Sheila Jackson Lee blames Bush admin for Fast and Furious, supports Holder because of patent law or something

Forget the facts in the Fast and Furious investigation. Sheila Jackson Lee has other reasons for supporting Eric Holder, namely his help in the patent law and civil rights arenas, or something.

Also, she says Fast and Furious started under the Bush administration which is highly incorrect, being as how it didn’t start until 2009. But again, who cares about facts when you’re a Democrat:

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82 thoughts on “Sheila Jackson Lee blames Bush admin for Fast and Furious, supports Holder because of patent law or something

  1. Sheila Jackson Lee is an idiot. She’s a 12 story building and her elevator only goes to the third floor.

  2. sheila jackson lee is a racist bigot. Fast & Furious DID NOT start under George Bush! PERIOD. Get your facts straight ms lee. You have become a liar just like holder. All of you dems are trying to lay this off on President Bush, you are simply lying to help holder cover his a$$. Ain’t gonna happen this time. As one individual said, “this is Watergate with a body count.” This entire administration is just plain SLEZE, and you along with it ms. lee.

  3. Notice how Rep. Lee lies by omitting certain facts. She never says that under Bush the program was called ‘Operation Wide Receiver’ and that the Mexican government was part of the sting. She also doesn’t say that the goal of the original program was to bust up gun running rings on both sides of the border before the guns were sold to the drug cartels. She also doesn’t say that when the program lost track of about 400 guns on the Mexican side of the border, it was terminated (under Bush). Obama then reconstituted the program under the false pretense of catching drug cartel members, but without informing or cooperating with the Mexican government. I say false pretense because what the Obamanistas really wanted to do was to use the failure of the program, and the publicity around the alleged ease of purchase of weapons like this at gun shows, to crack down further on our 2nd Amendment rights. She also doesn’t tell you that the 7,600 pages of documents turned over by the Justice Department to Congress are but 8% of the known number of documents. Furthermore, if the White House knew nothing of ‘Fast & Furious,’ why are they claiming Executive Privilege? And let’s not forget the fact that the acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives, Ken Melson, resigned last summer to take the heat off the investigation, and that the U.S. Attorney for Arizona overseeing ‘Fast & Furious’ left government, as well.

  4. Don’t you love it when she calls for “us to be adults”. Yeah right! She is a partisan hack. A shameful caricature of a United States Representative. A died in the wool race-baiting fanatic. Without their rantings and ravings about race these parasites on the body public would have no means of making any money. What a repulsive, arrogant and shameful partisan hack for the squeeling left.

  5. SJL is a cow.

    Now I’m not necessarily talking about her amazing physical resemblance… I’m implying that she vomits the same stuff up again and again, chews on it for a while, and is easily tipped. She also orally produces the same byproduct as a cow and it smells just as bad.

  6. Oh man, Michael Berry is going to have a field day with her! (and anybody who lives in Houston knows who I’m talking about) God what a dimwit, EVERYTHING has to be about civil rights with her! I’m sure she has a shrine of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton somewhere in her house.

    And what the heck is she wearing!!?? 0_o
    Was she afraid someone was going to steal all her jewelry?

  7. Why would Obama hide the documents if they will at last prove that it WAS Bush’s fault? This seems to me to be a campaign winner no one could argue with.

  8. Why would Obama hide the documents if they will at last prove that it WAS Bush’s fault? This seems to me to be a campaign winner no one could argue with.

  9. This woman needs to go, how people ever voted for her is beyond me. Like the title of the book….

  10. I don’t know who’s dumber, her or her constituency.

    Can we not find a single patriot in her district to stand up against her and tell the truth?

    This kind of goes along with an idea I’ve had called 435 Patriots, where you find just ONE person from each district who will stand up and challenge these people as true conservatives. Make it online, with a map, where people can go and see which districts are still in need of a challenger. A place were people have a part of the site dedicated just for their district that a conservative community can grow.

    1. Moreover, she is such a throwback! My understanding is that she was a circuit court judge in Texas? Now if that is true it is shameful that this inept, incompetent, lack of judicial discipline person was in judge of others. Additionally, in the video the claim that the Bush Administration knew of this was a lie! Holder just admitted to Congress that the Bush administration knew nothing about this, specifically the Attorney General under Bush! She has been made a fool of. Furthermore, this shows that people like John Lewis and Sheila Jackson Lee are really just useful idiot in the original definition. To not do research and thoughly review what you are defending is malpractice and not useful to the people who they represent in Congress!

