Saudi national Ali Al-Harbi has visited the White House multiple times since 2009

Maybe this explains why FLOTUS came to visit AbdulRahman Ali Al-Harbi in the hospital. Turns out he’s been to the White House a few times:



This could definitely explain a lot, including the record manipulation Beck has been talking about.

(h/t: Fenway, GWP)

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201 thoughts on “Saudi national Ali Al-Harbi has visited the White House multiple times since 2009

  1. American conservatives don’t understand the true nature of the enemy and it’s agenda. Collectivism used to produce a class society whereas those at the core of socialism can become leaders, the ruling class. When conservatives place a picture in their mind of the enemy, it is an islamic terrorist. WHY? Where are their critical thinking skills? When in truth terrorism can be carried out by an islamic person, used by leaders of the future ruling class SOCIALIST. Deed of propaganda is a method to carry out political change,  way more politically  effective when taken out between two mutual enemies. I pose a question,,  Why is it that most countries in the middle east have REPUBLIC as their nomenclature, a socialist ruling party, a constitution and articles of socialism? …. Most citizens of those countries have no idea either.  Most Americans have no idea that the basic freedoms that we have, stem from one thing, the constitution and it’s basic founding principle……. INDIVIDUALISM’s RIGHTS…Unalienable  individual rights…… this is the blockade and target of the Commune and international socialist. If you are a socialist, and you stand for the PEOPLE, then why take their seemingly only means of protection?  YES, SHARMY67 is right about one thing…. this tells me he/she understands the real threats and ignorance of those who think guns will protect them. GUNS WILL NOT.  In Trotsky’s own words he tells us the best way to kill and extinguish the enemy is by owning their medical care…. Wouldn’t you need to be upclose to create this avenue ?

  2. The commune, International Socialism,  always stoops to calling everyone racist. When in fact they are the ones who use minorities and make the distinction of class and race.  Ether you are a follower and chue the cud of the Commune (socialist, communist) or you are within the core. I know your game and your committees, Gyges, pen and deed of propaganda. My family has a long history as revolutionaries and another 100 yrs within the socialist movement. My grandfather was recruited by Trotsky. My GG grandfather described Trotsky as a small man with woman’s hands, spoiled by those slaving for his every whim.  You that wave his banner either ignorant or missing the fact Hitler was also a recruit of Trotsky at broken glass in Vienna. Our world stride for international socialism will only accomplish death for half the planet. Most followers of the flute and their loved ones will also find themselves in the gallows by the very people they looked up too.

  3. I’m a British National and am totally gobsmacked at how crazy you lot are. The snide remarks at your democratically elected President (obviously because he is black) You even believe that the majority of your countrymen who voted him into power …… TWICE!!!! are wrong and that you right wing nutters are the ones on the ball…… You lot are crazier than a box of itchy frogs. Be calm, he’ll be gone in three years and some and you can have a white person in the White House again. President Hillary Clinton…. Even has a nice ring to it 🙂

      1. Armed? For what eventuality? Ze Germans? I don’t mean no disrespect and I’m glad to watch from the sidelines but, I’ve gotta tell you, your asses are hanging out to the rest of the world.

        1. SHARMY67 If we hadn’t pulled your asses out of two world wars you’d be speaking German.  My ass may be hanging in the wind, but my ass is well armed.

        2. “I don’t mean no disrespect”  Wow, wonderful grammer..we don’t believe for one moment you’re a Brit…liar and a prig..

        3. You don’t believe I’m a Brit? Why? Do you believe all Brits speak perfect English? Why? I’m in Milton Keneys in Buckinghamshire at 21:05 in the evening on a balmy night……. okay?

        4. Who is ‘we’ by the way? Do you see yourselves as being in a little clique? Speak for yourself you silly redneck. I’m alone on this website and need no assistance speaking to you lot.

        5. Not for a moment do I believe you..of course not all brits speak perfect English that wasn’t my point.  And I don’t have time to explain my point to you..sharmy. LOL.

        6. We…Americans and patriots.  I’ve no doubt you’re alone in the middle of the night…lol.
          Keep playing your text adventures..hence the name Sharmy..

        7. ……….. Sorry, you lost me there. Was that an insult? If it tickles yourself to think I’m alone in the middle of the night on a text adventure; so be it. I’m not looking to prove to some random American who or where I am, believe whatever it is you’d like to believe. I’m good with that.

        8. SHARMY67 You obviously have nothing to contribute but sad old worn out leftist talking points, so you’re done here.

    1. SHARMY67 Leftest spewing racism per usual. Yes, seems to be a disease (esp. in your case) that crosses international lines and usually associated with progressives.

      1. Political Pugilist SHARMY67 Spoken like a true inbred POME.LOL There’s a reason we’re no longer a colony. Now the UK can stew in its own juice for never growing cajones. The “British Empire” is all but a burned out cinder sitting on an island with nowhere to go. but further down the toilet.  Enjoy your fish and chips…while they last.  Leftist?  You’re clueless.

        1. SHARMY67 Yeah, I’ve noticed how many of your fellow countrymen have been locked up for shooting intruders invading their homes.  Guns are dangerous..inthe hands of govt and criminals(often the same).  Our right to be armed were first attacked by one of your kings.  How’d that work out for ya?  Yep, now you can sit back and let your rulers rule.  You’re defenseless against one and all.  What’s it like being a serf again?  LMAO  I guess worst case, you can hit them with your purse.

        2. SHARMY67 You apparently are not a student of history.  You may Google(if not filtered by your govt yet) “History of false flags”  Ya know like 911, 7/7, Madrid, Boston bombing, Aurora, Columbine, USS Cole, USS Liberty, Reichtag fire.  There is an agenda here.  You may not be aware of it, but that doesn’t change the facts.  I don’t adhere to either party or false left/right paradigm. I am a fan however of Nigel Farage and Orwell.

