“She was a child” – WH blames police officer for killing of Ma’Khia Bryant in Ohio, which is NOT true – [VIDEO]

Last night police released the bodycam footage of a 16-year-old girl, Ma’Khia Bryant, being shot by a police officer in Columbus, Ohio as she was trying to stab another woman in the driveway.

Below is a news report that shows exactly what happened just 11 seconds after the officer arrived:

Here’s another video that shows it in real time:

Clearly the officer saw Bryant with a knife about to stab the other girl and fired to protect the other girl. It is tragic, but clearly justifiable.

But when asked about this today, WH spokeswoman Jen Psaki blamed the officer. Listen to her full comments:

After emphasizing that Bryant was a ‘child’, she then transitions to saying that police violence disproportionately impacts black and Latino people and suggests that her death came came ‘just as America was hopeful for a step forward’ from the Chauvin trial. She then added that their focus is on ‘systemic racism’ and ‘implicit biases’ in the police community.

What a load of offensive crap. The facts in this case clearly backup the officer, as the girl in the pink well knows. She might not be here today if that officer hadn’t taken decisive action.

This girl, Ma’Khia Bryant, wasn’t a ‘child’ as Psaki makes her out to be. She was nearly a grown woman with a knife in her hand, trying to stab someone else. Literally, her hand was in a stabbing motion as the officer fired. How can Psaki deceive people like this with a straight face? Does she want the country to burn? It sure sounds like it.

Mollie Hemingway agrees, saying “Shameful, shameful stuff. Our propaganda media and their political arm of the Democrat Party is just behaving in a republic-threatening way right now. Horrific to observe.”

Matt Walsh took a different tact, at first:

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