Sheriff pulls over truck near the border and what happens next will SHOCK YOU!

The Brooks County Sheriff department released a video of a traffic stop at the border on Friday.

According to the release, a deputy was pulling over a Ford F-250 that was reported stolen in Encino, Texas.

What happened next is quite shocking.


What’s shocking isn’t that the truck ran from the officer and then crossed the highway to the other side.

Rather, it’s just how many illegals were in that stolen F-250 that bailed after the truck stopped a second time.

It reminds me of those clown cars where they would stuff as many clowns in one car as they could at the circus.

Anyone care to count just how many illegals were in the truck? I lost count at 20…

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58 thoughts on “Sheriff pulls over truck near the border and what happens next will SHOCK YOU!

  1. LMAO Listen, we see this all the time in Texas. It’s amazing how many people they can get into a vehicle or a one bedroom 600squ ft apartment. LMAO

  2. Time to get rid of anchor baby citizenship. Take every single incentive out of illegal border crossing.

    Over-rule SCOTUS mandate illegals automatically get free US K-12.

  3. Seeing twenty illegals jump out of a pickup truck and scatter like cockroaches when the police car lights turned on was shocking. Not even circus clowns can cram that many people into a small space.

  4. I was really hoping it’d be four bikini clad women popping out busting open champagne with streamers and confetti flying out with a banner that it’s the cop’s 100th pull over or something. That would’ve shocked me. It’d upset AT too.

  5. Sour baby Judas, that takes dedication. The determination to break our laws is staggering. Not only immigration but THEFT TOO.

    They’re well on their way to becoming good Democrats.

  6. I bet it was kind of stinky under that piece of plywood from the body odor, and i hope no one ate beans before the trip…

  7. There’s no crisis at the border. There’s no crisis at the border. There’s no crisis at the border. 😐

  8. Here in Southern California, that’s totally normal. And when they get hurt, we pay for all their medical bills free of charge. And their kids go to schools we pay for and eat the “free” lunch we pay for and live in housing we subsidize and get food stamps and WIC that we taxpayers provide. And then some lefty liar says “undocumented aliens don’t get any welfare benefits.” And I almost explode in stuttering anger….

    1. So true. I’ve even known of some who would go to the emergency room for the common cold because the emergency room isn’t allowed to turn them away.

      1. I watched my wife having a heart attack in the emergency room at a hospital in Chula Vista. They would not admit her immediately because there was a back log of illegals in the waiting room.

  9. Look at all those poor women, children, and families. The cop should be brought up for harassing them. Sarc.

  10. I counted 15. Anyone else count more? About 9-10 of them under the plywood in the bed. That’s a lot of people under that plywood.

    1. @tomnewman64 Pretty cozy in the back of an F-250. I hope that they were rreeeaaaallly close friends.

  11. As soon as they are tracked down they will all claim asylum and likely get it. They were just looking for the line to get asylum and thought it was in that field close to a hundred miles from the border.

  12. This usually never ends well when they drive away from the police on Cops. I hope all of them were apprehended. The whole Clown Car thing just makes me laugh every time I hear it.

  13. I’m assuming this is in Brooks County, Texas. Hopefully not Brooks County, Kansas. Almost all of the highway construction I see being done here have nothing but Mexicans working on them.

  14. If the illegal invaders were Republican voters, Democrats would have an impenetrable border in place with sniper towers every 100 feet.

    1. Yep. There go about two dozen future demokkkRAT voters. I’d expect they’ll be 2020 voters with their driver’s licenses, food stamps, housing, medicaid and school registrations. How dare police harass future citizens 🙂

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