        3. SHARMY67 No wonder england no longer rules the seas. Brain dead rummies would be all she has to cull from.  BTW, does england still have dentists? LMFAOROTF

        4. …… I don’t get it……. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, the crooked tooth thing? Lol!!! Good one mate:) School yard insults are not my thing though so I’m going to have to pass… You win on that one. YAY 🙂

        5. SHARMY67 Nope. Just freedoms.  Something you will never know again.  How much is your petrol now $10gal?  At least your midget cars can get down the road.  And all to drive in one big circle.

        6. Rules the seas? Where the heck do you think you’re living? Middle Earth? Who gives a toss who rules the seas? In the immortal words of a wiseman, ‘We have less horses and Bayonetts Governor Romney’ 🙂

        7. SHARMY67 You’re confusing me with someone that supports a party.  I support neither.  Criminal element one in the same.  All belong in jail

        8. If you were a Brit, (not) you’d know that England is over run with illegals..and many nieghborhoods are controled by the aforesaid…which brit’s are afraid to venture into.
          The British government are so politically correct that they’ve lost site of their own citizens..oh, sounds like England and allie America are in the same boat. 
          Only the citizens can rise up and stop this…of course Brit’s don’t have instead of German you’ll be speaking Arabic, or some other such lanuage in the near

        9. ImacowgirlinTucson Correct.  I’m in Texas.  We, like Tucson, are being overrun.  It’s no accident this is happening in the developed world. This is dilute and desolve the existing culture.  There are those who wish to roll the world into one happy planet.  Ain’t gonna happen.  Just the facts ma’am

        10. Illegals? What are those? Do you mean immigrants from other countries? We don’t refer to them as illegals Ms Arizona, they are just immigrants. We understand that the world is becoming a global village with the massive ease of travel available these days; we tend not to vex about stuff that is unavoidable…….. Besides, you know of any other nation on this planet, over history, who have migrated around the world more than us Brits? For crying out loud, you’re descendant from a Brit 🙂 We won’t vex about a few Pakistani’s in Bradford or a few Turks in Watford. To overrun us, they’d have to empty out their countries completely…. We’re good, don’t worry yourself too much about our demographics.

        11. SHARMY67 Correct. Your govt gave them free passage.  Being a brit is being redefined.  You’re just to thick to notice.  Here in the states the “illegals” just walk/swim accross the border, uninvited.  They are sucking our social programs dry and add greatly to our prison system.  We would be more than happy to ship you a few million since you have plenty of space.

        12. I will not quibble with you about the term illegals; it’s your right to call them anything you want. I do, however, take exception at you speaking about the USA as ‘yours’ Surly you know your origins. You are as much an immigrant/illegal as Juan. Why do you decide who is allowed on US soil? You were born in the USA purely by happenstance. You don’t own America and the stuff happening around you should have taught you that. Government policy dictates a nations immigration policy and it’s not always aligned with the wishes of a percentage of their citizens…. DEAL WITH IT!!!!

        13. No I’m not a descented of Brits..
          When an alien of another country enters this country illegally..that makes them an ILLEGAL ALIEN, when there visa’s run out and an alien stays, that’s an illegl alien! 
          Immigrants enter the country my great-great-grandparents did.

        14. Oh really America is not ours??  Beg to differ…My people came her generations ago legally..and the other half were here long before Leif Erickson and/or Columbus..

        15. How is it yours? You have no ownership to any piece of this earth. You are there by happenstance.

        16. High..and if we were drilling for our own be soooooo low. But this potus won’t allow drilling..or a pipeline across America..he has his special interest groups..and his green smacks of the highest and worst criminals/terrorists, right along with the 9/11 my books..because he’s killing Americans everyday with his ideology!

        17. Did you so-called brits hand your visa’s to the Irish??  when you wiped them out..and it was you brits that wiped out the Native Americans..not my people..and btw on my paternal side we are memebers of the band of Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux in MN.

        18. Yeah. I can see the love bubbling over from the Irish and the Scots. Ask Andy Murray where he’s from. It ain’t the UK. BTW, did you ever see Braveheart?

        19. I do not…… Are we talking bout tatties or visas…… or do you just make stuff up as you go along? We are talking about ‘Brits handing visas to the Irish’…… remember? Now you chuck in the potato famine……. ARE YOU HIGH?

        20. Yep! Great acting by Mel Gibson……. aaaaaand? Please tell me you don’t want to compare atrocities oh-you-of-the-slavery-stain.

        21. There are two sides to every story. The victor gets to write official history to his liking. The vanquished are left to tell the truth to no one who will print it.

        22. Pot Kettle Black. Ck your colonization over the last 400yrs. Not a corner of the globe brits didn’t loot, plunder and murder

        23. I just admitted that up there ^^^^. Did I not just state that there is no nation on earth that has migrated around the globe more than mine? I’m not defending anything here mate. I’m sharing my opinion (not to you in particular) about events in USA. It’s on the news and all over the Internet. If you believe that no single person should comment about the goings on in your country, then I suggest you don’t read the comments section…… or, or, you can ask TheRightScoop to block comments from outside the USA. If that would suit you. Either way, I don’t really mind.

        24. There is no righteous govt on the planet. None serve their people. That I hope we can agree on.

        25. SHARMY67 
          Have you heard of the term “sovereign”.  We are a sovereign nation; thus, we determine who comes in and who doesn’t.  An immigrant is a person who asks permission and is given entry.  An illegal is a colonizer.  Does everyone have the right to enter your home without permission?  Why don’t you give up your house?

        26. Oh my gosh, you are so right you should see some of the emails I get from home. They are overrun with illegals and you would think you were in the Middle East while walking down a normal English high street. I am from England, came here when I was 20 yrs old, I love America and I am a Conservative, even when I lived over there. My father was a small businessman and struggled his whole life, the national health system is a pathetic failure, my cousin had a heart attack and has to wait over a month for surgery to replace a heart valve, his wife had to wait 6 months for a knee replacement and my father was told to go home and get his affairs in order instead of giving him a heart bypass..he was 64 years old! This sharmy67 person is just fucking with you, she is probably Muslim, or low information voter on the dole, she knows exactly how bad England has become and she wants it to stay that way. And NO, we did not elect him again…the whole thing was crooked and illegal just like him!

