Screenshots: Michelle Malkin attacked on twitter from Alec Baldwin and his rabid followers

For all of you who weren’t on twitter last night, Alec Baldwin decided to instruct all of his followers to tweet Michelle Malkin over the Troy Davis execution, calling her a “world class, crypto facist hater!”. And the onslaught of hate tweets began. I managed to capture a smattering, some of which Michelle retweeted for public record. I also posted a new link above, Tweeting Michelle Malkin, so you can see and the hate tweets Michelle will be getting in the coming days.

CONTENT WARNING as many of these tweets contain vulgar language:

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320 thoughts on “Screenshots: Michelle Malkin attacked on twitter from Alec Baldwin and his rabid followers

  1. Michelle, you have a supporter and listener The liberal left claims you are a hater, I think not. Just look at all the liberal hate messages above. Give em hell lady. We love you. And RESPECT your views.

  2. Aside from the abysmal spelling and punctuation of these spiteful people who objected to Michele Malkin’s views of the Troy Davis execution, I don’t recall such concern over the other execution that night. The animal who dragged James Byrd to death was executed in Texas. I must have missed all the protest coverage for that one.

    Another note, the media makes it sound as though all of the prosecution witnesses recanted. Hmmm, 7-9 of 34 does not quite come up to 100%, does it? They must be as challenged as our president, whose stellar math skills make him think that $250K = $1 Million.

  3. Forget all the he saud she said…….. Why would you pick one side of the argument or other……. He was tried……… Convicted…….. Appealed……. Failed appeal……
    If that was your mother or father killed, would you feel any different than the way you do?

  4. love how conservatives are complete assholes to liberals 99% of the time and when we fight back they jump into victim mode, pathetic

  5. If these were actual liberal comments, instead of right-wingers trying to project their racism onto us, they would be spelled correctly. That said, Malkin is a sorry excuse for a human being and her vile comments and despicable hyperbolic and hateful rhetoric won’t go tolerated indefinitely. Eventually, karma will come knocking.

  6. Most leftists are losers in life and in love, so they sublimate their failures in the confrontational ideology of the left. So, when they are confronted by a conservative who also happens to be an attractive woman that wouldn’t give them the time of day, all of their pent up issues of sexual frustration and personal failure burst forth in a tsunami of vile hatred. Just look at the thumbnails of those that dare put their real pictures up – post-modern cretins, all of them.

  7. While I hate the use of some of the words and implications, I have to say it is about time that the left shows some Balls!

    Of course the right denigrates the left for being “latte drinking, hand wringing elitists” but then gets all offended when the left shows that they can rant and name call with the best of the right.

    Andrew Breitbart can say “Conservatives have the guns, bring on the Liberals” but he and the rest of the right better understand that reality plays out WAY different than their rhetoric.

  8. One more reason I don’t watch so many Hollywood hotshot’s movies…they are so full of hate. Why would I want to put my money into their pockets? So typical of the liberal left….

  9. The progressive liberals prove again and again. They are the HATERS, RACIST, SEXIST, ELITIST they always claim conservatives are… now with twitter & facebook we actually have written proof how much the so called enlighten really are no more enlighten that cavemen. Remember Alec Baldwin with his satanist rant screaming at his 12 year old daughter. He is nothing more than an overpaid, over-rated actor. He feels guilty for making all that money when he knows deep down inside he is a worthless human being.

  10. My greatest concern is that these people writing these remarks will act out. These are some desperate sick people. This is what happens when you give sick cowards the freedom of speech without consequences. Freedom of speech is a two edged sword.

  11. My greatest concern is that these people writing these remarks will act out. These are some desperate sick people. This is what happens when you give sick cowards the freedom of speech without consequences. Freedom of speech is a two edged sword.

  12. Let’s see, the lefties use racist language and that is okay; Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter both wrote about the execution and they both expressed essentially the same thing, “It’s about time.”
    The fact is, he should have been executed within three years of his conviction. I am distressed at how some on the left believe it is quite permissible to kill a defenseless infant in the womb, then try to use the sixth Commandment from YHVH as a reason not to execute a confessed cop killer.
    YHVH does not say, Thou shalt not kill.” The Hebrew word is, “murder.” All murder is killing, not all killings are murder. To use their logic, Messiah should not have been executed by the Romans. Where would we be without the shed blood of Messiah? Without a hope in the world.
    Shame on Alec Baldwin and his hypocrisy and all of those who followed his lead. Perhaps Alex should consider that incitement of a criminal action, some of the tweets could be taken as personal threats, is a criminal offense.
    Words have meaning Alex; your criminal activity will come back to bite you on the tuchas. I for one, have cancelled my Capitol One cards because you are their spokesperson. If enough people do it, you will find yourself without a job.

  13. Oh please. Yes, these are AWFUL, awful remarks said about a woman who, while she may be disliked, did not deserve these comments. To act as though a few misguided teenagers compose the liberal movement and that they are all this way is a blatant farce. GROW UP.

  14. Geez. I can’t imagine going through life being so ugly and hateful. This is beyond the pale hate, and 99% of the time, it’s always the left spouting it. Absolutely unacceptable slobs.

  15. Malkin gets the hate and vitriol the old fashioned way; she EARNS it.

    What a vile excuse for a human being. Oh, wait, is that sexists?

  16. Aw, look at all you poor little neocon fuckheads. The minute someone from another ideology uses the same exact vitriol you use, you get mad.

    You pathetic lowlifes disgust me. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it

  17. Five will get you ten that most of the more vile posts are Rove / Koch troll operatives. Just a wild guess.

    1. Keep thinking that. Always having to rationalize the stupid behavior of liberals. All they know is name calling.

  18. I suspect most the more offensive posts are Karl Rove / Koch operatives doing their best to make libs look bad. Nothing new here.

  19. Hey, it just lets us know what the rules are. If the liberals are allowed to debate like this, I’m more than happy to return in kind.

  20. Why do these arguments always devolve into name-calling? Both sides are ignorant, racist hate-mongers? Really? Come on.

    I do not believe in the death penalty because it is state-sponsored, premeditated murder. The whole idea of some government employee pushing a button to kill a human being after months of planning creeps me out. There has also never been any kind of reliable study that has proven capital punishment to be a deterrent against crime. In fact, the states with the highest number of executions also happen to have the highest crime rates. Incidentally it also costs just as much (if not more because of the long legal process involved) to murder a person in jail as it does to keep them there for a life sentence (which average 40 years in prison).

    So why are we murdering people if murder is wrong? That’s all.

    Stop labeling Democrats and liberals as hateful and racist. We are all Americans and if y’all would stop shouting at each other for a minute I’m quite certain you’ll find that we all have more things in common with another than not. We also probably agree on the vast majority of issues. This nasty, useless destructive mud-slinging only hurts our country and degrades our society. The vast majority of us want the same things for our families, our communities and our nation.

    I do not condone murder…any murder. Taking a life is not something any human being should do. That is my opinion. If you disagree I’m sure you can find a way to tell me why without name-calling or dismissive labeling.

  21. I’ve said it, before, I’ll say it, again: liberals are racist scumbags. They pass laws that are racist at their core, they push policies that are deeply racist, and designed to reinstate slavery, though under color of the law. Notice how even Baldwin didn’t even really say that guy was innocent, but could only say “potentially innocent”. Notice how his flying monkeys couldn’t say anything of substance to attack her position on the execution, resorting, immediately, to racial slurs. She’s a fool, if she doesn’t forward a lot of these to the FBI, post haste, such as:

    “Expect us”

    I’ve had people do that to me, and I tell them all the same thing: “I’m waiting, and when you arrive, I will gun you down, and shoot you to death.”

    I hope her husband is on the ball, and not a wimp. If ANYONE suspicious comes around, they need to find themselves on the bad end of a shotgun.

    1. Then you’re an idiot. Mocking someone is a far cry from ethnic slurs. Did she call the Davis supporters “nigg*rs”? “Coons”? “Porch monkeys”? No? Then STFU and try at least ACTING like a man (though I’m sure I’m asking FAR too much of you).


  22. Type your comment 1 of 3 – These anti-execution people are so hurt by state-sanctioned murder that they are letting themsevles turn into what they hate most because now they sound like the people they despise for their crude, abusive politics and vicious behaviors. I too believe enjoying execution and salivating for someone’s death is humanity at it’s worst. I do not need to use racist slurs to point out how terribly mistaken it is to support a system that is KNOWN to deliberately and routinely make mistakes.

    How hard is it to understand that killing the wrong person should not comfort a victim’s family. If they are rational people it should drive them to despair because the real perpetrator is free and not punished or stopped at all. What kind of mentality just wants SOMEONE to pay and doesn’t care who it is? There is some defect or disconnect with reality in such mentality.

    1. 1: He was convicted by the evidence at hand.

      2: The state didn’t “murder” him. If you can’t understand the difference between an execution and a homicide, then you have no place in a room filled with adults.

      Though I would’ve re-investigated, based sheerly on the recanting of testimony, you can’t just blame ‘the state’. Obama could’ve intervened, too, and CHOSE NOT TO.

  23. I absolutely LOVE how the majority of comments here deign back to “convicted cop killer” when seven of the nine eyewitnesses RECANTED, as well as there being absolutely ZERO physical evidence used to convict Davis. Since FACTS don’t count much in conservative circles, why should ANYONE be fair in judging rushPUBIKkklans? Hence, this is where you can chalk up “vile” tweets and comments to your own blind vehemence. There are loads of Americans that are willing to “eye for an eye” with any vicious conservative. Don’t think for a second that you have the market cornered on drive, spirit, enthusiasm, or firearms. We just choose to use ours to call you out. Delivered.

