Sen. Rockefeller: FCC should shut down Fox News and MSNBC

via Sen. Rockefeller, in a more rare and honest moment, says that he is tired of the Right and the Left and that we’d all be better off if the FCC would shut down Fox News and MSNBC. That’s interesting, because the FCC doesn’t have any jurisdiction over cable whatsoever. At least not yet.

You see, Rockefeller says he hungers for quality news and believes that the FCC should play a part in facilitating that end. He believes that without the extremes of Fox News and MSNBC, the American people would have more faith in their government, would have better political discourse, and that it would help legislators do their work. Yeah right, Fox News is the reason why the American people don’t have faith in their government.

What Rockefeller really wants is news that doesn’t hold him and his legislative buddies accountable. He doesn’t want news that would appropriately vet, say President Obama, and uncover what he really believes and how it’s the complete opposite of what the majority of Americans believe. What he wants is a propaganda machine, which is why for the life of me I can’t figure out why he wants MSNBC taken off the air. Anyway, what this is really about is not what the American people want, but rather what he wants – freedom of speech and the Constitution be damned.

The bigger point here is the size of government. This is a prime example of why we must limit the size of government so as to maximize the freedom of the individual. Milton Friedman points out that every person works for their own self interest and the bigger the government, the better chance that a legislator’s self interest will conflict with yours. And when they conflict, we all know who wins that battle (ie. Obamacare).

If left alone, the American people will decide which news outlets are successful and which are not, and that’s the way it should be. I just hope that the next time Sen. Rockefeller is on the ballot, the American people teach him a good lesson by using their constitutionally protected freedom of speech and send him packing.

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