Sharpton meeting with FCC about Rush Limbaugh

Al Sharpton will not stop until he gets Rush silenced. Plain and simple. Rush isn’t a racist and doesn’t promote racism. What he does do is mock the Left and their one sided politics of racism and hate, and since they are so concerned with political correctness and diversity on the Right, they make an easy target.

Here’s Rush explaining the segment that got Sharpton’s panties in a twirl:

RUSH: Last Friday, unbeknownst to me, because I really do not watch this bunch, I only know about it ’cause I pay people to watch it and tell me what happens there.  And not specifically, I pay people to record TV shows for audio sound bites with Cookie leading the team.  And when they tell me that something involves me, which is almost every day, that’s when I find out about it.  I don’t want you people to think I’m wasting my time watching all this garbage.  I know you’d be seriously worried about me if that were the case.  Here’s how it happened.  Let me set this up because they don’t do that at MSNBC.

Last week I was minding my own business.  It might have been the week before that, but within the last ten days, clearly, minding my own business I played an audio sound bite.  Martin Frost, a former Democrat member of Congress, now a lobbyist and commentator, went on MSNBC to explain the controversy between Steny Hoyer, the rich white guy, and Jim Clyburn, the Democrat majority whip, both wanting the same leadership post after the election.  The obvious contest here: rich white guy versus the black guy.  And it was not smooth.  The campaign had its rough spots out there and of course we’ve been told to believe that what happens in situations like this, Democrats just lay down, if the black guy wants the job he should get it because they’ve authored such legislation, affirmative action, it’s only fair, they’ve been denied all these opportunities by rich white guys. But when the rich white guy’s a Democrat somehow that all goes out the window.

So Martin Frost goes on and says why this is important.  He said it’s important because the leader gets a car and gets a driver.  That’s apparently a big deal to have a chauffeur.  You don’t have to drive yourself.  You don’t have to take the subway, the bus or a cab.  It’s a big perk.  And if Clyburn didn’t get the leadership job he wasn’t gonna get the car, he wasn’t gonna get the chauffeur.  So I proposed a compromise.  Let him drive Pelosi around.  He could be in the front of a car rather than the back of the car, be driving the car, Driving Miss Nancy.  Well, they flipped over this Driving Miss Nancy business.  I was minding my own business listening to Martin Frost explain what this all was about.

Here’s the video of Sharpton talking to Sargent Schultz about his meetings with the FCC (h/t Real Clear Politics):

In case you just can’t stand to watch (which I can’t blame you), here’s the pertinent part (transcript via Real Clear Politics)

“We’re not going to stand by and let publicly regulated radio and television just go for marketing and promoting this kind of racism,” Al Sharpton said about his campaign to take Rush Limbaugh off the airwaves.

Sharpton says he will be going to the FCC next week to demand Limbaugh be taken off the air.

“Rush Limbaugh has the right to say whatever he wants to say, he does not have the right, though, to do it on publicly regulated airwaves. The FCC has the responsibility to set standards,” Sharpton added.

“You can’t say — in the name of free speech, you can’t say anything you want,” Al Sharpton said on MSNBC. “We’re not talking about stopping free speech,” he added.

“We’re not telling Rush don’t say what you want to say, say it at home, not on public airwaves,” he concluded.

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30 thoughts on “Sharpton meeting with FCC about Rush Limbaugh

  1. It is time someone confronts Limbaugh about his use of the public airways to promote his racisr views..I will support any movement to get him off the air.

  2. If you call yourself a “comedian” you have a free pass to say whatever you want over the airwaves….Joy Behar, Kathy Griffith…etc…

  3. “You can’t say — in the name of free speech, you can’t say anything you want,”Yes Al, you can, it’s right there in the First Amendment. What you don’t have is the right to be heard. Rush understands that, that’s why he tries to make it as entertaining as possible so that people will listen. If the stations stop playing him because it’s no longer profitable, then he has nowhere else to go but away.Also, right there in the First Amendment, “The Congress shall make no law”, meaning the Federal Government (and the rest due to incorporation) cannot force him out. It’s called censorship when they do it. Which is what you want them to do. What happens when someone comes after you and your radio show?

  4. what worries me most about this is that too many conservatives who would agree with Rush very much if they weren’t letting naysayers convince them he’s something he’s not, and those people who ought to be fighting for him will not.

  5. This racisim has to stop! I remember the poor woman from New York who was violated by evil white people. I believe her name was Tawanna Brawley (sp). Thank god for Al or this case of abuse may have gone unnoticed. Al is my hero. He always stands tall in the face of made up racisim. Oh, and if I hear one more time that Al served in Korea I will puke. Not every service member is honarable, as much as it pains me to say that.

