Senate votes to DISAPPROVE Trump’s National Emergency; 12 Republicans voted with Democrats and HERE ARE THEIR NAMES

The Senate has just approved the resolution of disapproval of Trump’s declaration of a national emergency:


It’s passage was anticipated, of course, as a handful of Republicans had already announced they would vote for the resolution.

But it turns out that 12 Republicans in total decided to join Democrats, and here are their names:

That’s a much longer list of Republicans than I thought would vote for it. Jeez.

But notice that Thom Tillis is not on that list. He announced just before the vote that he decided to vote against the resolution of disapproval. He also wrote it in an op-ed published by the Washington Post.

Via The Hill:

Tillis announced in a Feb. 25 Washington Post op-ed he would support a disapproval resolution but changed his mind Thursday.

“I will be voting against the resolution of disapproval,” he said on the Senate floor, pointing to what he called a “crisis at the border.”

“We have to recognize that we have a crisis at the border, 76,000 people crossing illegally in February alone. We have narcotics flooding our country, poisoning our children and adults of all ages,” he said.

It was a reversal from the position he stated in late February when he wrote “Republicans need to realize that this will lead inevitably to regret when a Democrat once again controls the White House, cites the precedent set by Trump, and declares his or her own national emergency to advance a policy that couldn’t gain congressional approval.”

He noted that he and other conservatives “cried foul” when former President Barack Obama invoked executive authority to circumvent Congress.

“There is no intellectual honesty in now turning around and arguing that there’s an imaginary asterisk attached to executive overreach — that it’s acceptable for my party but not thy party,” he wrote in the Post op-ed.

I’ll have a complete roll call on this as soon as it becomes available.

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211 thoughts on “Senate votes to DISAPPROVE Trump’s National Emergency; 12 Republicans voted with Democrats and HERE ARE THEIR NAMES

  1. The only one that stands out is Romney, and his motives are pathetically transparent. One Flake out, one flake in…

  2. Off topic, but at least one gunman, they suspect there could be more, has stormed a mosque in Christchurch New Zealand and opened fire during afternoon prayers. They are saying at least 9 dead so far, but that figure will probably go up. Reports of children being shot outside as they tried to run away from the mosque with their family’s as they fled from inside…

    There are currently unconfirmed reports of a second mosque being attacked.

    The situation is still active, the shooter(s) is still at large.

    One shooter live streamed his horrific crime on his social media pages, with witnesses saying he was filming himself as he shot down innocent men, women and children. He is suspected of being an Australian white nationalist, and had apparently released a 37 page manifesto online.

  3. Mitt Romney Bucks Trump on National Emergency: ‘Not a Vote Against Border Security’

    Says the Uber Bush DC Est RINOcrat, aka Gov Romneycare himself lol

    Thank you for making our point for us Sen RINO.

    The only thing worse than a Democrat, is a DC GOP Swamp Est Globalist RINOcrat, aka anti-Lincoln Republican / GOP Obama-bootlicking RINO

    Republican Pres Abraham Lincoln would have absolutely declared a National Emergency, as he did many times during his Presidency.

    If Congress wants their power back to declare a National Emergency to be the ones ones who can appropriate tax payer money for specific issues, depts, etc, they can legislate the repeal of the Emergency Powers Act, along with the Patriot Act – the NDAA, etc. Til then, Congress cannot deny and overturn a Constitutional Legal Authorized Presidential Chief Executive Decision.

    At least Democrats tell you you’re the enemy and attack you from the front, as opposed to the GOP DC Est RINOcrat enemy within who attacks you from the back on your side of the aisle, which has been noted not just in Congress-House and Senate, but the Supreme Court by the Obama boot-licking John Roberts.

