Scarborough loses it, says “no way” Rick Perry can win general election

No wonder the White House digs “Morning Joe” so much. This is the kind of stuff they love to hear, especially when it comes from a purported “conservative” like Joe Scarborough.

But of course, Scarborough is overlooking the fact that whoever wins the GOP nomination will be running against an unpopular, miserable failure of a President in Barack Obama. Any Republican stands at least a chance to win in November 2012, and that certainly includes Rick Perry. One Democrat pollster even admits now that Obama is no longer favored to win reelection. Period. So much for the benefit of incumbency, although in Obama’s case it’s more like the albatross of incumbency. Lucky him.

Seems to me that Obama has a bigger general election problem on his hands than Rick Perry.

Via Newsbusters:

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