Sharpton meeting with FCC about Rush Limbaugh

Al Sharpton will not stop until he gets Rush silenced. Plain and simple. Rush isn’t a racist and doesn’t promote racism. What he does do is mock the Left and their one sided politics of racism and hate, and since they are so concerned with political correctness and diversity on the Right, they make an easy target.

Here’s Rush explaining the segment that got Sharpton’s panties in a twirl:

RUSH: Last Friday, unbeknownst to me, because I really do not watch this bunch, I only know about it ’cause I pay people to watch it and tell me what happens there.  And not specifically, I pay people to record TV shows for audio sound bites with Cookie leading the team.  And when they tell me that something involves me, which is almost every day, that’s when I find out about it.  I don’t want you people to think I’m wasting my time watching all this garbage.  I know you’d be seriously worried about me if that were the case.  Here’s how it happened.  Let me set this up because they don’t do that at MSNBC.

Last week I was minding my own business.  It might have been the week before that, but within the last ten days, clearly, minding my own business I played an audio sound bite.  Martin Frost, a former Democrat member of Congress, now a lobbyist and commentator, went on MSNBC to explain the controversy between Steny Hoyer, the rich white guy, and Jim Clyburn, the Democrat majority whip, both wanting the same leadership post after the election.  The obvious contest here: rich white guy versus the black guy.  And it was not smooth.  The campaign had its rough spots out there and of course we’ve been told to believe that what happens in situations like this, Democrats just lay down, if the black guy wants the job he should get it because they’ve authored such legislation, affirmative action, it’s only fair, they’ve been denied all these opportunities by rich white guys. But when the rich white guy’s a Democrat somehow that all goes out the window.

So Martin Frost goes on and says why this is important.  He said it’s important because the leader gets a car and gets a driver.  That’s apparently a big deal to have a chauffeur.  You don’t have to drive yourself.  You don’t have to take the subway, the bus or a cab.  It’s a big perk.  And if Clyburn didn’t get the leadership job he wasn’t gonna get the car, he wasn’t gonna get the chauffeur.  So I proposed a compromise.  Let him drive Pelosi around.  He could be in the front of a car rather than the back of the car, be driving the car, Driving Miss Nancy.  Well, they flipped over this Driving Miss Nancy business.  I was minding my own business listening to Martin Frost explain what this all was about.

Here’s the video of Sharpton talking to Sargent Schultz about his meetings with the FCC (h/t Real Clear Politics):

In case you just can’t stand to watch (which I can’t blame you), here’s the pertinent part (transcript via Real Clear Politics)

“We’re not going to stand by and let publicly regulated radio and television just go for marketing and promoting this kind of racism,” Al Sharpton said about his campaign to take Rush Limbaugh off the airwaves.

Sharpton says he will be going to the FCC next week to demand Limbaugh be taken off the air.

“Rush Limbaugh has the right to say whatever he wants to say, he does not have the right, though, to do it on publicly regulated airwaves. The FCC has the responsibility to set standards,” Sharpton added.

“You can’t say — in the name of free speech, you can’t say anything you want,” Al Sharpton said on MSNBC. “We’re not talking about stopping free speech,” he added.

“We’re not telling Rush don’t say what you want to say, say it at home, not on public airwaves,” he concluded.

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