Second-grader suspended for turning pop-tart into toy gun

The ridiculousness just keeps spreading.

A second-grader at Park Elementary school in Baltimore, Maryland was munching on his pop-tart and was trying to shape it into a mountain. But quickly he noticed it looked more like a gun and began to play with it like a gun. Next thing you know his teacher confiscated the pop-tart and the school suspended him, alleging that he said “bang bang” while holding the pop tart and that constituted a threat.


(h/t: Poor Richard)

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116 thoughts on “Second-grader suspended for turning pop-tart into toy gun

  1. Hey teacher lady: Guess what? I just shaped my pop tart into an object that I’d love to show you. You’ll be panting “bang bang” uncontrollably and maybe we’ll even show it to the principal lady. And if you want to suspend me, you’ll have to use leather straps. Really let’s get together, I love just think idiotically dumb broads are the sexiest….

  2. Two things: The punishment was too severe. What happened to teacher/parent conferences? Next, a small occurance is getting way too much attention due to the internet.

  3. Absolutely ridiculous to suspend a child for shaping a piece of food like a gun!!! Come on you EDUCATED teachers and administrators… screw your heads on! Your lack of common sense is appalling! You are the ones who need to be suspended… for complete and total stupidity! Are you feeling ignored that much that you need to come up with some lame excuse to bring attention to your school??? SHAME ON YOU! I hope your Board of Education reacts to this charge with a reprimand toward YOU, not the child! What a waste of time for what is nothing more than a petty, completely harmless gesture! I am sick to death of hearing stories like this!

  4. Today’s schools won’t actually give you the grade you deserve because it might destroy your self-esteem and send you into 12 years of psychotherapy. But they will suspend you over nothing. These people are creating a generation that will suffer from free-floating anxiety or just reach the point where they don’t care enough any more to keep trying for excellence.

  5. Unfreakingbelieveable! Any moron “educator” that would react to something like this needs to be grabbed by the ear and marched out of the school and tossed to the curb. This is monster horse crap and people like this are NOT AMERICAN. Seriously – scaring a child over a play pastry – at worst? HOLY CRAP!

  6. This idiocy is brought to you by the letter L and the number 7 (the assault version of the letter L).

  7. That teacher IS the pop tart! In the words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along”.

  8. Oh my gosh what will the next big threat be?

    Jiffy Pop
    Pop Rocks
    Soda Pop
    Snap,Crackle & Pop

    Was this thing loaded? My gosh he could have shot someone’s eye out.

    Lock this kid up and throw away the key.He is a threat to society.He may come to school and harm someone with a fish stick.Give him twenty years hard time in a toaster oven.

    He may have started with an innocent Pop Tart but he will graduate to more serious weapons.

    Those evil toaster strudels.

    1. I believe that we are going to have to have Congress put a limit of how many tarts come in a box. He could have made more guns and perhaps, well, um, that could have led to, well, absolute poptart gun chaos!
      What a bunch of looney toon CRAP!!

  9. A pop-tart shaped like a gun is still a pop-tart. But then we are talking about that Orwellian regime known as the public education system.

    The question is, will his parents send him back into this environment?

  10. vasectimize this evil kid before he spawns. long live the teachers unions for picking up on things like this. What a joke we are becoming, its brutal.

    edit: the teacher pro’bly wouldn’t have had a problem with the kid if the pop tart had been in the shape of a fascist fist then held it up and said o for fuhrer.

  11. Oh good grief! It is way past time for this insanity to stop, and school officials ought to be punished, severely, for this sort of overreaction. When I was a kid, my friends and I played cops and robbers, and pointed toy guns at each other, and said “bang” all the time. None of us turned out to be mad-dog killer types. This sort of behavior is NORMAL for a young boy! And if school officials can’t tell the difference between it and a real threat, they have no business working around children. They certainly have no business scaring the crap out of a young boy for simply being a young boy.

  12. He does look kind of scary in that picture. I probably won’t be able to sleep after seeing this kids picture. Frightening child.

  13. As a new parent(daughter is 5 months old) I’m scared $hitless. I’m gonna do everything in my power to get her to a Christian school. I would be in serious trouble if they treated my child this way. I’m serious. I don’t take crap from anybody. Problem these days the tyrannical government will come visit your home and interview and potentially take your kid. Department of Education is THE worst thing created by this government. They can change what they want in one generation. They get to the kids before their common sense kicks in.

  14. I would be more scared of the NEA that continues to feminize the boys and brainwash them into obedient Marxist. If you can, send to a good private school or home school.

  15. The goal of all this nonsense in the schools is to make an example out of one kid, so as to scare the $h!t out of everyone else. Then they, parents and children, will all tow the line and produce the proper narrative at the child indoctrination centers, used to be called schools.

