Several states aiding Trump’s SCOTUS legal challenge over Pennsylvania ballot ruling

Several states are getting behind Trump’s Supreme Court legal challenge of Pennsylvania’s unconstitutional ballot ruling:

POLITICO – Republican-controlled state governments on Monday began throwing their weight behind President Donald Trump’s legal drive to challenge the results of last week’s presidential election.

The state of Ohio filed an amicus brief at the U.S. Supreme Court urging the justices to formally take up and resolve a dispute from Pennsylvania over a ruling that the state’s Supreme Court issued in September granting three extra days for ballots in last Tuesday’s election to be received by officials.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost’s friend-of-the-court brief aligned his state with arguments from Trump’s presidential campaign, the Pennsylvania Republican Party and a pair of GOP state legislative leaders that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision usurped powers that the Constitution reserves for state legislatures.

Meanwhile, a coalition of other GOP-controlled states led by Missouri was preparing to file its own amicus brief making similar arguments, according to Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow.

Sekulow suggested that many of the states will argue that their interests are affected by the outcome of the Pennsylvania fight and other election-related litigation because malfeasance in any state dilutes the votes of electors in other states.

“These other states are impacted by what happens in Pennsylvania if there is in fact things that have happened in Pennsylvania that are not appropriate, that are illegal — violate the law, the electors of these other states….end up basically having their votes depressed,” Sekulow said on his daily webcast and radio show.

Sekulow also suggested this legal fight would be an uphill battle and would take a while:

“I understand the anxiety and the frustration, but there are not going to be decisions that come down in the next two or three days that are going to end this one way or another or overturn this. The electors have not met. The Electoral College has not met,” Sekulow said on “Jay Sekulow Live,” which is produced by the conservative legal non-profit American Center for Law and Justice.

“There are going to be …additional lawsuits filed in the next several days. It could be the end of the week for some of them,” the lawyer and frequent Supreme Court litigator said. “I need to tell everybody this: that this is not a simple task. It’s a tall order….It’d be a miracle in one sense because everything has to line up, but you don’t stop fighting until there’s a point where the courts rule against you. That’s it. We respect the rule of law.”

Addressing the prospect of the litigation reversing the result in favor of Biden, Sekulow was circumspect: “You have to line up a lot of dominoes, as we say, would have to fall in the right direction for that to happen.”

It might be an uphill battle, but I’m not losing hope that Trump can win this. We all know that there was a ton of voter fraud happening and it’s a huge task to unravel it, but it must happen. We can’t let Democrats get away with it and I’m glad the Trump campaign has no intention of doing so.

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