        27. I have friends from UK and South Africa here. They say they would never go back. I live in central Texas. I take it for granted how much room we have here. They don’t. Lived here my whole life. No need to leave. Hill country, beach, lakes all within 2hrs. Live in boots. Love my guns and country. Will defend.

        28. Silly analogy. I am not involved in the immigration policy of my country. My Government is. The leaders that have been democratically elected set these policies for the goodness of the nation as a whole. Sometes, these leaders are not the leaders that you, as an individual, have voted for but they are the leaders so I trust them to make the correct call.

        29. You must be dependant on your govt for food and survival. Most normal people want the govt off their ass. You trust your “leaders” who’ve bankrupted your country to fix their mess? Wow, you are the ultimate fool. Sit back and wait for your govt to take care of you. How’s that working out?

        30. Firstly, I’m a he, not a she. Secondly, do you not see the irony of complaining about immigrants whilst in the very next sentence stating that you immigrated yourself? That’s as unreasonable as fucking for virginity…… to steal a phrase. I do not loath Muslims as you ‘Americans’ do so your suggestion that I’m Muslim is neither here nor there. I’ve just had a bacon roll from a burger van on the side of the road in Whelshpool this very minute……. Muslim that!

        31. Don’t know! I work hard for my money. Started at five this morning and will prolly only finish at seven this evening…….. So there 🙂

        32. robertsgt40 
          Love Texas and its people.  It will be people like you who will save this country from tyranny.

        33. ImacowgirlinTucson That’s “every day.” He’s killing a lot more foreigners. But not more than Bush did.

        34. robertsgt40 No, but some do a lot better than the US: Venezuela, Bolivia, and Cuba for example.

        35. No Sharia, it’s a Monk shroud…… You need to understand that childish jibes don’t wash with me. Now piss of and go and listen to Alex Jones you ditsy cunt.

      2. Racism? How so? Because I’ve pointed out the obvious that the only reason you Tea Party types are so anti Obama is because he’s black? That’s an obvious truth chum. You don’t see it because you are stewing in your own bitter hate and loathing….. Carry on.

        1. You don’t know your arse from a hole in the ground…many Tea Party members (now) voted for obama..get a grip, no one cares about obama being black…it’s his progressive- radical- communists ideals..same for hilary (if she ran and won) not her whiteness nor being a

        2. Okay cowgirl in Tucson. I’m simply telling you what the world is seeing. The racist signs at Tea Party rallies, the lynched puppets during your elections, the irrational persistence that your President is a Kenyan national, the insistence that he is a Muslim despite all the evidence to the contrary…… What do you think is the reason for all these over-the-top stances?

        3. Racist signs at Tea Parties????   It’s a bunch of older Americans with Red t-shirts saying, “don’t tread on me”..never, not once has any member of the TParty ever had racists must me confused..that would be the illegal aliens here in Tucson..dragging the American flag on the ground and burning it, while holding the mexican flag high..putting hilter mustaches on our Govenor’s blown up photo..(a woman btw), spitting on people, throwing water bottles at elderly folks, flipping off folks, cussing them out, calling us f-ing europeans..that need to go back to europe..this land is theirs…
          Obama is not an American…not matter where he was born..he doesn’t have a clue..he was raised in a different socialist world in places other than America.
          You speak of things you know nothing of…
          Btw so sorry about Mrs. Thacher.

        4. I could show you thousands of Tparty rally video..and no one is holding signs as this site shows..those photos could be from anywhere..don’t be foolish.  You can’t believe everything you see on the computer..I’ve been there in person..and not one person would tolerate most of the signs..shame on you, and that web site for spreading lies.

        5. SHARMY67 i’m not a redneck or a tea-bagger, and i have no intention to ever own or carry a gun. 
          the shadow government shot jfk in ’63.  george h.w, bush was in dallas that day, contrary to his panicked memo to hoover, claiming otherwise.
          the next generation brought us 9/11.  bush the younger watched the first plane hit, live on closed circuit tv.
          these large-scale political crimes seem to serve as some sort of initiation ritual into a “powerful devils club,”  to which obama has now gained admittance with the boston bombing and the sandy hoax, not to mention his supression of 9/11 truth and his further militarization of the globe.
          these people need to be stopped.
          and trolls like you need to be stopped.  who pays you to spew your idiocy all day?

        6. One more in Tucson the T-party attended many protests from illegals aliens and their liberal party friends..that cursed America and our newly passed SB 1070. 
          You need to see the right photos and video of those protesters.

        7. ***sigh*** Pliz get your head out of the clouds. Bush was at a school reading when the planes hit. I’m paid by no one for my time. I’m an outsider fascinated at the bare spectacle playing itself out in the most powerful nation on our planet. I simply commented on this particular thread because its such a crazy subject. This Saudi national had naught to do with the bombings. The bombers are known! But against all reason and rational, this site, and others continue to push this false story….. It’s just curious, that’s all.

    2. SHARMY67 Hey Kaizer, say hi to Bill Clinton, Susan Rice, and Melissa Harris Perry for me, will ya?

      1. Errrrrrrrrrrrr…… Okay. No idea what that means but I’m sure it’s quirky American humour or some weird kind of innuendo so I’ll jus play along 🙂

      1. A Hijab? No, that’s just a random profile pic. I am not Muslim; I was brought up Catholic. I do not share your distaste for Islam because I do not believe that individuals define a religion. I do not judge Christianity because of the actions of Jim Jones or Jim Baker. I do not judge the Church of Ltterday Saints because of the actions of Warren Jeffs and I certainly don’t judge the Catholic Church because of the actions of their priests around the world.

        1. SHARMY67 
          How politically correct of you.  You also don’t reason either.  Mohammad, the rapist pedophile who pillaged villages while beheading Christians and Jews is the founder of Islam, but on the planet you live on he had no influence on Islam.  You have no moral compass.