  24. I do not condone the hate speech, however hypocrisy can and do come from both sides and it’s very cynical that this story has been twisted in this way…Conservatives based their beliefs in religion… not just any religion… or all religions in general… just the Christian religion and I believe every man should be measured by their standards and here’s my two cents: Christ was a man that even forgave the man who sentenced him to death, he held no hatred in his heart and all I see is conservatives throwing Christ’s teachings out the window when their satanic hatred and intolerance takes hold of them… There were many doubts as to the guiltiness of the executed man…however from my point of view this was an event manipulated by the family out of spite, to have someone punished and satisfy their vengeful thirst. They never took into consideration what if the man was not the right man? Anyone who claims to believe in Christ as conservatives do and feel that justice has been served is nothing other than a satanic hypocrite…we are not anyone to judge or condemn others. I do not know what kind of sick person gets the pleasure of seeing another man die in front of their eyes and feel good about… I tell you who wouldn’t… Jesus wouldn’t. The fact that this man was killed does not changed anyone’s existence.. it does not make you safer at night, it changes nothing about your reality other than on a given day, your thirst and desire to see someone die were satisfied…and as the drop slowly but surely fills the cup full… I can’t imagine what kind of individual you will becomes when your cup of satanic desires has been filled… And yes I expect to be replied with insults like ignorant with no standing point do…Insults don’t pay my bills so I can truly care less of you projecting on to me your hatred inside… let the demon come out…

    1. Apples and onions. Your argument is all over the road, and nowhere near making a point. Just because you’re personally forgiven, does not absolve you of guilt and responsibility for your own actions. People forgive murderers in open court, all the time, but when was the last time you heard one say that they didn’t want the murderer prosecuted and sent to prison? The Apostles were just as forgiving as Jesus was, and yet Jesus PERSONALLY ORDERED them to carry lethal weapons for their travels (Luke 22:36). He was not speaking metaphorically, but issuing a direct order. They can forgive anyone they wanted, but that didn’t mean that it was no longer their responsibility to protect themselves from thugs and murderers that were waiting on roadsides. David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam killer, has become a Born Again Christian, and you know what? He accepts full responsibility for his own actions, in the fact that he said that if the opportunity for parole were to come up, he would turn it down, based on the fact that he believes that if he were to walk free, it would further hurt the families of his victims. Now, me, I would’ve delayed the execution, pending further investigation of the possibility perjured and coerced testimony. However, that does not mean that the guy DIDN’T commit the crime. Its not your place to call anyone a hypocrite, and, quite frankly, you’re not smart enough to mentally cross swords with too many Conservatives that I know of, including on this site.

      We don’t know that he was innocent, but we do know that he was convicted by jury. You’re a hypocrite for not mentioning that.

      We don’t know that he’s a victim, but we do know that if Baldwin was so concerned with his fate, he could’ve ponied up a few bucks, sent the Gloria Alred the ambulance chaser down to visit him and take his case. I see you hypocritically don’t mention that.

      You don’t know why someone would feel satisfaction for watching an execution? Well, if you’d lost someone as I had to a drug dealing scumbag, and had said scumbag been apprehended, tried, convicted and sentenced to death, maybe upon seeing the scumbag that’d murdered the person you’d planned to marry face justice, you could understand such an elementary thing. I guess there are a lot of things that are just too high over your head to understand.

      1. We DO know that the jury have all said if they knew then what they know now they would never have convicted him so you are wrong about the hypocacy statement. It was in the story so why would he need to rmention it again?

        It may make some people feel better to see the guy who murdered a loved one die, but how can it be any good if he’s the wrong guy?

        I have often heard families say, after the execution, that it didn’t help with their grief and didn’t even make them feel better as they still didn’t have the one thing they longed for… their loved one back…It leaves room to correct mistakes and room to change your heart and maybe do some good for other people before you die, like Berkowitz has done.

        I am for life imprisonment because that is also take a life, lose your freedom to forever.

        The only 6 states in the world that kill their own citizens are also the most harsh, repressive, tyrannical, police state, regimes – Pakistan, China, Yemen, North Korea, Iran… and The United States… guess what that should be telling you, kiddies?

        1. “We DO know that the jury have all said if they knew then what they know now they would never have convicted him so you are wrong about the hypocacy statement. It was in the story so why would he need to rmention it again?” Strawman: I never said the jury wouldn’t have convicted with the recent evidence of possible witness tampering and perjury. In fact, if you were actually able to read, you’d see that in one response, I’d flat-out said that I would’ve delayed the execution, in favor of a more in-depth investigation of everyone involved, ranging from witnesses to the detectives. You’re not a hypocrite, you’re a poor debater and an illiterate.

          “It may make some people feel better to see the guy who murdered a loved one die, but how can it be any good if he’s the wrong guy?” Can you prove it was the wrong man? While I said that I’d re-open the investigation, I also mentioned in that same statement that that, in and of itself, does not clear the suspect. You can’t prove he DIDN’T do it. Like the garden variety liberal, you act and speak out of nothing but emotion, and bring no facts to the table, in any debate.

          “I have often heard families say, after the execution, that it didn’t help with their grief and didn’t even make them feel better as they still didn’t have the one thing they longed for… their loved one back…It leaves room to correct mistakes and room to change your heart and maybe do some good for other people before you die, like Berkowitz has done.” And so because you’ve heard second hand reports, that unscientific sampling shows that to be the feelings of the vast majority of the victims? Again, you bring nothing but emotion and empty words. You don’t need years to change; its always up to you to do so, and if you want to, you can do it, immediately. If you want to spend your money housing unrepentant murderers (like Tookie Williams, who refused to apologize for what he’d done), then fork over your money to the system. Me, I have better things to do with my hard earned money, such as keep myself going, and donate to charities and churches of my choice. I have no interest in giving a violent felon 3 hots and a cot, for life.

          “I am for life imprisonment because that is also take a life, lose your freedom to forever.” And I am sentenced to paying for the rest of your life for your upkeep. No thanks. Shut up and get in the chair.

          “The only 6 states in the world that kill their own citizens are also the most harsh, repressive, tyrannical, police state, regimes – Pakistan, China, Yemen, North Korea, Iran… and The United States… guess what that should be telling you, kiddies?” It tells you nothing. Each state has a radically different system of law and justice. Pakistan, Yemen, Iran: based off brutal, 7th century cavemen sharia. China’s is based off hard-line communism. North Korea: a bizarre combination of communism and draconian, absolutist, dictatorial personality cultism. The United States: a system of “innocent until proven guilty”, backed by a Constitution, and reinforced by the provision of a free-of-charge attorney, if you are indigent, and unable to provide for your own legal defense.

          You need to go back to Daily Kos, kiddie.

      Let me remind you that these vicious religious zealots are still a minority here.
      A majority of American xians believe they and not the state should decide on abortion within the privacy of their own families and beliefs. Most xians believe in Jesus’ teachings while thse extremists practice exactly the opposite of what he preached. There are hundreds of versions of the bible and there are thousands of xian sects….. What you say about th hate-based is true, but it is not everyone…

  25. I have a Twitter account but never use it. I think Twitter is the stupidest thing on the Internet. Obviously, lots of stupid people use it and then get their asses handed to them when they’re drunk on whatever — alcohol, politics, etc. — and tweet something that is outrageous and wrong. Doesn’t matter who you are. This Twittermania is ridiculous. Hell, e-mail is still my main form of communication.

  26. But what about the guy in Texas who was put to death for helping murder a black man? This killer had no remorse for what he did. Does this murderer deserve what he got? On the one hand you have a redneck who was proud of killing a black man and on the other hand you have a black man convicted of killing a cop but then witnesses recant and, thus, doubt is brought in. I think you give death to the remorseless killer and you give life in prison to Davis and possibly letting him go free if his case had been investigated further. It’s that simple.

    1. If killing is wrong it is wrong. All you need to do is remove the killer from society and never let him out. The state should never condone murder , especially by killoing it’s citizens. Remember we live in a country where many innocent people have been executed… evn with the DNA evidence, our system is so screwed that innocence is not enough to llet a man free… thanks to Antonon Scalia who made that change in the law… innocence is NOT an adequate excuse to let a man free because the system is not to be questioned… The original patriots must have rolled in their graves that day…. how twited is that!!!!!. Scalia is a monster. He was making laws to help kep men incarcerated because the privatized prisons profit from keeping them in. That is sick!!!

  27. Oh my God! Oh man, I love Alec Baldwin! Those tweets were the lowest comments I have seen all at once at one person! I was cracking up so hard! I hate that bitch Michele Malkin! I always hated her racist hateful ass! You guy destroyed her with those tweets by the 1000’s! Made my day and I KNOW she was in the corner crying too! I don’t tweet but damn, after this I might have to start!!

  28. It seems many of you have forgotten when Michelle posted up the contact information of Students Against War several years ago and the same vile threats took place at her urging. Please do not pretend you’re better. You’re not.

    1. She waa givng location to those who would do violence against other Americans for espressing thir opinions. just like she fingered this kid so the real killer could find him. She is dangerous and what she did used to be illegal, but now the NWO is in charge and citizens are not safe anymore. The anger her actions unleashed were deserved… she should have been arrested for encouraging violence and gicing location to the armed and angry.

  29. So where are the lies in those tweets about Malkin?? She’s got a filthy mouth and calling the kettle black? Oh woe is me you hypocrite. Give me a friggin’ break! Alec only reiterated what 99.9% of Americans believe….sans the FOX Republican Network employees.

  30. Hey…there are racist idiots on both sides of the isle…these message posters and michelle malkin included…its not solely a liberal or conservative thing…its individual racist idiots which malkin and these fools are a part of…stop the liberal bashing, not one side against the other

  31. There are crimes being committed in those posts. Terroristic Threatening is a crime, and there are several clear death threats being made. The worst part about it is they are being made by people who are clearly too dumb to have an opinion one way or the other. Does anyone think that intellect13 or perditionhate are against the death penalty based on some kind of moral objection? I think it’s more likely that they just follow the ignorant crowd they run with.

    Smart people don’t make open threats on a web community that has a picture of your face and all of your personal info. Brilliant.

