Sarah Sanders has a new job….at Fox News!

Former Trump Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has just been hired as a new contributor with Fox News:

THE HILL – Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is joining Fox News as a contributor, the network announced Thursday.

Sanders, who left the Trump administration roughly two months ago, will appear on various Fox platforms to provide political commentary. She will make her first appearance on “Fox & Friends” during its Sept. 6 broadcast.

According to DC Examiner, Sanders said in a statement:

“FOX News has been the number one news organization in the country for 17 years running and I am beyond proud to join their incredible stable of on-air contributors in providing political insights and analysis,” Sanders said, according to a Fox News press release.

I’m kinda glad it’s Fox News and not CNN or MSNBC. That would have been very strange.

If you are wondering about Sanders’ potential gubernatorial bid in Arkansas, that election won’t happen until 2022. So she can work as a paid contributor for Fox News until she announces her candidacy, when and if that happens.

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28 thoughts on “Sarah Sanders has a new job….at Fox News!

  1. its probably all about inside information on the President.If you really want information on the President, offer Kelly Anne Conway a contract that she cannot refuse.I believe Fox already has at least one other former Press Secretary under contract.Maybe they feel,that with Sarah they will have a lock on who will Televise the Presidential Debates

  2. Fox News! We hate them now right? That means she’s a traitor! Stone her! Stone the traitor! For the MAGA!

  3. Congratulations Sarah Sanders, you rock. The only reservation to be had is
    she looks exactly the same as she did three years ago, which, according to
    Fredo Dorian Cuomo, makes her very suspect. A sure sign that she is an
    unpatriotic, uncaring person. I hear her first assignment at FOX will be a
    restaurant review of “The Red Hen”.

    1. LOL What’s the Italian word for “crazy”? My SIS used it a lot but I can’t think of it. Because that’s what Fredo is………..for sure.

  4. Donald J. Trump
    Verified account

    “Sadly, despite my glowing praise of her as Press Secretary, we can no longer trust Sarah Sanders. She should have gone to work for OANN. I now hate her because I’ve always hated her and she’s always made bad choices. Sad!”

    18:12 AT – 29 Mar 1937

    1. That is Funny,if I just key in .com, after Trump, will that take me to his site? Chuckling Silently.

  5. I wish Sarah all the best. This is really a perfect job for her because it won’t interfere with her family life.

  6. Initially I was not wild about Sanders as press secretary, but wow, glad I kept an open mind! She really handled that most difficult role w/ such class and dignity. (Maybe Brazile could take notes?)

  7. Maybe 10 years ago this would have been something to celebrate. Fox News sure ain’t what it used to be.

  8. (Norton always pops an Intrusion block attempt when I log in here.)

    Ya-a-a-ay ! She can make frappe out of Brazille, Ryan, Juan, and the Murdock boyz.

    (Oh and that ‘Important Message ‘Missing or out-of-date Windows Drivers may be affecting your PC’s performance”- it even claims to be ‘certified’ ! over there>>>
    thanks U-block origin)

    1. Let’s hope Sarah can also make frappe out Leland, Arthel, Sandra Smith, Rove, Timpf, and other lefties, know-it-alls, and other despicable people at/with Faux News.

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