Scoop’s Catholic Corner: What does it mean to be “born again”?

I ran across this video tonight from professor and Dr. Brant Pitre and I just loved it so much I had to share it.

The focus of Pitre’s remarks is regarding Baptism in the Bible and how it is necessary for salvation. But Pitre also addresses, near the beginning of the video, what Jesus means when he says you must be “born again”.

The short answer isn’t just accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. But rather “born again” means being baptized with water and receiving the Holy Spirit.

Pitre explains it below and I strongly encourage you to listen to the first 6 minutes of the video:

I know many people in the evangelical or protestant world won’t have any issues what much of this video, as they recognize baptism as necessary for salvation.

And even if they don’t, most of the time they do it anyway because Jesus said people should be baptized.

But growing up I remember in my church never being told that baptism was necessary for salvation. Sure, I was baptized when I was near 20 in our church baptismal, but it seemed to me then to be a good thing to do but not completely necessary.

So I post this to ensure that any of my Christian readers, both Catholic and non-Catholics, understand that one must be baptized to inherit the Kingdom of God. It is what Jesus told Nicodemus and this is the passage Pitre explains in the beginning of the video that is well worth your time.

As always, be respectful of those with differing opinions.

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