  32. Body of Evidence: Convicted black man in the southern state and one of the founding fathers of racism. GEORGIA.
    Many innocent black men where hung in that state only of few years before.
    Many witnesses recanted on their testimony. WTH, we have prejudice being portrayed right before our eyes, and we turn a blind eye. Because conservative America wishes it was 100 years ago when White Anglo Men ruled the country and had all the say. I am white but I tell it like it is, and what it is… is pretty embarrassing.
    This is what happens when people fear the unknown, they cling to old myths, prejudices, and rail against any kind of change. The White men hide behind the NRA, and expect the military to do their bidding. Cowering in their Denali’s as they go to pick up bread and milk on their way home from milking the government entitlements, with their contracted job. Go Figure!
    This man might have been innocent, and the mere thought of any gray area which presented itself, should have been enough to grant a stay of execution, and I don’t need to call anyone names to know that.

    1. “many innocent black men hung in that state” etc…
      yes, by racist democrats like robert “KKK” byrd
      “many witnesses recant” etc…
      7 out of 34 is not many
      “conservative America” etc…
      sorry to burst your bubble but you need to learn how it is before you can tell it like it is- it’s the liberal democrat America that fought against the abolition of slavery and all the equal rights laws from the reconstruction era through the 1960’s
      “this man might have been innocent”
      you’re right he might have been, so a stay should have been granted. i don’t believe in the death penalty because you can give a person back their freedom, but you can’t give them back their life.

    2. They’re raving now. Telling it xactly backwards and making hay out of finally getting the pent-up frustration and anger of the formerly reasonable to burt forth… let them have their fun. They are still what they are. I used to pray that their hearts would open up. ley the love in so they would see the truths surrounding them, but they got more and mor violent and hatful and finally destroyed my faith in organized religion… they are zealots and they are helping destroy democracy and shredding the constitution which they don’t even understand… . if they did they’d know how we have all been robbed of our own country by politicians and money…. sigh….

  33. This is absolutely ridiculous. The majority of these people are going against what they were standing for. I’m assuming that “fighting” (by that I mean tweeting like a lazy bastard) for justice includes being a racist. You can’t express your opinion without going straight to racial slurs? And might I add, the only reason these idiots let lose is because Baldwin told them to. I guess 200k people don’t know what they stand for so they need Jack Donaghy to tell them what to do.

    Make Them Docile

    1. So much for Obama’s call for civility amongst the unwashed masses. Too bad his followers didn’t get the message.

  34. Who knew-Twits on Twitter?

    Just goes to show the sheep mentality of these leftist ignoramii who tweet before they think.

  35. Funny how the left thinks they can lecture the right on civility. I’m telling you, these people are possessed.

  36. A particularly enjoyed Sir Beyonce and intellect-less 13 black men making death threats. Yup, deeze bruthuz am rat own.

  37. Can’t say I am suprised. This is a man who shouted slurs and profanity at his own child. He is a small little man. And that is being kind.

      1. Don’t let them fool you. I bet they have done much worse things to their own kids. That was YEARS ago and the kid was not seeing him or returning calls… that hurts and he got mad…. thse guys are foaming at the mouth here…. not worth answering though… they are on hive mind now… the lies are astounding..

  38. Alec Baldwin is yet another “useful idiot” stirring up his hornet’s nest of “useful idiots”.

    Michelle Malkin is an intelligent, articulate, patriotic and brave woman. And G-d smiles on her for her honor and integrity.

    Troy Davis has earned his execution. I wonder what compassion the “useful idiots” have for Davis’ victims and the victims family members.

  39. We owe Baldwin a vote of thanks for tricking liberals into showing the world how grossly filthy and filled with unreasoning, unrelenting hate their minds are. I really loved the tweet? twang? whatever by PerditionHate warning Ms. Malkin to “expect us”. (What a name for someone who allegedly values life highly. So sensitive and caring.)

    If that twit had directed that tweet to me, my response would be, “What’s keeping you, Mr. PotatoHead? I’ve been expecting you for years. That’s why my family’s pets are a .45, a 12-gauge, and a .308. Bring it on, former human.”

    These creatures are truly called zombies. They have no life. They truly are the Walking Dead, and the fragmented remains of thought they spit out demonstrate the physical deterioration of their brains. I suspect that this is a special form of dementia resulting from engaging too long in liberal thought. I’m about half serious here. I’m not just insulting zombies. It’s not possible to insult those who have sunk so low.

    1. Great reply. Love your family pets too…those idiots don’t have a clue that it’s those pets in the hands of law abiding citizens that has contributed to the freedom they have to type racial slurs and the rest of their hatefilled tweets.

  40. I have yet to see any conservative or Tea member show so much hate and disrespect. Was a fan of Baldwins but no more.(dontlike his politics but loved his show) now I wont watch and am beyond disgusted. And considering the cryptic threats dont ya thik they should be charged? If it were her saying this about baldwin im sure she would be.

  41. Tolerance in it’s most enlightening form – death threats – racial slurs – perverse & deviant adjectives – THIS. This is the liberal party in America. Sad. Angry. Lost.

  42. The man murdered a police officer, he was found guilty by a jury of his peers. He had 20 years to prove his “innocence.” As with Humberto Leal (who was executed in Texas for the gruesome murder of a 16 year-old girl) when the prison posts his last statement, it will be full of, “please forgive me for what I did.” “Lord Jesus, forgive me.” “I’m sorry to the family.”

    1. Not necessarily. I would’ve gone back and had everything and every one investigated, again, due to the changing of vital testimony. However, that doesn’t mean he DIDN’T do it, though. I’m just saying that while I would have no problem strapping him into the chair with a Polish sausage in his mouth, I would’ve done everything in my power to insure he belonged in that chair, and not someone else.

      1. Thanks for talking sense. This would not be an issue if not for the ever-growing evidence of wrong conviction. The prosecutor who put him away, the jurors who convicted him, the jail warden, the kid who the real killer confessed to and a string of others who are, unlike us, familiar with the details of the crme and trial, etc all think he is innocent … and the recanted testimony of 7 of th 9 people who say they were brutalized into fingering him by the cops… there are a lot of reasons even the FBI guy came forward to say this is not the right guy. This was not a good trial and he is not the guy… it happens too often not to know our system doesn’t work right… I just cannot get over the family being so willing to settle for the wrong guy!!!! How can they live with getting the wrong guy???
        I don’t get it. That seems crazy to me… How can that make them feel better?? They didn’t get revenge… they only killed some guy is all… they have avenged nothing…nothing at all…..

        1. Again, nothing is concrete nor proven. If it was, then he wouldn’t have been executed. There was no known, hard evidence of a confession. If there is, it was never admitted into court, and has never been transformed into a piece of actual evidence. The recanted testimony could just as easily have been the result of consciences that were afraid to see someone die on their word, even if the person was guilty. Its not unheard of. If the FBI had come forward, then they did so empty-handed, which was stupid and not of the level of professionalism you should expect out of the FBI. Without evidence, no court will act on anything, nor should they. You saying ‘he’s not the guy’ is about as useless as the FBI telling the judge they don’t THINK he’s guilty, and presenting no evidence to back their claims.

          States are nowhere near as incompetent as you attempt to make them out to be. They are not executing innocent people, left and right. While there have been some that were innocent, I’d be willing to bet any amount of money against any amount you put up that the majority were guilty. The execution was just, because no further evidence was presented, refuting anything presented previously. However, as I said: I would’ve looked into it. I also realize, though, that there is always a time limit, and should be. You should not be given an indefinite period of time to get something like that done, or we might as well give up on executions, considering they could present an endless conga line of BS, just designed to stall, slow and stop. Right now, even though he’s dead and gone to where he’s supposed to go, I would still investigate as to why the court refused to halt the execution. Maybe it was because they saw evidence that we don’t know about, and the press has not discussed, for want of slanting stories (they do that all the time). Maybe because everything was hearsay, though we’re having it reported to us as fact. Its still not too late to find out, and apply any changes (if any need be made) to future death penalty cases.

  43. The man murdered a police officer, he was found guilty by a jury of his peers. He had 20 years to prove his “innocence.” As with Humberto Leal (who was executed in Texas for the gruesome murder of a 16 year-old girl) when the prison posts his last statement, it will be full of, “please forgive me for what I did.” “Lord Jesus, forgive me.” “I’m sorry to the family.”

  44. Obama’s really bridging the hate speech gap… about 1/2 the democrats shoveled it a few years ago, now almost all of them do, nearly on command from the White House beacon.

  45. Wow they certainly got nasty. I saw some of this last night but not the ones posted above. Alec Baldwin, not much to say, that is the beauty of his irrelevancy and his degenerate followers.

    As usual only demeaning and nothing factual. Thanks for posting it, sadly this won’t end and these people need to be called out, continuously.

  46. Isn’t this the same a-hole who verbally abused his daughter, and called her a pig?

    Why the lowest life forms in our society such as Baldwin and Tyson are given any type of forum is beyond me.

    Oh, don’t forget Baldwin also called for the stoning of Henry Hyde! Yeah, he really cares about life.

  47. im telling you. these are the zombies we were warned about. mark my words. the day is coming. get protection.

  48. We shouldn’t be surprised. The lack of self-control exhibited by these tweets is frightening, yet it happens every time.

    It would be more accurate that #p2 stand for “pirahna” than for progressive, because A) #p2 is regressing each waking moment and B) #p2 swarms in hope of attacking a weaker prey.

    Tweeps rallied to help Michelle, and we must continue to do so, for every conservative we know, all those on the front lines, every time. We cannot allow #p2 to steal any victory or any glory.

  49. This stuff shows what kind of people follow Alex Baldwin. Most of us wouldn’t respond to a tweet by A. Baldwin because he’s not the type of person that historically makes good choices.
    As for the tweets about Michele Malkin…look at the source and then ignore.

  50. Should have been alec on the table he is so vile and ignornant!!!!!!! He is the slime of the earth!!!!!!!!!! He talks to his daughter like a dog!! Bring it on loser alec.

  51. Some people are just itching for a civil war. Never mind how that worked out the LAST time it happened…

    I mean, why learn from history when you can LIVE it, right? Right?!

    1. Some people see it coming. If you can read those tweets and have hope for an unclouded future, you’re almost in as serious a condition as the zombies. They are post-mortem. And they are coming whether we like it or not.

      But they’re not the ones we have to fear, really. Those who are still in possession of their senses and in possession of power – the politicians – are far more dangerous. Come on, 2012.