    3. SHARMY67 
      Hey Sharmy – Listen up!  We elected Obama because he was Black, so don’t suggest we don’t like him because of race. We want him out of office, obviously, because he’s destroying our country. The majority of voters who REelected him are members of unions, on entitlement programs, or have affiliations to ILLEGAL ALIENS in this country. Us “right-wing nutters” are the ones asking for a birth certificate that passes the smell test – his doesn’t. We’re also the ones trying to stop him from spending us into oblivion – Think Solara; Cash-for-Clunkers, and denying our oil companies from drilling for American oil, but letting Brazil drill for it so we can become their best customer. I really liked the idea of us passing the Healthcare Bill so we could find out what;s in it – That’s turning out to be costly. Speaking of money, our National Debt has risen over $6 TRILLION dollars under Obama and Obamacare isn’t fully implemented yet! he;s alienated our best allies, like suggesting that Isreal should go back to its indefensible 1967 borders. That’s crazy. And let’s not forget the classy gift he gave Queen Elizabeth in 2009; an iPod with movies of her visit to the USA. 
      Finally, let’s address this rubbish about him being Black – HE’S NOT BLACK! He’s 1/2 Caucasian; He’s 7/16th Arab; and he’s only 1/16th Black ( African) 
      I guess being “gobsmacked” is a lot like being a Democrat. You don;t know what your talking about.
      By the way, I’m a “Natural Born Citizen” of the USA, which is something Obama can’t claim to be even if he WAS born in Hawaii.
           So Says,
                The BOJWON

      1. It’s extremely difficult debating rationally with someone who simply regurgitates loose Fox News (the Pravda of our time) talking points. In the interests of civility however, I will address your dodgy points held together by horse hoof glue.
        Firstly, I cannot argue that you elected Obama in the first place as a novelty. I, however, doubt that you had anything to do with that. You clearly a republican and would not vote for Obama if your mums life depended on it. So ease up on the phrase ‘we’ when talking about who voted Obama into power. It was the majority of the American voting public, but you were far from the action mate. Secondly, if you believe that the Unions elected Obama into office, then you are living in the Right Wing bubble of yours where nonsensical crap trap passes as fact. You spoke of dead people voting twice but failed to mention the well known, documented election irregularities that were meant to help Mitt. Dodgy voting machines that are all over YouTube, the madness in Florida, the push for ID laws that have been ancient since time immomorial. Can you imagine that Mitt was pounded by Obama with all these things in play and Fox News running a 24/7 smear campaign. Over 5 million difference on the popular vote should give you an idea of what a bad candidate Mitt was. If it had been fair and straight, I bet Mitt would have been whipped for 10 million… easy. The reason your welfare bill has gone up is because there is a world recession……. surely You know this. A primary school kid can work that one out; so its nothing to do with Obama. The birtherism issue is your most crazy yet. Do the maths fellow; Obama had to face a tag team of Hillary and Bill Clinton to be nominated the Democratic candidate in ’08. An outgoing President in Bush and a well connected McKain. This is a monumental task and, trust me, if Obama had pissed skew while he was in high school, it would have been out. To suggest thaat Obama was born anywhere but Hawaii is to disrespect the vetting system of the USA and to underestimate the levels at which candidates would go out to destroy each other…. There was nothing there. Saying his birth Cirtificate does not pass the ‘smell test’ is quite crazy, given the publicity afforded this non-story. If he was born outside the USA, it would be known and he would not be President. END OF! Your assertion that he is not black is something that you use to make you sleep better at night. The fact is, Obama is as black as Allycia Keys, Helle Berry, Jason Kidd, Blake Griffin and Maria Carrey. They are not white and hence (as was your rule in the Jim Crow era) they are black. In fact, there is no greater example of an African American tha Obama….. his father having been African and his mother American. Leave it out mate! The percentages are irrelevant to anything. The Isreal issue is one that can be debated for ages so I’m not even going to go there, save to say that there is equal support to both sides of that ancient coin. I thought the iPod was very cool….. but that’s just me.
        PS- I noticed that you amended this post and removed your assertions about Michelle Obama’s holidaying…… Why is that? Did you do some rudimentary research and discover that your facts were wrong and that you were essentially pissing in the wind? Good! You’re on the right path mate, read more.

        1. SHARMY67 
          I’m about done responding to your self-righteous, opinions. “We” meant “We, the People.” Your name-calling “Right-Wing Bubble” is a term only the left uses, of which you are obviously a part of. Name-calling is another tactic I’ve seen used regularly from those who defend this Usurper-in-Chief. Americans have to show picture ID to get into a friggin theme park – Showing some to identify who you are when voting is a no-brainer. The difference in the popuar vote was 3.8%, a rather small margin. Your generalizations like” If he was born outside the United States, it would be known.”  REALLY? How? He wasn’t vetted by the DNC, and there is no process in place to INSURE that vetting is done. That’s why we have the problem! The birth certificate has been shown to have been “altered.” Download the certificate from the WH website and open it in Adobe Photoshop and you can look at the multiple layers yourself. When YOU scan a document, hoe many layers do you get.
          You are uninformed and drowning in your own knowledge, which is wrong. Obama’s father was 7/16th Arab and only 1/16th Black. hardly enough to claim he is Black. I amended the post because I had entered my comments twice and edited that comment out in error. Michelle spends more on vacations than what the GDP is of some countries.
          people who think they know everything must really be annoying to those of you who do, right?
          Go back across the pond. We have enough of our own Home-grown morons.

        2. Bojwon SHARMY67 – Bojwan, please calm down.  You need to be more respectful of a Brit lady who takes the time and shows some interest in our country. This lady probably has good intentions, but, like every liberal, she is impervious or stubbornly resistant to the facts, and, clearly does not have many facts which are then reflected in her misguided opinions.  To make matters worse, she THINKS she is familiar with what is going on in the US and when she finds she doesn’t, she starts confusing puerile insults with intelligent debate.  We need to use that as a clue that she is losing the argument and getting frustrated and upset.  Let’s take this as a unique opportunity to educate someone from another country about the US.