  16. There’s been a story every week since the tragedy in Sandy Hook about an innocent young kid somewhere getting suspended for playing with imaginary guns. This $hit is ridiculous. Aren’t educators taught in their college courses what is realistic to expect of children’s imaginative play? Do they really expect such young children to comprehend gun violence and to never mimic what they see in cartoons? When has it become a good practice to ostrazice such young children for normal behavior and to make them feel terrible for something they are not mature enough to understand. I can’t believe our schools are filled with so many f’g morons. I want to bit€h one out in person!!

  17. I hope ten thousand second grade American young men show up at school packing pop tart Glocks on Monday. This kid is a hero and he’s being martyred for the betterment of the rest of us.

    Be ready to stand up and show your weapon when the time comes. Like this young American hero.

  18. At first I thought these were isolated occurrences due to a few idiots posing as educators. But it is happening too often in too many locations for it to be just random idiocy. Now I think I know what is going on. What happens when you ostracize young kids for making any obscure reference to or likeness of a gun? It scares them. It makes them think guns are bad no matter who has them. And when they have convinced the next generation to be afraid of guns and to think of guns as evil, it will be much easier to get guns banned. That’s their plan. Achieving a leftist utopia requires an indoctrinated society not an educated one.

  19. Far, far more violent than a loaded Pop Tart are some of the lyrics from some of the popular songs.

    What about this oldie from the Beatles:

    “Joan was quizzical, studied metaphysical
    Science in the home
    Late nights all alone with a test-tube
    Maxwell Edison majoring in medicine
    Calls her on the phone
    “Can I take you out to the pictures
    But as she’s getting ready to go
    A knock comes on the door…

    Bang, bang, Maxwell’s silver hammer
    Came down upon her head
    Bang, bang, Maxwell’s silver hammer
    Made sure that she was dead.”

    And that’s just the first verse!

    And speaking of Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, the Superintendent of the Anne Arundel County Public School system, on whose watch this asinine disciplinary action is occurring, is Kevin M. Maxwell, Ph.D.

    Maxwell’s Silver Hammer indeed!

    According to the Anne Arundel County Public Schools website, Dr. Maxwell’s e-mail address is [email protected] .

    And, while we’re providing e-mail addresses, the members of the Anne Arundel County Board of Education also have e-mail addresses:

    [email protected];
    [email protected];
    [email protected];
    [email protected];
    [email protected];
    [email protected];
    [email protected];
    [email protected];
    [email protected];

    Sandy Blondell, the Principal of Park Elementary School, has apparently taken pains to not publicize her own e-mail address, but I would suggest the possibility that hers is [email protected] .

    1. Have their “cake” and eat it too. A “two-fer”, if you will. XLNT keninil !!!!

  20. Home school home school home school……

    What in the hell is going on with these people?

  21. This is disgusting, talk about taking things too far. The father should talk to a lawyer and find another school, where the teachers and administrators actually have working brains.

  22. I’m sure if he had turned it into a rubber they would of been fine with that..Seriously I don’t know what we are trying to do to our children..Boys aren’t suppose to think about guns, what are they suppose to dwell on..??? Every single elder in my family was playing guns from the time they were three..They are and always will be the Great Ones..whats left of them..All I can beg of these parents is to take back your schools , you are their bosses..

  23. Ridiculous, or rather insidious. Teachers are being used to indoctrinate the youth to a leftist world view.

  24. This is getting really STUPID

    It is OK to teach – safe sex – gayness – Mexican History – Islam pieces – etc.

    but pop tart guns are forbidden?


    There is a military mantra – for males only

    This is my rifle – This is my gun —

    I forgot the rest—-

    1. That was only used by the DI’s on dummy recruits who forgot to call their weapon by its proper name. The dummies had to run in between Battalion formation of 4 companies repeating that phrase over and over again until they dropped from running between companies of exhaustion. That’ll teach ’em. Gotta come up with something like that for these ignorant teachers and administrators. Let ’em run around the school for an hour saying: This is my country (pointing to the flag) this is Marxism (pointing to the textbooks) this is for honor (pointing to the flag); this is for toilet paper (pointing to the textbooks again). Make them do that while wearing a dunce cap.

      1. 911, I have friend named Bruno, who could probably keep them running for an extra 20 minutes or so.

    2. The rest? “This for fighting, this is for fun”.
      Of course, these days it would take some hand gestures for the left to figure out what the word ‘gun’ is is being used for. I can think of another universally recognized ‘gesture’ I’m happy to display to the left. 😉

  25. The stupidity continues….This is the arrested development fear mongering government media infection that has been injected into the American society…soon Americans will be no more than spineless human resource jellyfish unit tax slaves.