      1. Our politicians are not serving us… excpt on a platter to their real GOD… unregulated, predatory, earth-killing commerce, POWER, genocide and slavery…
        What fun they have planned for us… Money changes everything allright… it has changed our constitution into the anti- republic, anti-democratic, anti-freedom, anti-all living beings and torture-loving patriot acts complete with imperial storm trooper police to squash peaceful dissent with their bone-crushing batons.. oh and those uber conservative corporate- controlled voting machines too…..

        There have to be ways to get the CEO’s, trillionaires, Ayn Rand zombies out of congress and bring in people who love american ideals and the founder’s documented intentions… public servants who actually love people and nature and don’t want to kill 3 billion of us so there will be more for them…..

        1. Wow. Bone-crushing batons. Got to get me one of those. Do you know if there’s a sale on them anywhere?

          “uber conservative corporate- controlled voting machines” – would those be the machines that put obama, reid, and pelosi in office?

          I wish some of those “imperial storm trooper police” lived in my area – I’d love to see order restored and the innocent protected again.

          I’d join your party, but it sounds like you’ve excluded everyone in the Western hemisphere. Have fun.

  52. Hey, nice crowd of people Alec Baldwin hangs around with. Very sophisticated and well spoken. I guess the old adage that “money cannot buy happiness” is true. It also cannot buy character.

  53. I haven’t done it because I don’t want to go down there where these people live, if you can call it a life, but this pushes me to ask (I know this will open the floodgates but they opened them, as far as I’m concerned) this:

    If the sick language people have no problem using when applied to a female, whether blogger, newscaster or even candidate for national office, were applied to a male, how would people react?

    Take the President (“please” to channel Rodney Dangerfield), for example.

    And, for inspiration, start with a photo of him on a bike with that helmet (a girl’s bike when on Martha’s Vineyard, BTW — I’d hope he knows the difference but I doubt it) and, please, go for it. Use your imagination.

    It’s despicable. Vile. And cowardly. Alec Baldwin’s a p***y and everybody who knows him knows it. He screams at his wife and little girl or he twitters from afar. Up close, he’s as big a puffy papa as Puff Daddy, and would soil his pants if he ever had a real fight on his hands.

    I’d even put $$ on Michelle to kick his wimpy fat-boy, lard ass one-on-one. And don’t get me started on the little bag he carries on the little strap. Are you kidding me? Maybe on a hooker in Paris but a grown man walking around with that thing?

    Okay, I’m just getting started. And I can’t make myself go any further. It’s just too hard to spew that stuff; it does something to the soul. For those who have one.

    Just saying: put the shoe on the other foot (a foot wearing a polished wing-tip shoe).

    For a second.

  54. This has got to be the best hate twit sent to Michelle Malkin tonight.

    A “college jr.” RT @intellect13: @michellemalkin
    my foot is gonna stay on yo neck you noddle slurping hoe. goodnight!

    It’s got everything, sexism, racism, bad grammar and seething hatred.

    Frankly, I had no idea Michelle Malkin was the arresting officer in this case or the Prosecutor, presiding Judge, Juror, Appeals Court Judge, Appellate Court Judge, Governor of Georgia or a Supreme Court Justice.

    Why are all of the haters not blaming any of those who had the legal responsibility and authority in this case?

    A few things we have all witnessed today.

    1) Michelle Malkin’s got grit.

    2) Haters on the left will lash out at anyone for anything whether they are responsible or not.

    3) Not only do they rage against the blameless but they would also like to see them dead.

    4) Alex Baldwin is a no talent witless writer;-)

    1. Michelle gets crap like this all the time — a conservative, minority, female — too far offa the lib plantation

      1. We need more like her. I do not know how I feel about the death penalty but that does not give me license to just act out. These people having these tantrums need to just go to their room until they can act like adults.

        1. We need more like her? You mean we need more people who think it was OK that Japanese-Americans were rounded up and put into internment camps during WWII? Who writes scathing obituaries about dead congressmen before the bodies even grown cold? Yeah, what a real class act.

          1. Do not act like a wanker by twisting my words. We need people who think for themselves and are not afraid to speak their minds and present their case. While I may not agree with every single thing that Ms. Malkin says I appreciate her candor and courage.

  55. These people are dripping desperation. The gravy train is about to end, and they are going “scorched Earth.”

  56. Okay I might have my racial slurs wrong… but isn’t Michelle Filipino?

    Yes I’m focusing on something silly, I know.

    That’s because the rest of the content is too disturbing. These folks scare me.

    But that’s Liberal/Oppressive tolerance for you!

  57. It’s either very late (it is!) or I am very tired (I am!) but my brain isn’t coming up with what Crypto means? Help?

  58. In looking at this stuff…. I am thinking that these low lifes, Baldwin included, live in their bubble world and can spout off all this stuff and it doesn’t mean a thing. These are tweets…. who cares? Unless you are sitting there, reading every single one and then accepting them into your head and embracing them, who cares?
    If I didn’t see this story here, I never would have known about it.

    Its the same thing as being a hooker who makes a living in a certain area of town and all the other hookers, the pimps, the street people who also hang out there, the dealers and the customers. That is that bubble world. It has nothing to do with you and it will never even exist for you unless you drive or walk down there and mingle with them.

    Its the same with Baldwin and his bunch of rats… if you don’t mingle with them, do they really exist except on a screen if you decide to go and read their crap? let them roll around in their bile and crap… let them stink. Who cares?

    1. I disagree. Evil, hatred and immorality seeps into every part of the fabric of this country. You don’t have to be standing next to it to be affected. These same haters drive cars who likely also go out and get drunk. They then could hit someone you love and kill them. Think it doesn’t matter now?

        1. They’re just making up ridiculous stuff Mario … trying to provoke… but the lies are too gross to fool anyone with a brain… time to go.. let the TROLLS play… it’s not as if talking to them does anything… besides they have wasted some of our time and energy.. let them eat their own hatred… i am going to go play with my dog…. screw this ….. sweet dreams…

    2. Yes but if the same is said to some liberal c&*nt then I think it would make more of a headline, like say, michele obamas $42,000 bracelets or her $10 million dollars in taxpayer vacations.

      Do you think if I tweeted that it would be okay? Or against someone at MSLSD (MSNBC)? Do you think it would get coverage better than this?

      These liberals are sooooo cultured, soooo tolerant, sooooo sophisticated arn’t they?

      1. It needs to be starved. I will never watch anything that this man is on or in. Just do not support this in any way. Let him wither on the vine.

  59. I cannot believe that people go psycho trying to protect a convicted cop killer, while at the same time they are out to destroy anyone that they perceive as getting in the way. Alec Baldwin uses his – excuse the term – “celebrity” to attack Michelle Malkin? Worse that that, he asks his legions of “followers” do join him in the same. That is just plain wrong. This washed out “wanna be something I am not” Alec Baldwin needs to have his computer taken away, his internet unplugged and settle into retirement.

  60. Glad you posted this because I’m not on Twitter but I will share this on Facebook. Vile and disgusting. I’m noticing a pattern too. The lower Obama’s approval rating drops the more these liberal blowhards and their ilk ramp up their vile drivel against Conservatives, especially the women. Coincedence? I think not.

      1. They are liars. They’re TROLLS…. it’s what they do and it’s part of influencing the naive sheeple…. time to go and not waste your energy on these fakes….

  61. Death threats, racial slurs, and plain ol profanity in defense of a now deceased convicted cop killer who had three stays of execution.

    Crazy world.

    1. I’ll bet he knows that, and is desperately trying to divert his own mind from constantly telling him. Either that, or Baldwin is channeling Archie Bunker.

      Remember the Archie Bunker episode where Archie’s daughter told her husband, “Honestly, Michael, you’re as bad as Daddy!”

      Archie instantly began chanting, “You’re as bad as me! You’re as bad as me!”

      1. That is what TROLLS do… they infuriate and pick at the other side until they finally burst the dam and can use the resulting backlash to tell their pals.. see? They are the ones, not us! that’s what you giuys do and only th sheeple fall for it….

    1. The funny thing is (if ‘funny’ is the word) that when people get the death penalty in the middle east – normally for such heinous crimes as being gay, criticizing mo or being raped – the silence from the weird left is deafening! Similarly the death sentence is a wonderfully progressive thing when the victim is an innocent unborn baby but cop killers and pedophile murderers? Well, that would just be barbaric to give them the death sentence.

      1. Silence from the left? Who do you think signs all those petitions and collects money for lawyers for them and demonstrates and bugs the government about those very things constantly? It’s us!!! You lot are never there with us fighting for human rifhghts.. I don’t know anyone like twhat you describe…

        You are lying because then you can justify having an enemy you can hate.

        1. Riiiiiiiiight…. So you will be condemning the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organisation that is likely to govern Egypt when they say Sharia shall be the basis of its laws? BS – the hopey changey crowd have been trying to pass this off as a facebook revolution from day 1 and turning your back on the unpleasantries.

          Where’s the demonstration against Iran hanging gays or the Taliban crushing gays under walls? Don’t give me that – the only demonstrations you guys go on that is linked to the Taliban is to get the West out of their lands.

          Notice how you completely miss the second part of my post though – or are you going to tell me that you guys are at the forefront of the Pro Life lobby too?

    2. Morons are the people who are willing to accept the killing of an innocent man as payment while the real killer goes free.

  62. Well that tells you where the real racists are, the liberal left. That no talent hack actor, lousy father ,smart Alec Baldwin, is leading the hate parade.

      1. To be honest we are all familiar with hate.. unfortunately, being human, we have all seen and felt and heard and even experienced it…… more’s the pity….

    1. He may have gotte more than he bargained for. I don’t know…
      But those tweets did sound like the right, which i don’t like to hear… I want them to calm down, get back to civility and get down to working on making it impossible to excute innocent people.

      1. a, you must know something the courts don’t know about the so-called innocence of this man…too bad your concern doesn’t extend to the victim.

    1. Telling the truth is unbalanced and unfair? It was the hate speech from those “tolerant liberals” as examples that made the point of this story………………….

