Scaramucci calls Trump administration A CULT, and calls Trump a CANCER

The mainstream media’s favorite former Trump administration guy Anthony Scaramucci is mooching it up in the media after el Trumpo shut him out of the White House. IN this contentious interview on Fox News, he tries defending his astounding turnabout.

What a skunk. In the interview he compares the Trump admin to a cult, and he literally says that he’s a very loyal person! LOL!! Pathetic. Then later in the interview he says Trump is a cancer, but then also he’s really good on taxes and the economy. What? LOL!

Even people on the left think he is an untrustworthy scumbag but the media is parading him around as their desperate effort to smack down el Presidente Trumpo. Except they’re gonna keep tossing these desperate sad sacks against Trump. This kind of stuff isn’t gonna work. Scaramucci is too easily discredited, and the dude only spent 11 days in the admin. WHO CARES what this attention hooer says?

Anyway, that’s it for Sunday. Hope you had a great weekend! Have an open thread and tell us all about it.

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Ya’ll have a good Monday. Remember, make your life more about the good and excellent things you love, than the evil things you hate. You’ll be happier that way….

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49 thoughts on “Scaramucci calls Trump administration A CULT, and calls Trump a CANCER

  1. CNN may have bigger problems than Scaramuccis bipolar reputation. An eyewitness has corroborated Don Lemons gross perverted sexual assault.

  2. Why does anyone listen to the Mooch? He’s a fraud and is all about himself. He claims to be loyal, but if calling your previous boss a cancer is loyal, I’d hate to see what he’s like to a fellow human being.

  3. Not many people let me speechless, but Scaramucci does. Is he being blackmailed? I cannot believe what he is doing. He is like the hand that rocked the cradle.

  4. Omg, Walmart controls half of the USA. Is there a secret handshake that only management knows?

    1. Somehow I think that may be exaggerated. Amazon didn’t make the cut and they employ a lot of people, even though we don’t see them. Their distribution centers are popping up all over and soon they’ll take over delivery. Too bad, I love making my dumb @$$ mailman carry lots of books because he always leaves the mailbox open and doesn’t deliver my bills.

    1. Didn’t he get fired after 11 days on the job? I’ve got that beat. On my 2nd day of a part time job in high school I called the manager an a-hole and got canned.

  5. Anyway since this is an open thread, it seems Netflix is trying to own the 80’s with Voltron, She-Ra, and the recently announced He-Man cartoon. Which 80’s property would you like to see revived?

    1. Voltron was pretty damn awesome, except for right at the very end when they gayed up Shiro for no reason or plot-related purpose whatsoever.

      Even then, the overall story was still good – but what a friggin’ derailment to kick-shove the viewer out of the suspension of reality we were all enjoying.

  6. Educating Liberals
    Dear “Antifa”

    Using violence to shut down free speech is called fascism, yet you hypocrites practice it religiously.

    And wearing masks is what criminals do. Oh wait…. you ARE criminals & you don’t want to be identified/prosecuted for assault.

    Go try this sh*t in TX.

  7. @soopermexican:disqus said: “Remember, make your life more about the good and excellent things you love, than the evil things you hate. You’ll be happier that way….” So true! Hope you can spread this message far and wide.

  8. Remember, make your life more about the good and excellent things you love, than the evil things you hate. You’ll be happier that way….

    Thank you, Sooper! Nicely said!

  9. Millennial Review? What do they review, foo-foo coffee drinks and ironic lumberjack beards?

  10. Anthony Scorchmark. Or Skidmark if you prefer, whatever you call that embarrassing stain in underwear in your area.

  11. Sourpussy is a typical disgruntled employee. The turd was fired over not performing at his job and now his feelings are hurt. Poor baby boy.

  12. I’m fine with someone not liking Trump, but Trump isn’t any different than he has been all along. What’s different is this guy after getting the boot. He’s obviously butt hurt.

  13. Interesting how many universities are the largest employers in many states. Add in local school districts and the puzzle is complete. Teacher’s unions and the education complex are a behemoth voting block almost entirely determined to bring us into Socialism. They have the numbers and political sway to do it more than the auto unions ever could have dreamed of.

  14. So this is what a pathetic attempt to be relevant with a desperate call for attention looks like

  15. I just heard two radio newspeople talking about Alexa and similar devices. And I thought that my smart phone and GPS were making me intellectually lazy. Wow, if we ever lose our electronics, some people are going to be as lost as the antifa guy who couldn’t burn the flag because he didn’t know how matches worked.

  16. Can someone tell me why this comment would be put on hold over at BB?

    “Major consideration”???? It seems there are 2 Senators who take this George Soros backed, anarchist group of people more serious than President Trump. Sen. Bill Cassidy and Sen. Ted Cruz has called for investigations into the group, under RICO laws, and investigation into the mayor of Portland. Why are you considering it President Trump, when you should be labeling what it for what is a Terrorist Group.

    1. I think because you named George Soros. I have seen many comments there decrying the fact you can’t name him (or a couple others I can’t recall).

    2. Breitbart sucks, since the boss left, they have pussies doing their speech police work. I haven’t read that rag in a year.

  17. How Scarymoochi got a job at the WH in the first place is mind boggling considering he was an Obama fan, and worked on HIS campaign!

  18. Screw the Mooch, aka Avenatti’s illegitimate ADD child is a media wh*re, like a yapping Chihuahua who won’t get off your ankle til it gets kicked across the yard and into the next zip code.

    Now that’s something to see.. I can’t wit til Pres Trump sends him flying..

  19. What’s the going rate for Trump bashing these days?
    The Mooch must be broke and his book not selling well.
    “Cult”….???? Deprogrammed….???
    Butt hurt over that China deal, eh, Mooch?

    He reminds me of that song: Short people
    They got little hands
    And little eyes
    And they walk around
    Tellin’ great big lies
    They got little noses
    And tiny little teeth
    They wear platform shoes
    On their nasty little feet — Randy Newman

  20. Sourpussy has his itty bitty feelings hurt by that big bad president who fired him for being incompetent. WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH

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