail, and if you accuse them of having such an agenda, they will deny it. That being said, they still have an agenda.

            This whole thing started with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Marxism.

            Marx’s Manifesto, and later, Das Kapital, laid the groundwork for what we are facing right now, with this current Communist we are dealing with.

            Marxism was the genesis of Socialism, plain and simple. Socialism eventually leads to Communism. But Socialism and Communism both carry a stigma to most of us.

            Those are both bad sounding names, to the general populace which they are trying to control.

            The Socialist/Communist movement had to make an adjustment.

            They simply looked at Hollywood, to improve their image, so they could get the job done. Welcome to the Progressive world. Socialists and Communists are now Progressives.

            Can’t you see how that sounds so much better, almost instantly? Progressive, moving forward, exploring new ideas, seeking solutions.

            Nothing changed, except the name they call themselves. Don’t be an idiot. Don’t be fooled.

            This country is already fifty per cent a Socialist nation. Obama was sent here to complete the task and make it one hundred per cent. A smooth talking community organizer from the streets of Chicago, who wasn’t born here, and probably does not qualify to hold the office, is the absolute dream of at least half the Americans who are your neighbors.

            Progressives gave you this gift. If you continue to believe in them and vote for them, they have even more gifts planned for you.

            Funny thing is, they are so far advanced toward achieving their goal of the indoctrination of America, that if we were even able to wake up all the sleeping citizens who no longer pay attention to what their government is doing, it would still take ten years at this point to turn things around and make a difference.

            1. Darn it 351 now why didn’t I write this, man it is so good, I can see you did your homework, so I will give you 100 obama’s to do with as you please…..

          2. don, I don’t want to burst your bubble, but when someone like Sarah Palin has God on her side, no one will destroy her unless He alone permits it, and this goes for any Christian, the devil has got to get permission from the God of this universe before he can do anything, and this is pretty much what the democratic part is all a bunch of demons, following their leader obama, (anti christ) obama……

        3. White531; first of all I want to thank you for your response, and again I have to say that I have to agree with your quotes they make sense to me, just keep up the good work in your posting’s

        4. white 531 we all get so upset sometimes that we even forget what were doing especially when it comes down to Sarah Palin, I can lose myself sometimes just thinking how much she could do for this country, I could daydream about her all day,
          I think both her and Mike Huckabee would make a good team, or Michelle Bochman, anyone of these would get our country back on tract I believe, anyway’s it would be a lot better then whats in there now.

    1. white 531, again we are in agreement, he is a Socialit maniac, but as for being a leader I don’t think he would even qualify for that, even they would recognize stupid.

  51. About the only good investment I can think of as long as gutless wonder B.O. is in charge would be “Smoke & Mirrors”….

    1. He uses tactics like the Chicago Mob. DO WHAT HE SAYS or pay forever with your life and the people that will work …..HE is destroying the middle class that WILL WORK.

      1. geroge moody I apologize for missing you yesterday on these quotes, and I would like to say thank’s for the opinion that you made because you couldn’t have put it any better, this is so true, I think though one might say instead of destroying the middle class, you might want to say he HAS destroyed the middle class that will work, good job and good thought.

    2. Texas PGRRider, Hey my friend were on the same page with this statement, he is gutless, as of smoke and mirrors I don’t quite get your drift on that, but this I do know he isn’t fit to lead a boy scout group, or even better yet, a cub scout group, I wish he would find the hole he cralwed out of and go back in it, then I could find it and fill it full of cement.

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