      1. “Telling the truth” implies that you think all liberals are like that. Not only is that not the case (just as thinking all the tea party ‘kill ’em all!’ types don’t represent all conservatives), it just makes you sound like you’re overestimating your own importance and overestimating theirs.

        So the point of the story was… what. To spin the idea that an idiotic few represent some kind of majority?

        The truth never has to be crafted or manufactured to fit an ideal. If it ever does… it stops being truth and becomes something else entirely.

        1. The difference is…so called ‘liberals offer empirical evidence that they are all “like that”…by deed and word…you see it and hear it…everywhere; whereas the claims against tea party folk and conservatives are based on hearsay and lies, lacking any sort of empirical evidence other than the occasional incident that may or may not have been perpetrated by a conservative. Regardless of facts the LSM goes out of its way to make the case (usually debunked) that a mean ole conservative is to blame. Liberal’s prove daily that they are NOT who they claim to be and are, in fact, “LIKE THAT”. The hypocrisy of todays left on all major political, moral, and social issues, is without bounds. If one occasionally meets a lib who is not “like that” they are probably not really a liberal… they just haven’t figured out yet that they are conservative and afraid to say so among their lib friends. Face it…the JFK democratic party of yore, that believed in America, is history…consumed by a progressive entity made up of and led by radical children of the 60s influenced by Marxist, anti-American, Alinskyite, ideology and the majority are “like that”. This RS Malkin post is just another small example of the empirical evidence of which I refer. Denial, as well as projection, is another characteristic of today’s liberal.

          1. Really good response to BRowan. I especially like your explanation of the morphing of the dem party. Very good point. It truly was a “kinder, gentler America” then.

            The Leftists are ideologues, and part of their ideology is hatred of all that is good, decent, and righteous. It shows in their politics and in the way they respond to the Right. And it intensifies over time. BRowan could ask Sarah Palin or any other liberal target how just and fair and just plain kind liberals are, and the answer would be consistent with those tweets.

            1. Liberals are just as mean, spiteful, rude, and selfish as conservatives. It’s the human condition, and I’m well aware it exists. To pretend that either side is above it is pretty much self delusion.

              1. To pretend that the Right is not orders of magnitude more civilized and polite and factually correct than the Left is to admit living in denial.

              2. Some liberal and some conservatives… not all… it’s never all of them…
                it is the extreme of any given side that becomes obsessed and dangerous… there’s a lot of similarity in the middle of each…

                I don’t have any friends that are hate-filled… I don’t want to be around people like that… but I also have friends with a lot of different political sides to them… I am liberal in some ways and conservative in others… we are flexible and many faceted so we can’t be only one thing unless we become fanatics to one cause…. and that is dangerous!!!!

                1. The problem that many people have against liberals is that they seem to have grand idea’s that cost lots of money and they expect the rest of us to pay for their idea’s…

                2. 12grace, it’s important to understand the true nature of liberalism. Don’t be fooled into thinking that liberals are just misguided. That may have been the case originally, but to each person there comes a time when they must choose truth or lies, and they know they are choosing. “The judgment is this: that Light has come into the world, and men chose darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.” (John 3:19) That’s the basic division between the Left and the Right: the Right chose truth and the Left chose lies: “…they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.” (2nd Thessalonians 2:10)

                  At its root, this is a spiritual battle we are fighting, 12grace. So remember: “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” (1st Peter 5:8) This is no game. Uncountable thousands of lives are at stake.

                  The problem most of us have with liberals is that they are right now FORCING us to pay for their ideas, and are very close to taking total control of America. Now their ultimate intentions are plainly on display: force us to accept their beliefs and force us to allow them to indoctrinate all children in their beliefs while demonizing our beliefs. They intend to force us to deny the true God – this is already evident – and force us to accept immorality and, shortly thereafter, the god they don’t yet knowing they are serving: Satan.

                  Yesterday (9/23) at 7:55pm, arugula invoked Orwell to characterize my accurate description of the Left, yet it is the Left that closely parallels the Big Brother and his servants depicted by Orwell. 12grace, the Left is not merely misguided. They are malevolent. In the words of a hymn written many years ago by a friend, we “…serve in a world where wickedness wants full control…”

                  Yesterday I read a comment saying that the socialist state had been “metastasizing” in the West for a long time. That’s a very good word picture of the reality. Cancer is a good analogy for liberal thinking. Now their violent, remorseless, bitter hatred for all that is not Left is becoming daily more obvious, like a metastasized cancer whose presence and toxic nature is no longer possible to deny.

          2. There are plenty of photos and videos of tea party rallies that undermine your claim that anything negative said about the tea party is “heresay and lies”. How naive you are to think that no one who agrees with you on the issues could also be vicious, cruel, or racist.

          3. GEE, YOU DON’T GET OUT MUCH, DO YOU? mICHELLE oBAMA HAS BEEN CALLED “THE c WORD” AND MUCH MORE ON hOFT’S PROPAGANDIST SITE, gATEWAY pUNDIT. On any particular day you can see Tea Partiers calling for the assault, rape and murder of “Liberals” on just about ANY right wing blog. And if you really think ALL liberals are like ANY generalization you want to throw out, than you have to accept that ALL conservatives are liars, cheaters, murderers, etc. I can name at least one example for each of those. Read a book, pull your head out, and THINK! I know it is asking alot, but the country is at stake!

            1. There have been a lot of studies on this phenomenon. Those who know the least are the most positive they are right. They lack the ability to recognize when they are mistaken so they are gung ho with whatever they do believe. That is one of the reasons they want to crush the other side.. they cannot distinguish the alternatives and despise anything they do not comprehend because they mistake it for lies.

              1. There have been a lot of studies on this phenomenon. What studies? Those who know the least are the most positive they are right. This sounds like YOU? smile.

          4. You sound like you never hear them speak and never go to their rallies… the violent, spit-spewing hatered they spew is terrifying to hear and see… especially to a live-and-let-live American like me…..

            1. You sound like you never hear them speak and never go to their rallies… the violent, spit-spewing hatered they spew is terrifying to hear and see… especially to a live-and-let-live American like me…..

              Where is your proof about the Tea Party members ever act in the way you are alluding to? YOU obviously have never been to a TP rally ……

            2. You sound like you never hear them speak and never go to their rallies… the violent, spit-spewing hatered they spew is terrifying to hear and see… especially to a live-and-let-live American like me…..

              Where is your proof about the Tea Party members ever act in the way you are alluding to? YOU obviously have never been to a TP rally ……

      2. It took a lot to push them this far… Murdering an known innocent and fingering 12 year old witness to the guy that wants to kill him…I think that is the real point of the story… libs finally got so angry they sound just like the right !!!

    2. Do you have comparable examples of the Right giving this sort of treatment to obama or pelosi or reid or Jon Stewart? there are nuts everywhere, but the steady stream of vileness and threats that emanates from the Left is missing from the liberal media. It’s only FAIR and BALANCED to report it somewhere.

      1. You’re kidding, right? Do you really think the right doesn’t do this? Fox spent the first 9 months of Obama’s presidency claiming he was in bed with a domestic terrorist. Then spent the next few months pushing the idea that he wasn’t a citizen of the USA! What a world you live in, if you think Republicans are above vileness and threats.

        1. I’M kidding? You can not possibly be so mentally-challenged that you really regard what you’ve just complained of as comparable to the filth above. Not possible.

          It’s not even a credible attempt at guilt-inducing. Mario, if all the Right had to worry about was your level of opposition, we’d all be smiling.

        2. obama does have terrorist ties.

          obama has not shown a legitimate birth certificate yet.

          Since when is telling the truth, vile?

        3. obama does have terrorist ties.

          obama has not shown a legitimate birth certificate yet.

          Since when is telling the truth, vile?

      2. That’s easy! You want wxamples? Go to any Fox , Clear Channel or Murdoch outlet/affiliate and get an earful of hatred, lies, slander, vicious threats, invitations to shoot whoever you don’t like, name calling… there’s plenty!!!!

  63. The tolerance of the left is astounding. All strong females who are on the right get absolutely dehumanized by these “tolerant” folks. They are some of the most misogynistic folks out there.

    1. You have that completely backwards…..
      wow… if you can pick this conclusion from the facts you are scary…..

      1. I certainly hope that was sarcasm but judging from your other comments on this thread, it wasnt. So you are telling me that the right is the intolerant ones? Why exactly are we the intolerant ones? Why exactly are we the misogynists?

    1. Have to wonder how these “useful idiots” would feel if it were there son or daughter or spouse that was brutalized by Troy Davis?


      2. and how would you feel if Michelle Malkin stalked your 12 year old son, published your home address, resulting in death threats, because he testified before congress?

        1. Malkin did that? I heard thre was a terrified witness, but not the details…Isn’t that advocating murder?? How vicious can you get? Isn’t it a crime to finger a witness to a killer that doesn’t want to get caught?

          And you Kompassionate Krisitan Konservatives think liberals are bad people?
          No liberal would do such a thing!!!! Malkin is a depraved monster to do such a thing.. and to do it to a kid too!!!!

      3. How conveniently you zip right past the fact that according to all who know him and are intimately familiar with the details of the case, including his jail warden, his former prosecuter and the whole jury, the confession of the real killer to the terrified witness he confessed to, Troy is believed to be innocent of the crime!

        What kind of parent wants to kill whoever they can grab off the street to “get even” instead of getting the REAL killer off the streets? If that was my child I couldn’t rest until we got the real killer… the real monster!!

    1. Amazing? . . I find it is absolutely amazing. . . that there are an innumerable amount of dimwitted “assholes” who actually believe this verbally defecated malevolence as “righteous.”. . . defining a whole new meaning for the word stupid!

      1. There are ways to describe others without using their kind of insulting ignorance and name-calling… You don’t need to embellish the truth and you don’t have to degrade people who are already not whole. The truth should be enough and the less make-wrong it contains, the more chance of it’s having a beneficial effect. Not that i am perfect and never stoop to my anger, but I try not to because I would like to embody what I believe in and not feed the lower apects of humanity. I know it isn’t easy, but it is more helpful to elevate instead of becoming like the what we can’t stand…. yes?

