Sheila Jackson-Lee: Calling Obama a food-stamp-president has underlying tones

Apparently Newt is trying to create ‘explosiveness’ in the country by saying that Obama is a ‘food stamp president’ and by suggesting that kids should be janitors, according to Sheila Jackson-Lee. She makes sure to point out that most poor kids in NY, per his example from the debate, are black or latino, and she does that so she can subtly paint Newt as a racist:

One of the things I loved about Herman Cain is that he had the ability to get the left upset enough to start playing the race card, treating him like a real threat. And I believe that like Cain, Newt is also very good at that.

You think it’s a coincidence that they are all attacking him by playing the race card? No, he is now becoming a threat to their very existence by speaking the truth, and since he is fearless in that regard, they are aiming everything they have at him. It wouldn’t surprise me if Obama takes a jab at Newt the next time he’s behind the podium.


Here is a chart that Mark Levin just tweeted, proving that in fact Obama is a food-stamp-president:

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