Saying it OUT LOUD: WaPo writer on MSNBC wants ‘RULES’ for PRESS to stop treating Republicans as NORMAL

For decades, the media’s contempt for Republican officials and voters (not to mention anyone matching the base’s demographics, such as identifying as conservative or religious) could be described as “barely-concealed.” But in the last 5 years or so that has moved straight into “not concealed at all.” And since Biden took office?

The new rule is “brag about it and act like it’s ethical.” And it is new rules that WaPo’s Jen Rubin tweeted about, new “ground rules” she says, for how now to treat Republicans in the press: “normal.”

“I think what you are saying is absolutely right,” said the MSNBC reporter.

First: Good GRIEF can you honestly believe how obnoxious that woman’s voice is? My ears are bleeding.

Second: Of COURSE she smacks parents while she’s at it. That’s how the Dems roll, now.

Third: This is what they really want to do. They want to prevent people even HEARING any conservative or republican message.

Fourth: the mainstream media STILL tries pass Rubin off as a “conservative.” Is there any better example of their propaganda?

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