ShePAC’s brutal takedown of Obama and Bill Maher

ShePAC put together a fantastic mash-up exposing the horrible things Maher has said and Obama’s willingness to look the other way:

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128 thoughts on “ShePAC’s brutal takedown of Obama and Bill Maher

  1. It’s time to boycott HBO, cancel it from your cable. This prick doesn’t have to worry about sponsors but HBO does have to worry about business. Hit them where it hurts.

    News: H. Con. Res. 107 was filed on March 7th to Impeach Obama. Contact your representatives and get them to back it & get the Obama regime out of office. NObama 2012.

  2. so palian and bachman can say whatever the want about whoever thats ok.
    when someone say shit about them the get mad?
    now just think if they were president? another leader of another country says something about them and we’ll be in a war over a highschool girl pouting match..
    you know what girls your in the lime light as you strive for now suck it up you dumb cunts..

  3. I’d like to refer to his daughter using names acceptable to liberals. Just for the hell of it.

    Which one of those two abortion-lottery winners is his? The horse-faced T*** or the fugly, moronic C***?

    How’s that feel, ponce?

    1. You have not comprehended the video properly. Of course, I can’t tell if this is lack of comprehension or intentional. However I have arrived at my personal opinion in this regard.

      At no time did this video infer Obama was speaking of Limbaugh, either on purpose or accidentally.

      This video brilliantly juxtaposes what Obama says in attacks on conservatives with his turning a blind eye to his political “bed-mates” who attack conservatives family members and small children in the most vile and contemptuous manner.

  4. OK, conservatives, start walking the walk and cancel your subscriptions to HBO. I’ve done it and will not return as long as that pr*&ck still has his show.

    1. No. I at times find Bill entertaining. There is plenty of content on HBO I like. They do not have to think %100 just like me. I can live with people who have different opinions etc. It does not mean I support everything about them. I support Rush and will still listen and buy from his advertisers….He is a big boy and does not need me to fight his battles.

  5. EXCELLENT! Kudos to those who put together the “words” that will bite the behinds of these progressives during the upcoming election! Excellent job.

  6. OH MY GOD that was BRUTAL!!! I LOVE IT! THIS is how we are supposed to be fighting! No more being nice, no more taking the high-road, no more turning the other cheek. IT’S FREAKIN’ TIME to FIGHT…it’s our last chance. We’ve been pushovers for decades, and it just hasn’t worked FOR US (it’s worked GREAT for Libs)…

  7. Me bill maher and a boxing ring no gloves no rules 5 minutes that’s all I need. Maher is scum and obama is a hypocrite for taking his money this just shows obama is real desperate to get re elected so he can finish destroying our country? Maher is not a man has no honor and is a waist of space and air.

  8. Maybe women should start calling these fools by a part of their anatomy that shoots blanks.

  9. After three years of sending our country down the toilet, why anyone would believe a word that comes out of our President’s mouth or anyone who supports him is beyond me. P.T. Barnum sure knew people.

  10. IMO, the majority of americans are “fed up”–with this bashing of conservative women.
    The left, and the corrupt, liberal media are severely underestimating the will of common sense, hard working citizens, who in November 2012–will say enough is enough.

  11. I always look at those that are the most vile as those I pray for the most-because what a great witness and his soul will be saved…so while I consider the source with Maher-I am praying that he will have some sort of an awkening from all of this!

  12. This is truly a teachable moment: the POTUS is a leading example of hypocracy and politicizing!

    Private or public, a citizen is STILL a citizen with equal rights. He should stop applying affirmative thinking and try to excuse his bias.

  13. An amazing job of highlighting the hypocrisy of the Left. Well done ShePAC. I hope this goes viral.

    1. I’m not really amazed by this video. It was good as far as it went but the blurps of Obama made it look as tho he was condemning Maher and the others too. He was not! All those comments pertained only to comments made by Rush. I’m sorry but ShePAC is sounding too much like “Can’t we all just agree to disagree?” They sound awfully….tippy toey, um um please and thank you. I think brass knuckles need to come out, that’s the only thing bullys and thugs understand.

  14. Great mash but absolutely sick to my stomach listening to the absolutely vile snippets of Maher. Have the Dems have no shame? They hold this guy out to be today’s version of Lenny Bruce (who was vile also). Don’t give me the excuse that he’s a comedian and that justifies his actions. This guy needs to get the crap beaten out of him and then maybe he’ll show more respect. Where has this country gone to????

