SECOND IG REPORT to come, and it’s gonna come for James Comey!

According to Fox News, the feds aren’t done with Comey – there’s a second IG report to come, it sounds like.

That’s coming from Mark Meadows, so take that for what it’s worth. But it IS odd that they laid out all this bad stuff that Comey did, then denied to prosecute.

AND, given that Trump just signaled acceptance with the decision from Barr in an earlier tweet:

…what is up with this second IG report? Maybe he’s just setting up the rope-a-dope. Or, like everything else in politics, it’s all bluster and no substance.

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52 thoughts on “SECOND IG REPORT to come, and it’s gonna come for James Comey!

  1. Comey and gang are smart. He threaded the needle with the memos by the way he handled them. You have to realize the system is set up to protect their bad acts, but designed to get you on yours. Two tiers.

    VDH and others have pointed out the people who decided whether or not the memos were classified were his own small team- Strzok, Page, Baker and Rybecki (who apparently had a copy of his own hidden and didn’t turn it in until just before the NY Times story)

    If a real prosecutor and detective were running this case, it would be a conspiracy charge and a RICO type investigation. They would all go to jail.

    DC is different. It is corrupt. Barr has to realize to clean this up he can’t worry about convictions or that it will look political, he needs to arrest them and take them to trial. Let the process be the punishment and a warning to the future Comeys and McCabes that there is a cost.

  2. More comedy regarding the fbi, doj, rule of law and sanity
    Nothing will happen to anybody
    Tired of hearing how barr and others are doing things methodically
    If the goal is to expose everything this time next year to insure a the next term, then send a sign.

  3. And we’re all still waiting for Trump to declare Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.

    Donald is as impotent as Jeb.

  4. The only thing they could have gotten him for in the leak issue was if he had leaked information that was marked classified. He leaked it before anyone could mark it. No one had seen it but him. That was a plan.

  5. It’s probably not going to be strong enough evidence to prove he intentionally lied to the court.

    Comey called Hillary’s crime’s reckless and careless, which is such bull-crap because her behavior clearly showed criminal intent. Hiding the server, deleting tens of thousands of emails after she’d been ordered to turn them over, and etc.

    If I recall correctly there were warnings about that dossier and they used it anyway. I’d have to see what parts of it they showed the judge, but if it’s revealed that the presented parts hadn’t been verified then I think it was obviously intentional.

  6. I’ll believe that people will be held accountable when I finally see somebody being held accountable. Until then…

  7. [[ Maybe he’s just setting up the rope-a-dope.]]
    You know- that’s what they kept saying about trey gowdy- that he was just ‘setting them up for later charges’ – and so we waited- and waited, and waited- NOTHING was ever done and a woman got away with several felonies

  8. Is it just a coincidence that Nadler and Schiff [Democratic Chairman] have stopped attacking AG Barr since Barr announced after two of the IG reports that he [Barr] would not prosecute Comey?

  9. Awan, guilty as sin is released. But wait, bigger things to come.

    Wolfe, guilty as sin is released. But wait, bigger things to come.

    McCabe, guilty as sin is released. But wait, bigger things to come.

    Comey, guilty as sin is released. But wait, bigger things to come.

    I think I am starting to see a pattern here.

  10. IMO, Barr’s decision to not to press charges against Comey based on the explanation we heard in the video was a prudent one.

    Joe DeGenova told us that Horowitz’s FISA investigation concluded that all four of the FISA warrants used to spy on Carter Page, Trump and others were illegal. Knowing that, there is no reason not to conclude that Barr is waiting for Durham’s and Horowitz’s reports to be released before pressing charges against Comey.

    I did find Comey’s smug and arrogant attitude toward the news that he will not be charged for keeping official FBI documents in his home to be perplexing. It’s perplexing because common sense dictates that Comey knows that Horowitz’s report will be devastating to him and everyone else involved in the left’s fabricated Russian collusion narrative.

  11. The IG’s report said that Comey’s behavior was a terrible example to the thousands of FBI employees who have access to secret information. True. So Barr’s failure to prosecute a very clear case amounts to an open invitation to all those thousands (most of them Lefties these days) to leak like crazy in order to sabotage any conservative administration.

  12. So many news segments to choose……

    Anti trumper Neil Cavuto is picked.

    Wonder if Cavuto is anti ted Cruz would he be chosen

  13. Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it. If he’s documented with anything less than murder, he’s walking.

  14. We live in a country with a two law system, one for politicians and the elite and the ones for us little people, the prisons are full of little people, the others are in congress and in government doing any crime the deem ok, which is whatever is best for them, and they’re all millionaires. Is this what our founders wanted?

  15. I am completely disinterested in what this narcissist is going to say; he should be embarrassed by his behavior and JUST GO AWAY!

  16. How dare tax paying sc*m expect equal justice under the law!

    These elites have donations to give, votes to cast, money to earn from speaking tours & mortgages on their third homes, you can’t expect guys like Comey & Hilary to go to prison…who do you people think you are???

    Pay your taxes & be quiet…& then pay more when new laws you don’t support are passed, you don’t like it? Tough! Illegals will replace you…you’ll pay for them too!