  4. BREAKING: Angel Parents Will Join President Trump in the Oval Office on Friday When He Vetoes the Bill

  5. Bill Mitchell


    Lamar Alexander (R-TN),
    Mitt Romney (R-UT),
    Mike Lee (R-UT),
    Rand Paul (R-KY),
    Susan Collins (R-ME),
    Lisa Murkowski (R-AK),
    Pat Toomey (R-PA),
    Jerry Moran (R-KS),
    Rob Portman (R-OH)
    Roger Wicker (R-MS),
    Marco Rubio (R-FL),
    Roy Blunt (R-MO)

    1. Mitchell is an idiot if he thinks primarying Mike Lee and Rand Paul is a good idea.

  6. That’s quite a remarkable list of Beto Republicans. I am stunned. Where is the long list of Democrats who voted against the resolution?

  7. Sad and disappointed to see Mike Lee in that company. He’s the only person, man or woman in the Senate that I have had complete faith in their integrity. One vote cannot change that but one vote can make me take a closer look at what he says and does. I am no longer as trusting. Glad to see that Cruz didn’t join the Dems.

  8. I’m so furious with toomey and embarrassed that I voted for this scumbag. I really don’t see the purpose of voting for these republicans. Do we want to drive over the cliff at 55 mph or 65mph That is our choice now

    1. You voted for Toomey because if you didn’t you would have been casting a vote for McGinty (D). At least that’s what I’m told every time there is a binary choice. Some others around here can probably confirm that.

      1. If you’re voting for someone with a 40 percent liberty score, or below, what’s the point?

      2. How would mcginty voted here, any different than toomey? The answer is the same. The point is our country is being destroyed by both parties, one is just a little faster than the other I have no confidence that the republicans are going to change course, example mike lee So do I want a slow agony end or hells bells let’s get this over with and get on to dealing with the aftermath which these politicians , lobbyists and judges won’t be a part of
        Except for trump, what other politicians are making a effort to seal off the border and deal with the illegals We’re being over run and how many illegals can we take before the system overloads. How many more family members have to die because of these illegals These politicians on both sides are for open borders. But when a politicians family member dies at the hands of a illegal, I’ll be the first to say, you got what you deserved. No tears and no mercy, because they had none for the victims families.

    2. It’s getting harder to find a reason to vote for them @trapper1960s that’s for sure. Just saw clip of Lee and Ernst on CBS pushing Paid family leave and saying it’s time we catch up to other countries. This vote is just another disgrace imo.

      1. @willtapp Joni Ernst also supported transgenderism in the military. She ran as a conservative in 2014. What the heck is wrong with her? She’s getting as bad as Murkowski and Collins.

        1. She totally misrepresented who she really is. She bold faced lied. Now the voters in her State know, so vote her out next go around!

      2. That paid leave is a bunch of garbage. You have a company and your making a product and your paying a guy to make that product and those wages are figured in the product. Now that guy wants paid leave but you need to make that product so you hire someone to do that while that guy is on leave, so your going from $25 an hour to $50 an hour What business can afford that. These idiots have no idea how a business is run, and that’s why our country is $22 trillion in debt

  9. Lawd, I despise these GOP gutter snipe, swamp dwellers. Stay strong President Trump. The vast majority of Americans want our border secured.

    1. Your right, the vast majority of law abiding citizens want border security, if these so called representatives gave a thumb’s down for securing our border we have the power to fire them as well, Trump will veto these turn coats and now the battle turns to the courts.

  10. None of this is a surprise to me. These azzhats don’t even want the existing immigration laws on the books enforced.

  11. Lee was the only surprise. The rest are traitorous RINO’S who might as well be braying hee-haw, hee-haw.

    1. Lee is no longer a surprise to me after he not only pushed “jailbreak”, but called Cotton a liar when Cotton was putting out text of the bill that showed not all criminals who would be eligible for release were non violent. As I mentioned he is now pushing hard for Paid family leave which I’m wondering what part of the constitution supports the federal government mandating that to private companies despite his claim it’s not another big federal entitlement program and won’t burden the businesses or taxpayers.

