Sebelius: Reduction in pregnancies will pay for HHS contraception mandate


This is the same kind of budget gimmicks that Congress plays all the time. They cut what they call future projected spending and they claim it’s a real cut. They aren’t dealing in real money/real cuts and neither is Sebelius when she claims that less babies will pay for her contraception mandate.

It’s lunacy.

(via CNS News)

***UPDATE (Dan)*** I will add that Sebelius’ twisted logic is also easily applied to justify abortion. What she’s basically saying here is that human beings are a burden to the welfare state, rather than created individuals with gifts and talents to contribute to society. So the fewer people the better, and whether that is accomplished by prevented pregnancies via contraception or abortion probably doesn’t matter much in her mind. Let’s put it this way: Do you get the sense Sebelius mourns for the tens of millions of babies who have been aborted since Roe vs. Wade, after listening to this? Sounds to me like she’s glad they’re not around to drain state resources.

This is the mindset that leads to a one-child policy like they have in China, and it’s scary to think that we have elected officials seemingly laying the rhetorical groundwork for that sort of thing in the United States of America.

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