        3. SHARMY67 – You need to find better sources of news than the Guardian, Mail, NY Times and Washington Post.  Your puerile comments about Fox News that border on outright libel so false are they, is an example of your confusion about the US.  You are clearly confusing free-for-all opinion programs with hard news programs.  For your information, independent studies during the last presidential election cycle showed that the hard news programs on Fox News had about as many positive and negative comments about Barack Obama as they did about Gov. Romney.  It will probably shock you to know that their all-star opinion lineup during prime time, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren, has only one true conservative, Hannity.  The other two sit firmly on the fence which must be painful for their posteriors.  What confuses you is that they are not consistently on the far left, which liberals like you think is the center.
          It was YOU who injected race into this discussion by claiming that the opposition to Obama was due to his color.
          By electing and re-electing Barack Obama, the US has proven that we are beyond skin color.  Britain is not – yet.
          The sad thing is that when the country was ready to elect a non-white, the Democrats gave us the most unqualified, uninformed, unpatriotic, inexperienced, incompetent, irresponsible, duplicitous and dishonest candidate they could find and the results he is producing prove this beyond any reasonable doubt.  It didn’t have to be this way.  Some of the most brilliant economists and academics and columnists and political commentators in the US just happen to be black – they just don’t happen to be Barack Obama.
          BTW, I added the “unpatriotic” and “irresponsible” to my list of adjectives after Obamahimself did the same to his predecessor for adding $4 trillion to the national debt in 8 years.  Obama has added over $6 trillion to the national debt in less than 4 years.  Thus I only thought it fair to use his own adjectives to describe his own appalling performance.

        4. AmericanEagle1392 Bojwon SHARMY67 
          I love the Brits, but they don’t seem to be doing very well protecting their own country from the infiltration of Muslims, Shariah law and radical Islam, so their opinions on how WE should handle our problems doesn’t carry much weight with me. I have no desire to stand by and let people argue for things that, in my own humble opinion, harm our country and aid those who would do us harm, like, illegal aliens, radical Muslims, white supremacists, and Democrats.
          I spend a considerable amount of my time educating myself and educating others about the intent of The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, CAIR, ISNA, NAIT and other Islamic groups. I take them at their word and I take what they do as clear signs of their intent. Illegal Immigration only makes their job easier. AND, Obama is a strong horse when weakening America and weak horse when strengthening America, so he provides aid and support to our enemies by his weak actions to protect us, and his strong actions to help them.
          As far as being more respectful to the “Brit Lady” – Respect is earned. Politeness, which I gave at the onset of this thread, can be lost.  She’s a troll in this thread and her comments only point out what she believes are our faults. She contributed NOTHING to solving the problems, which I admit “We, the People” most certainly have, Obama being only one.
          The enemy is in our midst!

    4. SHARMY67
      Because you are a race-obsessed British national, let me educate you
      about what is going on here.  There is nothing “black” or “white” about a
      President who, five years into his presidency has 90 million Americans
      unemployed, 50 million on food stamps, 9 million claiming to be disabled
      and $17 trillion in national debt with no end in sight – all historical
      records.  Perhaps this is all familiar to you as a Brit but it is not
      to us.He was essentially re-elected by voters making less than
      $30K a year gave him a plurality of 7 million votes to protect their
      welfare benefits which they need to survive in his economy because they
      cannot find jobs.  This overcame the 3 1/2 million vote margin that
      voters making more than $30K a year gave Gov. Romney, an experienced
      wealth and job creator.

      1. Let me state it again, because I am aware that you Tea Party sorts are closed to the rest of the world. There is a world recession!!!! There is nothing shocking or odd about your welfare bill going up. There are no jobs so naturally, people seek assistance from their government. It’s fair play to politicise it, but any moron can see around the smoke and mirrors and recognise the effects of a recession when they see it…… It’s not rocket science.
        If it makes you feel better to believe that Romney only lost because of people wanting to protect their Foodstamps, then you run like hell with that one mate. Nothing will change and the results of the election will be recorded into history. Better luck next time with your ‘message’
        PS- See, no mention of race 🙂

        1. SHARMY67 – Sorry to disappoint you, hon, but we colonial peasants are aware of the recession going on worldwide, but apparently the clueless Obama is not.  Why?  Because he is doing everything he possibly can to put major obstacles before the small and medium sized businesses where over 80% of American jobs have traditionally come from.  He’s doing so the good old statist way – with massive government spending, massive crony capitalism with the big companies and big Wall Street banks where less than 20% of our jobs come from but a large % of his political funding comes from, a massive new, complex and very unpopular health care plan, and a blizzard of regulations that have frozen job creation as businessmen try to sort out what these mean for their businesses.  New business start-ups are at historical lows, while the number of Americans unemployed, in poverty and needing welfare are at historical highs with no end in sight.
          Vapid comments like “There are no jobs…” without a clue why there are no jobs expose your lack of knowledge about what is going on, and you confusing intelligence with childish insults.
          It does not make me feel better that Romney lost because low income Americans wanted to keep their free stuff.  That is how statism creates a slippery slope and the end of the slope looks more like Europe, which we will be joining if we are unable to stop the madness.

    5. SHARMY67
      Because you are a race-obsessed British national, let me educate you
      about what is going on here.  There is nothing “black” or “white” about a
      President who, five years into his presidency has 90 million Americans
      unemployed, 50 million on food stamps, 9 million claiming to be disabled
      and $17 trillion in national debt with no end in sight – all historical
      records.  Perhaps this is all familiar to you as a Brit but it is not
      to us.He was essentially re-elected by voters making less than
      $30K a year gave him a plurality of 7 million votes to protect their
      welfare benefits which they need to survive in his economy because they
      cannot find jobs.  This overcame the 3 1/2 million vote margin that
      voters making more than $30K a year gave Gov. Romney, an experienced
      wealth and job creator.