            1. No, I’m lambasting punks [liberals] for stalking and threatening the life of a mother of 2 children. I’m lambasting YOU for finding everything else under the sun to whine about, as opposed to condemning that. Your steadfast, adamantine refusal to condemn this, Baldwin, and the rest of his followers shows that you’re a cowardly punk.

              No surprise there.

              If you don’t like the way I express my opinion, or the fact that I have one, you’re always welcome to throw some death threats my way, and I’d be more than willing to send you a free train ticket and my address. Bring all your friends. See how many of them are willing to threaten me to my face, and talk to me, like they do Michelle Malkin, when standing close enough for me to grab. I’ll wager not many will. Including you. There are fewer lower forms of life, than liberals that threaten, stalk and harass women from hundreds of miles away, because they’re too gutless to say what they’ve got to say, face-to-face.

              There shouldn’t be any surprise to find that number includes you.

              If you’re not here to condemn that, if you’re here just to try to justify criminality and cowardice, then take your horse crap to KenInMontana. He likes talking to cowards, punks, leftists and various other miscreants. I, personally, don’t have time for your crap, and won’t make time for it, either.

        1. If you were to review my usual comments, you’d know that I’m not shy in responding to denigrating rhetoric, and believe me, I exercised considerable restraint in calling these jackals more than just the malevolent stupid assholes they’ve so crassly proven themselves to be.

    2. It’s right on par with all the cheering of death from those who claim to be from “the party of life”.

      A round of hypocrisy on Mr. Marron!

          1. It is extremely consistent actually and logical. I think you need to really concentrate so you can understand, or at least point out why you think my statment is illogical. However, I’ll go ahead and presume the response to your next real arguement would be that if you kill a killer, he can’t kill again. Kinda like Osama Bin Laden sleeping with the fishes right now. Without a trial of course, but I am actually good with that in his case anyway. Now that last assertion on my part was pure emotion and not part of the logical stuff.

        1. You can’t end killing by killing. You don’t have to compound the error!! You can put them away from society until they pass on their own. Besides, our justice system has been privsatized and gets ot wrong more often than right. Private orison is a money maker. They also hire out slave prison labor which takes american jobs off the market for regular citizens. The prison industry lobbies for harsher sentences and laws that allow the innocent to be railroaded into jails for minor or imaginary offenses. We actually DO have people who have been locked up FOR LIFE for such things as stealing a handbag when they were 15. While minorities do NOT do most of the crime enormous numbers of them are imprisioned for minor offenses or coerced false confessions after prolonged, sleep-depriving, frightening interrogations.


          1. Isn’t it criminal to hold someone against his will? Well, I think you would agree that of course it is unless your punishing that person for holding someone else against his will. Isn’t it criminal to kill someone? Let logic finish this for me.

          2. “You can’t end killing by killing.” We do this frequently on my planet – Earth. A few decades back, we stopped a major league killer named Hitler by killing enough of his soldiers and destroying enough of their infrastructure to put an end to the killing he was doing. Pity we didn’t start killing them sooner. Six million Jews and a whole bunch of East Europeans, French, English and Russians would have lived if we had. And there was a minor league killer awhile back by the name of Ted Bundy, and just yesterday a really minor league killer named Troy Davis, whom “we” killed, and I’ll bet you anything you like they’ll never kill another person, ever.

            In fact, they won’t even be rude to tired waitresses any more. I’d call that an eminently satisfactory and undeniably effective end to killing.

            “We actually DO have people who have been locked up FOR LIFE for such things as stealing a handbag when they were 15.” “While minorities do NOT do most of the crime enormous numbers of them are imprisioned for minor offenses or coerced false confessions after prolonged, sleep-depriving, frightening interrogations.” Remind me not to visit your planet. That doesn’t happen on my planet. I think I’ll stay here. Perfect? No. But better than any other place on Earth, at least it was until the schools went socialist on us, and then “we” elected a socialist pretend-prez.

            Those who don’t want effective law enforcement are either morally responsible for crime or – maybe – are themselves criminals.

            1. You are a sad hateful individual Westernman. Have you ever read a book or an article about our current justice or prison system? Is great injustice unlikely in this current system? Why are you so sure that this man is guilty? Why are you so comfortable with laying your judgment? If you find yourself in a similar situation-a man likely innocent of the crime he’s convicted of- you’re going to be praying for more socialists and liberals (yknow people with hearts/compassion/empathy/a balanced psyche) to help get you out. You’re not going to ever find a Republican fighting for the under-dog

              1. And you’re a moron. You try to pontificate to people about how much more intelligent you are, then they, and show no evidence from all these “books” you claim to cite. You cry rivers over a man that MIGHT have been innocent, and just as easily could’ve been GUILTY, all along, and yet you are more than content to watch a woman that IS innocent get threatened. PUNK. This dead man had TWENTY YEARS to prove his innocence. I see you didn’t mention that, or maybe you didn’t read that book or article about the criminal justice system. If you liberals were so compassionate/empathetic/balanced, why didn’t you pony up some dough and get another compassionate/empathetic/balanced liberal, the deranged ambulance chaser that thinks she’s a ‘super attorney’, Gloria Alread, to fly down and take his case? Why couldn’t Baldwin do it? Doesn’t he have enough money to afford her? As for not finding Republicans that fight for the underdog, I notice leftists didn’t fight for people when they wanted school choice: that was MARK LEVIN, founder and senior of Landmark Legal Foundation. A CONSERVATIVE legal organization. You’re just like the rest of the liberals: STUPID.

          3. “You can’t end killing by killing.”

            Really? How many executed felons have gone on to commit further, serious crimes? How many people has Timothy McVeigh gone on to kill?

      1. Yet, you apparently condone ethnic slurs as long as they are directed at a Conservative that happens to be of Asian descent. I think that says more about you than Mr. Maron.

        By the way, eye for an eye is not a new concept son. It is actually quite simple: If you kill someone, you may suffer the same fate as your own punishment. This serves as a strong deterrent to protect INNOCENT life.

        1. I didn’t condone anything. The guy making the slurs is clearly in the wrong, but you seem like the type that has to have everything spelled out for you. So, just for you, here you go:


          The fact that you need that spelled out… sweet teen Jesus. Now I’m rethinking my stance on taxes–I’d gladly have them raised if our schools would turn out more citizens with common sense.

          Believe it or not, the death penalty hasn’t been much of a deterrent at all. Statistically, that’s a proven falsehood, so the rhetoric doesn’t hold up at all. Besides, you know what they say… an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

          By the way, putting to death a killer? That’s revenge. The basest reason for doing it at all is because ‘s/he did it first’. Defending is something premeditated; what are you defending after that life is over? That gets into a whole existential discussion that most people just aren’t equipped to have.

            1. American jsutice is not blind nor is is just… WE have the worst of every western antion and most of the rest too… as has been proven in every discussion and experiment except the ones done by the justice systems themselves.. they are protecting themselves… all independent study says you are wrong. badbadlibs

              1. Well, if our system of law and justice is so bad, why don’t you move to China? Or Cuba? Or Russia? Or Iran? Or Venezuela? Or maybe even North Korea? I’ve heard their systems are far more straightforward.

                1. Just because your politicians are screwng things up doesn’t mean you don’t love your home, friends, etc. You can love your country and still know when it’s doing bad things in your taxpaying and under-represented name. Personally, I think we”d be better off if people with your attitude moved to another country… which means what? It means NOTHING at all!
                  So, let’s not play this infantile game, ok?

                2. Typical liberal.

                  Let’s examine your language: “…your politicians…”

                  Guess what. They’re your’s, too. Laws they make apply to you, just like they do, me, genius. As for “loving your country”, I laugh in your face.


                  You love your country so much, you want people that have the audacity to disagree with you deported. Maybe to Madagascar? You’re no better than those half-wit racist liberals that are attacking Michelle Malkin, and I see you don’t have anything to say about that, and the reason behind your silence is pretty obvious. Sure, a guy that might’ve been innocent (but couldn’t prove that in TWENTY YEARS) got waxed, but you know what? Big deal. He’s DEAD. Nothing you can do about it, now, but dot “I”s and cross “t”s. If there was any conduct unbecoming out of the law enforcement community, investigate and deal with it, appropriately. What’s the topic, now, is that racist liberals (redundant, I know) are attacking a living, breathing woman that has just as much right to her opinion, as you do, and you (being the poor excuse for a man that you so obviously are) are more than content to see people attack her, as you stand by and cry rivers, because I said those other states might be more to your liking. You cry about “…bad things…” being done in the name of taxpayers, when it offends your liberal sensitivities, but damn those of Conservatives, who don’t like having their money funneled into causes like infanticide and state sponsored terrorism (Palestine; Israel’s worst neighborhood). Take your whiny BS back to the Daily Kos. I’m defending a woman that we KNOW to be innocent of any crime from the leftist hordes from which YOU originate, and, being a REAL MAN, I am ESPECIALLY not wont to standing idly by while big, tough he-men liberals [oxymoron] threaten the life of woman that’s probably not much over 5 feet tall, and possibly not even a buck twenty-five soaking wet (which I’d like to see, married, or not).

                  If you don’t want to play rugby, GTFO my field.

              2. “WE have the worst system of every western nation and most of the rest too”

                Of course we do. That’s why the whole world is fighting to get into America, legally or not.

                “as has been proven in every discussion and experiment except the ones done by the justice systems themselves” That’s such baloney. I can play that game too; watch:

                “All independent studies say broccoli causes cancer. If you think otherwise, you are wrong.”

                I know it’s an effort to think, but you should try it sometime. Or maybe go to live in one of those many nations which are better than America.

              3. a, you obviously have never lived in any other countries or you could not make such an unreasonable statement concerning justice in America.

          1. “the death penalty hasn’t been much of a deterrent at all.”

            You must be a product of those public schools you think money would fix.

            1) The death penalty hasn’t been “much” of a deterrent because we haven’t killed enough violent criminals. The average death row stay should be about, oh, ten minutes. Just long enough for the firing squad to lock and load and assemble at the wall.