    The government isn’t here for you, you are here to pay for the government!

    Now go eat cake you ingrates!

  17. The former DCI threatened the president two days ago. Nobody in the history of the CIA has made such a threat to a sitting president. This unprecedented act on any president, past or present, must not be tolerated. The former DCI, John Brennan, should be investigated for treason and his past affiliation with the Communist Party USA. He is extremely nervous about something and it is time to find out what that may be.

  18. Remember, Hillary said if Donald Trump won the election, they would all be hanging from ropes.

    Donald Trump and Barr are going to get things done right. That takes patience.

  19. Barr is patient and putting all his ducks in a row so as to pull all the criminal fish in, all the way up to Obunghole, with his wide sweeping net. You see, he’s working under the liberal’s and MSM’s radar. When the day comes they won’t know what direction that train came from that just hit them.

  20. Nothing is ever going to happen to Comey or any of the other political elites that commit crimes against the American people and the country itself. The DC swamp creatures… yes, all of them, Dem and Rep alike… will protect each other like King Arthur’s Knights did. Ain’t nuttin’ happenin’ to nobody.

  21. Another ? Hmmmm…..since “fast ‘n furious,” nothing but sunshine’s been blown up our knickers.
    I feel like a Trump hating comrade, that’s been endlessly told, “the Mueller Report’ll prove Trump ‘colluded.'”
    Apparently…..doesn’t matter much which side of the info biz newsies are on……keep the fish chasin’ the bait.

  22. I will believe there is the possibility of one and only one system of justice in the USA when someone, anyone of significance (on the left, of course) is indicted, convicted and imprisoned. Until then we exist in two Americas.

  23. “So many people and experts that I have watched and read would have taken an entirely different course. Comey got Lucky!”. From that statement I want to believe that Barr is holding out so he can also reel in the bigger fish aka, Obungler and Hilliary.

  24. Wake me up when a grand jury returns a true bill, until then this is nothing more than bones tossed to the unwashed masses as some kind of pretense that there really is just a one tier justice system.

  25. If there is no punishment for crimes committed it will just continue, because they all know they will get away with it. If they lose their jobs, they will just write some books or become a contributor on a cable TV news show, making millions.

  26. “But it IS odd that they laid out all this bad stuff that Comey did, then denied to prosecute.”
    Substitute Clinton for Comey and you’ll know what we’re goinna get.

  27. FISA courts must be protected – that is the sole reason they are in place – because they are extra-judicial in scope and must be 100% accurate.

    No sloppy good enough for government works works in FISA and Chief Justice John Roberts knows this, if SCOTUS is to retain even a smidgen of relevance. FISA courts come under his direct jurisdiction.

  28. The second case is not bluster. Why go for a wrist slap on the first charges when you can go for a grand slam and wrist cuffs with the second – Not nice to fool FISA, Comey-Brennan-Clapper.

  29. Criminal Indictments for anyone in the Obama DOJ-FBI, let alone the IRS, Lois Lerner ever come down ? No, No, and No

    The only thing that you will ever see come out of the DOJ is lip service, while the criminal conspirators will remain free, smug, arrogant, and defiantly contemptuous.

    I’m sorry.. we the American People are fed up with the political DOJ BS lying, obfuscating facade by the ever ongoing Bush RINO Democrat Deep State DC Est Swamp rats, who will do nothing but ensure they protect their own swamp rat criminal conspirators, co-conspirators, thus the DOJ Deep State operates a 2 tiered (in)Justice system, aka the Just-Us dept ..

    I pray I am wrong, but the stench of betrayal and injustice reeks from one end of the nation to the other.

    This is what’s called a banana republic.

  30. From what I understand all of the FISAs were obtained illegally. If that’s true I don’t see how it would be a close call for the DOJ to prosecute. They were all based on the Steele dossier which they did not bother to try to verify

  31. We’re all waiting for evidence that punishment and prosecution can happen to Deep Staters.

    And still waiting…

    Apparently “no man is above the law” unless you work for the government.

  32. They are all swamp dwelling sewer rats, they go to the same parties, send their kids to the same schools. They will not prosecute fellow swamp dwellers no matter how serious the crime. Barr is just like the rest of them, he’ll see to it that none of these seditious criminals ever do a day for their crimes against our nation. If we want it fixed we’ll have to do it ourselves. There will be blood.

  33. There’s apparently no, “Over and done with,” when it comes to investigations.

    (Other than realpolitik, budget, and changes at the top.)

    I linked this in the other thread, but y’all should give a listen to Andy McCarthy’s latest podcast…

  34. Don’t mean to go OT but I just saw that Valerie Harper died (Rhoda). She was such a good actress along with MTM and on her own. Yeah I guess it shows my age but it just made me a little sad

  35. I hope this is even more damning than the first one. Someone needs to wipe that smirk off his corrupt, lying face.

  36. And the crowd chanted, Lock him up, Lock him up, Lock him up.

    Nothing is going to happen to James Comey, Hillary Clinton and others. Rules are for the everyday tax paying citizen, and prisons are built for the common criminals.

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