Scott Walker: Why is Trump using Democrat LIES to attack me?

Donald Trump keeps saying that Scott Walker has a $2.2 billion dollar deficit in Wisconsin, but Scott Walker says that is completely untrue and wonders why Trump continues to use Democrat talking points that are false in order to attack him:

So I went over to Politifact to see as Walker suggested, and sure enough, they give this claim by Trump a MOSTLY FALSE:

Mixing apples and oranges, Trump said that under Walker, Wisconsin “projected a $1 billion (budget) surplus and it turns out to be a deficit of $2.2 billion.”

There was in early 2014 a projection of a $1 billion surplus heading into the 2015-’17 budget period. Late in 2014, there was a projection of a $2.2 billion shortfall — the difference between expected revenues and the amount of money being requested by state agencies. But the shortfall was never a deficit — and some of the surplus was consciously spent by Republicans, as tax cuts.

For a statement that contains only an element of truth and ignores critical facts that would give a different impression, our rating is Mostly False.

I didn’t like it when Perry mischaracterized Trump and I don’t like that Trump is repeating a lie about Scott Walker. If Trump knew anything about Wisconsin he’d know they cannot have a deficit, that they must balance the budget every year by law. And in the year that Trump is citing, Wisconsin had enough revenues that they returned some of the surplus to their citizens in the form of a tax cut.

Politifact explains more here, but Trump really needs to do his research and not be so careless.

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