      1. How can you educate me about what’s going on there when I clearly know more than you? This article that you are commenting on is unravelling by the day as Beck grabs at straws. Us, out here, could have told you that this was a nonsense story from day one. What’s your next stop? Accusing Holder of flouting your laws my reading bomber 2 his Miranda Rights…… only to realise, a week from now, that Timothy McVay was read his Miranda Rights too. And then, predictably and tediously jumping onto the next silly story…… Maybe revisit the Benghazi non-story for outrageous effect. PSHHHHH!!!

        1. SHARMY67 – I just educated you with my response above to your clueless comments.  Beck’s version is hardly unraveling, unless you want to believe the same incompetent people who have us the mess in Benghazi, were unable to keep track of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Mirandized Jahar Tsarnaev before the FBI could finish interrogating him, and are still referring to the Islamic terrorist attack at Ft. Hood as a case of “workplace violence”.
          Tim McVeigh was convicted because of the evidence against him, but he was never considered a foreign combatant, and there was no exception available in his case for the FBI to interrogate him for 48 hours before reading him his Miranda rights.
          Benghazi is still unraveling and make even take this clueless president down, or at least his clueless former Secretary of State.  We now have proof that she signed off on the cuts in security in Libya in spite of the hapless Ambassador’s  repeated appeals for more security.

          Your knowledge of what is going on in the US, obviously gleaned from the Guardian, is pathetic.

    6. SHARMY67 obvious?  I find it humorous that those who keep pointing out dear leader’s skin pigmentation are the ones who play the race card.  Obviously you’ve not read the rules of conduct for commenting on this site.  I’d suggest you do that.

      1. AmericanborninCanadaSHARMY67- This is pretty typical for a liberal Brit.  They think our President is the greatest thing since Neville Chamberlain, and it is a great opportunity to educate her based on facts. 
        She doesn’t seem to know that Tim McVeigh was convicted because of the
        evidence against him, but he was never considered a foreign combatant,
        and there was no exception available in his case for the FBI to
        interrogate him for 48 hours before reading him his Miranda rights.
        FBI had interrogated Jahar for only 16 of the 48 hours they had, and were just beginning to get some valuable information before the Judge shocked them by waltzing in and reading him his Miranda rights, after which he stopped divulging any information which should
        come as no surprise.  The call was made by Eric Holder, without
        informing anyone at the FBI.  Mr. Holder has a long history of
        politically and racially motivated decisions and this was the kind of thoroughly misguided stunt I would expect from him.

      1. K-Bob SHARMY67 – what we have is a BRITISH leftist, don’t you know?!  Look what they have done to a once prosperous Britain that used to control the world.

    7. SHARMY67 Why are you leftists always so racist? What does the color of someone’s skin have to do with anything? No need to assume that he is retarded and can’t be criticized for his sucking up to terrorists just because his sperm donor was an itinerant Kenyan. You’ve definitely been smacked with a gob.

  4. Sheer –
    I agree no one should jump to conclusions even if it is a name like “Malik Zulu Shabazz”& that it could’ve been some sort of group tour. However, the .csv file downloaded from the White House at the time showed access type as “residence”.  Couple that w/the fact the Administration essentially refused to comment to the few reporters who inquired about it.  That was back in the day when reporters were licking the Administration’s shoes even worse than they are now.  Also – fyi – “William Ayers” was also on the list w/the same type of access.  It of course could’ve been another person w/the same name granted White House residence access or “just that guy in Obama’s neighborhood” who he supposedly barely knew.

  5. There are real problems with this White House visitor list.  Is this the Abdurahman Alharbi we think it is.  I’m not convinced.

    We know that the smiley-faced Saudi entered the US on August 28, 2012.
    But this White House List has three entries with his name… one entry for 2009 and two overlapping entries for October 2011.
    Mr. smiley-faced Saudi would have been what… sixteen years old on his first visit.  Of course it is possible that he came to the US for a visit in the preceding years, but officially anyway, his original entry to the US was for school August 2012.  So it may be difficult to get a hard fact from this White House list.  Bummer.

  6. Ok, I have a few points. I might add that I’ve done quite of genealogical research (my family, non-professional). One thing I’ve learned is you can’t just jump at a name no matter how unusual it is. Often you have to find multiple examples to make sure you have the right person. So:

    1) Are we sure this is the same guy? Yea, the name is the same, but even though it may sound unique to us, it may not be that unique.
    2) What isn’t shown, but is in the record, is that (if him) he was part of a group tour. That’s hardly special access. He’s also in a photo jumping in front of the Magic Kingdom in Disney world. You could take that he wants to make that the next target, or that he’s just happy visiting “the greatest place on earth.”

    3) I am less suspicious of Moo-chele’s visit. They went around visiting everyone and snapping photos on their usual campaign sweep (although I’ve yet to see them go to West, TX and I’m not holding my breath), but they want to keep the blue-staters happy.

    1. SheerPolitics   Agreed… about the Alharbi name… see my post above yours.
      But regarding Michelle O’Zero’s visit with Alharbi, to chalk it up to a general visit to the “sick” in hospital is problematic on a number of levels:
      First: Alharbi was on a bonafide Terrorist list known as a 212-B3 National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC).  This is an extremely serious designation.  Secondly, for a FLOTUS to visit a “suspect/witness/victim/Saudi Playboy” on top of a 212-B3 tagged suspect runs counter to every security and safety concern for a President and his family.
      Something else is going on.

  7. Thanks for this information.  I just sent the following to both of my Senators and my Congressman.  I am really tired of being lied to on a daily basis and if we let this administration coddle and cozy up to terrorists, we’re going to end up with a 9-11 repeat.