      1. Oh my… three points of disagreement. He’s still the most conservative member of the Senate. And even the most conservative guy can be wrong at times.

        1. It matters what the three points are and in this case they are fairly consequential if he is calling himself the constitutional conservative while pushing more federal government intrusion into the private sector and in essence starting a massive new entitlement with Paid family leave. We Will have to agree to disagree on this one for now.

  12. There is only one thing i admire about democrats that Republicans lack and that is party unity.

    Just Imagine A united Republican party voting in favor of its law abiding citizens to halt the stampede of an illegal invasion and stopping the drug cartels from importing its poison into the US.

    We vote for these people to represent our interests but once in office they turn their back on us to go whoring with the democrats then they have the gall to ask us to re-elect them with their lame talking points and the cycle continues, i feel sad for this great Republic.

  13. So disgusted with Sen Portman. He drones on and on about the opioid crisis and drugs yet he is in so deep with the Chamber of Congress. He is another hypocrite. I refuse to waste my time contacting him. Waste of my time.

  14. Mike Lee and his republican merry men couldn’t do their jobs on illegal immigration while seated in congress. So they punt the ball over to President Trump. Now they are upset Trump took that ball and ran with it trying to score a touchdown for the American people.

  15. Does anyone know if Trump has ever actually signed this declaration? We did the shutdown thing for… ? The last I heard nothing has been done as far as actually signing and issuing the declaration. If not, what are we doing? Why hasn’t Trump done anything since the shutdown except sign another spending bill with everything the open borders amnesty crowd wants?

    1. @squirrelly I’ve read the declaration and often thought he didn’t invoke the right code to authorize the reprogramming of military funds: 33 U.S. Code Sec 2293. So far there’s been no evidence of the military actually building the wall, and one would think there’d be a court injunction by now if the national emergency were in progress. There’s a very good chance that the MAGA crowd is getting played bigly.

      1. Thanks. I actually think Trump would get this done if not for all the barriers put up by RINOS & Resistors. There was just so much chest puffing going on in Dec and Jan and nothing afterward. I was just wondering if we were focusing on something that hadn’t happened yet, so at least we’re not doing that.

        1. @squirrelly Maybe Trump was holding up the National Emergency, waiting to see if the Senate was going to vote to shut it down before going forward. Now that this is not the case, the military should begin building the wall since there are no obstacles.

      1. @msliberty Excellent! Always amazed when a politician listens to constituents, rather than donors. Just doesn’t happen that often.

        1. He really does. He was quite adamant about voting the way they wanted him to & they really wanted him to support Trump.

  16. Too many Republicans are in the service of the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber wants cheap labor, and they are fine with importing it legally or not. The Democrats want power, and they are fine with importing new constituents legal or not.
    Hence the unholy alliance, and the taxpayer and citizen is screwed.

      1. Conservatives get stampeded by the “well, you don’t want the Democrat to win, right?” argument. And the GOP establishment snickers at the rubes whose votes they can take for granted.

        1. Yes, precisely. They take advantage of the fact that we’re too afraid of the opposition, so we’ll put up with whatever crap they dish out and then come back and ask for seconds at the next election. It’s how they control the people, and maintain their aristocracy.

  17. After the backlash some of the Republican Dumbass Dozen will get back home, you can be sure that there will not even be an attempt at overriding Trump’s veto.
    What’s shocking is Mike Lee giving up his title as the most conservative senator.
    What’s up with that?

    1. I disagree with that. I think he’s still one of the most conservative senators. Just, not that bastardized Trumpian version of “conservatism” that is anything but.

  18. So only with congressional approval can a President take necessary action to physically protect their country from invasion. If not enough of the legislative branch agrees to fight off an incoming invasion, every bad effect (death/murder, drug over dose, human trafficking victim, lost job, $ money spent on social services for illegals) is on the legislature that is putting politics above the safety, security and sovereignty of the country. Trump need to continue to beat this drum to show why this is necessary. God bless him for his efforts.

