Shep Smith slams Breitbart’s Big Government website

Shep says they didn’t run the video because they don’t trust the source, given all the inaccurate videos that Breitbart is responsible for that has deceived the world.


Honestly, to this very day, I have never heard of an inaccurate video being posted on I’m sure he’d bring up the Sherrod video, but the point of posting the Sherrod video wasn’t Sherrod at all, but the fact that the NAACP has racists in its midst, given it’s decision to judge the Tea Party as racist. The video has taken quite a hit now that the video has come out, but as several of my commenters have expressed, the applauding of the racist act and the colorful language used by Sherrod was disturbing in the least. Point being that Breitbart never called for Sherrod’s dismissal or any action whatsoever – he just wanted to point out the ‘demons’ in their own closet.

Which brings me back to Shep’s claim that there ‘inaccurate’ videos on Breitbart’s site. Again, I’d love to see just what he’s talking about because I don’t think they exist, but I would imagine that he probably won’t even see this post.

One last note. Isn’t it interesting that the MSM has quit talking about the Tea Party being racist? It seems that, for a moment, it has. You can thank Andrew Breitbart for that cause I’d say that was quite a feat to take them off message. LOL!

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