    I respectfully request that you question the Department
    of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano under oath regarding the status
    and whereabouts of  Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi.  I want to know why he
    was allowed entry into this country without vetting, why he was listed as a 212
    3B in the NCTC system, what the agents found during the 9 hour search of his
    apartment and the 5 hour questioning of his roommates, why an individual or
    individuals tried to amend and then destroy his event file, why the State
    Department issued an order that no one now have access to his event file, why
    the Secret Service allowed FLOTUS to be in the hospital with him, and most
    importantly, where is he now?
    I expect you as my representative to aggressively pursue
    answers to these questions and to act against those responsible for a cover up
    and perjury.

    1. Pyrran   This is a great short, sweet, and succinct letter.  I suggest others use it a model to their congressmen as well.   Good stuff.

    2. Pyrran Thank you. May I share this with others? I actually have a group of people who would like to send your wording around and get others to contract their Senators and Congressmen.

    3. I sent one as well from another site..yee haw you go Pyrran from the good ole state of Texas!

      1. ImacowgirlinTucson Yes, I am a native Texan.  I shoot guns and ride horses and all those other terrible things.  We’re easygoing, but we don’t take kindly to being lied to.

        1. I love Texas..and Texans!  Yee haw!
          Going out to feed those ole nags now Pyrran..take care.

  8. Thank you for having a link to this. When I saw this on Facebook, I tried to find it on the whitehouse website and couldn’t. I always want to make sure this stuff is right…now I can share…

    1. MarieCowsert1 I’m glad they posted this also.  I find it very difficult to go through the WH list of who visited.  Thousands of entries to search.

      1. thatsitivehadenough  You can just click on the search icon in the upper right and a box comes down. I was even able to find people with my family name (which is not common at all) so that was fun.

        1. SheerPolitics thatsitivehadenough Ok, thanks.  It’s been several years since I used it, so maybe they added a search tab.

  9. Earlier in 2009 or 2010, Malik Zulu Shabazz, head of New Black Panther Party, was also on the White House visitors log, specifically to the White House residence.  After the leader of the Philly chapter campaigned to kill all white people including “cracker babies”, someone must’ve realized it’d be a good idea to scrub.

  10. I am sure this will go much further than Benghazi because the information has already been exposed, locked in safes of Glen Becks contacts.  and the evidence is incontrovertible.  Surprise surprise, you’re busted.

  11. I think this is the most rational thing I’ve read yet….
    A time for patience

    1. yes, rational but I think, highly unlikely, due to the media, the apparant insider ties to DHS & WH.  Like I read further down, I think now that we have bomber#2 this will go no further than Benghazi or F&F.  This guy will take the fall & all “will be put to bed” so Oweblamer can travel & golf & spread his lies.

      1. GWShrub You’re probably right, at least as far as justice goes. This administration and republicans included, have shown that they have no stomach for justice nor securing our homeland, nor deterring jihadists from entering our country. And we will be hit again, and again and again, because the American people also haven’t the stomach to elect leaders with  a moral backbone.
        So, why fret? America has gotten what she wants. Today, a poll was conducted that puts  Barack Insane at 52% approval. This tells me that the majority of Americans are nothing but a bunch of stupid idiots. A nation of idiots is a nation whose days are numbered.

  12. The Blaze is reporting that the Abdulrahman Alharbi that visited the WH — if the same one each time, and the same as the one in question — was in large groups, the smallest of which was 18. Could he be visiting the WH with large groups as a cover? Maybe. But if they were secretly plotting, wouldn’t they just not put him on the guest list?

    1. schuellerj Or they would put him in with a large group to hide the real reason for the visit.  Might be easier than arranging a private off book visit.

  13. The media is owned by some very bad GLOBAL tyrants and they are very, very powerful. They got a tool into the White House to carry all this crap out. They cant lose him so they direct their hit men and women(the media) to start a frenzy or a global freeze of information.
    NONE of this will change anything till the media gets its a$$ kicked. The only thing that will reset things is if something very bad happens. Very bad. Boston made people look up from their iPhones but their will be something much worse, inevitably, and that’s when we will see a country turn.

    1. Maybe if one of those in the govt. have their eight year old murdered in the next attack , they’ll understand how serious this is. This Congress is responsible for that little boy’s death. They did nothing to stop Obama’s lawlessness.

  14. Well this says it all. These people get access to the White House which the nations children will not on their summer vacations.

    1. AmberGirl3
      UNLESS you like a JAZZ concert!

    2. AmberGirl3 Other then the name listed is quit common and tour of the WH went on for how long?

      Dumb, dumb, dumb duuuumb

      1. Glenn Beck Conspiracy: Abdul Rahman Ali AlHarbi Is Osama Bin Laden’s Son Hamza?

        1. stage9 Just to be clear, Beck has not made any connection in this to Bin laden despite the misleading title above.

        2. bill81361 stage9 What does it prove? That conspiracies take on a life of their own when irrational minds are involved.

  15. We are as likely to get as far with this investigation as we are with either Fast & Furious or Benghazi (where just the other day you had a Congressional report that called Hillary Clinton a liar). Given that the mainstream media really couldn’t care less about anything that could make Obama look bad, I’m beginning to think we should just not pay attention to whatever they do until the 2014 midterm elections, when we have at least a chance to take back the Senate and keep the House in Republican hands. Other than that, none of these investigations, though interesting, are going to go anywhere.

    1. Libertyship46 
      I wonder if this a new program run a muck
      Maybe Michelle handed out MARTHA STEWART – PRESSURE COOKERS!
      In order  to assure proper nutrition.

    2. Libertyship46 What part of Benghazi is too difficult for you to understand? What piece of information is missing?

        1. AmericanborninCanada Jelly Bean Raider Libertyship46 Weak! Is that all you have? You have nothing to back up your idiot laced retoric, then dragging these fine men’s names up? Tell me, have you read the After Action?
          Other then hiding behind real men, those who dies, what else do you have to offer? Is the troll the person who can speak to the issue? OK.. I’ll be your troll. Better then removing all doubt that you are truly ignorant.