    1. In 1998, Pagones was awarded $345,000 (he sought $395 million) through a lawsuit for defamation of character that he had brought against Sharpton, Maddox and Mason. The jury found Sharpton liable for making seven defamatory statements about Pagones, , Maddox for two and Mason for one

      The $65,000 judgment levied against Al Sharpton was paid for him in 2001 by supporters, including renowned attorney Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. plus former businessman Earl G. Graves, Jr.

  6. Sharpton really doesn’t know what he’s up against. He really seems to think Rush was somehow blindsided by the whole NFL debacle. But Rush knew what was going to happen and he warned the investment group who invited him to join them what would happen when it became public that he was an investor. He warned them how bad it would get.

    Sharpton also does not seem to understand that browbeating private business is easier than getting a public entity to do his bidding. Oh, he has a shot. I have no doubt he can probably get somewhere with this. But anyone who thinks Rush Limbaugh won’t spend his last dime fighting the government has no idea who Rush Limbaugh is and what he stands for.

  7. Sharpton has what, an audience of ten tops? So who cares what he says in his bathroom about anything.

    I guess the race hustle business isn’t what it used to be, the race card is worn out, broke, no money left on it.

    1. There’s no call for that crap on here. Hopefully you will be banned for that. This isn’t about skin color, it’s about the actions of Sharpton.

  8. It’s Ed Schultz that is the driving force behind this. He is jealous because he doesn’t have the audience of Rush and he doesn’t have the talent,so he falls back on Ahole Sharpless to do his dirty work. Mr Ed is fortunate that the conservatives don’t go after his sponsors, as the lieberals did with Beck. Conservatives outnumber lieberals 2 to 1. Ed Schultz constantly complains about republicans letting jobs go overseas, but he bought and runs a fishing lodge 192 miles north of Winnipeg. If he really did care about American workers, why didn’t he spend his money in this country?

  9. Its Time for this crap to stop, How dare sharpton talk about shutting up Rush. if the FCC. can`t or won`t do anything. ( and they legally can`t ) will we be hearing about how the New Black Panther`s took out racism, how they shut up the right. ( the Meda will claim how Just it is) which by the way is the next step that liberials will use. Violence, Murder, Intimadation. We need to bring back the unAmerican activites commitie`s and put these people on trial for sedation, treason and then shoot them

  10. I guess after driving the “white interlopers” out of Harlem, he can concentrate on driving them off the air…while yelling “racist.”

  11. Mock Sharpton if you like but all it takes is one federal judge to knock Rush off the air for years while the appeals process plays out. This is a common tactic of the left. Sharpton aint stupid he has a plan and there are plenty of judges willing to help.

    1. That didn’t stop Howard Stern. He went to Sirius radio. It might seem alarming but I seriously doubt any “judge” can remove Rush because of alleged racist remarks.

  12. This man is on the Air and he is as big a racist, he hates white people. Racism only exists because he keeps fanning the fire. Common Christians are meant to love their neighbor as themselves. This man doesn’t love anyone but himself and his ego.

    1. if racism only exists because Sharpton fans the flames, that gives him an awful lot of credit for capability. And since the only people who hear him 99% of the time are black people, then who is the racism occurring in?

  13. This is all hilarious. I didn’t watch the video, but seeing the subtitle “Sharpton vs conservative racism” made me laugh out loud. That network is so far left and looney they are taking this guy seriously. He’ll always be the fat black dude with a bad perm who flipped over his chair on the Morton Downey Jr. show to me.

  14. this is where social, instead of equal, justice takes you. this person(yes i’m trying to be Christ like about this) is no more an American than you or i, but he gets a meeting with the fcc? to spew(love that word!) his bile?

  15. It’s obvious that Sharpton doesn’t believe in free speech. The FCC is probably salivating at the thought of having Sharpton’s mouth to go after a prominent conservative. It’s sick and will be much sicker if it succeeds even a little.

  16. He’s about as reverent as Jeremiah Wright. I don’t feel the spirit from either one of these buffoons.

    1. Rev. Al is maxed-out on his race credit card; the Nov 2 elections cut his limit to zero. You and Jesse have extorted way too much money from PC corporate America; which are costs passed on to US. Tyrants come in all shapes, colors, ages, demographics. Rev. Al wants to shut RUSH up: better buckle up the chinstrap Al-the-Activist; he won’t be pushed around like those dopes in the Tawana Brawley racist “smear” job.. Bow Wow Al…

  17. Al Sharpton is a liar! Bottom line! I have heard him on too many shows and he always lies- It’s his gig- I don’t know if he has any shame for playing people against others for no reason other than to his own benefit, but every time i’ve seen him, he is an example of human excrement-

    The fact that he uses religion to achieve his ends makes him a worse example of that- I do not want to be in his shoes when judgement comes- and if he were a true person of faith he might feel the same, unless he is a liar in faith also, in which case he does not believe his own lies about God, and that would truly explain his positions.

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