Schumer scaremongers that climate change will be worse than COVID, but here’s what he’s really saying…

Chucky Schmucky Schumer is out there scaremongering again in order to sell Biden’s horrible multi-trillion dollar bill, this time claiming that the effects of climate change would be worse than COVID in 2020:

Schumer says: “Last year with Covid was awful. But in a few years, because of climate change, each year will be worse than COVID and each year will be worse than the next if we don’t do anything about it.”

If you read between the lines, what Schumer is saying here is pretty damn scary. No, not because of climate change. What Schumer is really saying is that if you thought the government made your life a living hell because of COVID, wait until they start doing it in the name of climate change.

That’s right! Wait until the government says you can’t drive that nice car you bought because of climate change. Instead you’ll have to ride the bus now.

Wait until they tell you that you can’t use cheap coal-driven electricity in your home now. You’ll have to buy expensive solar panels to power your home. Good luck on cloudy days!

And on and on it will go. You like red meat? Can’t have it any more because climate change!

Maybe I’m too cynical, but that’s exactly what I hear Schumer saying when he spews this authoritarian nonsense.

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