SERIOUSLY: Biden admin to fund crack pipe distribution for ‘racial equality’

You might think you’ve heard it all, but here’s a story of the Biden administration funding the distribution of crack pipes that might just challenge that notion.

Via Free Beacon:

The Biden administration is set to fund the distribution of crack pipes to drug addicts as part of its plan to advance “racial equity.”

The $30 million grant program, which closed applications Monday and will begin in May, will provide funds to nonprofits and local governments to help make drug use safer for addicts. Included in the grant, which is overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services, are funds for “smoking kits/supplies.” A spokesman for the agency told the Washington Free Beacon that these kits will provide pipes for users to smoke crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, and “any illicit substance.”

HHS said the kits aim to reduce the risk of infection when smoking substances with glass pipes, which can lead to infections through cuts and sores. Applicants for the grants are prioritized if they treat a majority of “underserved communities,” including African Americans and “LGBTQ+ persons,” as established under President Joe Biden’s executive order on “advancing racial equity.”

Sgt. Clyde Boatwright, president of the Maryland Fraternal Order of Police, said government resources are better spent on preventing drug abuse rather than making it safer.

“If we look at more of a preventive campaign as opposed to an enabling campaign, I think it will offer an opportunity to have safer communities with fewer people who are dependable on these substances,” Boatwright told the Free Beacon.

Other “harm reduction” equipment that qualifies for funding include syringes, vaccinations, disease screenings, condoms, and fentanyl strips. The grant program will last three years and includes 25 awards of up to $400,000.

An HHS spokesman declined to specify what is included in the smoking kits. Similar distribution efforts provide mouthpieces to prevent glass cuts, rubber bands to prevent burns, and filters to minimize the risk of disease.

It is against federal law to distribute or sell drug paraphernalia unless authorized by the government.

President Biden’s son Hunter is a longtime user of crack cocaine.

Has Hunter Biden been given a job in HHS? Is he the one who came up with this bassackward idea?

Seriously, I know the war on drugs has been heavily criticized by the left, but I never thought they would be giving people actual crack pipes in order to help them do drugs more safely.

And they are doing it in the name of racial equality. But what does being gay or bisexual have to do with race? Yet LGBTers are part of those targeted in this group.

Whatever the rationale, this is insanity. Instead of trying to rescue people from the dark underworld of drugs, they are enabling these people to remain there. It’s the opposite of trying to help people.

Exit question: Do each of these crack pipes say “Vote Joe Biden” on them?

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