Sen Sherrod Brown: Best way to grow economy is unemployment benefits

It’s no wonder that the economy is in dire straits with these geniuses running the place! We heard the same nonsense from Nancy Pelosi back in July, and now that they need to push through unemployment benefits again without paying for them, here we are again. I swear they must have a little black book of talking points with a section on extending unemployment benefits that tells them this crap. I mean, it’s preposterous:

Let me just paraphrase what Ed Morrissey has already written on this before. We’ve been extending unemployment benefits for 2 years are more now, and has it grown our economy? Have we seen any new jobs because of unemployment benefits? I didn’t think so, and that simple test just proves how ludicrous this really is.

Furthermore, by keeping the tax code the same for at least several years are more, it will tell business that they can now spend that money they’ve saved up because of economic uncertainty, which will in effect create jobs. Of course, we have to do more than just keeping the tax code the same, like repealing Obamacare. But keeping the tax code the same, especially in a recession, is crucial.

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