Sasse spox: Democrat Hirono’s bigotry against Catholics is ‘LAUGHABLY STUPID’

So apparently this bigoted ass of a woman Senator Mazie Hirono, who is a democrat of course, is attacking Catholics, and Ben Sasse isn’t here for that!!!! NO SIR!!!

What happened is that Hirono questioned whether a judicial nominee could be impartial based on the fact that he is a member of the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic organization.

When Sasse knocked down that crap, she came for him too:

“If my colleague, the junior Senator from Nebraska, wants to embrace the alt-right’s position by offering this resolution, that is his business,” Hirono said on the floor.

WTF? What kind of idiocy is this?

This morning, Sasse’s spokesperson fired right back:

WOW. LOL! Harsh, but accurate.

Now look, I’m not Catholic myself (though el Scoopy is), but I can see anti-Christian bigotry even when it’s against a different strain of Christianity I don’t myself agree with. And this is complete BS from Hirono.

You can get more details from Alexandra DeSanctis at the National Review. 

Seriously what is up with Hawaii, why are they electing idiots like Hirono?! I can’t really judge, I’m from California.

Here’s more on the attack on the Knights of Columbus:

Feel free to mock this bigoted jack-ass on Twitter, it’s @MazieHirono.

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