  11. It is my understanding that Bush did have the program….for sure called another name. Dana (on “The Five”) said he did and she would know because she was in the administration.

    Difference is….according to Dana…..Bush had the cooperation of the Mexican government. When one gun was lost the entire program was killed. Most importantly, no one was killed on either side of the border with any of the guns. It also wasn’t done with the entire purpose of framing American gun shops for the sale of the guns to drug lords.

    1. it was called gunwalker, and when they lost track of some they shut it down.
      IMO F&F attempted to purposely bootstrap off gunwalkers failures, IOW they tried to hide it and blame bush when they KNEW there would be missing items.
      ths is stuff clintons love to do.

  12. I am not wasting my time even listening to her. I have to say this is the first one to blame Bush for Fast and Furious.

    1. Nope. I’ve heard it several times before from libs claiming that Bush started the program and ran it the same way….which is a lie.

      I couldn’t listen to her, either. She makes me vomit.

  13. Thanks, Ms. Jackson, I now feel reassured that “the General” is doing everything above board and is forthcoming in his responses before the committee investigating Fast and Furious since you have “…clarified the record.” And I should have known that scoundrel George Bush started this program since he’s basically responsible for every failed policies that President O’whathisname has initiated since he took office. Question: Why hasn’t former President George Bush gotten any credit for successful policies that NoBama has initiated? Ohhhh, there haven’t been any successful policies under O’whathisname!!!! ‘Nuff said.

  14. I have a facebook “friend” from high school who swallows every lie these freaks say whole and spits it back out on her facebook page. I sometimes wonder when she lost her mind.

  15. She gave a respectful speech. It was full of lies, but it sounded respectful. This is why Showbama courts the Hollywood vote; it’s all predicated on a ‘script.’


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    Progressive Sheila Jackson Lee Comes to Defense of School Employees Caught Stealing School Equipment. (Where was the equipment going? ACORN?)

  17. I’m beginning to think that we can not live in peace with African Americans. Never could.

      1. Bull crap. Look at the Trayvon Martin situation. Blacks believe that Trayvon being killed is the crime committed, not that assault and battery on Trayvon’s part is A) the crime committed and B) the justification for his killing.

        1. Most blacks believe as you described above. I can agree with that, but not all of them! You can’t paint an entire race/color of people with the same brush. Where does Allan West or Herman Cain fit in your narrative? They don’t.

            1. I only said you can’t put all blacks in the same box. I never said anything about the majority. I know damn well that the majority voted race over policy. Black for black and all that… But even on this website, there have been blacks who see through all that liberal bullcrap and say so… So I stood up for them in a way by saying you can’t say “all blacks” are this or that… because they are Not All Anything!

              1. Yes, many black people have been played, they voted “race over reason”. And they support the democratic party, the party that has enslaved them.

                A Call To Arms For White People Of Truth

                Black People Are Haters And Losers ( I personally don’t think that all black people are haters and losers, I’m just posting this video as it’s interesting and informative.)

          1. 94% of all blacks were unable to put skin color out of their minds during the 2008 election. Do you really believe that 94 % of all blacks agreed with Maobama’s politics?

            1. I never argued that. I’m just saying it’s not right to put an entire race/color in one box. I am not trying to pee you off Mike… I enjoy your posts and “like” them.

              1. I am pissed but not at you. I’m pissed at the impotence of our useless government. You and I have no issues, My Friend.

                1. I understand your anger, hurt and frustration, M. But, we have to hold ourselves to a more dignified standard, and not fall into the race baiting traps that want us fall into, we are reasonable people. The left wants us to become hateful and racist in response to their wickedness.

                2. You aren’t looking at this the right way. The law of this land has become color blind. A black can’t be racist or break the law but a white is guilty until proven innocent. What will you teach your children to do when approached by a police officer in this day and age when you know a non black will be prosecuted and our federal government and court system is so biased. This is the start of what Thomas Jefferson warned us about. It is about time we disband our current government due to the corruption at every level. The rule of law is not worthy of respect. The law is no longer blind to color, creed or sex. It hasn’t been since affirmative action was legislated. Grace, you and I have always gotten along but we are farther gone than you are willing to accept, yet.

