Sen. Lindsey Graham: I’ve talked to the survivors from Benghazi and they’ve been told not to talk

Special Report opened tonight with some new information on the survivors from Benghazi, noting that the State Dept. has finally acknowledged how many of its employees were hurt that night. Bret Baier also interviewed Lindsey Graham who has actually spoken to some of the survivors and says that some are back at work but have been told not to talk about what happened. But he says they want to come forward and he’s gonna do everything he can to ensure they get that opportunity.

Here’s the short report:

Here’s the interview with Lindsey Graham:

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52 thoughts on “Sen. Lindsey Graham: I’ve talked to the survivors from Benghazi and they’ve been told not to talk

  1. When anyone on the left suggests there’s no bias in the LAME STREET MEDIA, just remember how many reporters where sent to Alaska to read all of those thousands emails. MSN outlets like the AP and Washington Post resorted to asking the public to help them to attempt to tar and feathered Sarah Palin.
    After 6 months, the MSM continues to avoid covering the the terrorist attack in Benghazi in which 4 Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Stevens, died and many other Americans where maimed in Libya on 9/11/12.  It’s sickening that these leftist news outlets rather protect Obama’s Benghazi cover-up than report and investigate such an important story.
    Yet, I’m sure Sarah Palin and Sen. Cruz, who will deliver CPAC’s keynote speech, will be vilified by the MSM; that’s important news but NOT the terrorist attack in Benghazi and the 6 month cover-up.

  2. Imagine if survivors of 911 had been ordered by the government to keep their mouths shut. This is nothing less than coercion, and intimidation by the federal government against its citizens.

  3. And yet winsey graham, ‘breaks bread’, with obamaNation.  graham, bone head, cantor, mcconnell, mcPain,…ALL need to GO.

  4. Talk, Talk, Talk !  Everybody involved needs to realize it’s unhealthy to keep this stuff bottled up inside. Dr. Phil would even agree, no?

  5. I’m glad the senator was able to talk to the survivors, but why weren’t they able to do this earier! We needed to know this and America needed to hear this before Hilary left and Obama got back in!
    If Obama is just now telling congress who and where these survivors are, how convenient! Heads sho roll just for playing politics with these people!

  6. To Whom it may Concern: Ever since this travesty occured, my communication with the community has been restricted to phone conversations and emails until this past week. I returned from N. Carolina to Texas 13 March with a new sense of encouragement. I had the honor of sharing space, time, conversation, and insight with those active in their duties protecting our Freedoms. Rest Assured Folks, B.O. and his ilk are not going unnoticed within the community. If the Good Lord`s willin`, I`ll be returning to N. Carolina at the end of May. May God Bless our Troops, wherever they are !!!!

  7. Everything that’s happened and Graham still approves everyone the Muslim impostor nominates.  I lost total respect for him after he and John McCain attacked Rand Paul.  Nothing he does could redeem himself with me.

    1. And he’s pro-amnesty for illegals.  Okay, the latest gov’t reports show that jihadis are coming up through South America to Mexico and into America.  So Grahmnesty doesn’t care about Americans’ safety at all.

  8. How often can Obama put things in that vault where his college transcripts are hidden before someone honest gets the combination?

  9. graham is a meely-mouse on alot of things… alright … most things… but i give him KUDO’s  on his tenacity on benghazi..
    Thanks Sen Graham…

  10. If it can be said that a government built on lies can not stand, then it must also be true that a presidency and an admin built on lies, and deceit, can not stand either.
    Depending on whom you listen to, Obama and admin have either committed treason against the Constitution, or they are within their rights to govern as they have. As with all things Obama, the opinions appear to be split right down the middle.
    While I am not a fan of lil Lindsey, the lad does have a few uses.
    We will not know the truth of Benghazi until Obama is out of office. And you know something, that is just to damn long to wait!

  11. The whole Benghazi issue bothers me now no end.  One day in May, 1970, we got pinned down by a 30 caliber.   We had a couple wounded and one dead ( think Willem DeFoe in Platoon, he actually looked like him) up the stream and acting on adrenalin,  I did ya di da, and we were able to get them out. Now, I’m no kinda hero, but it bothers me when men are let behind.  It really bothers me.  Ya got it?

  12. I don’t think we’ll ever find out the full story on Benghazi any more than the truth on Fast and Furious.   This administration is made of teflon, aided and abetted by the media.   It will be historians that will write the story.   As far as Graham wanted people fired, I agree with that but impeachment proceedings were started against Nixon and Clinton for acts that did not have a body count.   He is setting the bar too low.

  13. “Political A$$-COVERING” you got that right Graham! I have my differences with this man, but on this issue, I say BRAVO SENATOR!

  14. Congress needs to continue to demand these survivors be allowed to testify, and if not, it’s time to take action against this administration.  Handcuff and haul them off to prison.  The Smiths, Doherty’s, Stevens’ and Woods’ families deserve to hear what these folks have to say.  These witnesses deserve to tell what they have to say without fear.  God please let these witnesses come forward and let the truth come out on this.

    1. I agree…let them have courage and come forward…and say not only the whole truth of what happened, but who told them not to speak out, and what they were threatened with.  And let the people and the Senate (SPQUSA!) ensure they are protected, if need be.  The blood of the four vicitims cries out from the ground, and the terrible experience of these brave people at the hands of their government must not be hidden away.  Senator Graham (and any of his colleagues standing with him) deserves immense credit for his tenacity on finding and exposing the truth about Benghazi.

    2. AmericanborninCanada Amen! They have demanded more answers about Trayvon Martin than they will reveal about this. Those families are owed the truth and so are we. Those people went through a living nightmare, and the people that sent them there have further added to their trauma by preventing them to speak? This takes my level of disgust with this whole situation to a new level, which I didn’t believe was possible.

    3. AmericanborninCanada  I wonder if the families could sue the federal government in order to
      get answers.

  15. One question to the survivors.  What fragrance was Valerie Jarret wearing when she told you to keep your mouth shut – or else?  Cloe, Burberry Weekend, Coco,  Ah Baby, the scent of a witch.

      1. Marridge  Here is the thing Ducky.  I never said this, and I don’t know how or who said it.  I just didn’t, and I don’t like someone posting something that I didn’t say.

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