    1. @DinoDoc I was surprised, but then again the EO is lawful so, why shouldn’t he vote against the highly partisan resolution.

      1. @tracy Sasse is actually a conservative, not a libertarian. He also voted against the liberal prison reform bill last December which Lee and Cruz voted for.

        1. Sasse has an impeccable voting record, I don’t think anyone else beats it.

          But he has been outspoken in his disgust with Trump, and I’m glad he doesn’t allow it to reflect in his vote, as it has with others

  19. Trump’s national emergency declaration was about his failures to bend the Congress to his will once he lost the House.

    Trump’s White House is a hot mess of lies and corruption.

    1. It’s mainly about him suddenly remembering the 2020 elections are coming and needing an excuse (In this case the Courts) to point to when people ask where the Wall is.

      1. Trump is just waiting around for the judiciary to tie this up. It’s been a month and he hasn’t even begun to move on this national emergency. Vetoing the resolution is for show.

        1. It’s actually the right thing to do.

          Just because you like (or don’t) the show is irrelevant.

    2. I don’t recall anything in the constitution that says that the president should bend Congress to his will.

    3. It was Paul Ryan and his groupies that lost the house They did absolutely nothing except the tax cut in two years. Ryan is a incompetent fool

    4. Sure. Because literally no one voted for him to build a wall, right?

      The way Trump haters try to twist everything into Orange Man Bad is really amazing to see.

  20. Both Utah Republican Senators made the list. Their ‘principles’ are right up Obama’s alley.

    1. Thatguy213: I was really surprised when Lee started to give “explanations” a few days ago why he was against the Emergency Declaration. I sometimes feel like the Cabal has compromising pictures from everyone…..

        1. SheerPolitics: Let’s imagine one of those phone calls:
          Ass.: “Hey, Mike, one of the Koch brothers is on the phone”. Mike: “Ask him to leave a message”. Ass: Yes, Sir I understand. Mike: What did he want? Ass.: “He was loud and clear. It’s up to you if you get a campaign contribution or not……
          Washington D.C. = District of Corruption.

  21. Mark referring to them as the Dirty Dozen in his twitter feed and linking to this article at The Right Scoop.

  22. I look forward to VETOING the just passed Democrat inspired Resolution which would OPEN BORDERS while increasing Crime, Drugs, and Trafficking in our Country. I thank all of the Strong Republicans who voted to support Border Security and our desperately needed WALL!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 14, 2019

    1. Open Borders for the multi-billion market that supports the DNC election campaigns thanks to human, drugs, and gun trafficking.

  23. Okay Florida, my birth state, it is along way off but don’t forget this when Rubio runs for re-election.

    1. Rubio was half alive until today, but now he is dead to me. And when it comes to Romney I cannot even find words to describe how I am done with him.

      1. Having Mike Lee vote with Romney breaks my heart. I thought Mike Lee the best of them. Now? I just don’t know.

        1. I don’t know anything anymore. I wish we would have at least one day without attacks to President Trump or some good news about the Border!

    2. Yup, time to forget the idea that Rubio is some kind of a rising star in the Republican Party and understand that he’s no star and he quit rising quite some time ago. Who knows what he stands for?

  24. I knew gang of eight Rubio would vote spinless, he can’t ever be trusted to do the right thing.

  25. Tillis is up for re-election next year which is likely why he changed his vote. Anyway glad to see him vote like he did. I hope all 12 republicans who voted to disapprove this gets primaried in their next election by republican candidates who really want to do something to secure the border (except give empty speeches about it).

      1. Just the other day I saw a person try to correct you about Beto throwing his hat in the ring for a presidential run. The person told you that Beto was going to run for a senate seat in Texas. I wanted the record to be correct that you were right. Keep up the good work, Kram.

        1. He is a great guy and got back to me later and told me his bad on that one. He is a retired police man working on his law degree. Thanks for the compliment.