            2) The death penalty – funny how some people never want to admit this – HAS been an absolute deterrent OF THOSE TO WHOM IT WAS APPLIED.


            1. so you don’t believe in appeals? You think the most natural deterrent to violence is to kill? Alright… btw, you sound like a pretty violent individual yourself. Maybe our justice system should take care of you because…well you never know

        2. Repeated studeis prove over and over that eye for an eye does not deter crime. That is a lie perpetrated by those who make a load of cash with their privatized prisons…

          1. If I owned a privatized prison I would be against the death penalty NOT for it. Why would I want to kill somebody rather than have the state pay me up towards $50 000 a year until their death.
            You do not understand capitalism as well as capital punishment.

          2. Perhaps YOU would like to subsidize the criminals that have brutally murdered innocent people in our country…

      2. Are you really that ill-informed? Are you too brainwashed by the left to not reconize innocent life torn limb from limb for the high crime of being concieved and the death of a person who has been tried and convicted with many years of appeals?
        The left are truly sick people.

        1. So, you want to throw around the concept of ill-informed.

          Your camp fights birth control.. the prevention of pregnancy! You are so well informed you don’t even realize you can’t abort what has not even been concieved!

          The patriots who founded this nation, created a constitution that says that, like yourself, I have the freedom to be protected from YOUR religious ideas because I have my own. You lot would take away my right to my own freedom of choice based on YOUR morality which is NOT mine. I am a Chrisitan and a majority of American Christians STILL do NOT share your view that such intensely personal matters should be decided by the state.

          Ill-informed is not knowing that ALL independent studies have proven (over and over) that capital punishment does NOT deter crime and that our justice system is so flawed it creates criminals out of innocents unjustly jailed and actually assists career criminals because that is good business for the privatized jails of America and because of the sick racial bias that still clings like the stench of disease to parts of this country.

          For your information racial bias is based and fed with a profound ignorance of history and the firm denial of proven facts. Only ignorance of the truth, supressed and distorted historical facts and flat out lies make it possible to imagine any ethnicity can be superior to another.

          Race is also a misnomer. There is only one race of humans as only a few minor outer characteristics are different in the same way that no zebra has the same stipes as another. If you insist on the Bible for your science, there was only one Adam and one Eve and ALL of humanity stems from them.

          If badbadlibs needs to think I am ill-informed, he’d better stay away from a deep and legitimate study of history, science and archaeology (among othrs) and the years of research it takes to make a dent in it.

          1. the right to life trumps your right to freedom of choice because if carried to full term a human baby comes out, unless you believe that thing growing in a women’s body is a duck-billed platypus or something. it has nothing to do with morality. do you believe it’s a person’s right to choose if they wanted to sell their body?

          2. I wonder HOW you would feel if someone you loved was murdered? Would YOU fight for their life? Would YOU personally want to pay for the murderers prison life?

            Solomon law: An eye for an eye…

          3. All those words and paragraphs to say absolutley nothing. All those words and effort pounding the keyboard and you still didn’t justify an innocent child being torn limb from limb from his or her mother’s womb for the high crime of being conceieved.
            As for BC, I’m all for it, so long as an innocent life isn’t being murdered. And I’m a “she”, so you grow a uterus, get pregnant, give birth and come back and tell me all about how you wish you would have rather killed your child rather then give birth.

      3. EXCEPT….fetuses haven’t murdered anyone.

        Some of us believe in protecting the right of fetuses to live and grow. We don’t believe in protecting the right to life of a convicted murderer.

        Nice try with the hypocrisy claim.



          They are issues of the free will and personal choice God insists we use to choose with and are deliberately bestowed by God – both are about free will. One is to look in your heart (including information regarding your situation and little details like growing or stopping a group of cells which has not yet developed the nerves to feel pain with or the cells with which to think or have desire or the ability to concieve of anything so complex as consent, etc – this is a very tough one and will also be affected by circumstances like.. will I be able to care for it and feed it) and choose what you truly believe is rcorrect action and the other is about simply following God’s clear commands!!! Either way.. the answer lie in each heart and not in some heartless piece of limited, static law that cannot possibly be correct for every situtation in the world. These are intensely personal matters and no one’s business but th persons directly involved.

        2. Would Jesus approve of capital punishment? Is human judgment infallible?

          I’m of the view that pro-life POV’s are a result of misogyny and the belief that women shouldn’t be in control of their own bodies or sexuality. If men could have babie, abortion clinics would be like McDonalds.

      4. Does it not strike you that these are DAMAGED beings? Brainwashed, bamboozled and not the brightest they could be via all the toxins they ingest both mentally and physically… and the level of MIS and UN-educating going on here is terrifying…. The dumbing down has been horrifically effective…. never teach the slaves to read cause they might start THINKING, remember?

    3. They ARE tolerant… of all that is harmful, wasteful, cruel, hypocritical, self-serving and insanely greedy.

  64. Andrew Brietbart’s notion on letting them try is all that is crossing my mind at the moment. Let them try something. Please….

      1. “Typical liberals when they have no legitimate argument they resort to name calling. ”

        Interestingly… this is exactly how we feel about you. having been to many demonstrations meetings and rallies in my life … I have heard liberals, progressives, pro-choice and moderate worshippers reduced to screaming at extreme conservatives… but the filthy words, death threats and desire to physically strike out and do harm, the foaming at the mouth hatred, the pohysical attacks have always come from your side….

        1. Strange how these liberal assertions of “conservative hate” are always anecdotal. I wonder if you can come up with some tweet screenshots like this to prove what you claim.

          1. No necessary, go to any message board and you can see all the conservative hate you want. For instance, the death of a teenager due to bullies because he is gay…yeah read some of the hateful mean nasty things people say.

          2. We don’t need screen shots – just go watch fox and listen to rush and beck and hannity and rest of your hate spewing douche-baggers (you may know them as tea-baggers)…

        2. a, dates, times, places and names, please.

          but the filthy words, death threats and desire to physically strike out and do harm, the foaming at the mouth hatred, the pohysical attacks have always come from your side….

          Conservatives do not behave in this manner and you know it. This is more liberal rhetoric.

        3. Oh, you mean like these:

          Again, as opposed to going on Twitter and telling the rest of your twits to stop threatening to murder a woman that had to right to express her opinion, you’re here, BSing. You’re not a man, you’re a punk.

        4. you’d be incorrect their madame…… It’s the impotence of the left to find a rational argument that turns you into rabid wolves……. You’re just starved for rational thought.

        5. What you fail to realize madame, is that there are extremists on all sides…… If you’d all wake up, you’d realize the left & right serve the same goal……… Polarizing both “sides” of the “public” to keep us fighting…… The politicians are united in driving their agenda. Pillage the masses & get rich…… If you don’t have your few million & able to contribute to the campaign coffers, you’re merely a foot soldier……. One who is INCITED to pick a side…….

    1. It was MM who, rather than discussing the issues involved in the execution of Troy Davis, chose to attack Alec Baldwin.

      Pot, kettle, black.

      1. Lame cliches aside, (and I do mean LAAAAAAAME!) you think it matters who said what first when this is what oozes out of liberal’s bowel movements???

        Wok, pan, purple?

        1. This is what I mean… this came from YOU… and MM did trun a polticial argumant nto personal attacks… that is a trick that comes from your side of the fence and then when you provoke a response you say we did it…. clever, but not transparent, kiddo….

          1. It’s like this…….. Tried…….. Convicted……. Appeal……. Fail…….
            Would one of you’re loved ones being killed change your way of thinking?

        2. Yes, i do think it matter who personalized the discussion of a public policy matter first.
          Baldwin was expressing his opinion. He should be free and encouraged to do so, even if you disagree with him, don’t you think?
          Rebutting the ideas with which she disagreed would be the way an adult, interested in bettering America, would deal with Baldwin’s posts. Or ignoring them.

          But MM didn’t speak on the issues surrounding Davis’ execution-she attacked Baldwin by name, for expressing his opinion.

          That’s lame.

      2. And did she call him a “cracker”? Did she call for an army of cowards to harass him with racial epithets? NO, she didn’t. She expressed her contempt for a punk that acted like he cared so much about a convicted murderer, yet did absolutely nothing about it, in spite of rolling in millions that could’ve easily been turned toward hiring an attorney.

        Big, stupid, idiot.

          1. WOW! It took how many hours for you to come up with that stupid line from a DC comic book, as opposed to addressing the topic? You, sir, are the complete opposite of impressive, and have a bright future as a low-level civil servant.

    2. Don’t be so selectively naive. You must have never perused the comment threads of Fox News or Free Republic, have you?
      Nothing but an immense love fest in those warm confines, let me tell you.

        1. That wasn’t very hard to find. Still in denial?
          I could explore further but, y’know, I do have a life and all…

          Just understand please that both sides have their nasties and they are all out of line and totally unacceptable. Hate knows no party line.

          blork 3 minutes ago
          …almost 800 points in two days and the “littlefagget that can’t” flies off to give a speech that noone listened to or atteneded except the mess that is the security detail……

          Read more:

          1. I don’t know about how much policing they can do, but if you scroll UPWARDS, you’ll see that one of your compatriots that fired off his mouth got DAS BOOT. This site does not tolerate hate-speech, and has the facilities to enforce that. FOX, due to the size of its base, and the relative few number of editors (if there are ANY), CANNOT. You are clearly a mentally dishonest person. Maybe if you were honest, you’d show examples from Daily Kos and Huffington Post, which, when remarks are brought to the attention of their owners, are NOT removed for content.

            1. That’s funny Virus,

              I’m not here to defend the left, I’m here show that we both have our own fair share of malcontents with a propensity towards shooting their mouths off in a generally unsavory manner.

              That is what one would refer to as a centrist position, one with which you do not appear familiar, what with your absolutist, Captain Ahab-like crusade to tar and feather the left as hate filled troglodytes all while portraying right exclusively as untarnished monuments to civility.

              The only one that is, I think you had intended to say, intellectually dishonest here is you.

              Now, if you were to scroll up above you will be able to observe that I was politely asked by one James Myers to show an example of nastiness on account of the right comparable to that which appeared in the tweets above, which I kindly obliged.