    1. Dems have no shame. This country has surrendered to the left. Get used to it. It is all down hill from here. Our model is North Korea.

  15. Just shared this video with all my liberal friends on Facebook. We need to keep pounding away at what’s wrong with the left and especially what’s wrong with the Narcissist-in-Chief.

      1. I haven’t lost any REAL friends. If I post o picture of my 2 month old grandson and tell the world he can fart to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy, I’ll get 300 likes but I post the above video and it’s like I don’t exist. I get satisfaction in knowing that they notice my posts even if they won’t acknowledge them. ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. I will spread this ,excellent work. One thing though Obama is a barefaced hypocrite. I can remember at this moment two women who have worked in the obama whitehouse and said it is very much a ‘sausage fest’ and has the theme of ‘girls suck’. Obama surrounds himself with male staffers often young apparently,it is a very male environment and the women are side lined and made to feel unwelcome.

    Of course this is just the opinion of two women, but Iam like rush going to go down the route many liberals go and suggest this very much ties in with rumours of Obamas sexuality,the nudge nudge wink wink suggestions about obama caught with a man in a limo and why michelle might look angry all the time.

    Obama is simply making political hay over in my view uncalled for comments by rush. I have a daughter and a mother and Iam sorry regardless of the fact I agreed with the wider political point he was making no man should ever call a woman a slut in whatever context or make in my view a disgusting remark about internet porn and this woman.. Now I know maher has said worse, but maher to me is an embarassment and has in my view deeper issues with women than mere sexism. Just look at his private life the mans a freak.But maher shares none of my views rush does which is why Iam angry with rush,for giving obama this break and helping the lib media to portray us as woman haters. When in reality it is totally the opposite.

    It is lucky ,very lucky that Obama is too stupid to realise he could gain hugely in this debate and in the general if he rose above the political fray and called conservatives bluff and did a fireside chat or a speech condemning the likes of maher ,olbermann and matthews,doing what he does best and apologising to sarah palin,talking well about her children and suggesting in the strongest possible terms that this pac give mahers donation back. He could act like a president for once, .Suggesting in strong terms that all sections of the media should watch how they talk about women in public life and how he will not be associated with these comments. Fortunately for now obama on this issue is behaving just like the lib networks and being partisan on this, afraid perhaps to speak out. He will do himself no favours in the long run and any gain from his mentioning his daughters will be short term. If he did as I suggested , it would be a major gain for him especially with the female vote .

  17. I can’t stand the sneering, gutless turd. his is a vile person and a caricature of a man. Justice would have him stuck in an elevator with Sarah or her husband.

  18. Excellent Excellent … just the takedown needed that this garbage can mouth and his messiah president have coming.

  19. I think the conservatives have Obama and the MSM on this one. They are correctly pointing out the hypocrisy. If Rush is slienced, then 99% of all tv “comedians” (really Democrat activists), have to be off the air. Checkmate.

  20. Excellent ad. What is really sad is many men and even some women, on the conservative side think this language is appropriate as well if it is directed at liberal women-it isn’t. Either it’s wrong for everyone or wrong for no one.

    This country still has a streak of misogyny running straight through it and it would seem in this day and age, that would not be the case. Women and men will always be different. Each has strengths and weaknesses. But the one thing that is not bound by any differences is respect.

    If we are going to rail against how liberalism is ruining the country, then we darn well better stop acting like them. God will not bless this country until we do.

    โ€œIf my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.โ€- 2 Chronicles 7:14

    1. he is creepy but we just want everyone else to know how creepy he is too and where Obama is getting his money.

    2. He put himself in the news with this crap. It’s in the news, so you’ll see it whether you like it or you don’t. Yes he gets “publicity,” but mostly to folks like us who would never watch his show. That isn’t going to help him at all.

  21. That was cool. Is this an ad to be run on t.v. or is it just an internet vid?

    It’s disgusting how the Democrats get so up in arms on any misstep from the right (such as Limbaugh’s comment), but they never look in the mirror to see what their own members are saying. They label “disagreeing” with Obama as hate speech. They have the world’s best hate monger in Bill Maher, yet not a word.

  22. For a break, I just found the origin of that cool tune they play in the Heineken commercials. It’s from a 1965 movie called Gumnaam, and the song is called Jaan Pehechan Ho. You can listen/watch here.

