SELF DEFENSE? Man fires gun on highway after another car points gun at him and cuts him off [VIDEO]

This is a crazy scene that apparently just took place recently in Orlando, Florida. In short, a man in a truck boxed the driver of a sports car out for short while and they both exchanged ‘pleasantries’ when the sports car finally got around him.

Later in the video, the driver of the sports car slowed down and pointed a gun at the truck as it passed him. It then sped up and pointed a gun at the driver of the truck for a second time and then proceed to pull in front of him to cut him off. That’s when the driver of the truck opened fire through his windshield at the other vehicle, which quickly sped away.

The video alternates between dashcam view and cab view. I’d love to know if you agree with this being a ‘self defense’ shooting. My first thought was that it bothered me, but after watching it a second time I’m mixed on it. Maybe the truck driver could have done something else, but the sports car was clearly cutting in front of him, perhaps cutting him off, after twice pointing a gun at the truck and I can understand why the driver might have felt the need to defend himself from this escalating into more violence. Clearly firing his gun made the other driver flee.

Here’s the video:

Also, here’s what the driver of the truck posted under the video to give you more information:

Will I ever box out again? No.
Did I notice it was punishable by death? No.

I thought this was all over when I flicked him off & he cut me off then took off.

The 370z driver who has come to threaten me in the comments was arrested in 2019 for aggravated assault with deadly weapon, kidnapping & strangulation.

I run a 5 star transportation business with over 500k miles logged no trail of dead bodies.

After I saw we had distance I started to my normal 85mph.
That’s not a high speed chase in Florida people you think this guy just wanted to start driving like miss daisy all of the sudden?

Why did my friend say “I think he is going to break check you?” because he went from cutting me off going 100+ with plenty of room to continue his race circuit to slowing way down.

As soon as I saw him rolling the window getting into the right lane I saw the gun & started going 100+ toward turnpike exit.
He chased me down with a gun not the other way around.

My gun wasn’t in my hand until I saw another gun.

Foot is off pedal when I start shooting.

There are multiple people telling me this asshole pointed a gun at them and their innocent families.

God bless you all wishing bad on me.

2020 is backwards.

I know it’s debate day, but it’s still early and this is a good distraction from all of that. What do you think?

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