Seattle officer fired over instagram posts about Obama and illegal aliens

OK listen. I can already tell, this is gonna be a tough one. We’re gonna disagree. You’re gonna call me a raging RINO liberal in the comments. But it’s OK. We’ll get through this. Together. Take a deep breath. Here we go.

If you don’t like videos, here’s some text for you to read:

A Seattle police officer has been fired following an internal investigation that found he violated the department’s social media policy by posting profane and politically charged comments on Instagram.

The investigation was launched after an anonymous complainant contacted Seattle’s Office of Police Accountability and alleged that police Officer Duane Goodman had made numerous offensive social media posts that violated police department policy.

Seattle police Chief Carmen Best suggested in a written statement released Friday night that the officer’s conduct was inappropriate.

“For a police officer to encourage violence against public figures with whom they disagree is a betrayal of the values of our profession,” Best said in the statement.

According to Best, the U.S. Secret Service concluded that the social media posts were “far outside the acceptable bounds for a police officer, and potentially constituted criminal behavior.”

OK, so we should be suspicious. Often these things are exaggerated in order to screw over the police. But in this case….

One post displayed a picture of a package mail bomb and text that “appeared to endorse violence” against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama, investigators said.

Gahhh, no. Game over. Sorry. That’s no bueno. This one is OK though:

A second post showed the officer displaying a middle finger and text that said, “If you support illegal immigrants coming into our country so much then make a difference and bring them into your home and YOU support them you (expletive)!”

Yeah, I mean, not the best choice. I agree with the sentiment, but I think police officers should hold themselves to higher standards. Anyway, that other one though. Yeah that’s not good.

I know you’re gonna hate me for adhering to a sliver of a standard of civility, but at least acknowledge that the cop himself admitted he made a mistake:

The officer was terminated after admitting that his statements on Instagram “negatively impacted the Department’s ability to serve the public, as well as that the postings were unprofessional,” according to a case summary posted this week on the Office of Police Accountability website.

OK, go tear me apart, I can take it. We’ll hug it out afterward.

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