    It’s cool!

      1. You’re welcome! I’ve had that tune rattling around in my head for two days now, and I don’t care. It’s way cool!

  23. Excellent mash-up. Imagine if the didn’t just focus on BM. (what appropriate initials for that guy…) But then, that would have to be a full-length film.

      1. The thought just occurred to me. If Maher lived in Northern Canada he would be an ICBM. Then he could be a threat to the whole world.

      2. The thought just occurred to me. If Maher lived in Northern Canada he would be an ICBM. Then he could be a threat to the whole world.

  24. As a father of three daughters, my view on this is that it SHOULD not have anything to do with politics. Shame on anyone who doesn’t simply stand up for what is right – treating women with respect. Disagree with them, argue with them, dislike them – but these men on the left who get away with using vicious slurs and attacks of women – especially women on the right – are disgusting. Shame on the WOMEN of the left who won’t stand up against the men on the left for this kind of thing, just because they are aligned politically. Pathetic.

  25. I guess BM (aren’t those initials appropriate?) is an equal opportunity mysogonist. He said nasty things about Hillary too. Kinda makes me wonder what he said about Debbie Wasserman-Shultz after she left the set.

    1. we’re thinking alike again! sorry for the copy-cat sentiment. great minds & all that jazz, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. The vileness and heinous nature of the leftists can be followed to Obama’s hero Saul Alinsky. Rule number 5 Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

    Most of the leftist arguments go back to this rule. David Letterman, Maher, Colbert, Stewart, etc use vilification and ridicule to push their ideology of absolute control.

    They are what Saul Alinsky dedicated his book to.

  27. what would be great is if they could bring it down to a minute and half and air it as a commercial… the reason that the left can get away with this shit is because they control both the news media and entertainment media ( pop culture) so too few people see their hypocrisy so clearly.

    1. Yep. Could use a couple sentences of dialogue from Allen West stickin’ it to Obama too…

      “This is what Obamas friends say about woman on the other side of the political spectrum… ” etc…

      Otherwise the dems and liberals are too dense to understand the point of the video…………….. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. This might be a bit optimistic, but I think that most folks who actually pay attention are getting their news from other sources than the LSM. I think most who are willing to turn the channel from American Idol or Dancing with the Stars or 16 and Pregnant will seek information online and hopefully have opportunities to see this kind of thing. However, I like the thought of seeing advertising that doesn’t make you dumber when it’s over! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Great put down – of course, the left never apologizes to conservatives. BECAUSE they are naturally crude, rude and evidently, without conscience.

    BTW – ShePAC has a wonderful website:

  29. Used to be America had no deadlier enemies than the insidious basta*d-offspring of the Soviet-agents, Alger Hiss et al-descended Foggy Bottom brahmanas and that gang’s droves of dangerously-dullard Foreign(er) Service(ing) savants.

    And that gang is still with and of and is the enemy. But now the even deadlier and more criminally-un-Constitutional enemy is more arrogant and hides itself exactly where all of our attention is focused: in our once revered and hallowed 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue public housing projects!

    And we will, come November, rid ourselves and our house of that evil gang — or our beloved fraternal republic is doomed — and will perish from the Earth.

    1. Well the trouble with our liberal friends is it’s not that they are ignorant it’s just that they know somuch that isn’t so-Ronald Reagan

  30. I would be slapping this back at Ann Coulter for her being friends with Bill Maher and goes on his show!

  31. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.” Forrest Gump

    1. How bout this one every time I see maher this comes to mind?
      Stupid is as stupid does-Forrest Gump

  32. Great video, although i would have made it a bit more clearer than Obama was only talking about Fluke and not comments made about Palin just to highlight the Hypocrisy of Obamao and his lefty friends.

    1. Obama was just mouthing rhetoric. He’s really a misogynist…and a misanthropist as are all narcissists.

  33. One of the biggest arguments I have heard from the left in the past week is that Rush is a radio personality who took a personal shot at a private college student (failing to mention that student is in her 30’s and an activist) however- what then do they say when a PUBLIC REPRESENTATIVE of this nation, stands in the halls of Congress and tells a good portion of the American citizenry to “go to hell” ?
    People keep saying apples and oranges, but they also want their cake and to eat it too. Face it- liberals are the biggest hypocrites to be found, and I have finally come to the conclusion that they are simply unable to see the wrongs of people like Maher’s and others’ statements because they have no plumbline for truth when in their eyes it’s all relative.