  26. Jack Posobiec
    Today’s vote would be the first time Congress has rejected a presidential emergency under the 1976 National Emergency Act

    Most of the others have been for far-off foreign lands

    But Congress voted to directly reject the security of the American people
    2:53 PM · Mar 14, 2019 · Twitter Web Client

    1. So when it doesn’t immediately effect us (foreign lands), it’s an emergency and is okay, but when it is an immediate and direct problem for the people of this country and within our borders, that’s not an emergency and is to be challenged. Got it.

  27. This upcoming veto should be known as the Peoples Veto. Thank you Mr. President in advance for speaking for an overwhelming majority of Americans on this issue with your veto power.

    1. Kram Nivel: Great choice of words! Trump is one of the very few Presidents worldwide that is on the side of the People.

      1. And I mean it. This veto is all about us. Our so called reps are only taking care of their donor class.

        1. There should be a procedure that would make it possible for We The People to fire them. They sell us lies, we vote for them and then they don’t fulfill the contract. If we pay the salary we should be able to fire them for not defending the country – one of their primary duties!

    2. What’s the rule for how long he can leave the resolution on his desk, or is it in effect until he vetos it?

  28. The government has ONE job, and they’re refusing to do it. Trump will veto, and it’ll be tied up in the courts. Today, Steve Deace said Mike Lee is beholden to the Koch’s. If that’s true, well, another one bites the dust.

      1. I haven’t listened to him lately but I would be very surprised if he differed from Daniel Horowitz on this issue.

      2. He said anyone voting against this emergency declaration and declaring because Constitution/principle is full of it. He doesn’t care who it is. I don’t recall exact words but he tied Lee to the Koch’s and pretty much these Senators are doing the bidding of their open borders masters.

        1. Good for Steve. I surprised that he said that. But good for him for being on the right side.

          1. He is but not for the reason of it being unconsitutional (I honestly don’t recall his exact reasoning). He does have a beef with Trump signing that “illegals friendly” spending bill then saying he was going to declare the national emergency. He thinks he has no ground to stand on by doing that.

            1. Yeah, that’s what it really boils down to. Trump absolutely had the constitutional authority to do this, but his own statements and actions from the announcement on have undermined his stated reasoning and given the strong appearance that he was only doing it to placate the voters, not because he really believed in the urgency of it.

  29. I assume Romney just went in the senate just to bascially say no to everything Trump does cause Trump baited him with SOS.

      1. @57matty Boy he had better NOT been. Even Cornyn is smarter than that. Texas has the biggest amount of ground to have to patrol.

  30. I maintain that the Dem’s are going to do what they’re going to do, regardless of what Trump does in office. They are not going to ‘make nice’ just because Trump backs off of his Nat’l Emergency. The Left is well aware they can pretty much do whatever they want, who the heck is going to stop them? The GOP?? :question:

  31. For all the people claiming shock and horror at the number of Republicans voting against Trump on this, can you name one single time before this that a President has used a National Emergency Declaration to self appropriate money for a project of any kind after being first denied it specifically by Congress after a months long negotiation? Is that the kind of power you want a Democrat President to have?

    1. @DinoDoc nope never heard of it. But never heard of Congress denying money over political spite even though the humanitarian crisis is getting worse and worse.

        1. @At Maybe the American electorate didnt. Lots of fraud in the last election with ballot harvesting.

          1. I like the Star Wars reference. Nice.

            As for election fraud, if that’s the case then Americans don’t seem to mind it. Ain’t like they’re going out en masse to oust any illegitimately gained seats.

      1. The lack of action for the first 2 years of the Trump Admin despite him campaigning on the issue leads me to the conclusion Donald Trump is the one that fails to believe it is a national emergency.

        1. @dinodoc You and I both know Ryan stopped that so that argument is old. I understand Ryan stopped a number of things. Very glad he’s gone.