  26. It just gets and A pop-tart?

    I’m sure glad I grew up in a period where there was more common sense. (the dark ages)

  27. The NEA at work in the minds of our children…what are we going to do about it?…be very afraid…

    1. Agreed. Ill repeat it for you.




      There… Ive said it.


  28. Not a pop gun, you fool. A pop tart. Pop TART!!!

    (I mean it would take thousands of tarts and dozens of years to kill someone with those, right?)

  29. When we were kids we run run around at recess playing cops and robbers using our fingers as guns…I guess that would be a riot today.

  30. These “adults” that do this stuff are more childish than the children they bully. What a bunch of nonsense.

    1. If this EVER happens in my school district, I will follow the nutcase teacher around and drop pictures of guns and say bang, bang at every opportunity.

  31. I hope this story ends up better than for the one in Colorado where the school dragged the mom’s name through the mud and ended up making her just take the kids out and go to another school.

  32. Obviously people are still asleep. This is the most assinine, ridiculous, thing I have heard coming from a school system in the past few months. It was so stupid that it made the news and yet they treated it like a legitiment news story. That father should be down at the Superintendent’s office with a lawyer and start raising holy h*ll. Have his child’s record expunged of this so called threat. I can tell you there are many serious things going on in that school that need to be addressed that aren’t because of Liberals who don’t have a clue on how to manage their way out of a paper bag and yet they are in charge of your children when you aren’t around. This is not an isolated incident. I left the profession almost 20 years ago and it was going on then. It has only gotten worse. If you can, home school. If you can’t then you will have to re-teach you child when he or she gets home. It’s bad out there. Worse than you know.

  33. My kids’ principal took them to the gun range for a field trip. They all got to fire a .22 long rifle, a ruger .22/45 light, a Walther P.22, and even a XD 9mm. This was during school hours. They had a blast and no one got hurt!

    Of course I am their principal since we home school…………

    The public school system is a tool of the government. Think about it “public” school system. Where does the money come from to support the public school system–the government.

    1. Technically the money to support the school system comes from the taxpayers (less than 50% pay taxes) and the gov’t redistributes it to their marxist programs and indoctrination programs held in buildings the taxpayers pay for conducted by “teachers” the taxpayers also pay for. Starve the beast, earn only what you need to minimize taxes paid.

  34. This is so sad. These children are being battered in an effort to control them and make them fear guns. We need a patrol to protect our children.

  35. Today, my wife and I were skyping with our 6 year old granddaughter and we were playing Peter Pan and Captain Hook. So I’m Captain Hook, and we are cutting out swords which we drew on pieces of paper and having sword fights. Anyway, we are having fun and she says she is going to do this with her friends at school, and I said better not, and whatever you do, don’t draw a gun. And she said OK, grandpa, I’ll make a gun. Well my wife and I started screaming at her and scared the bejesus out of her. Afterword, we both felt bad about scaring the kid, but we had too. Otherwise her world would crash on her at school. What has the world come to? July can’t come soon enough for me. I just might take Frances Albert’s advice. The lunacy is really starting to get to me. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wonder about the survivors from Benghazi and their families. Where are they? Anyone that doesn’t think we aren’t living in a police state isn’t paying attention. Gotta go. There’s a knock at the door.

    1. That kind of made me cry right there americalsgt. It was sweet, but the last bit made me cry for your granddaughter but all kids these days. I wish I had enough room to homeschool all kids. I’m not the best teacher by far, but dang it this stuff breaks my heart for kids. 🙁

    2. This so clearly shows that even WE have become afraid to interact with our own families as we see fit.
      We are forced into hiding normal behavior and creativity for fear of punishment from the people whose financial resources depend entirely upon us.

    3. It’s sad. When your grand daughter is older, be frank with her and explain that the school’s standards are not ‘normal’. She should understand that there are teachers who will try to mold her mind, or even turn her against her family if their beliefs don’t conform to the left’s agenda. I had this experience with a certain liberal high school teacher, but being forewarned, was mentally forearmed.

      1. Oh I’m going to try, but we are up against the wall and it’s not going to be an easy fight. Unless we can successfully break this stranglehold our educators have on our children, the chances are that her teachers in GA will be suggesting that poor old gramps isn’t too bright and a tad senile and will think it best if she sends me off to the gulag. When you have Texas involved as per Michelle Malkin points out we need to change everything. Here is her article.

      1. There should be a group of conservative attorneys stepping up to sue this idiot school districts and teachers (individually).

      1. Agreed! I don’t have any children, but if I did – there would be no way I would send them out to these wolves!

    1. We know when and why. Now we need to muscle up and turn it around before this country of ours is defeated by an invader. We are raising a bunch of wussies for men.
      Folks, that has never kept a nation safe. While China and Russia are arming up, we are disarming mentally and physically. It has to stop or our children will be enslaved.

