Sean Hannity and Jimmy Kimmel TRADE VICIOUS INSULTS in BITTER Twitter WAR!!!

“A$$ clown” Jimmy Kimmel and “@$$ circus” Sean Hannity have gone to war with each other and lobbed insults over twitter after Kimmel made fun of Melania’s accent, and Hannity came after him.

Here’s Kimmel’s response, with video of Hannity viciously attacking him:

What’s kinda pathetic is that you can tell they added canned laughter to the monologue because apparently his audience just didn’t actually find it funny enough. Ironically, they SHOULD be adding canned laughter to all of Hannity’s monologues.

In any case, they went to war on Twitter and started really going at it:

This is weird:

But Hannity has made similar threats and never fulfilled his promises.

Hannity is trying to “brand” Kimmel the way Trump does.

Funny how he doesn’t answer the question.

Locker room talk! Trademarked.

Maddow *has* been beating Hannity on some single days and in some demos, but overall, Hannity beats them all.]]]]]

Wow! LOL!! Well that was entertaining. I mean they’re both right, and they’re both deflecting from their own hypocrisies. I don’t remember Sean Hannity giving a damn when Trump insulted Ted Cruz’s wife, remember? All of a sudden he’s white knighting for the honor of Lady Melania. Like all of discourse these days, it’s just pointing to everyone else’s sins to justify your own. Yay!!!

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