                3. I live in a stupid liberal leftist city that espouses the joys of diversity while sticking the minority white people with paying for the majority of taxes to pay for these low life twits. And even after they have emptied our pockets to pay for minority housing, food and health care, the minorities STILL cry racism and talk about slavery and blame us for their lack of success in life.

                  About Affirmative Action
                  I call it “Affirmative Discrimination” because it forces business and colleges to hire or enroll groups of people that may well be inferior but they are given preferential treatment because of the color of their skin. White people and Asian people have been duped.

                  So I get what you are saying, Mike. I agree with you that white people are being scapegoated and discriminated against in America in every area of our infrastructure.

                  Suffice it to say, I don’t think it is wise to outline ways in which we can “peacefully” fight back and devastate, Washington. But, we can do it.

                  But, we will lose if we get caught up in the hate and racism of the left.

                  We must think clearly and thoughtfully and proceed.

                  G-d bless you, Mike, I have the deepest respect for you.

                4. I’m upset that 94% of any group would vote for a man because his shoes were purple. You’re not racist to dislike that concept. It’s actually racist to vote for somebody because of race just as much as it is for voting against him.

      2. Unfortunately, most of them. Every black person at this contempt hearing is taking Holder’s side. Not one has agreed w what Issa is trying to do. Issa has explained several times how he tried to get Holder’s cooperation up until the last minute. Juan Williams sided w obama and holder too. Sen. Allen West is the only one so far that I’ve heard is acting like he has any sense.

    1. Interesting to note that most Anthropologists assert that all of our genetic origins began in Africa, so, that means we are all African Americans. Isn’t that funny?

      I can’t stand the notion of hyphenated Americans, it separates us.

      Many “African Americans” that only want to go back a few generations and proudly proclaim claim themselves to be “African Americans” must have a self esteem issue as many of the most brutal slave sellers and owners were the black Africans themselves. Many even sold their own family members. Quite a proud legacy, huh?

      1. If you study anthropology from the stand point of blood types and early North American cultures they do not believe that all humankind came from Africa. The clovis people of North America did not come from Africa and neither did those of Mongol origins. That is an antiquated and incorrect theory.

  18. Dipstick Lee is just like Holder who selectively enforces the law based on his ideology. Yes libsticks that is a buzz word for race.

    1. You made the right choice by NOT listening to it. Difficult to watch and even more difficult to listen to. [Understatement!] The things I think when I see and hear this woman cannot be said in polite company or in comment postings…

  19. Play the Monty Python song: “How sweet to be an idiot” in the background while watching the above video and it almost becomes watchable!

    (How sweet to be an idiot video)

  20. Ms Lee is living proof that racism is prospering as never before in communities within our country. The only qualification she has is the color of her skin. Since the vast majority of Americans are color blind, it strange that this type of mentality still exists on the level it does. Without racial hatred and class warfare most demorats would never be elected, especially those with the obvious intellectually bankruptcy of those like Lee.

  21. maybe we should use sheila jackson lee as our secret weapon agians drugs. sent her to mexico, with uglyness she’s scare the drug cartel that will not want to send drugs to us. maybe she blames bush for her stupidity, what a dumbass.

  22. We give our deepest sympathy for the family of the fallen officer, but we have to be adults in this process“. What?

    You’re not being an adult when you are concerned about people getting killed due to the policies of this administration? Whoa.

    And I believe Holder is the Attorney General, not the General. He’s not head of the New Black Panther Party yet. Not yet.

  23. Ninety six percent of blacks voted for Obama. I suggest Sheila Jackson Lee is speaking from the same motivation that led to this.

    1. Good point, NYGino. Even Saddam Hussein couldn’t get that high of a percentage in a Iraqi election and he was the only person on the ballot.

        1. The black community is showing itself to be nothing more than a tool for these repressive enemies of the people aka the left. The black community are being played for fools and we all see it and some within those communities can even see it but sadly they are a miniscule number in the great sea of obama worshippers. This racial demagoguery will not go away over night. The country is being ripped apart and shredded along racial, religious, sexual and class divisions. We are no longer Americans, we are divided and it has been successfully completed in one term byt the great divider in chief and his sycophantic press allies that cry racism where there is none.

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