              What’s so difficult to understand? You’re just making excuses and judging from the frequency that you appear on this thread, in spades.

              Now kindly wipe that foam from your mouth, turn around and get a life.

              1. Oh, you’re not here to defend the left, and yet that’s precisely what you do, the second you pop up. Not defend someone from death threats, but to point fingers at Conservatives, and say that they specialize in this sort of behavior, too. Your excuses are just as weak as your ideology. There is nothing “centrist” about you, or your lies and distortions, and if I’m Captain Ahab, you’re Quisling. You’re lies extend to outright, intentional mischaracterization of my arguments, such as your strawman BS that I said that the left was the only group responsible for hate rhetoric, or that I wish them all harm. Harm is what the left BRAGS on TV that they wish on others, though, but I’m sure you’re not familiar with that.


                Where’s your example?

                As for mental dishonesty, you’ve already shown that its you, and I’ve just shown two examples of it, while, still, you present nothing but hot air and BS. Your little example that you showed is one, against how many? I’m pretty sure that if you wanted more, I could provide not only more, but more from high profile leftists, such as politicians, union thugs, etc. A never ending conga-line of freaks that spew their rhetoric on national TV, for everyone to see and hear, except, of course, people like you that act like it never happened.


                “..And then there’s Rumsfeld who said of Iraq ‘We have our good days and our bad days.’ We should put this S.O.B. up against a wall and say ‘This is one of our bad days’ and pull the trigger.” — From a fundraising ad put out by the St. Petersburg Democratic Club

                “F*** God D*mned Joe the God D*mned Motherf*cking plumber! I want Motherf*cking Joe the plumber dead.” — Liberal talk show host Charles Karel Bouley on the air.

                “Republicans don’t believe in the imagination, partly because so few of them have one, but mostly because it gets in the way of their chosen work, which is to destroy the human race and the planet. Human beings, who have imaginations, can see a recipe for disaster in the making; Republicans, whose goal in life is to profit from disaster and who don’t give a hoot about human beings, either can’t or won’t. Which is why I personally think they should be exterminated before they cause any more harm.” — The Village Voice’s Michael Feingold, in a theater review of all places

                “I know how the ‘tea party’ people feel, the anger, venom and bile that many of them showed during the recent House vote on health-care reform. I know because I want to spit on them, take one of their ‘Obama Plan White Slavery’ signs and knock every racist and homophobic tooth out of their Cro-Magnon heads.” — The Washington Post’s Courtland Milloy


                Like I said, its certainly looking like people like you have more of a corner on that market, than people like me. I could go on and on with examples, even extending into unpunished criminality, while you’ve produced one, low profile example, more the result of an inability of a website to police thousands of posts, that that of an endemic ideology. Then, you further make yourself look like an ass, by trying to turn my being able to take the fight back to people like you, multiple times on this thread alone, into some asinine way of making some kind of “…excuses…”. Well, keep going. You’re just making yourself look like a butt.

                Now, kindly wipe the BS off your mouth, and go back to DU.

                1. Thank you, VirusX. You’ve put yet another leftist in his rightful place……back under the slimy rock they crawled out from, with nothing but facts. Sadly for the rest of America, facts don’t matter to the likes of “rodstewart” and company.

                2. “…people like you that act like it never happened”

                  Kindly explain to me where I ever said that. On second thought, don’t. Just keep moving the goalposts and warping the context of my words. You’ve proven yourself to be quite reliable in that respect. I mean you even state that I said you wish harm on the left. Man, that is rich!

                  Again, I was asked by one of your contemporaries to provide an example of hate and intolerance from a commenter on a comment thread and that’s exactly what I did.

                  Then you wander in with your wildly flailing, foamy mouthed histrionics and allude that I’m omitting quotes at the convenience of fortifying my case?

                  No! I don’t have time to pore over the internet in search of anecdotal quotations and soundbites as you seem to do, unless you have them all bookmarked for this very occasion, which I do believe is very telling of your character.

                  Sheesh! Toodles, keyboard crusader.

                3. “Kindly explain to me where I ever said that. On second thought, don’t.”

                  I’ll do it, anyway. Its where you [i.e., liberals, in general] fail to address the things I mentioned, instead opting to complain about the actually few-and-far-between incidents of Conservatives going over the top, and conflating that into some kind of epidemic. Really, the only thing warped around here, is you. Still, you refuse to address the topic of this thread, and like the worst paulnut, you run around in circles with your hands over your eyes and cotton stuffed in your ears, so you can intentionally insulate yourself from reality.

                  “I mean you even state that I said you wish harm on the left. Man, that is rich!”
                  “…what with your absolutist, Captain Ahab-like crusade to tar and feather the left as hate filled troglodytes…”

                  Apparently, not as rich as your ability to self-delude. Sounds like a statement implying I wish leftists ill, to me.

                  “Again, I was asked by one of your contemporaries to provide an example of hate and intolerance from a commenter on a comment thread and that’s exactly what I did.” What you did was the minimum amount of work, which was just enough (in your eyes) to claim that there was a pattern going on, though you produced only a single statement. I produced a wide range of statements, proving the left DOES INDEED have a pattern of indulging themselves in hate speech, and the remarks I produced spanned a period of several months, to the present day, in succession. Just in the past 2 months, alone, I could produce another list of leftist hate speech, such as leftist union scumbags insulting mothers of Conservatives:


                  …followed by orders to kill said Tea Party members (same link)

                  Not long before that, a disgraced politician saying she’d personally like to murder every member of the Tea Party, if she could send them to Hell:

                  …and before that, another leftist slandering the Tea Party by calling them members of the democratic party terrorist wing (the KKK), and that they want blacks murdered by hanging:


                  See? Rapid succession, or what is called A PATTERN. Something your pitiful single incident failed to establish, though you resort to common leftist dishonesty, and say it does. You say I’m “…wildly flailing, foamy mouthed…” and engaging in “…histrionics…” when I state emphatically that this is a case of leftists [i.e.: people like YOU] Internet stalking and threatening to MURDER (Look! The pattern continues!) a woman for saying something you [leftists] disagree with. This is the case, and, again, you DOGGEDLY do anything to avoid talking about it. As opposed to that, you actually have the audacity to try JUSTIFYING terrorist threats against a mother, simply on the fact that you got your wittle feelings hurt, because some big, bad Conservative said something about your lord and master that you didn’t like on another website. If you want to talk about stripes of character, there’s yours, right there, and the color looks awfully YELLOW. I couldn’t care less if you don’t want to talk any more.

                  Toodles, to you, too, and don’t let the door hit ya’, where the Good Lord split ya’.

                4. “I mean you even state that I said you wish harm on the left. Man, that is rich!”

                  “…what with your absolutist, Captain Ahab-like crusade to tar and feather the left as hate filled troglodytes…”

                  Idioms. You are familiar with these expressive linguistic devices, right?

                  What you did was the minimum amount of work, which was just enough (in your eyes) to claim that there was a pattern going on, though you produced only a single statement.

                  Let’s get one thing straight here… I don’t work for you and I’m not going to pore over the internet in order to provide quotations to an exchange that will go back and forth in perpetuity, since somebody obviously has an agenda with no prospect of compromise and entirely no interest in anything short of winning the dialogue.

                  I produced a wide range of statements, proving the left DOES INDEED have a pattern of indulging themselves in hate speech, and the remarks I produced spanned a period of several months, to the present day, in succession.

                  A bit redundant isn’t it, since the prevailing topic of that brought us all here is the screencaps of Alec Balwin’s tweets and the unhinged tweets of his followers, Neither of which I approved of or apologized for. Get it, man?

                  Just in the past 2 months, alone, I could produce another list of leftist hate speech, such as leftist union scumbags insulting mothers of Conservatives.

                  You can repost until you are blue in the face, but the question remains: What part of “commenter from comment” thread do you not understand? I fulfilled what was requested of me.

                  Your keyboard crusader merit badge should be arriving in the mail within 2-6 business days. Congratulations! You are the grand poobah of the council of basement dwellers.

                5. WAAAH! I was only making an idiom! WAAAH! I didn’t mean it, literally!

                  I’m VERY certain I told you that I’d had enough of your crap, since you’re too much of a GUTLESS GIRL to confront the topic at hand, especially because you’re obviously on the wrong side of the problem this article addresses. “Toodles, to you, too, and don’t let the door hit ya’, where the Good Lord split ya’.” wasn’t my way of saying: “Hey, let’s get together for an ice cold Zima, and continue this train of thought!”

                  Once again, so all the miscreants [liberals] in the cheap seats can hear it:

                  FIND SOMEONE ELSE [KevinInMontana] TO BOTHER. You, again, utterly fail to address the failings of your ilk to threaten the life of a mother of two, and yet again, provide examples of pretending things didn’t happen.

                  I don’t talk to unruly kids, and you obviously need a snack and a nap.

                  This is Friday. Unlike losers, like yourself, I have a regular, hard weekend planned of Goth girls and dancing till the wee hours of the morning. You’re more than free to sit at your mother’s laptop in her panties, watching cheap furrie porn in one window, and spouting your leftist BS in another (like this one).

      1. The WBC is denounced by every church I know of, so you’re still full of crap. No Conservative that I’ve ever heard of says anything positive about them, nor about Phelps. If anyone’s not in touch with reality, its YOU, liar. To liberals, saying that Obama is pushing socialist policies is hate speech. However, that does nothing to absolve you, leftist, of your cowardice and complicity in the hate speech that’s being exercised by people like you toward Michelle Malkin. Maybe instead of pontificating to us with out of context BS, you should be on Twitter, battling with the REST of your twits, telling them to man up, and stop threatening a tiny Asian woman.

    3. Because conservatives on the internet are so polite….

      If you think that, why don’t you head on over to The Blaze .com and see what they have to say about Obama?

        1. Liberals are racist buffoons, good for nothing but accusing others of the very things they, themselves, are in the process of doing.

          It’s called projection…..the liberals are experts at it.

      1. Whatever it is they say about BO, it PALES in comparison to what has been said and is still said today about President George W. Bush.

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