          1. Who’s President? Ryan or Trump? If it were an emergency in Trump’s view and he certainly campaigned as such, why’d we literally not hear a peep about it from the Executive Branch until after the midterms?

        2. @dinodoc At this point I don’t care who thinks it is and who thinks it’s not I DO! We need the wall built NOW!

  32. Talk about an exercise in futility. It’s an Executive Order. Congress may be able to pass a law against such things but unless a POTUS is willing to sign it their time would be better spent on more constructive efforts such as reigning in the Federal Courts and their reckless disregard for the prerogatives of the office of POTUS that include, believe it or not, protecting the United States from invasions by foreign nationals.

    Of course, this ExecOrder WILL be impeded by some 9th Circus Clown but I’m optimistic that the SCOTUS will agree with Trump. Even John Roberts should be able to see that there’s a serious problem on our Southern border that Congress has abjectly refused to address, even when the GOP was running that particular side show.

      1. @hidyho I’m just getting here since earlier. Wasn’t Ted’s name on earlier for voting against Trump. Now I see he did the right thing. Did I miss something?

        1. @msliberty There’s another thread where Cruz explains why he voted w/ Trump. Glad to see he changed his mind!!

  33. Wicker’s name being on the list against this idiocy surprises and pleases me as he’s one of my Senators. I’d have thought he’d have been lock step with Trump on this.

  34. So……..all Senate democrats and 12 Senate republicans want to give up our country to those who break our laws as soon as they place their big toe on our soil. Like others below, I too am disappointed in Mike Lee, but I’ve noticed him leaning more to the left in the last few months. I just have a hard time believing these people would rather look after themselves instead of fulfilling the oath they took to follow our Constitution and protect our country. Thanks to these, the devil throws another party!

    1. all Senate democrats and 12 Senate republicans want to give up our country to those who break our laws as soon as they place their big toe on our soil

      Does not follow. That may be an unintended consequence of their not wanting the President to declare emergencies for simply not getting along with Congress.

      1. “Getting along” is a two-way street. It’s puzzling why everyone is not in favor of guarding our borders and keeping our country as safe as can be, no matter the party. Actually, this is not a party issue, except in the eyes of the “haters of Trump”. (For the record, I didn’t vote for him)

        1. Indeed, it is puzzling. It’s almost like these politicians care more about themselves than they do their constituents. Why do we keep rewarding them for that with our votes?

  35. A number of reliable stooges on the list with a handful of surprises. A lot of these folks need to have a brief encounter with reality. It would do wonders for them.

  36. For the most part I’m not surprised who voted with the Democrats. However, I’m disappointed in Mike Lee who, I thought, knew Congress passed the law. Guess it doesn’t matter to him though. What a shame!

    1. I’m pretty sure Mike Lee knows Congress passed the law. I suspect his problem is whether Congress anticipated the law being used as a direct result of Congress not cooperating with the President. A factor that has not been present in previously instances of using the law.

      1. @atomicsentinel The fact is it’s a law so Lee, in essence, is saying the law doesn’t count. If he doesn’t like the law then change it but it IS a law.

        1. You think Donald would give him the time to change it?

          Should he, if that’s the telegraphed will of Congress/The People?

          1. @atomicsentinel I don’t think Trump would give him the time to change it now…NO. He’s had over 6 years if he wanted to change it. Very suspicious all of a sudden he wants to change it and I doubt the Dems would vote for it.

            1. Not very suspicious at all. It’s never been used in such a fashion, and likely was never intended to. As for what the Dems would vote for, well I guess he’s got some hard campaigning to do if he tries.

              Or we could vote the Dems out and replace them with folks who would support it. That’s also an option.

              1. @atomicsentinel Would love to vote out the Dems but it seems an impossible task here in the Leftist paradise of NJ

        1. @tracy Then that’s what he should do. In the meantime he didn’t follow the law Congress wrote.

