Say His Name: Tucker & Nancy Grace take up Cannon Hinnant story; Why haven’t the media covered this story? What about it don’t they like?’

Say his name: Cannon Hinnant. That’s the name of the 5-year-old boy murdered in North Carolina last week by a black man, execution style, in his front yard in the middle of the day.

It’s a story you don’t hear on any liberal national media. But you would if the races were reversed, said commentator Matt Walsh this week in a tweet that was retweeted almost 50,000 times.

It’s funny how a few people tweeting that they are offended by butter can show up on CNN in 4 minutes flat, but this murder that has outraged and shocked a nation doesn’t merit a peep.

Well it got a peep today from Tucker Carlson and Nancy Grace. “Maybe this crime will get the entire country to pause and ask where are we going,” said Tucker.


“The question is why haven’t the media covered this story? What about it don’t they like?” he asked rhetorically.

Gee, I wonder.

“You’re right, this case has not been covered, and I wonder why too,” said Grace before laying out the case. “I predict this will be death penalty case.”

“I’ve said many times, and I mean it that I don’t think you should draw broad societal conclusions from a single horrific crime, the media specializes, obviously, in that and some of those conclusions are misleading if not lies,” Tucker said. “But to ignore something completely — and they ignore murders every day on the south side of Chicago as well — you really get the feeling that news coverage is guided purely by political imperatives. Purely!”

And that is the answer right there and y’all know it. This story doesn’t serve their narrative, it cuts against it.

Innocent white child? No such thing.

“What about justice in this case, what about my children and your children? They deserve to get just as much attention about all the other headlines,” said Grace.

Darn right.

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