    2. Dear CasualSlacks:

      You’re right. I’m Australian and things here are more socialist leftarded, Islamized and thus crime ridden, controlled, censored, dull and costly than you can hopefully imagine. Since 1996 we have no right to bear arms or indeed defend ourselves even in our homes from violent home invasion. Not even a truncheon. I kid you not. The alleged conservative John Howard, [he is not on virtually anything] did this. He said and I quote: “I hate guns”. Naturally Howard always goes EVERYWHERE with two seriously armed security.

      Since the early 2000’s, the law, actually bans free speech with our ‘Racial and Religious Vilification Act’, which makes it an offence to literally “offend, ridicule, or bring into contempt” any religion, group etc… Read as Islam and all Marxist left ideology is not allowed to be criticized. The same creeping socialism that attacked the great Mark Steyn in Canada.

      It’s truly awful. Our media is appalling. There is little to zero effective alt media. No Breitbart, Rush, Malkin or Levin here really. Our government is a corrupt and uber-incompetent Marxist sodden union lawyer leftist variant elite and the opposition parties are ignorant of First Principles, unread and invariably weak. We are doomed.

      Do not, I REPEAT, do not give up the First and Second Amendments!

      No, really. Colonel Neville.

      1. Please don`t be an infrequent opinion here Colonel !!! I`ve been following Geert Wilders` visit to Austrailia these last few weeks via and have often wondered about the degree of influence the turbin cowboys have in your society. I feel they are firmly in the second stage of jihad. Help us further understand their tactics and methods as you have time. Thank you Sir….

      2. I’ve heard that the UK and Australia have very little crime since the citizens turned in their guns.
        We didn’t get the truth then. Did we?

  36. WTF? It seems to me the school admins and teachers are the real threat anymore. To common sense AND to the welfare of these children. Its a pastry and a little kid you morons.

    1. I don’t know what’s happening with the schools these days. Over the last few weeks, I’ve come across the following:

      Five year-old girl in PA suspended for ‘threatening’ to shoot a girl with with ‘Hello Kitty’ bubble gun

      Fifth grader reprimanded (also from PA) for bringing a piece of a paper SHAPED like a gun

      And 911Infidel you’ll like this one: A Muslim child was NOT disciplined in TN for giving gifts to male classmates containing toy guns to mark the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha. They claimed it was because Tennessee’s zero-tolerance statute did not address toy weapons. However, previously, another student in the same district was disciplined for waving a gun-shaped pizza slice.

      1. Of course. American kids need to be brainwashed and punished when they step outside the borg. But Muslim kids….well you have to respect their culture and their sensitive nature..Its all about all other cultures being superior to the one that was created by rich white people that enslaved blacks; stole the Southwest from the Hispanics and enslaved blacks and killed off the Red man don’t ya know….Hi I’m Bill ayers…domestic terrorist…and I not only wrote the textbooks, but I approve of this message.

        1. Funny how the lunatic left always preaches something they call “tolerance” but they never can actually put the practice into place especially at a primary school of all places and worse yet fashioning guns from sources of nutrition.

          I wonder how fast they would have suspended Yours Truly after looking at my loose leaf binder cover that I doodled “Please support nuclear destruction with a picture of the thermonuclear detonations in the Pacific. I probably would have been sent off to jail.

          APB: Be on the look out for a five year sporting a pizza slice fashioned into a gun. Suspect used it to rob candy store. Subject is on 16” bike steering wildly.

          1. All the kiddies in my schools sported artwork that featured guns, bombs, planes, dropping bombs etc etc on their notebooks. They would have all been arrested or suspended in today’s PC BS climate in the schools.

            APB: Suspect looks like Eric Cartman riding a hot wheels tricycle. He was last spotted on an empty freeway heading north. LOL

          2. They just mean that they want you to tolerate their illogical ideas. I infuriated a college prof by refusing to back down on their diversity training. The concepts conflicted.
            1. Just because people were of the same race, religion, etc didn’t mean you should generalize or stereotype. I agree.
            2. Businesses should be required to hire people of different races, religions, etc so they can get differing opinions. I disagree. They could hire 100% black gay female muslims if the demographic in their area made them available and guess what… they would still all have different opinions and perspectives. You simply hire those best qualified.

      1. Uh…breaker…breaker…WTF?? We got a file 13 in progress….Yeah dipstick school teacher…clueless admin… Uh roger….Uh who should I arrest then?

      2. Does flavor or brand determine the effectiveness of the weapon??

        Are pop tarts on Senator Fienstien’s list??

          1. Hey Joe- I don’t know if you get alerts for responses or not, but I was wondering if you’ve heard from Gino? I haven’t seen him on for quite a while and kind’a worried about him. Miss him too.

      1. He’s an innocent kid. Obviously he more intellect and a bigger heart than his fooking teachers.

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