          1. @dinodoc It’s funny he’s been in the Senate for more than 6 years and just now wants to change it. Obama declare NEs numerous times to benefit OTHER countries and he never said a word. Only now when it’s to protect OUR country.

            1. Obama declared 13 NEs. But all he did was considered as being “cool” and always on Fridays or Holidays so that nobody noticed what he was up to…….

  37. I’m going to take the 100,000:1 prop bet that Trump is a decent president who respects the will of Congress and of the People.

    I know, I’m throwing my money away. But one can dream, right?

    Ten bucks. Come on Donald, make me a millionaire.

  38. Yep. If Congress wants to rein him in go ahead, but right now it’s perfectly legal!
    Mark Meadows
    One thing lost in discussion: the President’s executive action on the border is LEGAL, within the law as written. You can argue whether it should be, and if Congress wants to permanently rein in executive power, I’m in. Until then:
    is right to address the border emergency.
    2:13 PM · Mar 14, 2019 · Twitter Web Client

    1. @tracy Won’t matter because she won’t get the votes because I think she’d need 2/3 of the House.

  39. With republicans like this who needs democrats? Republicans are only there to help the democrats.
    Mike Lee is dead to me now….

    1. It’s none of my business, so I won’t ask you – but I’m curious whether you voted for the Republicans in your state/district at the federal level, and if you’re happy with that choice.

        1. Who was your most recent challenger to the Democrat Congressional seats? You think you would have been happy with his decisions?

          (Note: not happier than you would have been with the Democrat, but rather, would he advance your interests in a way that you support?)

          1. The GOP hasn’t won my Congressional seat since ???? Would have to be years ago because I don’t ever remember having a Republican congressman. Last year when Menendez ran, I did vote for Hugin but even with Menendez having been indicted he still ran.

  40. Blunt from here in Missouri owes his seat to Trump. Trump dragged his RINO ass across the finish line, Trump carried the state by 19 points, Blunt barely won by 3 points. He’s an open borders CoC POS! Next time he’s out on his RINO ass.

  41. What got Tillis all of a sudden a bit of a brain? Just proves it’s all about who lines who’s pockets….and Little Marco always is told by his owners to go Progressive. He want the presidency so bad, he’s willing to sell out the country in favor of the Chamber of Commerce etc., etc., etc……

        1. @cheetobuster It’s confusing because voting NO was voting with the president. Those who voted yes voted with the Democrats.

      1. It’s true from what I heard. He voted with the president and against this bill to stop emergency funding.

  42. Tell me again why Alaska keeps returning Lisa Murkowski to the Senate. I really want to know. Preferably without becoming demoralized in the process.

  43. When you vote with Collins and Murkowsky, but against Lindsey Graham, you are deep in the Twilight Zone.

    This wasn’t even a full Lindsey 2.0, either. More like 1.5.

    1. I called someone traitor a few weeks ago and I was called out for doing so. I had to hear that I traitor is only someone who gives food and shelter to the enemy??!!

      I am with you EWizzyEJDSon: These are traitors! They are not defending the country. No borders, no country.

  44. Alexander – checkered-pant RINO
    Blunt – I’m surprised
    Collins – is this a surprise?
    Lee – checkered-pant, folded to the Koch machine
    Moran – ??
    Murkowski – is this a surprise?
    Paul – like Amash, he’s a libertarian and for open borders
    Portman – ??
    Romney – he’s your typical checkered-pant Republican RINO
    Rubio – he was part of the Gang of Eight bill, remember?
    Toomey – ??
    Wicker – ??

    1. Ciceroni Ex.: What a shame, when I think that President Trump fought so hard to keep the Senate. But this fight is not over. He always has plan B and C………..
      This is the kind of list that we have to remember when the traitors are up again for reelection………

      1. Trump is going against the status quo, S. But the NTs are afraid the Dems may use the National Emergency statute in their favor… NTs/RINOs are afraid of the Koch brothers.

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