    1. I heard Rush call it a press conference, but I’m not sure if that’s true- didn’t see it, didn’t care, but it would definitely differentiate her statements if they were at a press conference as opposed to a Congressional hearing.

      1. I think Rush said it was a subcommitee meeting, separate from the congressional meeting held by Democrats, where it was set up to look like it was in the congressional meeting.

    2. Yep. Like how the left went all crazy when the one congressman called out…

      “You lie!”

      …what’s the problem? Obamas a public figure isn’t he? The h*ll with the left. War, baby, this is war! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Yes, it’s always been war but the GOP doesn’t play like it’s war, they prefer to play like it’s a golf tournament.

  34. “Lead by example” Isn’t that Obama-speak for leading from behind? And nothing that Obama says has any place in the public discourse, unless you are a Dhimrat. And Bill Mahr, Bubble Head Mathews and Ed (He knows nothing) Shultz, aren’t they all “talk sluts”? Its way past time that we Repubikans stop just taking crap from these losers. Its time to throw the cow-pies right back in their faces. Its no longer Kilroy was here. Its now Breitbart IS here.

  35. What a PIG Bill Maher is!

    ALL women must see this – regardless of political beliefs

    I will send this out – Will you?

  36. I say it’s past time to go after these disgusting POS leftist.

    Don’t forget scumbag Letterman… or that Sgt. Schultz pos either…

    Liberal women are a disgrace to the human race…

  37. Obama has a nasty habit of “looking the other way”…reminds me of Linda Blair.

    In the Exorcist, that is!

  38. Bill Maher is pissed that he isn’t taken seriously, like his heroes, Richard Dawkins and the late, Christoper Hitchens. Just like Sorrel said on Levin’s show, one has to step outside their area of expertise to become noticed. Bill should have stuck with being a comedian. Bill Maher hasn’t offered America anything more intelligent than the language you hear by a high school loser.

    1. It’s worse actually. The guy is anti-vaccine and anti-medicine and uses his show to spread information that is completely contrary to what science has discovered.

      1. How is a jerk like Maher going to find enough people in Alabama to attend one of his fundraisers? I give the good people in Alabama more credit than that. But, then, no one in Huntsville is from Alabama anyway.

    2. Maher is seriously not that funny. The only reason HBO pays him has to be that the people running HBO are flaming liberals. Cancel HBO if you have it folks. Let ’em feel a bit of financial pain. ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. If you want to see something really interesting go to YouTube and find the video of Maher on Craig Ferguson’s show. Maher was saying how he thought it was better if a young boy got “diddled” by someone like Michael Jackson than if he got beat up by schoolyard bullies. Ferguson was so appalled he cut the interview short. Maher is left saying, “That’s all? We’re done?”

    1. His documentary was laughable. After interviewing Francis Collins, a Christian scientist who revolutionized the field of biochemistry and led the human genome project, Maher’s conclusion was that religion dumbs down the population. Look up Francis Collins, and then watch Maher’s documentary. Your jaw will drop.

      1. When I used to have cable, I watched his shows a few times (back 15 years ago or so when he had guests from both the right and left- can’t remember what it was called, but who cares anyway) and it was where I was introduced to such religious genius’ as John Spong and “father” Flagler. That was when I started studying liberalism’s march into the Christian church.

        1. “… liberalism’s march…”

          Uh, Carolyn, instead of march, you mean liberalism’s “slither” don’t you?

          As in, snake… hissin’… lyin’… twistin’ words.

          John Spong truly believe what he believe… but what is the “kerygma” that he is proclaiming… promoting… willing to die for?

          What Does Kerygma Mean?

          “Christ, of course, was the center of this ancient kerygma.
          “The cross and resurrection are crucial to the kerygmatic preaching of Christ.”


          1. I stand corrected- slither is a much better term. As for kerygma, I learn something new every day. Thank you Art, I’ve never heard of that before. Spong truly believes what he does yes, but it’s a sad state of Christianity that so many people fall for his type of kerygma.

        2. Slither is correct Art my church has put a stop to it because the bible is counter to everything liberalism is about so well said sir.

      1. Look, I’m not sure of her ralationship with Maher…but if true and judging from her present behaviour, I would venture to guess that she’s seeing him again on the sly.

        just sayin’

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