Saturday Night Live FAKE ‘mocks’ Andrew Cuomo in BUTWHATABOUT sketch attacking Gina Carano, Ted Cruz

Far be it from me to subject people to pain and suffering. After all, I’m no Andrew Cuomo. But yet and still I think y’all ought to watch this cold open sketch from SNL that libs are loving and getting their guilt assuaged by.

See, they all spent a year putting various parts of Andrew Cuomo in their mouths and swishing them around until they were shiny and bright. But now that they’ve found out he’s been slaughtering old folks and lying about it, they have this pang, similar to guilt, gnawing at their bellies. Now, y’all should understand it’s not actual guilt. They don’t feel BAD for Janice Dean’s family for example. But they have that gnawing feeling in their gut like maybe they are going to be tarnished somehow or even have to face the non-wrath of bumbling Jon Karl for a minute or so.

Well SNL is here to bail them out, which is the thing Democrats love best. Bailouts. And they do so in two ways with this stupid sketch. In the first way, they make Ted Cruz the REAL bad guy in the skit, gender appropriating him because it’s okay to do that to some people, and make sure that the audience feels really really comfortable with the skit before bringing in “Cuomo.

When the governor comes in, they minimize the scandal to the point of it just being basically an accounting error, but not until after first letting the character get cheers from the audience over opening restaurants in NYC a year after shutting them down.

Then finally they bring in fake Gina Carano to misrepresent what real, and much hotter, Gina Carano actually said. Then they wrap it up in a nice bow by making EVEN the AWFUL Carano too good for Cruz.

Now the libs can walk away feeling great about themselves. Like they always thought, it’s Ted Cruz who is the real bad guy. Like they always thought, conservative celebrities just aren’t too bright. And like they always always always thought, whatever nonsense it is that Cuomo is accused of actually ain’t all that bad. And isn’t it funny how volatile and masculine he is lololollllll just like all Democrats facing wimpy Republicans.

Totally satisfied, everything goes back to normal and the world is right again.

You think I’m exaggerating? Take a look see.

Now I know 90% of the comments will be “why even talk about that show” or “who cares about this lib show” but this ain’t just the show, you see. This is part of the gigantic lib support structure. This lets them feel good about things in a way that on Monday lets them start sweeping it under the rug. Remember Tina Fey’s Palin? These “jokes” become “known facts” about things in a matter of weeks.

And don’t even get me started on the “Weekend Update” from last night. Seriously, it’s not worth it. Who even watches that show?

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