“She doesn’t represent us!” Rep. Mayra Flores explains why she’s WAY more popular than “dancing queen” AOC with Hispanic voters

Rep. Mayra Flores of Texas is more popular with Hispanic voters than AOC, and there are a billion reasons why that’s a no-brainer. The video of the shame of New York dancing as her own constituents blasted her at a town hall is the perfect moment, an ideal encapsulation that no strategist could have planned better.

Smug, unconcerned, dancing in designer clothes to the sound of American citizens decrying her indifference and her putting far-left priorities over the concerns of working class people.

It’s hard to believe it really happened but it did. Mayra Flores knows why, it’s because of who AOC is and what she represents — which, by the way, AOC was not unclear about. She said she would go to D.C. and represent liberal special interests and climate radicalism. Hard to understand why she was elected.

But the elite squad member just ain’t getting there, not with voters in her home district or Hispanic voters across the country. Her values don’t match up.

Flores has a nigher net favorability because she is authentic.

From the poll that Fox News cites, via Center Square:

(The Center Square) – Newly elected Texas Republican U.S. Rep. Mayra Flores has a higher net favorability among Hispanic voters in the U.S. than U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), D-New York, according to a new poll.

Media strategist Giancarlo Sopo said his firm teamed up with polling firm, WPA Intelligence, “to conduct a national poll of Hispanic voters on behalf of Bienvenido U.S.”

“One of our most interesting findings,” he said, was that Flores, the first Republican elected in the Rio Grande Valley in her Texas district, “has a higher net favorability than AOC among Hispanics who know them.”

Flores was the first Mexican-born congresswoman ever elected to the U.S. House in history. She was elected in a special election in June and is running for reelection in a new district in November. She is one of three Republican women running with hopes of flipping three Texas border districts red.

In west Texas, two life-long female Hispanic Democrat judges in border counties switched parties to run for reelection as Republicans. Both judges were among the first to declare an invasion at the southern border on July 5, citing an imminent threat to the lives of their residents.

According to the poll, Flores has a national favorability rating of 38.1% and an unfavorability rating of 24.5%. AOC has a favorability rating of 42.3% compared to an unfavorability rating of 36.3%.

He also notes that 54% of likely Hispanic voters in the entire U.S. primarily live in three states: California, Texas and Florida. Roughly 23% of likely Hispanic voters live in swing states, Sopo says.

The fact that AOC’s negatives are so high is the most significant point. Partisans are more likely to stand by their candidate and contribute to favorability, non-partisan normal people more likely to voice their dislike of something or someone. And when you see the rest of the polling data it’s clear exactly what they don’t like about AOC and the Democrats overall.

I really suggest y’all read the whole article, there’s some other fascinating findings in it.


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