“Scientists are absolutely UNANIMOUS on this!” – Beto says we’ve only got 12 years to fix Climate Change!

Beto O’Rourke has gone all in on the Green New Deal, preaching apocalyptic scenarios if we don’t deal with Climate Change in the next 12 years.

He even claims that scientists are absolutely unanimous that we only have 12 years to do something about it.


Democrats used to tell us that 97% of scientists believed the earth was heating up. Now it’s 100%?

What happened to the other 3%, were they killed or something?

Democrats have been telling us for ages that the science is settled and that almost every climate scientist on the planet believes we are cooking the earth to death. But it’s all based on a bogus study from 2013 by some climate hack.

But now Beto takes it one step further and claims that “scientists are absolutely unanimous” on this! That we only have 12 years or we’re all DOOOOOOMED!

It’s a pathetic attempt to try and manipulate people into getting their vote. Instead of presenting actual facts, Beto does what every other socialist Democrat does and just gives them apocalyptic hype.

There is absolutely no substance to his candidacy. But hey, he’s the next Obama so everybody come vote for him so he can make AOC his new Climate Change Secretary!!!!

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