School calls POLICE on 7-yr-old for sharing Bible Verses, Superintendent now investigating


When the founders wrote the first amendment of the Constitution, it was to protect free exercise of religion. But thanks to political correctness and liberal indoctrination over the years, we have stupid people trying to squash religion wherever they find it in the public forum.

And in this case, it culminated in calling the police to the home of a 7-year-old boy because he was sharing Bible verses at school:

CHRISTIAN POST – A California public school called a Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff in Palmdale to reprimand a 7-year-old student for handing out Bible verses, warning that such actions are “offensive.”

Santa Monica Observer reported that the student, who attends Desert Rose Elementary, had been handing out Bible verses given to him in the form of short notes from his mother, Christina Zavala, alongside his lunch.

The young boy distributed the Bible verses while standing on a public sidewalks outside the school.

He also shared other verses and short Bible stories among his friends, until a first-grade teacher saw one of those notes. The teacher reportedly publicly rebuked the boy, and then called his parents, warning them that such actions go against the separation of church and state.

The boy, however, allegedly continued to distribute Bible verses out at the school gate, and subsequently he and his parents were told by the school’s principal that what they were doing is not permitted.

Later that day, a Los Angeles deputy sheriff went to the family’s home to inform the parents that Desert Rose Elementary School had filed a report against the child for sharing Bible verses.

To call this ridiculous would be a severe understatement.

Thankfully, the superintendent of this school is very concerned about what transpired here and is now investigating:

The superintendent of a California school district told TheBlaze that he is “concerned” and has commissioned a “speedy investigation” after claims that an elementary school sent a cop to a 7-year-old’s home to try and ban him from handing out Bible verses.

“I am very concerned about this incident,” Raul Maldonado, superintendent of Palmdale School District in Palmdale, California, told TheBlaze in a statement. “I have directed that a speedy investigation be conducted, and I can assure you that all appropriate action will be taken once the facts are known.”

The purported incident unfolded at Desert Rose Elementary School, with the Liberty Counsel, a conservative legal firm, demanding that the school “correct an outrageous violation” of the “first grader’s constitutional rights.”

If I were superintendent, both the principal and the teacher would be looking for new jobs over their outrageous actions here. No doubt about it.

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