  16. Regarding the Beck stuff along with this… none of it really matters if opponents of this admin can not clearly and intelligently convince the American people, and have them remember it come election time, that there is something wrong here.  Obama, et al, will contrive a story that will be acceptable to the majority of Americans. I doubt the remaining major cable networks and TV networks will change their “allegiance”.
    We’ve seen this already with many other important issues.
    Not to mention there would need to be some GOP with courage to do anything to make this count.  This may be the toughest of all to accomplish.

    1. The GOP will do nothing. Politicians will do nothing. They’ve the same handlers that brought these men in to kill.

      The crimes incidents get more brazen and severe. We are being openly mocked. The only opponents of this administration are We the People.

  17. I’m surprised our Messiah-In-Chief doesn’t just break out his prayer rug. This is incredible and no one will report on it. Then again, I guess it wouldn’t matter if they did, it isn’t like anyone really pays attention to the news anyway.

  18. I never thought or govt would be hatboring terrorists right in DC! You Obama voters must be so thrilled!

  19. In Boston they wash the feet of the muslim and send in the preezy’s rump muncher to message the little princes’s bruised, simian ego. But, as for American vermin-control specialist in dung spewed, Half canned-ass-istan, they have a whole different hospitality idea for bed-sheeted, child-murdering babboons:
    (They pay-off shot occurs near the end of the 1 min vid.)

      1. sDee Ine Great one- I’m his newest subscriber 
        In the novel Little Big Man,” old Lodge Skins once remarked, “She [his newest wife] also has a very soft skin. The only trouble with snake women is they copulate with horses, which makes them strange to me. She say’s she doesn’t. That’s why I call her “Doesn’t Like Horses”. But, of course, she’s lying..” 
        According to the kid, it ounds like Brooklyn mus have a similar problem. Is there a cab with a license plate that reads” “Doesn’t like rats?” Probably not, but then, of course, they are all  liars.

  20. Holy moly….let’s get this out there everywhere.  Thanks Scoop.  This is some of the back up Beck needs on what he has.

  21. Talk about alter reatlity. Tis is te Twilight Zone. Take any one document that TRS has up today, let alone all of them together,  and we’ve got major unprecedented headline material like never exposed.
    Shoebat’s, facebook capture, Beck’s event file, M’obama’s hospital visit, the White House visitor log.
    Silence of the state media is not surprising. Drudge’s however, is.

  22. I’d recommend seeing DVD by Joel Gilbert “Dreams from my Real Father” documenting Obama true birth father, his subversive background and relationships, if you have the courage.  Nothing this man does surprises me, and what his is yet to do will shock and surprise many.

  23. What the heck is going on here??  Why aren’t republicans raising this issue?  Do we have any representation in washington??

    1. rick2340 I think you are beginning to get a feel for exactly what is important to the National Socialist Republican’s Party. The Obammerrhoid is a shill, a front monkey, a commie, paperdoll throw-away for the Bush-Nazi Republicans, McCain, Graham, et al.

      1. WordsFailMe rick2340 The strings are being pulled by the WW communist movement.  That’s why they want Guns Controlled and why Obama was so pissed.  The Republicans are stupid shills and are easily manipulated.

        1. MikeHarlow63 WordsFailMe rick2340  You and me and about 4 more get it. I am beginning to believe their is hope for the Republic! Thank you.

      2. rick2340 Can vouch for the source, but my wife just told me that MSNBC had recently expressed that Jeb “Butt Head” Bush would be a good choice for the Republican Bush-Nazi Party in 2016. Sieg Heil, ya’ll.

    2. rick2340 I hate to be frank with you … if the Republicans can barely fight Obamacare and vote to fund it … do you really think they are going to touch this issue?

    3. The Republicans are not Conservative…they are just run of the mill politicians, we have to support the Tea Party.

      1. Are you not aware that the Tea Party do not have a political party yet? It’s like saying ‘The Democrats are not liberal, so we have to support Mormanism’………. Put your thinking cap on before you type shit.

        1. Really? …here’s some more “shit” for thought. Here are some Tea Party politicians that are currently in office: Steve King-Iowa, Michele Bachman-MN, John Kasich-OH, Jim DeMint-So. Carolina, Nikki Haley-So. Carolina, Ted Kruz-Texas, Ron Paul-Texas, Eric Cantor-Virginia, just to name a few. Next time try being respectful, more informed and don’t attack others in a public forum.

  24. Notice that all 3 occasions the visit was listed as part of a group tour.  On 2 of the visits, the middle initial is “S” and only once is it “A” as it should be.

        1. New Media indeed. Hold not your breath for the Old Media.
          No  doubt the “4th Pillar” is hard at work supporting the Republic in their most essential role.
          Ooop! Almost forgot! / sarc

    1. He has personally shown the true heart of America.
      This is what we’re fighting for.
      Millions of stories like this play out all over America daily. Firemen, Policemen and ordinary citizens show us daily why America and Americans are exceptional.
      We will eliminate the evil rot that has infested our Nation.
      God bless him and his future life.

    2. colliemum thanks for that link, it brought tears to my eyes.  God will use Jeff and the other wounded victims to bring glory to His name, it’s obvious He is already at work doing just that.  Ephesians 3:20 praying this for all the families involved in this act of terror.  Honestly, I’m glad the little twirp, “Suspect #2”, failed at killing himself, now he can see that what he meant for evil, GOD will use for good. 
      Yes, Jeff Bauman is a Hero!

  25. America… we have a problem.
    But we knew that already, didn’t we all?
    Out of words the last few miserable days.   Still out of words.

  26. The Obamas are involved up to their necks in the Boston bombing. Nor saying they knew the plan but they personally knew one or more of the players as evidenced by this revelation. Seems like they have opened their door and their hearts to our enemies. As “W” said you either with us or against us and the current administration is against us.

  27. Vegetables…
    Obviously Michelle ‘First Momma’ Obama went to the hospital to make sure AbdulRahman Ali Al-Harbi was getting AND eating ALL of his vegetables.
    Why else would BHObama allow… encourage… order… ‘First Momma’ to visit a terrorist in the hospital?

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